Top 10 Best Soundbar for Open Floor Plan in 2022

When it comes to sound delivery, regular TV and music system often fail to deliver the best audio quality in the high ceiling room or large open floor plans.

This is because large, extensive rooms tend to facilitate sound reflection, producing more of a dead room sound. This, in turn, compromises sound quality, failing to project authentic sounds from your TV.

The good news is that you can transform sound quality by investing in the best soundbar for open floor plans. These soundbars are specially designed to cater to such settings.

They integrate multiple speakers and powerful subwoofers to maintain surround sound performance.

After thorough researching and testing top-rated options available on the market, we’ve managed to put together a list of top 10;

Top 10 Best Soundbar for Open Floor Plan Reviews:

1. Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar

Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar

The Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar features heavy-duty construction with high-capacity speakers to cater to large living spaces.

The sound system for the open floor features a 40 inch 2.1 Ch soundbar coupled with an 8-inch external wireless subwoofer to deliver up to 400W peak power.

The horn-loaded sound bar’s channel configuration powers both it’s left and right stereo speakers for a true sound experience.

Additionally, the soundbar integrates a dialogue enhancement-mode so you can hear every detail and whisper with absolute clarity, giving you sound as big as the picture.

For an even better sound experience, this open floor soundbar with a wireless subwoofer design is built with a 5.1 decoding technology for virtualized surround sound.

Moreover, the soundbar features a pretty simple setup design, thanks to its versatile wired and wireless connection options.

It is compatible with the single cable and single remote control HDMI ARC and optical cable. Alternatively, you can pair it with your TV wirelessly via Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Powerful speaker rating – ideal for large rooms
  • Elegant dark finish
  • Large wireless subwoofer for cleaner and powerful bass
  • Advanced HDMI ARC connectivity
  • Virtualizes surround sound experience


  • The interface isn’t very elaborate
  • Some issues with remote and wireless connections
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2. Bose Soundbar for Open Floor Plan with Remote Control

Bose Soundbar for Open Floor Plan with Remote Control

If you are on a tight budget, the Bose TV Speaker system is the right choice for an open floor plan.

The soundbar features a single-piece, compact design to fit any living arrangements. Nonetheless, it delivers impeccable, booming sound even in large and open floor spaces.

The small speaker system is packed with dual angled full-range drivers which offer a realistic and spatial audio experience to reproduce and enhance your TV’s sound.

Additionally, the sound system for large rooms especially focuses on clarifying and elevating vocals and pronunciations, whether movie or news streaming.

However, sound quality is not all these affordable soundbar offers. It also guarantees reliable connection, while further boosting the sound experience. It integrates built-in Bluetooth connectivity and HDMI ARC technology.


  • Simple soundbar setup
  • Exceptional vocal clarity
  • Compact and single-piece construction for convenient placement
  • Built-in subwoofers with 2 angled full-range drivers for wide and natural sound
  • Allows you to build and expand your sound system


  • No app control
  • Somewhat flat bass
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3. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Bluetooth and HDMI Arc

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Bluetooth and HDMI Arc

If you want to enjoy a true sound experience during movie streaming, the Sony HT-S350 Soundbar is a great option. Using this soundbar on floor plans in large rooms brings the ultimate theater experience to your home.

It combines an advanced S-Force Pro technology with virtual surround sound technology bringing a theater-style surround sound experience to the comfort of your home.  

In fact, the soundbar features 7 built-in sound modes for auto sound, cinema, music, gaming, news, sports, and standard audio experience.

Additionally, the soundbar features a voice enhancement mode for even better sound quality delivery. The voice enhancement-mode isolates voices and amplifies them over background noise for exceptional and clean sound clarity.

The open concept home theater features a 2.1 channel configuration for integrative left and right true sound.

It comes with a powerful WiFi subwoofer fixed with a large 6.30-inch and 6.16-gallon volume for undisputed rich bass sound.


