How to Turn on Soundbar Without Remote

Soundbars are for those users who want a surround sound experience without breaking the wallet. They provide excellent bass and fill the room with deep audio.

Modern flat-panel TVs and smart televisions look great and crispy, but they sound very dull. They simply don’t have enough space on them to fit a large speaker.

That’s where soundbars shine. However, a common issue can be found in almost all of them. Which is, turning them on without remotes.

Here we’ll go through some easy steps to turn on the soundbar without a remote.

You might need some extra equipment too to make the soundbar turn on automatically. Let’s see how we can solve this issue for each of them.

How to Turn on Soundbar without Remote

Step 1: Check If There’s a Physical Power Button

You can find the power button easily by searching for the power on/off the logo on top of the button.

Some soundbars require a press and hold to turn it on, but a single press is enough for most of them.

You should see an indicator light blinking that indicates the system is on. However, if you don’t have a power button, you might have to follow the next steps.

Step 2: Connect Using HDMI or Optical Cable

For this, you need a soundbar with an HDMI port or an aux port, and you should use a TV or a desktop with a monitor.

Check and find out the HDMI port or aux port on your soundbar. Then use a cable to connect the soundbar with your TV or monitor.

After this, you need to turn the television on. Under the TV settings, turn on the HDMI function of the TV and select CEC. This will enable the TV to control the soundbar output.

It can also ask you to choose which sound output you want. Select the soundbar as the output.

Step 3: Using a Universal Remote Control

Universal remote controls are commonly found in any electric store. They’re common and cheap too. The best thing about them is, they can be used to control almost any remote device to a certain degree.

If you have one in your home, you can use that one easily. Just try to connect the universal remote to the soundbar using specific codes given by the manufacturers.

This ensures that your remote will connect to the right device and will respond.

There are 4-digit codes given (5-digit codes for SAT and CAB remote control). Try to turn on or off the soundbar and see if it responds.

Step 4: Use Alternative Apps for Smartphones

There are lots of smartphone apps dedicated to controlling the soundbars of different brands. Both iOS and Android have a rich collection of these remote apps. But, to take advantage of them, your phone must have infrared (IR) capabilities.

Just go to the Appstore or Play Store on your phone. Then, search for soundbar remotes. Include your brand name in the search, like “Sony Soundbar App”.

You’ll find various apps. If there’s a dedicated app from the manufacturer itself, you should start with that (example: Bose Control Space Remote App).

Otherwise, choose the best-rated 3rd party app and download it. Then, run it and check if it can connect and turn on your soundbar.

If it doesn’t work, uninstall and download another app then check again. Due to compatibility issues, some of them might not work so you should try different ones.

These are the 5 easiest ways of turning on a soundbar without a remote. These Steps are almost universally applicable for general-purpose soundbars. So, you should be able to turn it on without much hassle.

How to Turn on Sony SA-CT60BT Soundbar Without Remote

Unlike the other Sony soundbars, the Sony SA-CT60BT doesn’t have an HDMI port. However, it has an analog audio input (aux) port to connect with the TV. It uses the RM-ANU191 remote commander and comes with an optical cable.

It can be very helpful for turning on the soundbar as well as connecting to multimedia devices.

If the Sony soundbar won’t turn on, here are a few tricks to turn them on without a remote.

Step 1: Using the Optical Cable

You can connect the soundbar to a TV with the optical cable that’s been included in the package.

Just connect the cable to the analog audio input of the soundbar and the other end to the aux output of the TV. Then, go to the TV settings and enable HDMI control.

Now within the Sync Menu of your TV, you can select the Sony SA-CT60BT. Now you can control the soundbar with your TV remote.

Without selecting in TV series, likely, the Sony soundbar won’t turn on.

Step 2: Using a Smartphone App

You can always choose to turn on and control your soundbar through your phone. We keep our phones close to each other unlike remotes, so it’s very handy.

To do that, at first, try the Sony | Music Center app which is free in the Appstore and Play Store. It enables the remote control to the Sony devices with your phone.

Check if it can connect with the SA-CT60BT. If it fails, try other soundbar control apps.

Make sure that you’re sitting close to the soundbar as mobile devices have a lower IR range than dedicated remotes.

These are the easiest ways to connect and turn on your Sony SA-CT60BT soundbar. If neither of these works, you can use universal remotes or buy replacement ones.

