The 10 Best Embossing Heat Tool in 2022

An embossing heat tool is used to emboss on paper, fabric, and even wood. Having the best embossing heat tool that guarantees a nice and gentle directional heated airflow to ensure that the embossing powder stays is what should be sought-after.

You can usually see embossed items on paper crafts, novelty stores, textiles, and even on some furniture. With the right embossing heat tool, your embossed crafts will surely be at their best.

As you look at the market today, there are tons of options that you could choose from.

However, not all items that you see are worth buying. Some of them are impractical, ultra-low quality, and are only good for a few uses.

What you want in an embossing tool is efficiency, an easy-to-handle design, durability, and one that will produce outstanding performance.

Top 10 Best Embossing Heat Tool Reviews:

1. American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Tool

American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat Tool

This embossing heat tool from American Crafts comes with a very appealing look, a subtle pink color finish.

Ladies do find the piece an excellent addition to their craft tools. But men, if you don’t like it, well, the American Crafts Zap Embossing Heat tool has compensated that with some fantastic features.

Holding the embossing tool, the first thing you’ll notice is how compact and ergonomic it is. The American Crafts ensure this not to cause you any hand stress or fatigue.

And the built-in stand saves you from occasional putting it on the working table. Indeed when it reaches a high temperature, it’s not safe to leave it bare on the table.

Also, the protected nozzles make sure you don’t accidentally burn your hands or fingers while working. The nozzle tip also helps in providing more concentrated hot airflow.

Speaking of high temperature, it reaches a maxim of 650°F pretty quickly. So, without wasting much time, you can begin creating all of the wonderful personalized embossed crafts.

If you plan on using the tool for long hours, make sure you turn it off on getting heated very much.

Because too much heating can melt the plastic protective tip over the nozzle. So, there’s a manual on-off switch at the bottom to let you turn it off with ease when needed.

Also, the tool’s directional heat flow makes sure the powder stays put when you heat, producing a clean and professional-looking embossed art.

Besides, you can use the tool for various other tasks, like melting adhesives to fuse ceramic, glass, stones, jewelry, and many more. One customer mentioned using it for surface shouldering.

The product comes with an American standard 120V plug; however, the description can be confusing, and some people did end up with the wrong plug.

However, American Crafts provide different plugs depending on where you live, so if you are a bit careful when you order, you shouldn’t encounter such problems.


  • Reaches a high temperature of 650°F, making it usable for versatile projects
  • Protective tip at the nozzle to prevent finger burns
  • Lightweight and compact tool, easy to maneuver
  • Ergonomic design tool fits your hand with ease and eliminates hand fatigue
  • Built-in stand for safer use
  • A standard 120V plug, suitable for every house use


  • Nozzle’s plastic protective tip can deform if heated too much
  • Some customers had issues with the plug type
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2. Sizzix Embossing Heat Tool

Sizzix Embossing Heat Tool

The Sizzix Heat Tool is also a great tool to have. And we couldn’t help including it in the craft heat tool reviews as it comes with features like dual temperature setting and precision nozzle.

Indeed the dual heat setting is handy. When required, you can turn from high to low with one switch press only. So, both low and high-demanding jobs are covered by this product.

For instance, the low setting lets you dry paint, glues, and others. In addition, you can remove levels and stickers by applying steady heat.

And with the high-temperature setting, you can emboss, shrink plastic or wrap with ease. It lets you do the job faster as well.

So, when you have a bulk of Christmas or birthday cards to be made, the Sizzix Heat Tool’s high-speed setting comes to your rescue.

It doesn’t state the temperatures, though, but it should be good to go with embossing and anything requiring focused heat. Got too much work to do in a sitting? Well, keep the gun put with the fitted stand and take a break.

Looking closer at the product, you will notice that the nozzle has a protective cover. This cover offers two advantages; one is that it maintains the focused and directional heat flow to apply heat accurately where needed.

