How to Make a Lanyard with Ribbon

For years I’ve been making lanyards for my children. These little craftings can be very handy for your keys. Ribbons are made to bring ease to your life.

For little objects, you can use colorful ribbons as they are easy to point out than any darker color. But, do you know how to make lanyards with ribbon?

Badge lanyards are mostly used to display badges, cards, ID Cards, and other similar stuff. A good lanyard that is crafted with a cool matching ribbon with your clothes can portray a nice look.

Because obviously if you wear any random ribbon that you are using for your ID card or display badge, it will still serve its purpose, but it might ruin your overall look.

Ribbons are mostly used by kids in school, so the best ribbons for kids can be colorful ribbons. You can easily match those with their school bags and clothes.

6 Steps to Make a Lanyard with Ribbon:

Before starting, I would like to say that it’s not something complicated to make a lanyard with a ribbon.

It can be done by anyone who is doing it for the very first time within 5-10 minutes.

If it’s taking you long then it’s fine as long you do it precisely by practice you will improve with the timing.

Step 1: Cut the Ribbon

So, you need a ribbon and to make a normal size ribbon, you would need to cut it 38 inches long. Also, to prevent fraying consider burning the end of the ribbon.

This site is for a normal ribbon for ID cards and school badges. But if you are making the ribbon for a different purpose you can cut the size accordingly.

Step 2: Shape the Ribbon

Now once you’re done with cutting, you need to lay the ribbon on a table or any other surface.

Moreover, you can shape it as an exclamation mark this way you don’t get confused with the angles.

This also gives you an idea of the final outlook of your ribbon, and once you are satisfied with the size only then move to the next step.

Step 3: Insert Clasp

So now you have ribbon in shape, you can easily insert the clasp to sew it. Importantly, make sure the clasp and the end of the ribbon have space between (2 inches).

This ensures you have enough length to fold the ribbon before you start sewing.

Step 4: Fold the Ribbon

Before you start sewing also consider folding the ribbon end twice then pin it. This helps the pin to stay still when you are sewing it.

If you fold the ribbon once it might get slipped while you sew it as the ribbon is a smooth material.

If folding twice still doesn’t feel strong enough to resist then fold it three times it depends on the fabric or ribbon.

Step 5: Stitching the Ribbon

Now when you have everything in place, it’s time to stitch the ribbon with a sewing machine.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a sewing machine there’s nothing to worry about because hand stitch can also work perfectly as a sewing machine.

The ribbon is a soft fabric that can work perfectly with hand stitching. This process can also be done by kids.

Surely with a little research and if you follow our step-by-step guide you will start making lanyards in a couple of minutes.

Step 6: Finalization

Do consider switching the ribbon at least twice, it makes it strong enough to hold anything. And it also makes the ribbon hard to shrink.

That’s how simple it is to make a lanyard with ribbon, this process wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

But as you keep on making them you will start making them in just 5 minutes. The ideal final length of the ribbon should be 16-17 inches long.

This ribbon can be used by kids and adults to hold ID cards, school badges, and other similar stuff. Moreover, if you have any electronic devices you can fold the ribbon in half and carry any electronic device in your hands.

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Extra Tips

  • You might mess while making a lanyard with ribbon, or you might cut the ribbon in a small length. That’s why you should always consider buying a bunch of ribbons before you start sewing and making them. Specifically, when you are making them for the first time do consider buying ribbons in quantity.
  • Importantly, if you are making ribbons for your home use, for keys, or other little needy things. As for keys there’s no-sew lanyard with ribbon is required because you can just insert the clasp into the ideal length for your keys ribbon.
  • There is no big science in crafting ribbons, but to start crafting something you must follow a guide. Once you have crafted a few precise ribbons then you wouldn’t have to check the guides or follow anything you will be making ribbons on your own.
  • Also, let your kids craft these ribbons this way they can be more creative and get motivated to use something of their own.
  • Make sure you buy a good quantity of ribbons and also prioritize the quality of the ribbon. Because a good fabric ribbon can last a very long time.

How to Make a Ribbon Lanyard for a Face Mask

Without a doubt, everyone is using masks because of the pandemic. As for educational institutes, it’s even mandatory.

Make sure you have all these things before you start making ribbon lanyards for a mask.

  • Ruler
  • Kam snaps and Kam Snap pliers
  • 28 inches long ribbon

Step 1: Get a Ribbon of your Choosing

You can make your ribbon lanyard face mask with any fabric you like. But we use and recommend the grosgrain fabric as it has ribbing so it’s not a smooth ribbon which is best to hold up.

Step 2: Put your Snaps on a Table

Get your custom snaps and lay them on a table where you can see them so you don’t mix them up.

Step 3: Measure the Length of the Ribbon

To measure the length of the ribbon, we used 29 inches long ribbon. You can get any size of the ribbon as you desire.

Step 4: Fold the Ribbon

Make sure to fold the ribbon twice at least, this supports the snaps and also ensures both ends of the ribbon from fraying.

Step 5: Make Holes in Ribbon

Make a hole in the folded size of the ribbon and insert the pointed male snap into it. Then put the male snap on the pointed snap then use pliers and make sure the flat side is facing down before you start pressing.

Step 6: Place the Snaps

Place the female snaps same a little ahead of where the ribbon is folded. Do this on both ends of the ribbon.

Now when your both snaps are ready on each side of the ribbon, your necklace is ready to use.

How Much Ribbon Is Needed for A Lanyard

It depends on what are you trying to make your ribbon lanyard. For the wristlets, 13 inches works just fine, and 3 feet long lanyard.

As for a normal-sized ribbon ideal for ID cards and school badges the recommended size is 38 inches long. Moreover, if you are making a necklace or ribbon lanyard for the mask, we used and we recommend a 28 inches long ribbon.

But if these measures don’t fit your body type do not hesitate to adjust the size of your own. Because you need to be comfortable with your ribbons otherwise they can get irritating.


Ribbons lanyards are the best helpful crafting’s that anyone can do at home. Kids can easily lose their little things without even noticing. If you can craft ribbons lanyards which they can wear anywhere they go.

Ribbons are only there to make your life at ease, you can craft little ribbons for your home use as well.

You can hang objects with colorful ribbons to easily find them when you need them.

As we have said earlier it’s not a complicated job to make a lanyard with a ribbon anyone can do it with the right guide. So keep making them until you find precision in your ribbons.