How to Turn on Klipsch Soundbar Without Remote

Klipsch provides excellent soundbars and subwoofers that are easy to install. Most of their products rely heavily on wireless connectivity.

As a result, they often come with voice assistant compatibility. Let’s see how we can turn on the soundbar without a remote for Klipsch.

Step 1: The On/Off Button

Thankfully Klipsch soundbars do come with a physical power button, unlike the SA-CT60BT. It can be found on the backside.

At first, plug the Klipsch soundbar with a power connection. Then you can press the power button and turn it on. Easy, right?

This will allow you to connect the soundbar to your phones or TVs, then control it through the remotes.

Step 2: Voice Control Activation

This works if you have a smart home assistant like Google Home or Alexa from Amazon. You need to have the soundbar pre-connected to the home assistant.

They can automatically turn on the soundbar on your command without remotes.

For Google Home Assistant, say “OK Google” to activate it, and then say “Turn on the soundbar” to turn it on. You can say similar voice commands for Alexa and it’ll turn on the soundbar.

Through it, you can also adjust the playback and volume controls.

Step 3: Turn on With Your Phone

Similar to the home assistants, you can use your smartphone to control the soundbar. After turning on the soundbar by pressing the power button or voice control, your wireless system is now active.

Then, for Android devices or iPhones, go to Bluetooth options. Find the Klipsch soundbar within the list of available Bluetooth devices, and connect. Once connected, it’ll be controlled by your smartphone.

One drawback to this Step is, only 1 device can connect to the soundbar at a time.

So, you can’t use anything else except your phone as long as you’re connected to Bluetooth.

How to Turn on Bose Soundbar Without Remote

Like Klipsch, Bose also comes with a wide range of wireless soundbars. They include smart soundbars too, which come with Alexa and Google Assistant, voice control (Voice4Video technology), Bose Music App, HDMI, and optical connectivity.

Step 1: Connect with HDMI-CEC or Optical Cable

Just plug in the soundbar, connect it to the TV with an HDMI cable or optical ones. Search and select the HDMI-CEC options for both devices and you’re done. Now you can control your Bose soundbar with the TV remote.

However, only IR remotes are supported. You can’t use remotes with radio frequency (RF) to control Bose soundbar.

Step 2: With Smartphone Apps

To turn on and control the soundbar, another good way is to download the Bose Control Space Remote App. It’s available free on iOS and Android.

Your smartphone needs IR capabilities to operate as a Bose remote. You can even configure and program this app into your requirements.

With this app, you can turn on or off the soundbar, change volumes, select sources, set parameters, and also mute the soundbar. So, a wide range of controls is now in your hand. For additional control, use the Bose Music App to fine-tune your requirements.

These will fill your need of finding a new remote. Paired with HDMI to your monitor, your setup doesn’t need anything else. Both your smartphone and TV remote are there to turn on and control your Bose soundbar.

Compared to other soundbar manufacturers, Bose gives more freedom and ease of access to turn on soundbar without a remote.

How to Turn on Samsung Soundbar Without Remote

Samsung soundbars have slick designs, but more importantly, a power button! Also, a built-in woofer, USB port to connect storage drives directly, AUX-in, digital audio in (optical), and Bluetooth connectivity.

Let’s see how we can control it without a remote.

Step 1: Power Button

As part of the slick design, Samsung soundbars have buttons without extrusion, so they can blend in with the aesthetics.

So, you need to search for the universally used power symbol to understand which one’s the power button. After finding it, just press to turn it on.

Step 2: Auto Power Link and Anynet+

Samsung soundbars work best when paired with a Samsung Smart TV. The soundbars feature Auto Power Link and Anynet+ and turn on by default.

Auto Power Link feature works when your soundbar is connected to a Samsung TV with an optical cable. The soundbar turns on automatically when the TV is turned on.

Similarly, Anynet+ works when you connect them with an HDMI cable using ARC (audio return channel). Connect the HDMI-ARC port of your television to the HDMI out port of the soundbar.

However, for other TVs instead of Samsung ones, you need to manually select the device under HDMI-CEC options to turn it on after connecting.

Step 3: 3rd Party Apps

You can download and install the “SmartThings” app on your Android or iOS to control all Samsung devices. Another app named “Audio Remote” is also available, which works solely as a remote.

There are lots of other 3rd party apps like “Wireless Audio-Multiroom”, “Remote for Samsung Sound Bar” etc. present in the store. If the official ones don’t work properly, try these 3rd party apps and you’ll find the right one for your device.

