Best Floor Jacks for Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2022

Are you planning a road or overnight trip on your Jeep Cherokee? Having the best floor jack for jeep Grand Cherokee should be a priority on your packing list.

A floor jack offers a convenient way to lift your vehicle. You can use it whether during emergency undercarriage or tire fixing or basic servicing. One of the most important benefits of using a floor jack is its portability.

Unlike bottle jacks, a floor jack allows for quick and effortless repositioning. Additionally, it features casters that make it easy to roll back and forth.

Hence, you can easily fix any side of the car on the go, making it easy for anyone to use.

To help you find the ultimate options, we’ve put together our top picks after months of in-depth research and testing.

Quick Comparison: Best Floor Jacks for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Top 10 Best Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews:

1. Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you are looking for a durable all-around jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can’t go wrong with the Arcan Jack.

Constructed using aluminum material, the floor jack guarantees long-lasting durability, corrosion resistance, and a high tensile finish.

So, even if you use it on heavy SUVs, you will not risk any damage.

Yet, the aluminum body allows it to be extremely lightweight for easier maneuverability and handling.

The Jeep Cherokee lifting jack features a dual pump piston design with a reinforced lifting arm for easy use.

The dual pump piston creates a seamless mechanism for raising the floor jack saddle for loading.

On the other hand, the reinforced lift arm reinforces the floor jack with more strength, chassis torsion control, and longevity.

The 3.5-ton aluminum floor jack can be used for various vehicles. These include small cars, SUVs, and trucks.

It features an adjustable lifting range of between 3.75 inches and 18 inches.



  • Designed to lift SUVs, trucks, and small cars

  • Versatile lifting range (3.75” to 18”)

  • Quick rising dual pump pistons

  • Lightweight and high tensile aluminum body

  • Wheeled bottom for easy maneuvers

  • May need fluid refilling from time to time

  • Some quality issues

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2. Pro-LifT G-737 Speedy Lift 3-1/2 Ton Grand Cherokee Floor Jack

Pro-LifT G-737 Speedy Lift 3-1/2 Ton Grand Cherokee Floor Jack

The Pro-Lift G-737 Speedy Lift Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy optimal safety during emergencies.

These jack Stands for lifted Jeep SUVs feature a design that pays extra attention to safety.

Constructed from alloy steel, the floor jacks support vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons while remaining strong and secure.

The high tensile alloy steel construction also creates a stable hold on the vehicle when supported.

The floor jack integrates a universal joint release mechanism which improves control during load descent to prevent unwanted accidents.  Its rolled side frame reinforces it with extra strength to prevent twisting.

Additionally, a rubber saddle is integrated into the design to prevent your vehicle from accidents when it’s being lifted.

Furthermore, these Jeep Grand Cherokee jacks have versatile and ergonomic functions. A magnetic tool tray organizes tour tools closer for more convenience.

On the other hand, a foam handle enhances comfort when pumping the jack.



  • Strong and stable alloy steel construction

  • Vehicle protecting rubber saddle

  • Quick lifting speed design

  • Magnetic tool tray to conveniently store small parts and tools

  • Protective anti-twist rolled sides

  • Alloy steel body can be a little too heavy

  • It can get somewhat stiff

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3. Liftmaster 3 Ton Ultra Low Profile Steel Jeep Grand Cherokee Floor Jack

Liftmaster 3 Ton Ultra Low Profile Steel Jeep Grand Cherokee Floor Jack

The Liftmaster Heavy Duty Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee is ideally built for lowered vehicles. The Jeep floor jack features a low 3-inch profile which makes it easy to place under lowered cars.

But, the floor jack also features a maximum of 20 inches lifting tights with the ability to raise big SUVs and vehicles with elevated chassis.

The Jeep Cherokee lifting jack also integrates a dual pump system. Makes it a perfect tool to have on the road during emergencies.

On the other hand, the SUV floor jack features a two-piece knurled steel handle which improves grip.

The handle also integrates a foam bumper to protect your vehicle from damage.

On the lifting handle, you will find a reinforced rubber pad that offers extra protection and friction.

Constructed using alloy steel, the heavy-duty floor jack guarantees long-lasting durability, stability, and support.



