Top 10 Best Soundbar for Karaoke in 2022

Designed to give you an amazing karaoke experience, a karaoke soundbar is a compact type of loudspeaker. It’s meant to be set up right in front of your TV set so that you enjoy great sound without any cables running around.

Some soundbars for karaoke come with extra speakers, usually subwoofers that only require a wireless connection.

The best karaoke soundbar will provide you with sound clarity that will make your karaoke night a lot more fun. It will also make it easy for you to control from anywhere in the room or house.

Quick Comparison: Best Soundbars for Karaoke

Sonos Beam Alexa Built-in Soundbar for Karaoke
Bose Smart Soundbar for Karaoke Music
Sony HT-S350 Surround Sound Soundbar for Karaoke
Sonos Beam - Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black
Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Bluetooth Connectivity with Alexa Voice Control Built-In, Black
Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350 2.1ch Sound Bar and Powerful Subwoofer - Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System for TV - Blutooth and HDMI Arc Compatible Bar Black
Sonos Beam Alexa Built-in Soundbar for Karaoke
Sonos Beam - Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black
Bose Smart Soundbar for Karaoke Music
Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Bluetooth Connectivity with Alexa Voice Control Built-In, Black
Sony HT-S350 Surround Sound Soundbar for Karaoke
Sony HT-S350 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer: S350 2.1ch Sound Bar and Powerful Subwoofer - Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System for TV - Blutooth and HDMI Arc Compatible Bar Black

Top 10 Best Soundbar for Karaoke Reviews:

1. Sonos Beam Alexa Built-in Soundbar for Karaoke

Sonos Beam Alexa Built-in Soundbar for Karaoke

The Sonos Beam-Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-In is a top soundbar for karaoke that provides high-definition sound.

With it, you are assured of rich sound that is highly detailed thus filling the entire room.

It is very easy to control the karaoke soundbar as you can control it with just your voice, the remote, and also the Sonos app.

This karaoke soundbar generally features a built-in Alexa so you will be able to control it hands-free.

This karaoke soundbar is compact in size, meaning it is so easy to move around. It stands at just 25.6 inches.

As such, the beam will not end up hanging off the furniture and it will also not block your TV.

You will also notice just how simple the setup process is with it.  As such, you will be able to move from the set-up process to listening within a matter of minutes. It just uses two cords as well as automatic remote detection.

With this karaoke soundbar, you will be able to build the system up by adding the Sonos One SLS for surrounding sounds.

Alternatively, you can use the Sonos Sub to get that added bass. You can also connect to a variety of other Sonos speakers after which, you can enjoy the amazing sound from anywhere in your home.


  • It is a compact soundbar so it won’t block your TV and is easy to move around
  • This soundbar karaoke system produces high definition sound that is loud enough to be clearly heard from every room
  • It has a simple set-up process so you will have it up and ready just within minutes
  • The soundbar karaoke system is easy to control and can work hands-free
  • It allows you to build it up by adding Sonos One SLs or Sonos Sub


  • It lacks up firing twitters
  • The karaoke soundbar is a bit pricey
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2. Bose Smart Soundbar for Karaoke Music

Bose Smart Soundbar for Karaoke Music

The Bose Smart Soundbar 300 with Alexa Voice Control Built-In is an elegant soundbar for karaoke. It offers clarity that is exceptional and features a rich bass.

This soundbar comes in a beautiful matte black finish and has a seamless metal grille. Its design is also very sleek, standing at 2” in terms of height so it can be placed low right in front of your TV or wall mount.

It features built-in Alexa, that is the Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant.

This is to enable you to have that great hands-free voice control.  Your voice will be captured clearly from any direction.

It comes with an exclusive Bose Voice that is very useful in expanding the Alexa capabilities. As such, you will be able to control the soundbar and even your TV with just a single voice command.

It offers excellent connectivity as all you need to do is pair the device you are using to it then stream your music of choice.

You’ll be able to enjoy the sound through your Bluetooth connection, your Wi-Fi network, Spotify connect, or your Apple Airplay 2.

The soundbar also has a simple setup process. It takes you a very short time to achieve what you desire sound-wise.