And the second is, you won’t burn your fingers by touching the nozzles accidentally.

And finally, the product features everything to make it an easy-to-use accessory. The 10.9 ounces weight is certainly much less for a versatile dual setting tool.

And being about 8.5 inches x 1.6 inches, you won’t face much hassle in pencil gripping the tool while working.

And you get a 6 feet long cord, too, to not limit your workspace area.


  • Comes with a dual-speed setting to be used for both high and low heat requiring jobs
  • Focused heat application with the nozzle cover
  • Fitted stand for self-support
  • Weighs only 10.9 ounces, doesn’t stress hand for using extended period
  • 8.5 inches x 1.6 inches tool fits your hand well
  • Standard 6 feet cord gives much freedom


  • Doesn’t state the high and low temperatures
  • One customer reported comparatively slow heat up
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3. Chandler Embossing Heat Tool

Chandler Embossing Heat Tool

This particular set from Chandler is a dream tool to have for many crafters and DIYers. It contains an embossing heat tool and a glue gun, meeting almost all your needs from embossing to jewelry making and repairing.

The heat tool is unlike most ones in the market. And why do we say that? Because it comes with a two-speed or heat setting, making it a very versatile heat tool.

The lower heat setting can be used on a project that requires both delicacy and precision. And if you have tons of work at hand, use the high-speed setting for heating a larger area fast.

The variable heat setting also translates into a tool suitable for almost anything: shrink wrapping, embossing, electronics or automotive repairing, soldering, jewelry making, and others.

The brand is also very particular about safety and user comfort. The embossing heat tool comes with an insulated cover to ensure your hands are safe even in a high heat setting.

The nozzle has an additional safety shield to avoid any unfortunate encounters.

Also, you are less likely to face any undue stress as the 12.8-ounce tool features excellent ergonomics to make it a breeze to use.

Moreover, the standard 6 feet long cord gives you ample leverage as you won’t have to be too close to the outlet. And you can keep it standing with the fitted stand when taking in-between breaks.

In addition to this, the handy tool is unusually quiet, a feature appreciated by many users.

Yes, a loud embossing heat tool is somewhat annoying when you are concentrating on a delicate project.

The glue gun that comes with the heat tool is also of superior quality. It features a standing base to prevent falling off the tool often and a quality nozzle that ensures no drip.

All in all, the product set is indeed an amazing one and is well qualified to be the top-rated embossing heat tool for crafts.


  • Variable heat setting for both delicate and heavy-volume projects
  • Adequate safety with insulated body and nozzle shield
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Nice embossing experience with less noise
  • Wholesome DIY set with a superior quality glue gun
  • Built-in stand for safer table use


  • Some reported issues with smoking at high heat were found
  • Not one of the most durable tool
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4. Crafter’s Companion Dual Speed Embossing Heat Tool

Crafter's Companion Dual Speed Embossing Heat Tool

Gripping on the heat tools for extended periods can cause your wrists and fingers to hurt. And this is especially true for someone with arthritis or lacking gripping strength.

The Crafter’s Companion Dual Speed Embossing Tool provides a unique handle to grip it more naturally with your palm.

And it’s a folding handle, so it will take lesser space while storing as you’ll be keeping the handle folded.

It almost resembles a hairdryer, except it provides a more concentrated heat and features a dual heat setting.

So, you can use it on different jobs, from delicate to high-volume ones.

Adjusting the heat is very convenient as well. The handle features a switch to go from low to turn off to a high heat setting.

And you can make the adjustments in the middle of your work with the same hand you are holding the handle.

Whether you need shrink wrapping, embossing, melting adhesives, removing levels, or anything requiring a direct heat source, the heat tool stands as a well-suited option.

And it weighs only 13.6 ounces, making it easy to handle, maneuver, and operate. The cord is about 5.83 feet long enough to let you work away from the outlet.

Also, you needn’t worry about burning your hand as you won’t be holding the body. Like all, the protective nozzle tip is there to prevent any accidental burns.