  • Up to 7 specialized sound modes for different viewing content
  • Easy single cable connection
  • S-Force Pro virtual surround sound for a theater-style sound experience
  • Voice enhancement mode for better clarity
  • Large subwoofer speaker and volume for deep and rich bass


  • Doesn’t support multiroom or WiFi music streaming
  • Doesn’t support 3D surround Dolby Atmos or DTS-X
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4. Yamaha YAS-209BL Open Floor Plan SoundBar

Yamaha YAS-209BL Open Floor Plan SoundBar

The Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar features a pretty simple design, yet, it brings excellent functionality to your living space.

The soundbar for open floor plans comes with an external wireless subwoofer for explosive sound and deep bass.

The subwoofer’s design complements the slim center soundbar unit, allowing for flexible placement.

Furthermore, the open floor soundbar with wireless subwoofer design integrates an advanced configuration, supporting modern audio technologies like DTS virtual with 3D surround sound.

For added operational convenience, the soundbar features built-in Alexa technology for hands-free voice control. 

You can use the Alexa technology to play music, listen to the news, set alarms, and even control other smart devices.  

Its advanced clear voice technology guarantees exceptional dialogue clarity.

In turn, this design improves its versatility, whether you are watching the news, listening to a podcast, or answering your phone.


  • Clear voice design for dialogue clarity
  • Compatible with Spotify connect for music and podcast streaming
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity
  • Built-in Alexa for hands-free voice control
  • Supports DTS virtual X 3D surround sound


  • It doesn’t support AirPlay2 or Music Cast
  • Doesn’t pull of multiroom streaming
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5. Denon Home Theater Open Floor Plan Soundbar with Built-in Alexa

Denon Home Theater Open Floor Plan Soundbar with Built-in Alexa

Whether it’s gaming or movie streaming you want to do, the Denon DHT-S516H Home Theater Slim Soundbar is a great investment.

This soundbar for open floor plans is equipped with dual 5-inch full-range drivers and two detailed crisp 1-inch tweeters for an immersive virtual surround sound experience.

In fact, the soundbar is capacitated to support Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS technologies.

Furthermore, the soundbar is paired with a wireless subwoofer equipped with dual 5.25-inch drivers, giving you deep and rich bass during music, movie, or news broadcasts.

A dialogue enhancer intelligently improves dialogue delivery, offering crystal clear sounds without having to adjust the volume.

Moreover, it’s integrated Japanese precision technology with multi-dimensional audio and HiFi surround sound.

For an even better sound experience, the soundbar is compatible with multiple streaming technologies, including HEOS multiroom technology and AirPlay 2.


  • Supports Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS technologies
  • Low profile design will not block viewing or IR remote sensors
  • Supports HDMI ARC and HDCP2.2
  • AirPlay2 and HEOS multiroom streaming technology
  • Full voice compatibility with Amazon Alexa


  • It comes with no remote control
  • A little confusing to setup
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6. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Open Floor Sound Bar

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Open Floor Sound Bar

If you are in search of a soundbar to use on the open floor for HD and 4K TVs, the Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra Slim TV Sound Bar is what you need to invest in.

The premium slim soundbar for multi-use open concept living comes with a wireless subwoofer fitted with five powerful full-range drivers for rich sound and deep bass.

Additionally, the soundbar integrates a proprietary voice adjust technology and Dolby Digital Decoding for optimized sound clarity and reduced voice delay. At just over 2-inches tall, the high range soundbar fits most spaces.

You can choose to mount it on the wall or fit it in front of the TV without blocking the TV’s bottom edge or IR remote sensor.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the multiple connection options, whether HDMI, optical or AUX wired, or wireless Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Ultra-slim design for easy storage and premium aesthetics
  • Exclusive voice adjust technology for better clarity
  • Easy single-cable setup
  • Supports streaming via Pandora, Spotify, etc
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity


  • No bass or volume indicators on the soundbar
  • Quickly goes to sleep mode when TV is muted
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7. Samsung S60a Soundbar

Samsung S60a Soundbar

The Samsung 5.0ch S60a S Series Soundbar is truly built for open floor plans. The soundbar for large open rooms features a 5.0 channel configuration to deliver an authentic and explosive surround sound experience.

