Best Lockers for Jeep JK in 2022

Has your Jeep JK’s wheel ever spin freely while the other wheel just stood? The experience could be frustrating, especially during bad weather. The solution is a locker for super traction.

Jeep lockers are small metallic devices made to lock together wheels using the same axle. As a result, the locked wheels rotate simultaneously, making it easy to maneuver even the rockiest surfaces.

In this article, you’ll have insight into the top 10 best lockers for jeep JK to help you choose what suits you.

Quick Comparison

Top 10 Best Locker for Jeep JK Reviews:

1. USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker for Jeep Jk

USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker for Jeep Jk

Having this locker been made by the renowned USA Standard Gear Company, Jeep JK owners get convinced of both its quality and efficiency.

It’s no wonder that it’s a favorite with most mechanics and Jeep owners. Despite its low price, this locker offers optimal control of your Jeep’s traction.

Because of the locker’s ability to control your Jeep JK’s traction, it helps your vehicle not lose control when off-road.

It will excite you to note that installing this locker is a piece of cake. It also takes only four hours to fix it, which is shorter than the others.

The installation process is a drop-in kind that entails a pin and spring design, which explains why it takes less time to install.

Jeep JK owners who have bought and used the USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker have never given a negative review of this product. In return, this locker’s reputation has grown among its users.

Even though the installation process is easy and fast, the manufacturer includes an installation manual. Inside the guide, you will find pictorial references for easier understanding.

You can be sure to enjoy this locker’s service for many years, thanks to the sturdy steel of 9310 used in its making.

The longevity and durability are unmatched, features every Jeep JK owner looks for when searching for a great locker.

If you don’t like risking your money, you need not worry about the USA Standard Gear Spartan Locker. It comes with a one-year guarantee against any defects from the manufacturer.

This jeep JK locker also fits the Dana 30 differential models with 27 splines, making it incredibly versatile.

But you may need to get used to the noise produced while driving around sharp corners. Otherwise, it is a real deal for your money.


  • Comes with top-notch quality and unmatched longevity
  • Very robust and helps control traction
  • Comes at a fair price
  • Uses a drop-in installation method that is simple and fast
  • Fits various models like the 27 spline and Dana 30 differential
  • In case of any defects, its one year warranty will sort you
  • Made from a famous company based in the USA
  • The Jeep JK does not lose control while on the rough road if installed with this locker


  • The user may take time to get used to it
  • The sounds made while turning on sharp corners may be irritating

2. Detroit 913A481 Trutrac Differential Locker for Jeep JK

Detroit 913A481 Trutrac Differential Locker for Jeep JK

Do you get tired or bored to disengage or engage your Jeep JK’s locker manually? Then the Detroit Locker 913A481 might interest you. It comes fully automatic and is made by the reputable Detroit Lockers Company.

Therefore, you get comfortable using this product in your Jeep JK, knowing that it’s safe and top-notch.

You might worry that the automatic system may fail, but are wrong. The technology and precision used are the best and latest, explaining why the Detroit Locker 913A481 is very accurate in choosing when it should get engaged or not.

Besides, this product is not a recent invention of this company. But it has managed to remain on top as one of the best Jeep JK lockers despite various upcoming lockers.

Thanks to its manufacturer, who has managed to retain this locker’s original hype, many customers still fall for their durability and satisfying results.

The helical-gear technology used in its making results in smooth transitions with almost no sound made.

You wouldn’t want lockers on your Jeep JK that will go making noise as you cruise around. You need your peace of mind while driving. It helps in concentrating on the road.

If you drive around roads with sharp corners, then you should consider installing this locker. Your Jeep JK gets able to carry out torques perfectly when making sharp turns.

The fact that you can also use this locker on other vehicle models makes it more admirable.

This locker can fit your other car models as long as they have a 30 splines axle size. It is a locker worth investing your hard-earned money into to improve your Jeep JK’s ability to maneuver through rough roads and conditions.