The almost perfect embossing heat tool does have some drawbacks. There isn’t any stand to station it while taking a break.

But as a DIYer, that shouldn’t bother you as you can always make one with the scraps in no time.


  • Weighing only 13.6 ounces, it maximizes comfort and control
  • Foldable handle to store in the most compact way
  • Dual heat setting for both demanding and delicate jobs
  • Effortless heat adjustment with one switch only
  • Protective tip over the nozzle prevents accidental burns
  • 5.83 feet long cord provides much freedom


  • Doesn’t include a fitted stand
  • White and purple colors mightn’t be appealing to some users
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5. ChingCo Mini Heat Tool

ChingCo Mini Heat Tool

Yes, we do love the tools with additional features that provide versatile uses. But often holding a larger and heavier heat tool for a delicate task like making stumps is not convenient.

With that in mind, we introduce you to a practical, small yet powerful embossing tool, the ChingCo Mini Heat Tool.

The compact 8.85 inches x 1.57 inches heat gun is a delight to use in various jobs. Those handy jobs include shrink wrapping, levels, paints or stickers removal, and embossing.

The mini heat tool runs at a power of 300W and reaches a maximum temperature of 390°F within a few moments.

And there are air vents on both sides to make sure the inside temperature doesn’t increase much, making the product durable in turn.

With ABS plastic construction, it weighs only 7.8 ounces, making it super lightweight and one of the most practical heat tools on the list. Worried about slipping the light tool while working?

Well, ChingCo has that covered for you with an anti-slip grip body. It also provides good insulation.

The tool produces a focused or concentrated heat blow at the front without heating the handles. So, you won’t be burning your fingers when it reaches a high temperature.

Moreover, the safety features further include a fitted stand to keep it standing while you enjoy a break or focus on some other job.

The extra-long cable of 6.56 feet gives you ample freedom to choose a workstation without worrying about the power outlet position.

You might notice that the product lacks dual temperature levels, and the temperature range is limited to 390°F.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a reliable and practical option, you can’t go wrong with this.


  • Very lightweight, weighing only 7.8 ounces
  • Anti-slip grip for secure holding during operation
  • Focused heat, suitable for delicate and detailed jobs
  • Comes with a 6.56 feet long cable and provides greater leverage
  • Reaches a temperature of 390°F, optimum for less demanding jobs
  • A stand to leave it secure while taking a break


  • Doesn’t include a dual temperature setting
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty or high-volume tasks
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6. UCHIDA Embossing Heat Tool

UCHIDA Embossing Heat Tool

Moving on, we have another high-temperature hand tool for creating beautiful and shiny embossed crafts. The UCHIDA Embossing Heat Tool, with its pointed nose and concentrated heat flow, attains the working temperature quickly.

The fast heating tool comes in handy in a variety of projects, whether it’s melting embossing powder or crayons.

The pointed nozzle is designed to quickly achieve a high temperature, making the tool very useful for any projects requiring direct hot air.

It doesn’t feature temperature adjustment, though. But we don’t think it to be a big deal if you can keep proper distances depending on the amount of heating needed.

The power tool reaches a whooping temperature of 680°F within a short time. However, that might raise safety concerns in your mind.

Rest assured, the embossing tool has a plastic shield over the nozzle to prevent any accidental finger burns.

The plastic-made body is heat-resistant as well. So, you won’t be feeling your hand getting heated while working at a high temperature.

Also, the built-in stand allows keeping the gun standing aside while not used.

The recessed on-off switch inside a grove prevents mistouches and provides additional safety.

In addition, the embossing tool features a sleek and ergonomic design that prevents hand fatigue of any kind.

The lightweight 8 inches x 2 inches heat tool fits your hand well, making it comfortable to hold for long hours.

Also, the chord length is pretty standard, 6 feet, so you won’t need to plug it very close, making it easier to maneuver.