  • Ideal for lowered vehicles

  • Minimal to no slippage risk

  • Smooth-rolling wheels

  • Solid and stable alloy steel design

  • The dual pump makes lifting strokes much easy

  • Heavy floor jack

  • Wheels require greasing from time to time

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4. Big Red 1/2 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Big Red 1/2 Ton Hydraulic Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Big Red TR4076 Torin Floor and Service Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee brings excellent value to your investment. While it fetches at a reasonable price tag, it still boasts a high capacity.

Using this best value floor jack, you can support vehicles of up to 1,000 lbs (half a ton).

In fact, the floor jack features a high-grade steel construction to make it ideal for everyday garage service and heavy-duty industrial use.

To further reinforce the steel construction, the exterior of the jack features a powder-coated finish for rust resistance.

Due to its high load capacity, the steel floor jack has a wide lifting range of between 8-11/16 inches and 22-11/16 inches.

If you are unsure of the load, the jack comes prepared with a safety overload system to prevent use for loads exceeding its capacity.

The hydraulic roll under transmission jack also integrates a 360-degree rotating handle and an adjustable head and saddle for convenient handling and maneuverability.



  • 360-degree swivel casters offer smooth running

  • High load capacity

  • Rust-resistant exterior powder coating

  • Affordable pricing

  • Easy-to-use 360 degrees rotating handle

  • Single piston pump may require some effort

  • A little large to store in your vehicle

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5. Arcan 3 Ton Hybrid Aluminum Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Arcan 3 Ton Hybrid Aluminum Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Arcan Hybrid Heavy Duty Floor Jack combines aluminum and steel construction to give you an exceptionally performing floor jack.

The Jeep Cherokee Jack’s hybrid construction gives it a high tensile finish while maintaining a lightweight chassis.

Ultimately, you will enjoy great support and stability while still being able to move the jack effortlessly.

Additionally, this hybrid construction gives the floor jack a relatively low weight of only 58 lbs.

Furthermore, the lightweight floor jack features an ergonomic and easy-to-use design.

It is fitted with dual pump pistons, making it simple and fast to raise the jack saddle to load.

On the other hand, a rubber saddle with a foam handle bumper gives your vehicle added protection.

Plus, it features an extremely wide lifting range of between 4 inches and 18.5 inches to accommodate varying vehicle sizes.



  • Convenient carrying side handles

  • Meets ASME PASE-2019 safety standards

  • Wide lifting range

  • Easy to operate dual pump pistons

  • Lower gently with minimal effort

  • Handle rubber pad cracks over time

  • Some flimsy components

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6. Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Jeep Grand Cherokee Service Jack

Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift Jeep Grand Cherokee Service Jack

If you are on a tight budget, the BlackHawk Fast Lift Service Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent option.

The fast lift service floor jack has an affordable price tag.

However, it still offers a generous work capacity of up to 7000 lbs (3.5 tons).

The hydraulic lift jack is designed for garages and other outdoor activities such as picnics.  

To complement its heavy-duty design, the Jeep Cherokee jack incorporates several safety features. AA swivel saddle allows for easy jack positioning and user safety.  Its rugged universal joint, on the other hand, offers precise load control.

Furthermore, the good-quality floor jack features a built-in internal safety valve and vent plug for safe operation.

For easy operation, the service jack features a fast lift technology for smoother strokes. A bypass device helps to prevent damage that may be caused by over-pumping.



  • Heavy duty steel construction

  • Multiple safety features to protect the user

  • The universal joint allows for safe load control

  • Swivel saddle secure positions the jack

  • Bypass device prolongs its life span

  • Some design flaws make it unsuitable for some cars

  • Some people may struggle to raise it

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7. Trihelper Hydraulic 5 Ton Floor Jack

Trihelper Hydraulic 5 Ton Floor Jack

The Trihelper Hydraulic Cherokee Jack Set comes in a portable carry case to make it convenient to drive anywhere with it.

The jack set is ideal for those who don’t want to use a manual jack. It features a 5 in 1 kit for tire changes and road emergencies.

It also features an integrated tire pump and impact wrench to give you everything you need for emergency repairs.

The built-in tire pump allows you to quickly inflate your tires while the wrench helps out with removing and securing screws.

The emergency Jeep jack is also built with a high capacity, allowing you to service vehicles and trucks of up to 5 tons.

To cater to emergency needs at any time, the kit features built-in LED lights to help you change tires even in the dark.