  • Helps the Jeep JK to make very smooth transitions
  • Does not make disturbing sounds when disengaging and engaging
  • Made with high-quality materials that attribute to its outstanding longevity
  • You can use it on other vehicle models apart from Jeep JK as long as they come with a 30 splines axle size
  • Comes with a weight of 26 lbs
  • Gets made using the helical-gear technology that makes it provide optimal results
  • Comes with a very accurate automatic system
  • Helps your Jeep JK to carry out torques smoothly when making sharp turns


  • It takes time to install as the procedure is tricky
  • The installation instructions that come with this locker are hard to follow

3. Yukon Gear 30 Spline Axle Dura Grip Slip Positraction Locker

Yukon Gear 30 Spline Axle Dura Grip Slip Positraction Locker for Jeep Wrangler JK

With the Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 GM 8.5″/8.6″ – 30, the company has made another breakthrough by making this locker for Jeep Wrangler.

Even after being on operation for a long time, many users applaud it for enjoying well-ordered differential functions while cruising around.

The manufacturer designed it to handle any challenging situation as a professional. It comes with a positraction crafted using four springs.

It is why you get able to use your Jeep JK off-road as many times as you wish without any problems.

When it comes to quality, the Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 GM 8.5″/8.6″ – 30 jeep JK locker prides itself on inhibiting the best! It explains why many Jeep JK owners and mechanics always go for this locker.

The locker comes with Dura Grip that enables your Jeep’s wheels to attain the highest twisting force. Have you ever been caught up in mud?

With the Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 GM 8.5″/8.6″ – 30, your Jeep JK will recover from such a sticky situation within no time.

Are you wondering where the Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 GM 8.5″/8.6″ – 30 gets its sturdiness? Its inside comes made using forged 4320 steel.

This metal is usually made with chromium and nickel, making it a solid alloy. As a result, this locker comes hard and maintains its toughness under any condition or situation.

What most Jeep JK owners love about this locker is its ability to get customized as they wish. Though the American workers assemble them well, you can build them as you like.

It is also straightforward and fast to install. You should be through fixing the Yukon Gear YDGGM8.5-3-30-1 GM 8.5″/8.6″ – 30 within two hours.

The fact that this locker is not limited to the Jeep model vehicles only makes it worth considering.

You can use it in any other vehicle as long as it contains 30 spline axels. It is worth every penny!


  • Made using the robust 4320 steel material
  • You can rebuild it according to your preference
  • Serves for many years
  • Can get used in various car models with 30 spline axels
  • Takes approximately two hours only to install
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • Helps the wheels to have a powerful twisting force
  • The vehicle enjoys smooth differential functions


  • The locker does not switch on and off automatically
  • Makes noise when taking a corner

4. Powertrax GT443027 27 Spline Locker

Powertrax GT443027 27 Spline Locker for Jeep JK

The locker for jeep jk is a complete package of an excellent Jeep locker. It usually gets sold when fully assembled.

You will love the fact that you can use the gear oil of your choice when you install this locker in your Jeep JK. It is because it contains no friction plates.

You can also use the racing or full synthetic lube. More so, you need not use any friction modifier additive.

Despite being ideal to use in the Jeep JK, you can also use it on other vehicles like muscle cars, light trucks, and sport-utility.

Its versatility is incredible, making it a choice for many mechanics and vehicle owners. The Powertrax GT443027 27 Spline locker is the solution to your Jeep JK’s low traction.

It safely adds traction to help you in your recreational drive around and daily commuting.

Sometimes driving on the pavements may make one of your Jeep’s wheels burn up. This locker will help add power to prevent burning.

If you need to experience optimal performance and extreme traction with your Jeep JK, this locker will offer more.

The manufacturer has been a top maker of top-notch race and sports car traction products.

This locker is also rich in experience in creating applications for sport utility, off-road, and street rods. Therefore, there’s no doubt that this locker is up to the task.