And we also love that it’s very quiet. A loud heating tool can be irritating if it hinders your creative thinking or wakes up your partner.

With the amazing combination of fast, quiet, and power, the product features almost everything to make it the best embossing heat tool for crafts.

However, some customers found it to be less durable. Nevertheless, the price and quality make it completely worth your money.


  • Attains high temperature quickly with concentrated hot airflow
  • The nozzle comes with a plastic shield to prevent finger burns
  • A heat-resistant plastic body doesn’t burn your hand
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed to prevent hand fatigue
  • 6 feet cord for greater maneuverability
  • Reaches a maximum temperature of  680°F, suitable for different jobs


  • Doesn’t come with temperature adjustment
  • Heat tool is not very durable
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7. Rnow Mini Embossing Heat Gun Tool

Rnow Mini Embossing Heat Gun Tool

If you are looking for an affordable mini heat tool that does all your jobs efficiently while being very convenient, then have a look at the Rnow Mini Heat tool.

The plastic material and 9-inch length make it a lightweight, compact, and practical hand tool. It quickly reaches a temperature of 200 degrees, increasing your productivity.

While the mini-tool doesn’t feature temperature adjustment, the working temperature varies from 200 to 300 degrees.

You can maintain temperature variation where needed by adjusting the nozzle’s distance from the workpiece.

And it’s effective to heat up a smaller area with concentrated heat from the nozzle. It’s advisable to keep the nozzle at a distance of 5-6cm from the workpiece and hold it at an angle of 45 degrees to get the best result.

The low temperature ensures the paint or glue has dried completely, and the embossing powder is melted thoroughly.

And using it for a few more minutes will attain high temperature, giving the raised pattern a hardened and bright final touch.

Furthermore, the fitted stand ensures it doesn’t roll off the counter when you rush to attend some other job.

Just unfold the fitted stand and keep it secure on the table. The red protective tip covers the metal nozzle, preventing you from touching the hot nozzle.

Although the product is a perfect match for any small-scale DIY fixing job, using it for more than 8 minutes might induce some hazard.

The 40-inch cable length is also not much, but as you will be working on a small-scale project, that shouldn’t bound you in any way.


  • Mini heat gun, suitable for heating up a small to medium-sized area
  • The 9-inch tool fits your hand well
  • Quickly reaches 200 degrees providing improved productivity
  • Fitted stand to put it securely on the table
  • The 40-inch long cable is sufficient for a mini project
  • Working temperature varies from 200-300 degrees, meeting all your needs of a small-scale DIY project


  • Working over 10 minutes is not recommended
  • Not suitable for heating up a large area
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8. Floweryocean Mini Embossing Heat Tool

No products found.

As an occasional DIYer, you might not want to have a larger and more expensive heat tool as you won’t use it that much. You might think of using a hairdryer, but it blows too much air, let alone its lower heat capacity.

The alternative is you get a less expensive mini heat tool that gets your job done effectively. And here we are, with yet another quality product, the Floweryocean Mini Heat tool.

Now, it’s not designed for high heating jobs but would surely surprise you reaching a temperature of 390 degrees quickly.

And that, we suppose, is sufficient to meet any heating requirement while working on a small-scale DIY project.

Its pointed nozzle keeps the heat concentrated, but you have to hold it at an angle of 45 degrees to avoid heat sucking.

And as no exception, it includes a protective plastic nozzle cover to avoid accidental touching of the hot stainless steel nozzle.

The 8.7 inches long heating gun is comfortable for working extended period of time. And it weighs only 6.4 ounces, making it one of the most lightweight and easy-to-handle tools!

And you can use the tool for a wide range of purposes, from embossing and shrink wrapping to quick-drying glues, paint, and much more.

So, the tiny device can do almost anything as long as the heating area is not very large.

The ABS plastic outer body with stainless steel inside makes the product durable. But if you want it to last long, ensure not to use it over 10 minutes continuously.

