Best Lanyards – Top 10 Reviews


The best lanyards are items that will hold your identification badge or other professional IDs in place. A lanyard is a strip of durable fabric that goes around your neck. It is designed to hold … Read more

How to Make a Spiral Lanyard with 3 Strings

Making a spiral lanyard with 3 strings will make you achieve some of the most beautiful lanyards you’ve seen. Spiral lanyards are made by weaving or knotting strings of craft laces together. Manufactured from polyvinyl … Read more

How to Make a Lanyard with Ribbon

For years I’ve been making lanyards for my children. These little craftings can be very handy for your keys. Ribbons are made to bring ease to your life. For little objects, you can use colorful … Read more

How to Make a Lanyard with Beads

Instead of buying a beaded lanyard, why don’t you make your own? With a structure similar to a beaded necklace, the lanyard has a small circumference and cannot fit on the neck. Also Read: How … Read more

How to Use Olfa Circle Cutter

Do you remember the small metal compass you used to draw circles within the school? You could set it whichever size, twist them around, and you’ll have perfect circles. Olfa circle cutters are similar; only … Read more

How to Make a Plastic Lanyard

Lanyards are a fantastic accessory. It is straightforward to make a plastic lanyard. You may weave many different forms, sizes, and colors out of them. In addition to key chains and badge holders, you may … Read more