Yet, it is its single-piece innovative speaker system that makes it great for people who want to enjoy music streaming.

The soundbar features a side horn speaker with an acoustic beam design for room-filling sound and a panoramic soundscape.

While the soundbar doesn’t come with an external subwoofer, it still integrates the deft channel placement to maintain great sound quality.

In fact, it also features a built-in center speaker dedicated to enhancing dialogue, ensuring you hear every word.

To harness the speaker’s music streaming capacity, it is Bluetooth enabled to let you stream from services like Pandora and Spotify.

The soundbar also supports AirPlay 2 so you can stream audio from iOS devices.


  • Built-in voice assistant
  • Side horn speaker with acoustic beam design
  • Surround sound 5.1 channel configuration
  • Can be paired with an SWA-W5000 wireless subwoofer for even deeper bass
  • Specially built for enhanced music streaming experience


  • Lacks volume or bass settings
  • Lacks adequate bass
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8. Hisense HS218 Open Floor Soundbar

Hisense HS218 Open Floor Soundbar

The Hisense HS218 2.1ch sound Bar is specially built to complement most 32-inch TVs and larger, optimizing sound delivery even in large open spaces.

The sound system for large rooms comes with 4 built-in speakers and a wireless subwoofer, delivering up to 200W of superior audio.

The 80W subwoofer offers incredible low-frequency audio, while the soundbar’s two front-facing speakers project clear high and mid-range frequencies.

Built with Dolby Audio technology, the soundbar offers professional sound effect tuning and incredible sound quality.

In fact, the soundbar for large open rooms integrates Quick touch EQ modes designed to optimize the sound quality of the content you watch. The EQ modes offer options such as music, movies, and news with just a single touch of the remote.


  • Dedicated wireless 80W subwoofer for robust low-end frequency
  • Multiple preset EQ settings powered by a single button touch
  • Compatible with a Roku TV and remote
  • Supports HDMI ARC and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to use LED display control panel


  • Long connection and setup process
  • Annoying LED indicator light
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9. Samsung 2.1ch Open Floor Plan Soundbar with Dolby Audio

Samsung 2.1ch Open Floor Plan Soundbar with Dolby Audio

Integrating a dedicated gaming mode, the Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar is great for gamers who love to play games in an open room.

The game mode is designed to optimize and synergize directional audio, allowing it to move with on-screen action for minimal distractions. This design allows you to truly enjoy real-time gaming action.

However, this is not all the soundbar does. Using the soundbar on floors with extensive space also enhances your movie watching, news broadcasting, and even music or podcast streaming experience.

In addition to its wireless external subwoofer, the soundbar for large open rooms comes with a single push-button for instant bass boost.

Additionally, the open concept home theater features an adaptive Sound Lite technology for enhanced audio tracking. The adaptive Sound Lite technology equalizes background music and consistent volume control.


  • Affordably priced
  • Instant bass boost push button
  • Single remote controls the TV and soundbar
  • Optimal background music equalization
  • Compatible with Samsung rear speaker for full surround sound experience


  • Does not support SmartThings or other smart home systems
  • Not very loud
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10. PHEANOO 200W 2.1 CH Roku TV Ready Soundbar for Open Floor Plan

PHEANOO 200W 2.1 CH Roku TV Ready Soundbar for Open Floor Plan

The PHEANOO 2.1 CH Roku TV Ready Soundbar offers great affordability. The affordable Roku TV-ready soundbar for large open rooms features a specially tuned dialogue mode for a crystal clear audio experience.

Additionally, you can use the soundbar on floors with wide spaces with its dedicated wired subwoofer for a deeper and more powerful bass experience.

Its easy and quick connectivity through HDMI ARC and optical cables gives you a reliable connection and optimal sound quality.

Through the HDMI ARC connection, you will have access to smooth setup and access to sound settings using any Roku TV remote.