  • It has a sleek elegant design that will add to the aesthetic of your place
  • The soundbar has great Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to easily stream your favorite music
  • This soundbar delivers wide and clear sound
  • It features expanded Alexa capabilities that allow you to control your devices with just a single voice command
  • The setup process is simple and you will complete it within a very short time


  • The sound produced can be a bit loud for some people
  • This soundbar for karaoke is a bit on the costly side
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3. Sony HT-S350 Surround Sound Soundbar for Karaoke

Sony HT-S350 Surround Sound Soundbar for Karaoke

The Sony HT-S350 Soundbar is a simple soundbar for karaoke that features a wireless subwoofer. This subwoofer delivers the most optimized audio.

The powerful subwoofer it comes with also delivers a deeper bass sound that is of rich quality. It has Sony’s S-Force Pro Front technology.

At 320W power, the content you wish to listen to comes to life with the best volume. It provides great audio quality.

This soundbar for karaoke allows you to pick from 7 sound modes which include Cinema, Auto Sound, Game, Music, Sports, News, and Standard Audio Mode.

With its voice enhancement capabilities, it can isolate voices and also amplify them even where there is noise. As a result, you will be able to listen with better clarity.

This soundbar allows for the transmission of audio and control information from your TV with the one cable connect feature. It uses a single cable that has an HDMI arc.

It has an S-Force Pro virtual sound technology that resembles the surround sound of a theatre.

Thanks to Bluetooth, it can wirelessly connect sending audio to the slim soundbar and also the sub from any room in the house.


  • It provides for seven sound modes that you can appropriately choose from
  • The karaoke soundbar enhances the sound even amidst noise thanks to the voice enhancement features
  • The soundbar allows for wireless connection via Bluetooth allowing for hands-free control
  • Its subwoofer provides for the most optimized audio output
  • It has a subwoofer level adjustment


  • It cannot turn off the surround sound mode
  • The soundbar has no Atmos support
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4. Bose Solo 5 Karaoke Soundbar

Bose Solo 5 Karaoke Soundbar

The Bose Solo 5 Sound System is a great soundbar for karaoke providing great sound quality that is better compared to that of your TV.

With its advanced technology, it provides you with the clearest audio. This will ensure you have a pleasant time while listening to the different sounds.

It also ensures you get to hear every single word from the sounds thanks to the presence of the dialogue mode.

This Bose soundbar for karaoke allows for Bluetooth connectivity. As such, you can stream different music wirelessly from your different devices.

It provides for one connection to your TV set. It also features optical audio input and coaxial audio input which are both digital and also a 3.5mm aux input which is analog.

With this soundbar, you can use a universal type of remote control, bass and so much more. It has that easy “in-a-snap” setup. You therefore simply have to connect the Bose soundbar for karaoke to your TV with an audio cable.

The cable can be either analog or optical coaxial depending on what you like most. The system’s soundbar will automatically sense which one you are using and will work accordingly as a result.


  • It provides very superior sound quality compared to a lot of other devices such as your TV
  • The dialogue mode will make every sound and word distinct and audible
  • It allows for Bluetooth connectivity so you can wirelessly stream music
  • It allows for universal remote controls
  • It has a soundbar that automatically senses either analog or optical coaxial cables


  • It lacks the low bass
  • This karaoke soundbar is not supportive of the Dolby Atmos
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5. YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers

YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers

The YAMAHA SR-B20A Sound Bar comes with built-in subwoofers that have a deep bass inside a slim soundbar. If you would like to have an extra punch, you can use a bass extension.

With it, you will also be able to get the clearest voice and enhanced frequency range. This is because of the Clear Voice technology which enhances dialogue as well.  As such, the conversations will sound as if they are happening in real-time.

It has a DTS Virtual 3D surround sound. This ensures there is a spacious sound for your favorite movies and TV shows.  You will also be able to customize the sound with any of the four sound modes you can choose from.

This allows you to match the sound to your current mood and content.

