Top 10 Best Audi License Plates in 2022

Audi owners want to know the best Audi license plates and replace the old-fashioned number plate frames. In today’s market, license plates come in assorted designs, materials, brands, shapes, and dimensions.

Some Audi owners prefer the basic Audi vanity plates. Others want a more sophisticated and advanced design. But, you need to understand that all these preferences have their pros and cons.

There are several significant factors you should check before purchasing a new license plate. In this article, we have discussed the factors to consider for the Audi models.

Quick Comparison: Best Audi License Plates

Top 10 Best Audi License Plate Reviews:

1. Genuine Audi License Plate

Genuine Audi License Plate

If you have an Audi black or silver model, then you may need to install this particular Audi license plate. The black appearance of the license plate can precisely match your black or silver Audi color tone.

Additionally, this plate has decorative Audi rings to enhance its overall appearance. These rings give it a more sophisticated finish that is different from all the other Audi license plates available.

The sturdy stainless steel used to manufacture this license plate makes it an ideal choice if you want a long-lasting solution. Also, stainless steel license plates are unique and attractive.

This license plate is super-light (0.5 pounds), meaning that it won’t fall off easily. You only need a maximum of 4 Torx screws or bolts to secure it into position.

You need a few necessary tools to install this particular license plate. A pair of screwdrivers or socket wrenches are the only tools you need to fix this plate into position.



  • Compatible with many different license plates

  • Will not rust over time

  • Easy to install

  • Assumes a slim and sleek design

  • Built from a quality and durable stainless steel material

  • Does not fit the Audi Q5

  • The Audi rings décor will begin to fade over time

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2. BGGTMO Carbon Fiber Tamper Proof Audi License Plate

BGGTMO Carbon Fiber Tamper Proof Audi License Plate

This BGGTMO carbon fiber license plate frame comes in 6.25″ x 12.25″. Meaning that you can install it on older Audi models as well as the advanced Audi models.

Apart from that, there is an advanced anti-theft feature on the frame to ensure that this license plate does not get stolen when your car is parked.

The screw caps are made from quality ABC material to prevent the entire frame from buckling or vibrating.

As you are aware, most modern Audi license plates have a limited life span. They tend to rust or break within a few months or even years.

However, this particular Aluminum license plate is forged from quality aluminum and carbon fiber to guarantee at least three years of quality service.

Lastly, most Audi owners want an accessory that is stylish and unique. Fortunately, this license plate has a gloss finish that protects the carbon coating.

The shiny finish not only enhances the overall appearance of the plate frame but the entire Audi bumper.



  • Super quality aluminium and carbon fibre material

  • Has a protective coating for the high gloss finish

  • Comes with tamper-proof license screws

  • Guarantees at least 3 years of service time

  • Weighs only 3.2 ounces

  • Does not fit all Audi models

  • Can scratch or even dent easily

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3. CravenSpeed Platypus Style Stainless Steel Audi License Plate

CravenSpeed Platypus Style Stainless Steel Audi License Plate

The Platypus stainless steel Audi license plate from the CravenSpeed collection fits among awesome license plates.

CravenSpeed, on the other hand, is a renowned United States company that specializes in the manufacture of quality license plate frames and other car accessories.

This one-of-a-kind addition from CravenSpeed features a standard 12 by 6-inch size to fit all Audi bumpers. So, you do not need to worry about finding a license plate that correctly fits your Particular Audi model.

Also, before choosing the precise license plate to install, you need to consider the installation process. This license plate comes with an easy-to-install manual to help you know the exact steps to follow.

You will find a keyhole located in the backplate for easy mounting and removal.

If you do not want to drill the bumper, then you should consider this license plate. The platypus license plate has a toe eye that securely fits on the bumper.



  • Super quality aluminium and carbon fibre material

  • Has a protective coating for the high gloss finish

  • Comes with tamper-proof license screws

  • Guarantees at least 3 years of service time

  • Weighs only 3.2 ounces

  • Does not fit all Audi models

  • Can scratch or even dent easily

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4. JLC 3D Stainless Steel Black Audi Front License Plate

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JLC is known to manufacture awesome license plates that are distributed internationally.