However, you can take advantage of the soundbar’s versatile connectivity via AUX cables or wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

On the other hand, the soundbar’s compact design allows for easy setup and placement, blending with any living space setting.


  • Cheaply priced
  • Tuned dialogue mode for added sound clarity
  • Compatible with Roku TV and remote controls
  • Stylish and compact soundbar to blend with any settings
  • Versatile wired and wireless connection options


  • The wired subwoofer may create cable clutter
  • Regular sound quality
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Best Soundbar for Open Floor Plan Buying Guide

Here’s what to consider when choosing the ultimate soundbar for open living rooms;

Directional Design

When shopping for a soundbar for multi-use open concept living, you will come across vertical and horizontal designs.

Also known as a tower, a vertical soundbar features an upright design, which means it is normally placed on the floor.

A horizontal design features the standard tube-like soundbar profile, typically mounted under the TV. A horizontal design offers more versatility since it caters to most audio needs.

A vertical soundbar is a good option for those who enjoy music.


The primary purpose of a subwoofer is to help you feel the sound of the content you are listening to. a subwoofer adds more power and feels, whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, or gaming online.

You will come across an open floor soundbar with wireless subwoofers or wired external subwoofers.

However, most soundbars also come with built-in woofers to give you reasonable bass.

If you want to explore more layers of deeper and more powerful bass experience, you are better off going for a soundbar with an external subwoofer. You can opt for wired or wireless options based on your preferences.

Space Size

Soundbars can work very well in large rooms if they are appropriately chosen based on size.   Make sure the soundbar fits properly where you intend to place it.

This means it should correspond with the dimensions of where you want to mount it and where you want to place the subwoofer (if it comes with one). 

Additionally, you should take into consideration the dimensions of the room you intend to place the soundbar to ensure it delivers adequate sound outreach.

As a general rule of thumb, when considering the room size, think of other external factors like the neighborhood and potential background noises that may affect sound perception.

For example, a person who lives in a quiet suburb will have a different audio experience than one who lives in a noisy downtown neighborhood.


The power rating determines the maximum power of your soundbar, its ability to deliver high-powered volume rather than sound quality.

A soundbar for open living rooms should offer high-powered volume to cater to the extensive space. Typically, you should opt for a soundbar that offers at least a 150W power rating.

Channel Configuration

The right channel configuration ensures that your soundbar delivers immersive surround sound. In general, the higher the channel configuration, the higher the audio quality and surround sound experience will be.

A soundbar offers a channel configuration option of 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 4.1, 1nd 5.1.  When choosing an open floor plan soundbar, go for a configuration of at least 2.0 to 2.1 if you are on a budget.

If you can afford a higher configuration, aim for at least 3.0. if you want a full surround sound experience, you want to go for at least a 5.1 channel configuration.

For the most part, people like to experience surround sound audio experience. You can do so with the right modern TVs and soundbars.

While an appropriately sized standard soundbar system will give you great surround sound, you can achieve a full surround sound experience with a soundbar, subwoofer, and rear speakers.

Connection Options

Modern soundbars come with multiple connection options, including wired and wireless ones.

So, before you get one for your TV, cross-check to see if they are compatible. This is because older TVs may fail to support some connectivity options.

Typically, wired connection options include the older RCA and 2.5mm AUX and new options like digital coax/optical, HDMI, HDMI ARC, and HDMI eARC wires.

On other hand, some soundbars also come with wireless connectivity options like WiFi and Bluetooth.

Our Related Guides:

Right Place to Put an Open Floor Plan Soundbar

No matter where you place your soundbar, you must ensure that it is closer to your TV for the best connection. Additionally, make sure you place your soundbar in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating.

Here’s where you should place your soundbar to cultivate the best possible sound quality;

Placement under the TV

Place the soundbar below the TV, if you plan on watching from the floor or if your TV is wall mounted. This placement brings the sound delivery closer, improving clarity.

Additionally, this placement reduces echoing and sound deflection, preventing sideways sound dispersion. Placement under the TV is also great for aesthetics.