Furthermore, the car jack integrates a fully enclosed design to keep out waterproof and leakproof to prolong its durability.

When using the jack, you will notice it stops working once it reaches maximum height to prevent damage.



  • A red triangle outside case can be used as a safety sign

  • Compact case design allows for under-seat storage

  • Velcro stickers on the exterior of the case to prevent sliding in the car

  • Built-in LED lights for emergency tire changes in the dark

  • The high load capacity of up to 5 tons

  • The case is a little heavy

  • Easily gets dirty

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8. Torin 3 Ton Hydraulic Grand Cherokee Floor Jack

Torin 3 Ton Hydraulic Grand Cherokee Floor Jack

The Torin Jack is designed to fit large SUVs and trucks with extra saddles. Designed with a 3 ton (6000 lb) capacity,

the hydraulic trolley service jack has a lifting capacity of about 5-7/8 to 20-7/8 inches.

The jack for jeeps is constructed using heavy-duty alloy steel, which offers long-lasting durability and industrial performance.

Thanks to the alloy steel construction, the 3 ton Jeep Cherokee jack offers excellent stability and support for your vehicle.

Additionally, it is designed to make it easy to use. The floor jack is equipped with two large steel casters and two 360 degree swivel casters for great maneuverability.

On the other hand, a single-piston quick lift pump makes it easy to raise the jack to the ideal height. To prevent overloading, the jack integrates a safety bypass system.

Furthermore, the floor jack for lifted Jeeps has a 360-degree rotational handle. The handle makes accessibility easier and allows for efficient lifting at any angle.



  • Ideal for most types of cars

  • Comfortable 360-degree rotational handle

  • Safety bypass system prevents overloading

  • Four casters allow for smooth maneuverability

  • Extra long neck saves lifting time

  • The cover wears off easily

  • Somewhat susceptible to rust

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9. ProLift F-767 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

ProLift F-767 2 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Pro-Lift Low Profile Grand Cherokee Jack is amongst the cheapest floor jack for SUVs. Nonetheless, the low-profile floor jack is built with great quality to cater to vehicles weighing up to 2 tons.

Furthermore, the SUV jack’s low-profile design allows it to accommodate low ground clearance vehicles. The floor jack features an alloy steel construction which boosts its quality and durability.

The alloy steel construction also helps to enhance the floor jack’s stability and ruggedness. Its wide lifting range allows it to accommodate vehicles of different sizes, varying from 3.5 to 14 inches.

Additionally, integrates a safety release valve to keep you safe when operating it. It also helps to prevent overloading. On the other hand, a patented bypass device prevents over-pumping.



  • Wide lifting range

  • Bypass device prevents over pumping

  • Safety release valve prevents overloading

  • High quality steel alloy construction

  • Very affordable design

  • Slightly low load capacity

  • Some issues with safety

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10. BIG RED 3 Ton Hydraulic Jeep Grand Cherokee Service/Floor Jack

BIG RED 3 Ton Hydraulic Jeep Grand Cherokee Service/Floor Jack

The bug Red Torin Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee features a compact design perfect for automotive repairs in confined spaces.

Its variable lifting range and design allow the good quality floor jack to fit under most low and SUV vehicles. The 3-ton capacity floor jack has a lifting range of between 5-7/8 and 20-7/8 inches.

The floor jack is also designed with an extra-long saddle neck, making pumping and lifting higher vehicles much easier. The car jack is designed with a single-piston quick lift pump.

It quickly lifts the jack to the desired height with minimal effort. However, to keep you safe, a safety bypass system prevents the jack from overloading.

On either side, the Jeep Cherokee lifting jack integrates two large steel casters and two 360 degree swivel casters to help smoothen maneuverability.



  • Long saddle neck makes it easy to lift higher cars

  • Safety bypass system prevents overloading

  • Steel and swivel casters allow for smooth maneuvers

  • Ideal for most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs

  • Single piston quick lift pump to raise the jack easily

  • Not very stable with heavy cars

  • Some issues with the body quality and strength

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Things to Consider before Buying a Floor Jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee

When choosing a floor jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs, you must pay attention to several critical features. Here are some of the most important ones to look out for;

Vehicle Model

The first thing you want to consider when choosing a Jeep Cherokee lifting jack is the model type. This is because the working mechanism of the floor jack will only be efficient and effective for the ideal vehicle type.

