How to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Using Aux

You have bought a new Samsung soundbar, and now you are probably wondering how to connect the Samsung soundbar to TV using aux. If you don’t do it correctly you might end up with low quality and distorted audio.

Connecting Samsung soundbar to TV using aux is quite easy to set up. Most devices come in the same hardware configuration.

Your TV has aux ports, which is the audio output, while the Samsung soundbar has the aux in port. You need to use the auxiliary cable, which is usually included in the box, to connect both devices.

Once the two are connected, you should be able to hear the sound amplified from your soundbar. You can then proceed to set and customize the sound settings to your liking.

What is AUX in soundbar

Before we dive into setting up a Samsung soundbar to TV using aux, let us understand what aux is and how it works.

Auxiliary audio port cables are very common in most audio devices like soundbars, MP3 Players, microphones, speakers, car audio devices, PCs, and many more.

Aux in soundbar basically means connecting a primary source device which in this case could be your TV, phone, or computer to your soundbar to amplify the audio or sound for better quality.

When the auxiliary cable is connected to both devices, the input audio signals from your source device are relayed to the output device.

The auxiliary cable usually comes with standard 3.5mm jack pins on both ends.

6 Steps to Connect Samsung Soundbar to TV Using Aux

As simple as it is, paring a Samsung soundbar to a TV can be complex if you do not do it the right way.

You will need the following-

  • Power source 
  • The primary audio source device (Your TV)
  • The Samsung soundbar with aux output
  • 3.5mm aux cable 

Step 1: Power Both Devices

Ensure that both the soundbar and the TV are connected to the socket or your power source. Once you connect the devices to a power source, switch on both devices.

Both the soundbar and TV come with a remote that you can use to switch them on. If the remote is missing, use the power button.

Step 2: Locate the Auxiliary Ports

In this step, identify where the aux ports are located on your TV and Samsung soundbar. Most devices have different types of ports on them, with each being used for a different purpose.

One common mistake people make is confusing the optical and aux ports. Most modern sound devices now have optical inputs and outputs, this can be mistaken for aux.

To locate the aux port on your TV, look out for the port labeled aux out or audio out. The port is usually located at the back of your TV although in some TVs it can be found on the side.

Then locate the aux input port on your Samsung soundbar.

Step 3: Plug  the Aux Cable on Your TV and Samsung Soundbar

The next step is to plug in the aux cable on both devices. Start by connecting the aux cable to the soundbar. Remember you have to connect the jack pin to the Aux-In jack port on the soundbar. 

In essence, it means that the sound is coming from the TV to the soundbar.

Then connect the other side of the aux cable to your Samsung TV Aux-Out Jack port of your TV. 

In some TVs, the AUX-out port is sometimes labeled audio out or analog out, depending on the device you are using.

Step 4: Set up Aux Mode on the Soundbar

Now use the remote and press the sound mode or source button until the aux mode is displayed on your soundbar. If you are missing the remote, you can use the mode button on your soundbar.

Press the button until you get to aux mode. Once setting up the aux mode on the soundbar is completed, the next step is to change the audio settings on your TV.

Step 5: Change the Television Audio Settings

In some modern television sets, it might not be necessary to change the sound settings. Once you plug the aux cable, the television automatically recognizes and changes to aux mode.

However, in the event that it does not happen, change the audio through the sound setting.

To customize the sound output to aux, go to the sound setting on your TV, change the audio mode to aux or headphone jack depending on the displayed options.

Now that you are done the final step is to test the sound and enjoy your new sound.

Step 6: Sound Test

Now that the whole setup is complete, you should have a functioning soundbar with better sound quality. 

Try playing music or connecting your TV to any channel and listen to the sound quality emanating from the soundbar.

If you followed this step-by-step guide correctly, you should not have any problems, and you can now enjoy your new soundbar.

How to Connect the Soundbar to TV Without Optical Cable?

The good news is there are multiple ways you can connect your soundbar without using optical cables. You can choose to use an HDMI cable, RCA audio cables, or a Bluetooth connection.

To connect your Samsung soundbar using the HDMI cable, you will follow the same process as using aux.

Only this time,  you need to connect the HDMI ports, which you will find labeled on both devices.

Connecting Samsung soundbar to TV using Bluetooth

What do you need?

  • Bluetooth enabled TV
  • Bluetooth enabled soundbar
  • Power source

Step 1: Connect the TV and Soundbar to Your Socket

The first step is to ensure both the TV and soundbar are connected to a stable power source. Switch on both devices.

Step 2: Activate Bluetooth on the Devices

To activate the Bluetooth connection on your TV, use the source or input button on your remote and follow the instructions.

Some televisions have different instructions. If you are having difficulties, you can follow the instructions in the manual.

Once you have activated Bluetooth on your TV you can now proceed to turn on the Bluetooth on your soundbar. Use the remote to set the soundbar to Bluetooth mode. The next step is to pair the soundbar with the TV.

Step 3: Pair the Bluetooth Connection

Just like any other Bluetooth connection pairing process, check for available devices on your TV. Now you will notice your soundbar name come up.

The name that appears is sometimes the name, brand, and model of your soundbar. Therefore you can easily identify. Select it and it should connect. You will get some sought of alerts when the devices connect.

Step 4: Test the Sound

Test the connection by playing sounds from your TV by either playing music or connecting to a TV channel. The sounds should be working well and you can continue using your soundbar.

Can You Connect a Samsung Soundbar With USB?

I know you might be wondering, can you connect a Samsung soundbar with a USB? The answer to that question is yes, and no, depending on the device you are connecting to the soundbar.

Some devices will be audio compatible if connected directly to the USB port on the soundbar. Other devices will not be compatible,  and there is simply no way to use USB.

The soundbar has a USB port that you can use to connect your USB storage devices directly. You can connect your USB flash drive or your phone using a Micro USB adaptor.

In some cases, the Micro USB adaptor is not supplied with the soundbar, and you might have to buy one.

While you can use a USB with some devices, it is worth noting that it is not possible with others.

For instance, we know you can connect your flash drive directly to the USB port on your soundbar.


A soundbar is a good piece of audio equipment to have in your home. It helps amp up the sound quality of your TV. It is also compatible with most devices and easy to set up.

Whether you want to hook up the soundbar to the TV or connect it to your phone, you will be able to get better audio quality.

It is paramount that you connect your soundbar correctly in order to achieve the right audio quality.

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