How to Store a Grease Gun

A grease gun will let you inject grease or other fluid under pressure into an object.

The device consists of two tubes connected by a flexible rubber hose. One tube is inserted into the tank or reservoir while the operator holds the other.

One of the best uses for a grease gun is doing close-up work to position grease with high precision. You can use a grease gun to lubricate different parts of the machinery.

The liquid has to be forced under pressure into the actual position that needs lubrication.

Apart from providing the best performance, proper grease gun storage has several advantages. Storing a grease gun requires little more than keeping it clean and wiping the injection tip.

Tips to Store a Grease Gun Properly:

Grease is an abrasive fluid and will eat through rubber and other materials. The liquid is also slippery and very difficult to remove from many surfaces.

Once it gets on sensitive components, it can cause them to fail. Most greases are toxic and should never be ingested. It can cause severe digestive problems and even death.

Therefore to ensure your grease gun does its intended work, you need to know how to store grease guns.

Tip 1: Always Keep your Grease Gun in a Suitable Holster

There are different types of holsters you can use. Some are plastic, metallic, clothes holsters, and many more. The right holster will last much longer than the other types.

That will also ensure that your grease gun is always at the ready whenever you need it. 

Tip 2: Put the End of the Barrel into the Holster

Do not insert the tip. Always align the notch on the top of the barrel with the top edge of the holster.

That lets you remove the barrel without removing the entire handle. Push down firmly until the trigger guard is flush with the bottom of the holster.

Do not let go of the trigger guard, or you will lose your gun. 

Once you get your grease gun in its holster, you should be able to rotate the barrel up and down to tighten or loosen the fit in the holster.

Tip 3: Hang the Grease Gun Horizontally

If you do not have a workbench, keep the grease gun on your work surface. Make sure it is hanging loose so it can swing freely.

It will restrict your movements and make it hard to use the grease gun effectively if it is not hung horizontally. 

 In any case, it is simply for balance and avoiding overexerting the plunger. When using a grease gun, inject grease into an object from different angles and directions.

Also, hanging the grease gun, as stated above, helps avoid uneven distribution of oil inside the tube.  

Tip 4: Use Lubricant with a High Shelf Life to Lubricate the Grease Gun

Use something that has a very long shelf life. Do not use olive oil or vegetable oil.

These oils tend to go rancid and become highly flammable. Instead, use gear oil. That will help extend the life of your grease gun.

Plus, it is non-flammable. And will not harm your tool in any way. You should use gear oil that is labeled “for power equipment.” If you do a lot of work with grease guns, you might want to invest in a couple of extras.

Tip 5: Clean off the Injection Tip

After every use, clean off the injection tip and the inside of the barrel. If there is any grease or dust left on those parts, it could cause a fire or an explosion. Do not put your grease gun away until it is spotless.

With a clean cloth, you should also wipe down your workbench, work surface, and any other surfaces that have potentially “dusty” dust on them.

That will transfer that dusty dust into your grease gun and make it less effective. Use a new, clean rag for this purpose every time you use your grease gun.

How to Lubricate a Tool Using a Grease Gun?

Let’s say you have a tool that needs some lubrication. How do you do it?  The first thing you need to do is to prepare the area that you want to lubricate.

Some of the preparations you need to make include: cleaning the area to be lubricated, inserting the suitable grease, and other preparations. 

  • To lubricate an object using a grease gun, begin by preparing the area to be lubricated. Clean the surface to ensure the grease will penetrate to the required position.
  • Take your grease gun out of the holster.
  • Remove the cap from the end of the grease containers.
  • Bleed the grease gun if it is empty.
  • Insert the injection tip into the opening at the tube for easy lubricating small areas.
  • Pull back on the trigger guard until the injection tip is just past the tip of the barrel.
  • Release the trigger to stop the grease from flowing from the grease container.
  • Hang the grease gun horizontally on the side of your workbench or a shelf near the ceiling after use


To store the grease gun properly, ensure you keep it with the cap on the end of the tube. Also, do not forget to hang it horizontally on a hook or a shelf.

If it is loose in the holster, the plunger will not stay depressed, and the injection tip could come out. That would cause you to lose one of your most important safety precautions.

Do not put your grease gun away with the injection tip exposed.

That can expose you to the risk of fire or explosion. Suppose you use your grease gun often and do not take the necessary safety precautions.

In that case, it may cause damages to your machinery or other tools.

Always remember those safety tips, and you should never have to worry about how to store grease guns. Hence, storing a grease gun is easy once you know the right steps.