For example, a vehicle with low ground clearance works great even with a standard low-pressure floor jack.

However, if you have a large vehicle such as an SUV or truck, you will want to go for a hydraulic powered floor jack.

To choose the right floor jack for lifted Jeeps, simply measure the ground clearance height of the vehicle. You can then compare the value with the lifting range (in inches) the floor jack offers.

Vehicle Weight

In addition to the ground clearance and lifting range, weight is an essential factor too. After, using a lighter jeep floor jack on a heavier vehicle may pose safety risks.

Undoubtedly, car floor jacks feature a highly rugged and high tensile build. Nonetheless, you have to opt for a unit that has a suitable load capacity rating.

Generally, the floor jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs comes with a load capacity between 1 and 5 tons.  Simply find out what the weight of your car is and compare it with the load capacity of the floor jack.

Jack Weight

When it comes to the weight and load, this factor isn’t limited to your vehicle or what the jack can support. You have to think of the weight of the jeep floor jack itself.

Remember, you will be using it as an emergency Jeep jack. So you want a tool that is convenient and easy to handle and maneuver.

As a general rule of thumb, you should go for a jeep jack that weighs no more than 30 lbs. but, this option is for when you are on the road.

If you need a Jeep Cherokee jack to store in your home garage, the size and weight can be slightly higher. But, again, you have to ensure you have enough space to accommodate the jack.


This feature may not be as important to some people. However, it is worth considering. After all, the material used for your floor jack will determine its quality, longevity, and function.

Typically, most good-quality Jeep Grand Cherokee jacks use alloy steel or aluminum. Alloy steel is favored for its high tensile, durable, and stable finish.

However, it is considerably heavy. Thus, most alloy steel jacks tend to be heavier.

On the other hand, aluminum is known to be extremely light.  So, some of the best lightweight floor jacks are made using aluminum.

Nevertheless, this lightweight material still offers the much-needed strength and ruggedness to remain long-lasting. Additionally, aluminum is weatherproof and corrosion-resistant.

Safety Features

When handling vehicular emergencies, safety should be a priority. You will be using a floor jack to lift your vehicle, so you don’t want any accidents. In this case, when choosing a Jeep Cherokee lifting jack, look out for critical safety features.

These include bypass systems that prevent overloading and safety devices that prevent over lifting. These are just amongst the common safety features.

But, you can still find Jeep Grand Cherokee jacks with uniquely designed safety features.

What are Lifting Jacks?

Lifting jacks are mechanical tools designed for lifting and leveling a vehicle. Typically, a lifting jack operates through hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, or manual methods.

It is usually designed with a lifting element known as a saddle that helps elevate the structure you are lifting. Many Jeep Cherokee lifting jacks operate using hydraulics. 

These types of lifting jacks function by moving oil through cylinders using a pump plunger to create pressure.

As the plunger is pushed, a suction valve inside the jack close, building pressure inside the cylinder chambers. This causes the jack’s pistons to rise; in turn, the high pressure creates enough force to push the vehicle up.

Types of Jacks for Lifting

When shopping for Jeep Cherokee lifting jacks, you will come across several types. All types of lifting jacks have the same function. It’s just that each type executes the function differently.  Here are the common jacks for lifting;

Floor Jacks

Also known as service jacks, they are notable for their safety, high strength, and convenience. These lifting jacks are typically mounted in 4 to 6 wheel chassis with swivel casters for support.

Additionally, they feature a removable round saddle and a pump lever to maneuver the jack easily. Their design allows them to cater to different vehicles, from those with low clearance to higher vehicles.

Bottle Jacks

Shaped like a bottle, bottle jacks are ideal for heavy-duty use as they can support load capacities of up to 50 tons. However, unlike floor jacks, bottle jacks aren’t always easy for everyone to operate.

You may have to put in some muscle to use them.

But, they are great for elevated areas and areas where other types of jacks may quickly lose their power.

Transmission Jacks

as their name suggests, these types of lifting jacks are primarily used for raising and lowering a vehicle’s transmission from the bottom of the vehicle.

Due to this function, transmission jacks resemble floor jacks. However, they have a large cradle to tie down the transmission.