This license plate is first of all a universal fit in the market. It measures the standard 12 by 6 inches dimension. Meaning that you do not need to worry about if it will fit your Audi model.

Moreover, there is an Audi logo that is branded on the license plate for a more enhanced appearance. This logo is securely fixed to keep it from falling off.

Once you purchase this personalized Audi license plate frame, you will get free screw covers to protect the screws from rust or any other kind of damage.



  • Is a universal fit accessory

  • Easy to install

  • Has a simple but sturdy finish

  • Looks trendy with the solid stainless steel material

  • Comes with quality fasteners

  • The plate does not come with Torx screws or bolts

  • The four Audi symbols are not well secured to the plate

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5. Deepro 3D Audi Metal License Plate Frame

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This personalized Audi license plate frame is easy to install. You only have to drive two Torx screws on the top of the frame into the bumper.

Furthermore, after purchasing this license plate, you will receive free screw covers to protect the screws from corrosion and other kinds of damage.

In terms of decoration, you should notice the 3-Dimensional Audi logos fixed at the bottom of the personalized Audi license plate frame (for a more enhanced finish).

You can use adhesive glue or any other similar solution to stick the logos permanently on the frame.

Besides that, the standard 12.25-inch x 6.25-inch size makes it an ideal choice for both modern and old Audi models. You do not need to worry about missing the license plate dimensions.



  • Has a standard size of 12.25 inches x 6.25 inches

  • Easy to assemble and remove

  • license plate with matching screw caps 

  • Does not corrode over time

  • Has a 3-Dimensional Audi logo

  • Audi logos will fall off easily

  • Does not fit all small audi license plates

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6. Genuine Audi Slimline License Plate

Genuine Audi Slimline License Plate

A simple yet modern-designed license plate that can transform the entire appearance of your Audi car.

This Audi license plate from the Genuine Audi collection store features unmatched accessories. For example, there is a stainless steel frame that guarantees improved service time.

Also, this frame is silver in color and can match almost any Audi color tone. Whether you have a black or white or even a silver color tone, this particular accessory can match that.

After purchasing this license plate, you will receive 4 Torx screw covers and mounting hardware. You require nothing more than the screws to fix this license plate. No adhesive glue or any additional bolts.

Lastly, it is an easy to install license plate. However, before you begin the installation process, you need to read and follow the manual steps.

Also, make sure you have the necessary tools. Remove the old license plate frame, clean and buff the bumper, then install the plate frame correctly.



  • Fits all standard audi license plates

  • Has a trendy frame design

  • Manufactured with quality stainless steel

  • Measures 13.5 x 6.9 x 0.4 inches

  • The silver frame colour matches most cars

  • Does not come with screws

  • The screw covers are fragile

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7. Deepro Chrome Stainless Steel License Plate for Audi

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This particular personalized Audi license plate from Deepro brand features easy-to-install properties among other exclusive properties. Including rust-free properties and a sturdy design.

First and foremost, this license plate has a 3D Audi logo to enhance the frame’s appearance. The logo, furthermore, is securely fit so that it doesn’t fall off as you drive.

Besides that, you only need to have two Torx screws to fix it on the bumper. Take the precise screwdriver and turn the screw clockwise to install.

Additionally, the license plate frame comes with two screw cap covers to protect the license plate screws from rust and other physical damage.

Lastly, this license plate is sturdy. You are guaranteed a minimum of three years of service time after purchasing this particular frame.



  • Easy to mount and remove

  • Comes with screw cap covers

  • Fits both the front and rear license plates

  • Is attractive

  • The chrome metal license plate matches most Audi colour tone

  • Will begin to rust 

  • Is not the best accessory for all weather conditions

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8. Stainless Steel License Plate Frame with Audi Logo

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If you have ever wanted a heavy-duty premium stainless steel Audi license plate that fits your automobile, then this can be a great choice.

The frame is manufactured with premium quality steel to guarantee up to five years of unmatched service. Besides that, license plates made with premium quality steel are considered unique and stylish.

The standard 12 by 6-inch frame dimension makes it an ideal choice that fits almost all Audi car models.