  • Comes with a differential technology for adding traction
  • Has brute force devices to handle rugged applications
  • Arrives while fully assembled
  • The actuated traction delivered is mechanically automatic
  • Cones in a case made with forged steel
  • Offers the best value for added traction
  • Has passed tests in very demanding applications
  • Comes with a two-year warranty to ensure value for money


  • It May take longer to ship to the destination
  • Some users may find it expensive


5. Eaton 913A481 Detroit Truetrac 8.5″ 30 Spline Differential Locker for Jeep JK

Eaton 913A481 Detroit Truetrac 8.5

It is one of the top-rated Jeep JK lockers to deliver extreme traction when your Jeep can’t come out of snow, mud, or sticky situations. The Eaton 913A481 comes with unique features.

You can easily switch from driving on a smooth surface like a highway to rough terrains like deep ditches or rocky areas.

You only need to use the switch installed on your Jeep’s dashboard, making it a fantastic selectable differential locker.

When you need a smooth and quiet ride, you get to flick the switch to open your Jeep’s wheels again.

This locker’s impressive features have made it become a favorite with most Jeep JK owners.

The working mechanism used by the Eaton 913A481 locker is electromagnetic. It also uses helical gears.

When installed and put on, the torque available gets distributed to both wheels equally.

What’s exciting is that this mechanism works for both reverse and forward driving.

This locker’s makers worked hard not to compromise quality and longevity, explaining why the Eaton 913A481 comes with net-forged gears.

If you like using your hands, installing this locker is straightforward and takes less time.

Your family mechanic can quickly fix it. But you can still seek the services of a professional to have it fixed in your Jeep JK if you don’t like using your hands for such tasks.

Unlike some lockers, the Eaton 913A481 Jeep JK locker does not contain airlines, meaning you won’t experience any leaking problems with this locker.


  • By just a flick on your Jeep JK’s dashboard switch, you get to switch to and from smooth to rough surfaces
  • It offers full axle lock and optimal traction for an excellent driving experience
  • Made with robust materials that attribute to its durability and many years of service
  • Does not come with air-lines, meaning you don’t experience problems brought about by leaking
  • You don’t need to use a lubricant or additives with this locker
  • Comes at a reasonable price for many useful features, making you enjoy value for your money
  • Offers enough power to make it through any obstacle
  • Easy and fast to install


  • It is not suitable for other car models
  • If your Jeep is always on off-roads, you may require to install the spool or mechanical locker


6. Detroit Locker 912A585 Trutrac Differential Locker

Detroit Locker 912A585 Trutrac Differential Locker

With the Detroit Locker 912A585, you get sorted out if your Jeep JK got manufactured from 1971 to 2011.

If you have the Jeep Dana 30 containing 27 spline axles, this locker will fit excellently. But the Jeep must have gear 3.73 or upwards. It is, therefore, imperative to take your Jeep’s specs before buying to avoid frustrations.

The maker of this locker is specific on what’s ideal for this locker. If you don’t take note, you may end up encountering losses because the manufacturer does not offer any money-back guarantee.

Many users have claimed that the locker did not fit their Jeeps even after taking the specs. But this shouldn’t be a reason for you not confirming the size and other specs before purchase.

If you are looking for a locker with many uses, you will not go wrong with the Detroit Locker 912A585. It comes made using top-notch steel for optimal quality and durability.

You need not worry about this locker’s life span because it will stay intact in your Jeep, as it lasts for years.

Its projected teeth interlock perfectly with the grooves while the locker moves around.

As a result, your Jeep JK’s traction to its wheels gets added to the optimum while driving on a rough road.

Despite offering a smooth ride on the rough road, the Detroit Locker 912A585 does not require a professional to install it. The process is easy and quick, and anyone can handle it in his or her garage.

In return, it saves you some time and money you could have spent on paying an expert for the job. Maintaining the Detroit Locker 912A585 is like a downhill task.

You only need to change oil occasionally. When you consider the above fantastic features, this locker is an excellent pick for your Jeep JK.