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How to Turn Subwoofer Up on Samsung Soundbar Without Remote

1. Automatic Connection to the Soundbar

To do this, you need to plug them in and connect them with the power cords simultaneously. Then, turn on the main power and switch on the Samsung soundbar. This will trigger the subwoofer automatically and pair them.

You can see a blue LED indicator glow when the pairing process is done. If the process fails, the LED will blink instead of glowing. Try connecting them again.

After connecting, you can use your phone or TV to turn up the soundbar, and the subwoofer will turn on automatically. If this automatic connection doesn’t work due to factory resetting or servicing, try doing the next process.

2. Manual Connection

At first, take the power cords of both the soundbar and subwoofer. Then, cross-connect these cords to each other. When it’s done, plug it in to get power. Take the subwoofer and find the tiny “ID SET” button located at the back.

Take a needle or small pointy object and use it to push and hold the button. This turns off the Standby mode. You’ll see the blue LED light start to blink again on the subwoofer. Now, turn off the soundbar.

Using your phone or TV remote, press and hold the “Mute” button. This triggers the ID SET function of the soundbar. If it doesn’t work for some devices, try pressing the UP button. The ID SET will appear on the display of the soundbar. Then release the button.

Now, you can see a solid blue LED light glowing, meaning your subwoofer and soundbar are connected and up for running.

How to Turn on Philips Soundbar CSS2123 Without Remote

The CSS2123 is a compact and powerful soundbar. Unlike the rest, it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. It has no HDMI. Here are the best ways to turn on Phillips CSS2123:

Option 1: Universal Remote

Phillips soundbars all support universal remote control. You just need to know the remote codes to operate.

These are the default 4-digit codes for universal remotes: 0729,1798, 1805, 0296, 1216, 1296, 1116, 1316, 0216, 0177, 0083, 0983, 0084, 0184, 0277, 0377. For SAT or CAB remotes, you need these 5 digit codes to be able to connect: 32459, 32311, 30189, 20081, 31266, 20035, 20618, 20739, 11454, 10054, 10037, 10690, 11483.

Option 2: Optical Cable and 3rd Party Apps

Like the other soundbars, you can connect the CSS2123 with a TV using an optical cable. Then you’ll be able to control this with the TV remote. You can also use alternative remote apps to connect and use this soundbar, like the “Phillips Sound” app.

However, the option to control this with smart home assistants isn’t available as there is no Bluetooth connectivity.

You need to have a wired connection to the product and rely on the IR capabilities of the smartphone in use. You can use a wired connection to connect your phone physically to the soundbar and stream music.

Why is My Sound Bar Not Working?

Reason 1: HDMI Control not Turned ON

Manually connecting the soundbar with an HDMI port isn’t enough. You need to go to the settings and choose the right device to start streaming.

For example, for Sony devices, you need to turn on BRAVIA Sync to make the soundbar work.

Reason 2: Using Other Ports Simultaneously with HDMI

A general issue occurs when you connect the soundbar with the TV using HDMI, but also connect with optical cables or other ports.

By doing this, the device can jump from one connection to another or may not even work. HDMI is the best choice of connection, and it should be the only one if you have the option.

Reason 3: Choosing the Wrong HDMI Port

HDMI ARC port is meant to be connected to the TV. There might be another HDMI input. It works as a connection for streaming devices, media players, etc.

Make sure you’re using the HDMI ARC port when connecting to the television. It might be labeled as “TV ARC” too, but both have the same size,

Reason 4: Choose the Wrong Device

TVs come with speakers themselves. When you connect it to the soundbar, there are 2 output devices.

Most often, the TV will figure it out itself. But sometimes, you might need to choose the right output device (the soundbar) to get it working. You can find it in the TV settings.

Reason 5: Incompatible Firmware

Like computers, TV and soundbars have their firmware that needs updating. Backdated driver software might be incompatible with one another, causing the soundbar not to connect or work.

For these cases, try updating the software to the latest version on both devices. Sometimes, factory resetting these devices also work fixing software issues.


In this article, we’ve talked about ways of turning on a soundbar without a remote.

This common issue plagues lots of houses as we’re progressing towards automation and no cable era. We have to figure out solutions mostly for wireless connectivity.

Here we’ve shown some easy steps you can take to solve this issue and get your favorite soundbar up.

Smartphone apps can almost always save you the hassle of buying new remotes. But, turning them on with the power button is by far the easiest.