Placement above the TV

You can also place your soundbar above the TV. But, don’t place it too high as this may cause the sound to echo off the ceiling.

This placement eliminates the possibility of any obstacles in front of the soundbar, while also enhancing remote sensor accessibility.

Placement Behind the TV or Couch

If you don’t want your soundbar to be visible, you can place it behind the TV or couch where it can be concealed.

This placement also gives the living room a neat, clutter-free look since there won’t be any wires lying around. However, this may somewhat limit quality sound delivery.

Other placement options include;

  • On the TV stand
  • On the floor
  • In a cabinet

Channel Configuration for an Open Floor Soundbar

Channels on a soundbar are meant to simulate the surround sound effect of a regular speaker. Each channel represents individual speakers inside the soundbar system and determines the overall audio experience.

Therefore, on a sound system for large rooms, more channels represent more angles that sound can be directed.

For example, if a soundbar has two channels, it represents sound angles on the least and right of the speaker.

If you have a three-channel soundbar, the third channel will be the center channel, which helps to improve sound and dialogue clarity.

On the other hand, if you truly want to enjoy a surround sound audio experience, a five-channel soundbar is a better option.

When shopping for a sound system for large rooms, you will come across options with varying channels, ranging from 2.0 to 5.1.

As mentioned above, a higher sound configuration means more speakers and better sound quality.

Ideal Soundbar Channel

The best soundbar for open floor plans should have a channel configuration of at least 3.1 to guarantee immersive sound. You may want to go for a higher sound configuration if you have a super big living space.

However, you can also score very good quality 2.0 and 2.1 channel soundbars if you are shopping around for the best surround soundbar for the money.

Connections to Look in an Open Floor Soundbar

Different open floor soundbars come with varying connection options. In general, a modern soundbar for open living rooms will have wired and wireless connection options. 

Wired connections include RCA, 3.5mm AUX, optical/digital coaxial, HDMI, and HDMI ARC cables.

While each wired connection effectively delivers the sound from your TVs, HDMI, HDMI ARC, and optical wired connections offer a more reliable and stable connection.

Additionally, options such as HDMI Arc and eARC are innovatively designed to reproduce the sounds from your TV to give you even better sound clarity and quality.

Furthermore, cable connections such as HDMI and HDMI ARC are favored for their ability to support high-resolution sound technologies like Dolby and Dolby Atmos.

Most modern TVs are compatible with modern wired connections such as optical and HDMI wires.

On the other hand, other wireless connections include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. However, for these to work, your TV must also be Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled.

What are the Most Important Things for a Soundbar to Sound Good

Here’s how you can make a soundbar for open floor plans sound good;

Get the Right Size

To truly harness your soundbar’s full potential, you must invest in a soundbar large enough for your room.

Soundbars come in various sizes, allowing you to pick an option that scales the sound to fit the room.

For an open floor plan, soundbars that can work very well in large rooms are what you need to invest in. Instead of basing the soundbar size on the TV size, focus on the room size.

Operate the Soundbar Alone

When using your soundbar for open floor plans with your TV, make it a point to turn off the TV’s built-in speakers. In turn, this allows you to fully harness the soundbar’s potential.

Moreover, operating the soundbar and built-in speakers at the same time will dilute the sound you hear, compromising dialogue, overall sound effects, and generating a distraction.

If you have a modern TV, chances are that you can easily disable internal speakers through the general sound settings.

Use Better Cables

The sound quality coming from your soundbar isn’t dependent on the soundbar alone. Even the choice of your connection can very easily affect the sound quality.

Therefore, you want to use the best quality cables to harness the clearest sounds. Ideally, more modern cable options like optical, HDMI, and HDMI ARC cables do a better job than the outdated AUX and RCA cables.

While a wireless connection is convenient, it doesn’t offer the same high quality and reliable connection you would enjoy from HDMI cables. after all, it is easy for your home’s WiFi or your device’s Bluetooth connectivity to be interrupted.

Other ways to enjoy great sound quality from your soundbar include;

  • Adjusting the equalizer settings to match your room needs
  • Opt for soundbars that support technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X
  • Cut out the middleman, i.e. the audio receiver

How to Connect a Wireless Soundbar to TV?