Owing to the Bluetooth streaming capability, you will be able to easily switch between two devices. The set-up of this soundbar is very simple and uses just HDMI or optical.

It also comes complete with a remote control in case you prefer a more hands-on approach when it comes to controlling it.

Aside from the remote, you can also use a mobile app to control it. This app connects to the soundbar through Bluetooth and is also very easy to use.


  • Provides high sound quality
  • It allows for wireless connectivity and easy switches between devices and easy listening
  • It can be controlled using a remote control or even a mobile phone app
  • You can customize the sound in four different modes to suit your sound preference
  • It provides excellent overall performance compared to several other soundbars for karaoke in its range


  • It can disable Bluetooth for some devices like Google Nest or even Amazon Alexa
  • The mounting options are limited as no brackets are provided
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6. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Karaoke Music Soundbar

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Karaoke Music Soundbar

The Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim soundbar for karaoke is a premium and ultra-slim soundbar that comes complete with a wireless subwoofer.

With its powerful drivers, you can count on it to produce only the best sound, rich and with strong bass.

It stands at 2” tall which means it will easily fit into a lot of different spaces.

It is easy to mount it on the wall and at the same time, you can choose to place it right in front of your TV without worrying about it being an obstruction. It will also not block your IR remote sensor.

With this soundbar for karaoke, you will be able to upgrade your entire home theatre feel and overall experience. It has exclusive voice adjustment technology that maximizes the quality of sound you will get.

It also allows you to stream music wirelessly from different apps that include Spotify, Pandora, Tunein, among others.  This you can do using your phone, your tablet, or any other device of your choice that can connect wirelessly.

When it comes to the setup, you will be able to do it easily as it takes very simple steps and very few minutes.


  • It allows for wireless connectivity with other devices allowing for easier streaming
  • The karaoke soundbar offers excellent rich sound 
  • It is only 2” tall so it does not obstruct your TV when placed in front of it
  • It has an easy set-up process that only takes a few minutes
  • It features an exclusive kind of voice adjustment technology that reduces voice delays


  • Might fail to perform at its best when pushed to its limits, therefore, giving compressed sound
  • It has limited customization capability
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7. SAMSUNG 3.1ch A Series Soundbar

SAMSUNG 3.1ch A Series Soundbar

The Samsung 3.1ch A650 A Series Soundbar for karaoke is quite an excellent soundbar with a built-in microphone or center speaker.

This dedicated speaker is known to enhance dialogue so that every sound or word you hear comes across seamlessly. It features an adaptive sound lite that ensures your video content sound is highly optimized.

The soundbar also has a wireless subwoofer and you will get to enjoy that extra bass or bigger sound. This is easy to achieve with just a single push on the button.

It is the biggest soundbar you can find in the A series of the brand, however, it is still small when compared to other flagship ones. It is easy to handle and you will also be able to fit it in different spaces.

It has that distinctive Samsung look just like many other similar Samsung devices. With the help of remote control, you will be able to seamlessly control your operations of it.

You can get more sound wirelessly with the optional speakers found on the rear. Doing this only takes a few simple steps. The wireless speakers are sold separately though which is why they are optional.


  • It provides optimized sound for different types of content you are interested in
  • The subwoofer provides the extra bass and bigger sound
  • Its dedicated speaker enhances sound quality
  • It is easy to handle and put in different places/ spaces
  • It has that great distinct Samsung look


  • It is made from a rather standard type of material
  • The speakers are sold separately
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8. YAMAHA SR-C20A Sound Bar for Karaoke with Built-in Subwoofer

YAMAHA SR-C20A Sound Bar for Karaoke with Built-in Subwoofer

The Yamaha SR- C20A Compact Sound Bar comes with a built-in subwoofer as well as passive radiators. These provide for that much-needed loud bass and high volume that you will hear from any part of the house.

It delivers a clear voice for enhanced dialogue quality and clarity with the enhanced vocal frequency range. If you prefer that extra punch, you can always make use of the Bass extension.

This karaoke soundbar allows for Bluetooth streaming of music and podcasts from your different devices. The set-up process is very simple, with the help of an HDMI, optical, or even aux connection. You can easily mount it on the wall and it has built-in keyholes.