Furthermore, the product features radiators on both sides to prevent the inside temperature from getting too high.

Nevertheless, turn it off for a while if you feel like the tool is overheated.

And like most pencil grip embossing tools, it comes with a fitted stand for self-support and safer table use.

The 36-inch cord length is surely a downside, but you can easily overcome it with an extension cord.


  • Suitable for small-scale jobs reaching a temperature of  390 degrees quickly
  • Weighs only 6.4 ounces; effortless to maneuver and operate
  • Concentrated nozzle heat best suits a variety of projects
  • Durable with ABS plastic outer body and stainless steel inside
  • 8.7 inches long tool is comfortable to hold
  • Has radiators on both sides to prevent overheating


  • Takes much time to heat a larger surface
  • Continuous working time over 10 minutes is not recommended
No products found.

9. iCom Mini Heat Gun

No products found.

The iCom Mini Heat Tool makes an excellent choice with its dual temperature setting and heat vents. You can set the temperature as high as 390°F or as low as 212°F.

So, no matter what you are working on, the adjustment feature makes sure you maintain the optimum temperature for the job without risking heating too much.

And the pointed nozzle makes sure the heat is focused on the targeted area.

The 300W power tiny tool is made of ABS plastic with a light texture on the surface.

And with a dimension of 8.85 inches x 1.7 inches, it’s pretty easy to hold. Also, you get an excellent pencil grip with the textured surface.

Its 8.3-ounce weight is very convenient to use as well. So, you won’t feel any hand stress and fatigue for sure while embossing, shrink tubing, or drying paints or glues.

We also love the extended 6.56 feet cord. You get ample flexibility and reach with such a long cord, let alone needing any extension cord. Also, the quality cable doesn’t get heated during use.

And finally, like most heat tools on the list, it includes safety guards like a fitted stand and a protective nozzle.

Indeed they possess much importance for preventing burn injuries and accidental drop-off of the tool by rolling.

The manufacturer also offers two color options, black and white, for you to choose from.


  • Comes with a dual-heat setting to adjust the temperature as needed
  • The 8.3-ounce tool is fairly lightweight and convenient to use
  • ABS Plastic built body doesn’t get heated
  • Significantly long cord with a length of 6.56 feet
  • Easy pencil grip tool with a length of 8.85 inches
  • Ensures safety with protective nozzle and fitted stand


  • Should not be used for heating larger surface area
  • Working over 10 minutes might cause overheating
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10. Touker Mini Hot Air Gun Tool

Touker Mini Hot Air Gun Tool

For the very last, we have a quality mini hot air gun. It’s a lot like the other mini guns on the list, except it features superior cooling and insulation systems.

First of all, the product is made of quality ABS plastic that insulates the inner heat from reaching the handle. And the colling system with vents and micro-circulation saves the tool from overheating.

The maximum temperature the gun can reach is 390°F, and it attains that within seconds of turning it on.  So you won’t have to wait for the gun to get heated.

Moreover, the multi-function tool performs excellently, whether it’s embossing, shrinking plastic, drying or removing paint, wax sealing, or virtually anything requiring concentrated heat.

The 300W tool is powerful yet easy to handle. The 8.7 inches x 1.8 inches pencil grip tool shouldn’t give you a hard time holding for long hours.

Also, the anti-slip textured surface provides a secure grip on your hands. It’s ergonomically designed and quite comfortable too. You can easily carry it around as the tool weighs about 10 ounces only.

However, the tool requires you to be careful while working, as the manufacturer advises not to heat any crafts at a 90° angle.

Instead, hold the tube at 45 degrees and keep a safe distance of 5-6 cm.

Also, the power tool didn’t compromise on any safety guards. It has a fitted stand to keep it stable and a protective tip over the nozzle so that you don’t touch the hot nozzle.

The 60 inches cord length also offers sufficient flexibility while doing a small to medium-scale project.