This particular frame is considered a universal fit in today’s market. So, you do not need to worry if it will precisely fit your particular Audi model.

Lastly, you should notice the easy installation and chrome color. The frame requires two screws to fit on the bumper. If you have a screwdriver, you can easily attach the license plate to the bumper.



  • Comes with sturdy stainless steel material

  • It is very easy to install or unmounts

  • The frame is standard in size (6 x 12 inches)

  • Has a simple but modern look

  • Manufactured from a trusted brand

  • Doesn’t come with bolts or screws

  • The cap covers are loose and can fall off at any moment

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9. Personalized City Audi Stainless Steel Chrome License Plate Frame

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If you have been looking for the perfect license plate fit for your Audi model, then you have found the precise one.

This personalized city license plate frame can transform an ordinary-looking vehicle into a sporty and classy car.

The frame’s design is not only exclusive but an ideal choice for both the modern and classic Audi models.

It weighs approximately 15 ounces and will definitely not fall off from the bumper.

Additionally, this frame comes in premium vinyl or chrome-plated material. Meaning that it is hard to break or bend. Similarly, vinyl is an attractive material that gives this frame a sophisticated finish.

That’s not all. This frame will not rust over time. So, you need not worry much about the frame being exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Lastly, it is an affordable choice that requires only two Torx Screws to fix it securely on the bumper.



  • Manufactured from premium vinyl material

  • Is affordable and awesome license plates

  • Is a standard choice

  • A classy and an attractive sporty frame

  • All-weather resistant

  • It Will begin to rust if exposed to excess moisture or water

  • Can miss fitting a few large audi vanity plates

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10. iJDMTOY No Drill Front Bumper Tow Hook License Plate for Audi Car

iJDMTOY No Drill Front Bumper Tow Hook License Plate for Audi Car

This particular license plate is compatible with most Audi models. Meaning that you only need to know the exact bumper dimensions to see if this plate will fit precisely.

The sturdy aluminum material used to manufacture this particular tow hook license plate guarantees an extended service time of up to 5 years.

Additionally, this panel has 8 mounting holes for you to choose from. If you have limited space on the bumper, for instance, you can shift the position of the plate to precisely fit in the correct position.

Note that you require slight modification to fix advanced model license plates. But this is not the case anymore.

Once you purchase this license plate, you only need to open the tow bar opening and screw the plate into position.



  • You do not require any modification for it to fit

  • A more durable and attractive license plate

  • You have around 8 mounting holes to consider

  • No drilling the bumper to fit this license plate

  • Easy to install

  • Not compatible with all Audi models

  • The screw tends to loosen more often

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Things to Consider before Buying an Audi License Plate

There are a few significant factors you need to consider before purchasing an Audi license plate. Below are the five of the most important factors;

1. Material

Today, Audi license plates are available in several materials. There is stainless steel, sturdy aluminum, vinyl, zinc, and carbon fiber. All these materials, however, have their advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless steel is an affordable and durable material that guarantees extended service. Carbon fiber, vinyl, and zinc are the other available materials that are beautiful and classy.

In terms of cost, carbon fiber and vinyl is somewhat more expensive than the other materials.

So, the overall best material, in this case, is stainless steel.

2. Frame Design

The Audi bumper’s shape and design should help you decide on the particular frame to purchase.

A few Audi models have a square-shaped front design (particularly the older models), while a majority of the modern Audi models have a rectangular 12 by 6-inch front catchy license plate frame.

Note that the size of the frame differs slightly in both the modern and older Audi models.

The universal Standard Size in the market today is 12 x 6 inches. But you will find other rectangle designs measuring up to 13.5 x 6.9 inches.

So, before you consider replacing the license plates, check whether the frame design matches your car model.

3. Dimension/Shape

The dimension or shape is another crucial factor you need to consider before purchasing an Audi license plate. Remember that most Audi vanity plates are rectangular or square.

For older Audi models, the Audi vanity plates are shorter but still rectangular. For the modern models, the plates are a bit longer.

For the bumper, you can even have the custom license plates (but only if your residence state allows it).

4. Size

Before ordering an Audi license plate, make sure you have the precise measurements for the front and rear plate allowance.