The virtual surround of this karaoke soundbar helps in creating a greater and more immersive experience. As such, you will be able to enjoy your TV shows, gaming, and movies some more.

It also comes with four different sound modes, allowing you to customize your sound according to your preferences.

With the wireless connectivity, you can connect up to two devices and then stream your favorites straight from this soundbar.

For it to function properly, it comes with batteries. They are the 1 Lithium metal batteries. It is a compact soundbar that will not cause any obstructions and works very well despite its size.


  • It comes with different modes that allow for sound customization
  • The soundbar delivers clear enhanced sound and dialogue clarity
  • It allows for Bluetooth connectivity making it easier for you to stream music and podcasts
  • This karaoke soundbar has a simple set-up process
  • It comes with the batteries required for its proper functioning


  • It does not provide Wi-Fi
  • The remote feels a bit cheap
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9. VMAI 120W Karaoke Soundbar with Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

VMAI 120W Karaoke Soundbar with Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

This VMAI karaoke soundbar delivers an immersive sound experience that is better than the sound produced solely by your TV set.

It has advanced technology that ensures you get clear audio. The subwoofers enable it to provide a powerful bass as well as surround sound. With these, you get an amazing audio experience in your own home.

The soundbar uses Bluetooth 5.0 and also DSP to ensure there is fast transmission, easy and speedy connectivity, and low consumption.

This soundbar is versatile enough that you can place it anywhere in the house.

It provides for four different sound modes that include Move, 3D, Music, and News. As such, you will be able to customize it as per your preferences.

There is also an additional power and volume control, conveniently at the soundbar’s right side.

It also has multiple input options and the set-up process is very easy even to a person who is not used to setting up such devices.  It also comes with a 12-month warranty as well as a great and diligent design.

It is very thin and measures a bit less than 2.5” when it comes to its height. It also has a luxury touch button design.

Controlling the power and volume is also easy. The soundbar comes with a mounting bracket that makes it easier for you to install it.


  • Its Bluetooth technology ensures faster transmission and steady connectivity
  • The soundbar comes with four different sound modes that allow you to customize the sound as per your preference
  • It comes with multiple options for input and an easy set-up process
  • The soundbar provides an immersive sound experience
  • The subwoofers ensure you get better audio than your TV normally provides


  • Sometimes the sound randomly cuts
  • It’s only available in a jet black color
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10. Wohome 120W Surround Sound Karaoke Soundbar

Wohome 120W Surround Sound Karaoke Soundbar

The Wohome karaoke soundbar is a nice fashionable soundbar that has a classic design. As such, you will be adding to the aesthetic of your room if you choose to include it in your home. It stands a good 3.2 inches in terms of height.

The speaker for karaoke comes with two built-in subwoofers. These produce a powerful bass that’s deep enough with a sound that is very crystal clear.

You will therefore be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows and gaming experiences. The DSP technology also facilitates precision as well as clarity when it comes to sound.

With the multiple inputs, it comes with, you will be able to stream your favorites through wireless technology. As it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and wired connection support, HDMI- ARC, Aux, USB, and optical input.

With this speaker for karaoke, you will be able to customize the sound to your preference. You can choose from four equalizer modes. They include Movie, 3D, Music, and News modes. You will be able to adjust the bass and the treble.


  • The soundbar allows you to choose from four different modes so you can customize the sound
  • It provides superior sound quality thanks to the built-in subwoofers
  • It supports a TV and cable remote
  • It has a nice fashionable design
  • It can easily fit into different spaces in your home


  • It does not have several connectivity features
  • The warranty is only for a year
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Things to Consider before Buying a Soundbar for Karaoke

When it comes to choosing a great speaker for karaoke, it is important to consider a number of factors in order to ensure you get the best one. Some of those factors include:

The space you have in your home

The main reason why soundbars were invented was to replace home theatres that take up a lot of space. Soundbars do not need a lot of space, distribute speakers or even cables all over the room.