  • The anti-slip grip offers secure holding
  • Quality insulation prevents the handle from getting heated
  • 8.7 inches long tool fits your hand well
  • Fitted stand for stable and secure keeping on the table


  • Comparatively pricier than its competitors
  • Not suitable for heating a large area
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Things to Consider before Buying an Embossing Heat Tool

You have gone through some of the best quality embossing heat tools in the market. But what makes them so good?

Indeed there go some key factors in deciding what makes a product stand out.

In this buying guide, we will be elaborating on the features worth looking for in heat tools before investing.


Temperature is probably the first thing you check in a heating tool. There are various tools with different temperature ratings.

You can find tools that reach a temperature as high as 680 or 690°F. Again, there are miniguns that offer a working temperature range of 200 to 400°F.

While higher heating tools are convenient for covering large areas rapidly and efficiently, mini ones let you work on delicate projects requiring precise heat application.

However, working on a variety of projects might require you to change the tool often, depending on the heating requirement.

For such instances, a heat tool with a dual temperature setting might be the ideal choice.

Apart from that, you might want to choose one that reaches working temperature pretty quickly.

Waiting for the tool to get heated is surely not something you want to do several times a day.


An embossing hand tool must be lightweight, or your hands feel the stress and fatigue.

Also, lighter and smaller ones are much easier to use. And the weight of the craft heat gan ranges from 7 or 8 ounces to 1 pound.

There are tools above and below the weight range. Going with a heavier one, you are sure to face some difficulty, and with very light ones, there are risks of dropping or slipping off.

So, pick one that fits your hand well to enjoy a relaxing experience.

Cable Length

Too short cable length can limit your flexibility while working. You either have to be close to the power outlet or use an extension cord.

Nevertheless, you can go with a shorter cable if your workstation has a power outlet very near.

The heat tools come with variable cable lengths. You can find one as long as 6.6 feet or as short as 3 feet.

Considering your project size and scale, you can choose one that suits you.

Safety Features

A heat tool with inadequate safety features is indeed a hazard. And as sufficient safety, the tool should have better insulation so that the handle doesn’t get heated.

The outer materials contribute to insulation quality, and ABS plastic seems to be a good option for insulation and durability.

Also, a protective nozzle tip is a must. Without it, you can accidentally touch the metal nozzle, burning your fingers.

How to Use Embossing Heat Gun?

Embossing is a really satisfying process. And with the right heating tool, creating personalized stamps or designs is a delight. So, here we will be showing you how to use an embossing heat tool.

For Embossing

For embossing, wipe the surface with an anti-static pad before stamping the image on the surface. Then sprinkle the powder over the stamped image and remove the extras.

As the powder sits perfectly on your pattern, take the embossing heat tool and apply heat gently.

There should be a certain distance between your piece and the nozzle while applying heat. Most often, the safe distance is 3-5 cm; however, go through the instruction manual to be sure.

Within a few moments, the powder will start to melt and then achieve a hardened glossy look.

For Label or Sticker Removal

You can use the embossing heat tool for removing stickers or labels from wood, metal, plastic, or any other surfaces.

Whichever surface you work on, hold the gun close and apply concentrated heat. The heat will cause the adhesives to melt, and the labels would come off easily.

Apart from these, you can use an embossing heat tool for many different purposes. However, regardless of the purpose, you should follow the safety tips below while using one.

  • Avoid holding the workpiece or paper too close
  • Don’t overheat the tool by continuous using it above recommended time
  • Make sure not to block the vents while using
  • Never leave a hot embossing tool unattended
  • Keep the tool away from children

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can You Use a Heat Tool for Embossing?

Yes, indeed, you can use a heat tool for embossing. Heat guns come in all different sizes and types to meet different purposes.

While embossing with a heat tool, ensure that your tool delivers the right temperature for melting the powder.

Also, the air blow should be checked. A high airflow tool can smudge the powders and make your craft a mess.