Other types of lifting jacks include wheel and shop bumper jacks, screw jacks, scissor jacks, ratchet jacks, and inflatable jacks.

3 Steps to Jack Up a Jeep Grand Cherokee with Floor Jack

To set up a jacked-up Jeep Cherokee is pretty simple. Here’s a foolproof step by step guide on how to do so;

Step 1: Prepare the Floor Jack Set Up

Start by choosing the position to attach your jeep floor jack. Your car will come with jeep grand Cherokee jack points to attach the jack.

Depending on your vehicle’s manufacturing year, you can jack up your Jeep from the front axle, rear axle, or on the frame rails.

If you plan on removing the wheel after you have lifted the vehicle, loosen the lug nuts using a wrench or nut splitter.

But, do not remove the nuts.

Step 2: Securely Attach the Floor Jack

Push the jack to the underside of your vehicle and start pumping the pistons until the jack saddle comes in contact with Jeep Grand Cherokee jack points.

Check to see that the vehicle is securely supported. Ensure that the jack isn’t attached in an incline as this may cause it to snap or the vehicle to roll away.

Step 3: Lift the Vehicle

If the vehicle is securely engaged to the jack, continue lifting it to the desired height. As a general rule of thumb, there should be ample room beneath the vehicle to allow you to use your lug nut wrench comfortably.

Once you have lifted the vehicle, place a jack stand immediately before removing the floor jack from your jacked-up Jeep Cherokee.

Floor Jack Vs. Trolley Jack: What are the Differences?

Floor jacks and trolley jacks are both designed to offer the same functionality. However, they do so quite differently, and each tool has its unique characteristics. Here are the differences;


Floor jacks are designed with a much lighter body which makes them portable. On the other hand, typically constructed from steel, trolley jacks have a much heavier construction.

However, their release spring design allows for efficient jack release.


Both floor and trolley jacks are pretty versatile when it comes to the vehicles they can support. In fact, they offer a somewhat variable lifting range.

However, unlike floor jacks, trolley jacks provide a much wider clearance range with super low profile minimum height. Thus, they are perfect to use on luxury and sports vehicles.

But, you can still use trolley jacks for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, vans, and buses. However, when it comes to the working surface, trolley jacks are a little more sensitive.

While some floor jacks can manage this, trolley jacks cannot function well on uneven or gravel surfaces.

How to Jack Up a Car All 4 Wheels

Generally, you can jack up all four wheels of your car and have them supported by four jack stands. However, it is recommended to have an assistant around to assist while you work and in case of emergencies.

Here’s how all four wheels jacked up Jeep Cherokee SUVs are set up;

Step 1: Position the Vehicle Safely

Park your car on level ground to prevent the car from sliding when working on it. Apply parking brakes to your car and use wheel chokes to keep it stationary.

Using a nut wrench, loosen the nuts on your wheels before the jacking up process.

Step 2: Set Up the Floor Jack

Locate your Jeep Grand Cherokee jack points behind each front wheel and informant of each rear wheel. Start by lifting one end of the vehicle using your floor jack and position jack stands underneath.

Start by lifting the rear of the vehicle and placing the jack stand at the front. Next, place a jack stand at the rear of the car.

When done, repeat this step on the other side of the vehicle. Once done with all sides, examine the car to ensure it is stable.

Safety Precautions to Follow during Jacking up with Floor Jack

As with anything involving vehicle maintenance, you have to take extra precautions when using a floor jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs. Here are some of the critical safety precautions you want to follow up when using jack stands for lifted Jeeps;

  • Make sure you attach the jack to the Jeep Grand Cherokee jack points for secure attachment.
  • Never use floor jacks to hold or support your vehicle. You should only use them to lifting the vehicle. When done, use jack stands for lifted jeeps to do so.
  • After lifting your vehicle using a Jeep floor jack, make sure you use a jack stand. A jack stand will help protect you from fatal accidents caused by a crushing vehicle.
  • Even when you jack up your vehicle on level ground, it still poses the risk of rolling or drifting away. Therefore, always apply parking breaks and use wheel chocks or bricks to hold the vehicle in place before jacking it up.
  • Avoid jacking up your vehicle and changing the tires on a highway or freeway in case of roadside emergencies. Instead, call for a roadside assistant or flag down highway patrol. You always want someone to be present in case of accidents when working underneath your vehicle.