It is however important for you to check the measurements of the soundbar. This is to see whether it can fit in the space you have allocated for it.  If you need it with a subwoofer, also check the dimensions.

The power

Power is usually measured in watts for a soundbar. For you to get the right one for an average home, you need the power to be at least more than 150 watts.

You will notice though that a lot of manufacturers will not go out of their way to explain the watts. The reason they give is that watts don’t determine the audio quality. 

However, you still need to ask about that to get the right one for your home.

The connection options

You also need to check the connection options. It could be an optical cable that involves connecting a fine cable right from the soundbar to your TV.

It could also be an HDMI ARC that uses an HDMI cable for connection.

A lot of the modern soundbars for karaoke will usually have a Bluetooth connection type. You just need to confirm if your TV set is compatible with Bluetooth so that you will manage to pair the two.

The channels

There exist several channels for soundbars today. Examples include 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, and so on. According to logic, the more channels you have the higher and better the audio you will get.

This will also give you excellent surround sound. According to experts, 3.1 and above usually provides the best sounds.

The installation process

If you will be setting the soundbar for karaoke by yourself then you need to check on the ease of installation or setup. It should have this well outlined in an instruction manual and should be able to take just a few minutes to do.

The neighborhood

You also need to be realistic about where you will place your soundbar when you are going out to purchase one.

In case your TV is placed wall to wall with your neighbor’s room then it is not wise to get one with a lot of power or bass.

The price

As is with any device you get, it is very important to ensure that it is within your price range. You should also ensure that whichever you get within your price range gives you value for money.

The design

If you are a person keen on the aesthetic of your home, you will need to check the color and make of your soundbar carefully.

It needs to fit in with the design you have chosen for the room you will have it in.

How to Connect a Microphone to a Soundbar

When you are using a speaker for a karaoke machine, it is important to have a microphone. The microphone will ensure you are able to properly belt out the different tunes.

It enables you to amplify your voice and at the same time, it makes it easier for you to transmit through different sound systems.

A lot of soundbars will come with one or two options you could use for the connection process. It could be auxiliary, optical, white, or red RCA connection cables.

Below are simple steps that you should follow in order to connect your microphone to a soundbar successfully:

Step 1: Start by disconnecting the soundbar from the source of the sound.

Step 2: Proceed by connecting the TV to your karaoke mixer.

Step 3: Continue by connecting the karaoke mixer to the soundbar.

Step 4: You can then connect your microphone to your karaoke mixer after which, you can turn it on and test it.

For the best experience, in case you are the karaoke host, make sure you use the right screen for the karaoke video to supplement your well-connected microphone.

When you have these, you are assured of a great karaoke night.

How to Make a Good Karaoke Sound

If you are trying to create a home karaoke setup, things could get a bit stressful. This is because regardless, karaoke should be fun but all that relies heavily on the setup.

You can however create a great karaoke sound through the following simple steps:

Step 1: Finding the Right Space for Your Setup

Great karaoke sound is just as good as the room you set it up in. Always consider how the sound will react to the space that is around it.

Ensure you pick a nice open room that will allow the sound to spread evenly.

Step 2: Select a Great Karaoke Machine

There are different soundbars for different room sizes. Selecting a suitable karaoke machine ensures you have a well-maintained music track database as well as great sound.

If you are a beginner, it is more advisable to go for an all-in-one karaoke machine.

Step 3: Get the Right Speakers and Sound Equipment

You need to ensure that you get high-quality speakers, as well as sound equipment as these, will move your party from cool to an epic one.

You do not want to have thin sound so ensure you check the different specifications of the speakers and extra sound equipment to ensure you settle for the best.

Step 4: Get Some Well-functioning Karaoke Microphones

The right microphone will provide you with the sound of the right precision. You can either choose a wired one or go for the wireless option.

Ensure you research enough and read their reviews in order to understand their pros and cons.

How to Turn My TV into a Karaoke Machine

If you are planning on hosting a karaoke night and do not have a karaoke machine, you could consider turning your TV into a karaoke machine.  

Step 1: Download the Karaoke App

This transformation can happen through a simple process of downloading a couple of apps that can help turn your TV set into a karaoke machine.