A protected nozzle that provides concentrated and directional heat flow is needed for the purpose.

So, a pointed nozzle and optimum temperature range are what make a heat tool ideal for embossing.

2. Can You Emboss Without a Heat Tool?

Yes, you can. There are a few alternatives to heat tools for embossing; however, you can’t say for sure that they would work exactly like a heat gun.

Heat tools provide a focused head over the powder to melt them, and their low blowing intensity ensures the powder stays put.

In the absence of the tool, you can use an electric stove, toaster, iron, or curl iron to melt the powder.

Using these, you need to put the powders over your stamp on the pattern, and without touching it, place the paper near the heating source.

3. What Do I Need for Heat Embossing?

For heat embossing, you will need the following tools:

  • A thicker paper like cardstock
  • Additional paper to safely handle the extra powders
  • Embossing powder
  • Embossing ink stamp pad or ink
  • An Embossing heat tool

Additionally, you might need an anti-static pad to wipe the paper before making the stamp. It will prevent any dust on statics from sticking to the paper.

For making embossed writing patterns, use embossing markers or a brush pen to write the alphabets on the paper and pour powder on it.

4. How Hot Do Embossing Guns Get?

Embossing guns come with various temperature settings. Typically, a mini tool is like to get heated up to 390°F. However, many high-end guns can reach up to 690°F.

So, depending on which tool you have, the temperature rating can vary. And there are tools that include temperature adjustment to let you work at a specific range.

However, regardless of your embossing gun’s heating range, it can get overheated beyond recommended if used prolonged.

5. Can You Use a Hairdryer for Embossing?

As a beginner crafter, it would be tempting for you to use a hairdryer for embossing. While you can certainly use it, the result obtained will be far from a nice embossed pattern.

So, we recommend you rather not use a hairdryer for embossing.

The heat is very low compared to a heat tool; also, it blows too much air. So, the powders won’t stay put and won’t melt properly.

Conversely, a purpose-built embossing tool can make embossing so much easier and more professional-looking.

6. What Kind of Paper Do You Use for Embossing?

Embossing can be done on almost all paper types, but the heavier it is, the better. Lighter papers won’t hold your design’s shape and would tear or burn as you apply heat.

So, cardstocks with 220 to 280 GSM are ideal for all kinds of embossing, including 3D embossing.

And if you use a lighter paper like vellum, it tends to curl up due to the heat. So, consider putting it under heavier items like books to flatten it after embossing.

7. Are Embossing Heat Tools Dangerous?

An embossing heat tool can be dangerous if not handled properly. The tools reach high temperatures very quickly. So, you need to be careful while using not to cause you any burns.

Also, don’t leave a hot gun unattended, especially if you have children. Let it cool in a secure place before storing it.

While there is a protective nozzle tip to prevent accidental burns, you need to ensure not overheating it while using.

So, check the recommended continuous working time and turn it off accordingly.

8. Can I Strip Paint With an Embossing Heat Tool?

Stripping paint requires a higher temperature compared to embossing. While embossing heat tools offer a wide range of temperatures, you mightn’t be able to use them for stripping paint from a large area.

However, if you intend to remove a smaller paint area from plastic or metal, the embossing tool you have is most likely to work.

But for a vast area stripping, you need a larger and more robust heating tool that reaches temperatures beyond 700°F.

And heat tools are indeed an economical and effective way of removing paint provided you have the right tool.


For instance, if you want something that reaches a high temperature of 680°F, UCHIDA Embossing Tool would make an ideal choice.

It includes robust safety features like the heat-resistant outer body, protective nozzle tip, and fitted stand, making it a safer option with kids around.

Again, for the most compact and lightweight option to use on small to medium projects, the Floweryocean Mini Heat Gun tool would do a good job.

We tried to be as thorough as possible with each embossing heat tool review.

Hope this would be of great help to you in selecting the best embossing heat tool for your crafting project.