In addition to various soundbar wire connections, you can also connect a wireless soundbar to a TV wirelessly to avoid clutter around your floor.

However, this connection is only possible if your soundbar and TV are WiFi and/or Bluetooth enabled.

Keep in mind, however, an HDMI connection is still more reliable since it doesn’t pose the risk of experiencing network problems. Here’s how you can wirelessly connect a soundbar to a TV;

WiFi Connection

  • Connect the TV with your home’s Wifi network
  • Connect the soundbar on the same WiFi network your TV is connected to
  • Next, using the soundbar’s app (for example, SmartThings for Samsung) in your smartphone, pair the two devices.
  • On the app, look for the WiFi connection option and pair the two devices by looking for their WiFi names
  • Once connected, you can continue to use the two devices together

Bluetooth Connection

  • Press the source button on your soundbar to turn on the Bluetooth
  • Using the soundbar’s remote or control panel, go to the Bluetooth pairing mode
  • On your TV, using a remote or control panel, go to the Bluetooth settings.  The Bluetooth settings options are usually found in the general settings area.
  • On the Bluetooth settings options, choose your soundbar name and press pair to connect the TV and soundbar
  • Press okay once the TV is paired and test the connection by playing anything on your TV

Soundbars With or Without a Subwoofer: Which is Better for Open Floor

The choice of whether to go for a subwoofer or not entirely depends on your needs. Generally, for a soundbar, a subwoofer isn’t a necessary component. This is because soundbars are usually built with multiple internal speakers.

A subwoofer simply works as a loudspeaker, helping reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies that a regular speaker is incapable of.

However, if you want to elevate your audio experience at home, you certainly want to pair your soundbar for open floor plans with a subwoofer. A subwoofer is especially handy for optimizing the sound in a large room.

It also allows you to achieve a truly and fully immersive sound experience, like your own personal theater systems.

If you want to capture every dialogue on the news broadcast, feel every audio effect in a movie, or enjoy a full gaming experience, you certainly want to pair your soundbar for an open living room with subwoofer designs.


1. Does a soundbar with high output power give better sound?

A soundbar with high output power doesn’t necessarily give you better sound. A higher output power or wattage simply means your speakers will have louder sound and a better sound field.

However, this doesn’t automatically mean that your soundbar will have better sound quality.

2. Are soundbars worth it for small rooms?

If you want to elevate the audio entertainment experience in your room, a soundbar is certainly worth it.

If you are not satisfied with your TV’s built-in surround sound quality, a good quality soundbar can help you fix the problem, even in a small room or apartment.

3. Where is the best place to put a soundbar?

To get the best sound delivery from your soundbar, you want to place it below your TV. Alternatively, depending on the design and model, you can also mount the soundbar above your TV.

Always consider the soundbar’s design when determining the placement. For example, an upward-firing soundbar will offer better acoustics when mounted above the TV.

4. What is TV eARC?

Fully known as Enhanced Audio Return Channel, TV eARC technology is designed to transmit original full resolution audio signal and reproduce the best sound through the HDMI cable.

Using this technology gives you an enhanced bandwidth, in turn, letting you enjoy high depths of theater-quality surround sound through formats like DTS: X and Dolby Atmos.


Maintaining good and audible sound quality in large and open floor plan homes is surely not easy.

Yet, with different options for a soundbar for open floor plans available on the market, you are only a few steps away from enjoying the best surround sound and audio experience.

The options listed above guarantee to cater to any consumer needs. After all, each soundbar for open floor plans comes with its own unique properties.

However, my personal top pick for open floor plans is the Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar.

While featuring a simple design, the open concept home theater does an excellent sound delivery job.

Its wireless subwoofer accounts for its deep powerful bass, while its integrated DTS virtual surround 3D sound technology optimizes sound quality and dialogue clarity.

Additionally, the smart soundbar features built-in Alexa for seamless hands-free voice control.