These allow you to connect online. You have the option of choosing a karaoke app for a smart TV or you could just use the karaoke channel app.

Step 2: Queue your Songs

You can then proceed to queue your songs using the app you have installed. This way, you will not need to keep selecting new songs once one has finished playing.

In some cases, these apps come with a variety of songs that you can select from.

Step 3: Connect Microphones

For you to fully turn your TV into a karaoke machine, you also need to connect microphones to the TV. This will allow the performers to project the songs they choose to sing along to well.

Use microphones with a higher UH. Wireless options are also great if you all do not want to keep standing up when it’s your turn to perform.

Step 4: Connect your Soundbar

If possible, use an external soundbar in place of the normal ones whose quality is not so good. These may be a bit costly but they are definitely worth it.

They deliver the best sound that justifies how much you spent on it.

Step 5: Add Mixers

If you would like to have special effects during the karaoke experience, then you can add some mixers. These will help you play around with the sound output.

Step 6: Connect your Device

You can use your HDMI cable to connect the speaker for karaoke to your TV. The cable will effortlessly transport the audio and video on the screen. Alternatively, you can connect using Wi-Fi.

Difference Between a 2.1 Soundbar and a 5.1 Soundbar

The moment you buy your TV, the next purchase should definitely be a matching sound system. This is because in most cases even the best TVs will lack good speakers.

To elevate the sound, you need to get a quality soundbar, Among the many, you can get a 2.1 or a 5.1 soundbar system.

The 2.1 soundbar has two speakers and a subwoofer. The speakers are left and right channels. The 5.1 on the other hand has five speakers.

These are usually the front left, front right, front center, surround right, surround left as well as a subwoofer.

The front channels are normally built into the soundbar but on the other hand, the surround speakers are separate.

Normally, the 5.1 is best for people who are so into movies and are looking to get the best sound possible. For it, each directional speaker has to be connected using cables to the actual hub.

A 2.1 is not so far behind in terms of performance but it is definitely cheaper compared to a 5.1. Since a 2.1 has fewer speakers compared to a 5.1, there will be less clutter around it.


1. What is the best karaoke app?

If you are looking for the best karaoke app, especially for your TV then choose StartMaker. It allows you to collaborate with your different friends to record songs and edit them.

With it, you will also be able to enjoy a wide variety of effects and thousands of songs to select from. The app’s library is updated on a daily basis.  It is therefore very current.

2. Do you need an amplifier for karaoke?

No, it is not necessary. However, an amplifier plays an important role in increasing the power output of your power source.

A karaoke amplifier is specifically designed for the needs of someone who is an avid karaoke equipment user. These are mostly for DJs but a few can be for home use.

They have a lot of extra features that make the karaoke experience more enjoyable.

3. Do you need a mixer for karaoke?

There exist two different ways of setting up karaoke. In most cases, the DIY method will need a mixer. However, if you decide to get a real karaoke machine, it will do the mixing for you.

In this case, you will not need a mixer. It’s all about the choice you make whether to create one or buy a dedicated one for the karaoke experience.

4. How can I do karaoke at home without a machine?

The easiest way to do this is using a smart TV. Get YouTube up on it then search for the song you want. Ensure you only search for the karaoke version of that song.

In case you only have a small tablet or even laptop, you can connect it to the TV. Use an HDMI cable for this so that your device can be reflected on the screen.

Final Thoughts

The best soundbar for karaoke is the Bose Smart Soundbar 300. Not only is it elegant but it also provides sound in the highest clarity.

This soundbar has an elegant black matte finish is also sleek and stands at 2”. This means it’s a great height that won’t cause any kind of obstruction to your TV set in case you’re using it.

Its built-in Alexa and Google Assistant enable you to enjoy a hands-free control experience from anywhere in your home.

Normally, the karaoke soundbar should be compact enough in size. This way, it will not cause any obstruction to your TV screen.

It should also allow for wireless connectivity and should make it easy for you to control from anywhere in your house. More advanced ones will feature different modes that will allow you to customize the sound further to your preference.

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