A standard license plate measures 12 inches by 6 inches. But others are slightly longer and wide.

So, take a tape measure or any other similar measuring tool and check whether the plate allowance is enough to fit the Audi vanity plates.

If you have a wide plate allowance on the bumper, you can get the 13.5 inches long by 6.9 inches wide cool license plates for Audi.

If you have a smaller plate allowance, on the other hand, you can purchase the standard license plate.

5. Installatiaon process

The Audi license plate installation process differs significantly in the old and new model car makes.

You will find a few cool license plates for Audi that require bolts, screws, or Allen keys to install. Some will require plugs or even adhesive glue to install.

If your Audi bumper has holes, you should find matching pairs of Torx screws or bolts to fix the license plates.

On the other hand, if your Audi bumper design does not have these holes, you can use adhesive glue to fix the license plates.

Additionally, some plates can be installed with metal bars that grip underneath the bumper bars for a firm fit.

How to Attach a New Audi License Plate?

You need to install the license plates after purchasing a new or used vehicle. Usually, there are five crucial steps that you need to follow. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get the job done professionally.

Step 1: Assemble all the necessary tools

You should have all the necessary tools and accessories ready before installing a new license plate frame.

  • Screwdriver (1/4 or 3/4-inch) or nut splitter.
  • Electric hand drill with Torx screw bits
  • Socket set or ratchet (depending on the bracket’s assembly)

Step 2: Inserting the Torx screws

First, insert washers on the Torx screws or bolts. Next, insert the screws through the license plate frame.

Step 3: Fixing the license plate on the frame

Attach the license plate onto the frame using a screwdriver or the electric hand drill with its precise drill bit.

Step 4: Fixing the license plate on the bumper

After the license plate is securely fixed on the frame, you need to fix the entire assembly on the bumper. Using a socket set wrench or ratchet, place the license plate frame in the correct position and screw it.

Step 5: Attaching the screw caps

Screw caps are important add-ons that prevent the screws from rusting. Fortunately, these screw caps are easy to install.

Once the license plate is in its correct position, remove the screw caps from the shipping box.

Place the caps on the screw housing that connect the frame to the car and turn clockwise to fix it.

How to Decorate an Audi License Plate Frame

You can add your favorite colors, 3D designs, or distinctive lighting and crystals around the frame for custom license plates. There are a few steps you should familiarize before installing a character license plate.

Step 1: Decide the type of décor you want

Not everyone has the same décor preference. So, the first step is to identify how you want the character license plate frame to look.

In this case, we will add vivid colors, 3D designs, crystals, and stickers to the license plate.

Step 2: Unmount the license plate frame

Unmount the license plate so that you have enough space to work around it. Use a flat head screwdriver or socket wrench to detach the license plate from the bumper.

Step 3: Applying paint on the frame

Clean the frame and apply anywhere between 3 to 4 coats of quality license plate paint.

Leave the frame to dry before applying another 2 coats of polish. Note that you have different types of polish to consider.

Let the frame dry completely (you can leave it for 24 hours) before moving to the next step.

Step 4: Fixing 3D patterns, stickers, LEDs, or crystals on the frame

To add any 3D objects to the license frame, you need to use adhesive glue. 

  • Crystals and LEDs: Apply enough amount of glue around the edge of the license frame and stick your crystals.
  • Stickers: Stickers are straightforward decors. Remove the sticker from its paper and carefully place it wherever you need it.
  • 3D patterns: With 3D patterns, you should use adhesive glue and vinyl to fit them into position.

Important to Note:

Not all states and laws allow decorative license plates for Audi. So, you should first check with the traffic code in your state to make sure it is legal to decorate the license plates.

Installing Audi Rear License Plate Camera System

The rear or backup camera system helps a driver see clearly when reversing. Modern vehicles nowadays come with the rear camera system already fitted into position.

However, if your car does not have a rear license plate camera system, and you would like to install it, then you should follow a few steps. Here is a short guide for you to follow.