How to Repair a Floor Jack That Won’t Hold Pressure

A Floor jack for lifted Jeep SUVs may have problems as well. Particularly amongst hydraulic floor jacks, you may notice problems associated with poor pressure.

There are several reasons why your jack won’t hold pressure. Common causes include overloading, inadequate/too much hydraulic oil, loosened valve, broken plug, or poor servicing. Here’s how to fix such as problem;

Step 1: Clean the Jack

Start by cleaning the jack, scrubbing, and wiping off debris, gunk, and residue using a hard bristled brush. After cleaning, test out the floor jack again. In many cases, dirt Jeep Grand Cherokee jacks may cause poor pressure.

Step 2: Remove the Cylinder Plug

If the dirt build-up isn’t the problem, move to the next step by removing the cylinder plug. Clean it and when done, observe it to see if there is any damage. A loose plug may also cause poor pressure.

Step 3: Change the Fluid

Next, drain the hydraulic fluid inside the jack and replace it with new fluid. Ensure you fill-up clean and adequate amounts of the fluid – don’t overfill or underfill the jack!

Step 4: Check other parts of the jack

Next, check for essential parts of the jack to ensure they aren’t loose or damaged. If they are damaged, they may need replacement. Critical parts to look out for include the rubber plug and release valve.

Lastly, bleed out air from the jack and test it out. If you still face the same problem, it may be time to reach out to a professional.

How to Properly Maintain a Floor Jack

To ensure your Jeep Grand Cherokee jacks function properly and efficiently, you need to service them from time to time. After all, amongst the primary causes of poor jack pressure includes poor maintenance.

Here’s how you should be caring for your floor jack;

Step 1: Visual Inspection

Start with a visual inspection, checking out for any loose part, cracks, or damage. A properly working floor jack should never leak or have any visible cracks.

Step 2: Clean the Jack

The next step is to clean the jack, remove any dirt, grease, or gunk build-up. Use a hard bristled brush to clear out tough residue build-up and finish with a dry clean cloth.

When done, wipe the surface of the jack using a lightly oiled cloth.

Step 3: Lubricate the Jack

Make sure all moving parts of the jack are properly lubricated using heavy grease. Apply grease on areas such as the wheels and hinges.

Step 4: Change the Oil

Drain the floor jack with the older hydraulic oil and fill it up with new, clean oil.

Step 5: Bleed the Cylinder

After changing the oil, you want to remove excess air from the jack. In this case, simply bleed the cylinder system.


1. Where to Put Jack Stand on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You want to put your jack stands on the designated Jeep Grand Cherokee jack points. When using jack stands for lifted jeep, place them under the axle tubes or on the frame if you are working on the axle.

These areas offer a secure and stable hold for the stands.

2. What Kind Of Jack Do I Need For A Jeep?

The type of jack you opt for your jeep depends on the model. To choose a floor jack for your jeep, consider the critical features first. These include your vehicle weight and ground clearance height.

The choice of jack you go for also depends on the working mechanism you are comfortable with. In general, a 3-ton floor jack for SUVs is perfect for a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

3. Why Does My Floor Jack Not Stay Up?

The common cause of your floor jack failing to stay up is poor pressure or air entrapment. If air is trapped inside your jack’s cylinder, this leads to problems with the jack. To fix this problem, simply bleed your jack.

4. How Do you Rotate Tires on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

To rotate tires on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, start by lifting it using a floor jack and supporting it with a jack stand. When securely supported, move the front tires straight back.

For example, the front driver side tire becomes the drive side rear tire while the passenger side front tire becomes the rear tire.

Next, move the back tires forward but diagonally so the driver’s side back tire becomes the passenger’s side front tire.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the best floor jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV gets you a step closer to enjoying road safety wherever you are.

However, a good-quality floor jack isn’t just another tool for emergency car repairs and service. These tools come with great advantages.

I choose Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack as the suitable floor jack for Jeep Grand Cherokee. Lightweight and portable build make it quite convenient. Additionally, the easy-to-use design makes it ideal for any type of driver to have.

As evident from our Jack recommendations above, these tools come in vast, versatile options to cater to all needs.

Recognizing that not everyone has the right knowledge to pick the right floor jack model, I’ve made this job easier.