Step 1. Gather All the Necessary Tools and Utilities:

  • 4.3 – 5 inch LCD
  • Backup/rear camera plate frame
  • Video and power cable
  • Crimping tool

Step 2. Connecting the Cables:

Connect the yellow jack pins (main video connector), white jack pins (auxiliary video input, and the red jack pins (power connector).

Also, you should note that the jack pins from both the license plate and the LED display are connected via the video cable.

Step 3: Stick the LCD

Stick the LCD on the dashboard via a sticker located at the bottom of the device.

Step 4. Crimp the Cable

Crimp the red cable On the power cable to the red wire on the LCD video cable.

Step 5. Run the Connection

Run the entire connection from the dashboard to the rear license plate frame. Make sure that the cables are concealed underneath the kick panel to the trunk for a more professional look.

Step 6. Remove lid Liner

Remove the trunk lid liner and run the video cable up to the license plate.

Step 7. Remove the Old Plate

Remove the old license plate frame and replace it with the rear camera plate frame using the necessary tools.

Step 8. Check the Voltage

Check that the voltage is 12 using a millimeter.

Step 9. Start the Car

Start the car and put it in reverse mode. The LCD should turn ON. If it does not, check the entire cabling system to find out where the actual problem is.

Note: You can adjust the camera until it fits your ideal position.

How to Remove Rusted Screws from License Plate

Over time, the license plate screws will corrode. (Particularly if the license plate does not have bolt caps or other similar protective caps). So, you should replace the screws whenever rust develops.

Here are four steps to follow before removing the rusted screws from the license plate.

Utilities you require:

  • Popular rust penetrating lubricant
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety gloves

The procedure of Removing rusted screws:

  • Apply rust penetrating lubricant on the screw head.
  • Let the screw absorb the lubricant for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. (Depending on the level of damage).
  • Jerk the screw head with a screwdriver after the screw has soaked the lubricant. If the screw does not seem to move, apply more lubricant and wait a few more minutes.
  • Use an appropriate screwdriver to remove the corroded screw.

Note: Striking the screw with a hammer can not only damage the bumper. You risk breaking the screw head and getting the screw stuck completely.

How to Install Audi License Plate Lights

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get the job done.

Step 1. Unmount the light cover

You should first unclip the light protection plastic cover using a flat head screwdriver. 

Step 2. Pull out the entire light cover

After unmounting the light cover, the next step is to pull the entire light housing out.

Step 3. Turn the light cover counterclockwise

By turning the light cover counterclockwise, you should gain access to the light bulb.

Step 4. Install the license plate light and test the lights

You should decide which type of light works best on your car. The LED display works best on most modern vehicles. So, you should install it and mount the light covering back to its original position.


Before you even install new license plate lights, you should check the particular traffic law requirements. Most states prohibit the installation of LEDs and other fancy-colored lights while others don’t.


1. How to Get Custom License Plates?

Nowadays, it is easy to get custom license plates. However, it all depends on your particular residence state.

First, you should have all the original documents required by the state laws when filling the “Application for Special Registration Plate form.”

Secondly, you need to check with your country’s law to know exactly what is required before the custom license plates are issued to you.

2. What Size Screws for the Audi License Plate?

In the United States, the standard license plate screw thread size is 1/4-14-3/4 inch. However, you can have larger screws if the license plate has large screw holes.

Some car owners prefer to install bolts or Allen nuts instead of the Torx screws.

3. What is the Size of a Audi License Plate?

The size of license plates differs significantly depending on the particular state/country. The standard size, however, is 12-inches by 6-inches. But you will find other number plates measuring up to 13.5 inches x 6.9 inches.

4. Why Do People Cover their License Plates?

Many different reasons can make you cover the license plate. Privacy and security are, however, the two main reasons for this.

Instance 1. If you have grounded your vehicle, and you are not able to get the license plate out, it is advisable to cover the license plate and avoid getting it faded.

Instance 2. If you have diplomatic license plates like the government plates, you need to cover them (particularly if you are parked along the neighborhood streets).


Most of these license plates differ in size, shape, design, and working mechanism.

The particular license plate you choose should conform to the traffic laws in your state of residence.

In this guide, you have seen the top 10 best Audi license plates. We suppose that you can now decide wisely on the appropriate license plate to install on your Audi model.