  • Made with a robust steel
  • Lasts for many years
  • Ideal to use even on the older models
  • Quick and straightforward installation method
  • Easy to maintain it
  • Comes with many uses
  • Its projected teeth interlock perfectly with the grooves while rotating
  • Adds traction to the Jeep JK’s wheels when cruising on off-roads


  • Suitable only to the Dana 30 Jeeps with 27 splines
  • Does not come with a warranty, and is specific to Jeeps with 3.73 gear, or higher

7. Yukon Gear & Axle (YGLD30-4-27) Grizzy Locker for Dana 30, 27 Spline, 3.73 & Up

Yukon Gear & Axle (YGLD30-4-27) Grizzy Locker for Dana 30, 27 Spline, 3.73 & Up

This locker offers the best performance for a Dana 44 Jeep with a rare axle containing 30 splines. Optimal traction of your Jeep’s wheels is a must-experience with the Yukon Gear & Axle Locker.

It comes with a robust internal design that ensures the locker works maximally and does not fail.

It’s 8620 alloys steel-made construction is solid, ensuring the locker stays for a long time without wearing out.

As a result, these lockers contain remarkable durability, ideal for serving your Jeep for many years without a replacement.

Its long-lasting life makes the Yukon Gear & Axle Locker worth spending your hard-earned money on. It is a complete value for your money!

It’s no wonder the Yukon Gear & Axle Locker has gained fame among numerous Jeep JK owners. Every ride with this locker produces the best power performance ever.

Besides, the locker comes with technology that makes it operate automatically. You, therefore, need not turn it off or on.

What’s incredible about the Yukon Gear & Axle Locker is that it delivers 100% locking power despite the situation.

When your Jeep requires an open differential, this locker will immediately disengage to enable a smooth turn.

Though the Yukon Gear & Axle Locker is ideal for most Jeep models, you may need to look for an alternative if your Jeep JK got made after 2012.


  • Does not fail due to the tests done on it and its great features and robust construction
  • Very durable attributed to its strong construction with robust alloy steel
  • Ideal for all Dana 44 Jeeps with rare axles containing 30 splines
  • Delivers optimal traction to both wheels in any situation
  • Uses the latest technology that helps it disengage and engage automatically
  • Excellent customer support when your locker develops a problem
  • Great driving experience attributed to the lockers optimum functionality
  • You can use your Jeep on both rough and smooth roads


  • Not ideal to use on Jeeps made after 2012
  • Quite challenging to install compared to other lockers


8. Powertrax 2210-LR Lock-Right (Dana 30) Locker

Powertrax 2210-LR Lock-Right (Dana 30) Locker for Jeep JK

The Jeep JK air locker comes with optimal durability and functionality like this Powertrax 2210-LR Lock-Right. When it comes to longevity, this locker is a winner.

You can enjoy cruising around all day in your Jeep JK without fear of failure. It is the reason this locker is among the most trusted lockers available today attributed to its hi-tech No-Slip Traction System.

When adding traction to your Jeep, the Powertrax 2210-LR Lock-Right doesn’t make disturbing sounds, enabling you to concentrate on driving.

With this locker’s technology, you get to taste driving both worlds of smooth and rough terrains without any difficulties.

While on off-roads or challenging situations, the lockers offer optimal traction to help your Jeep make it through smoothly. The result is outstanding performance and functionality!

If you are the kind that loves using your hands for small tasks, installing this locker will be a breeze for you. The process is fast and uncomplicated. The basic tools are enough to have it fixed.

More so, the procedure does not interfere with your Jeep JK’s internal settings, such as pinions and rings.

As long as the Jeep is a Dana 30 containing 27 splines, you can fix this locker either on its back or front axle.

You may wonder where the Powertrax 2210-LR Lock-Right’s durability comes from. The answer is in the material used in its making. The manufacturer uses hardened steel to make this locker.

Its service delivery is not only optimum but also lasts for many years. It explains why experts like the hot-rodders and racers always fall for this product. It is a product worth investing in for your Jeep JK.


  • Constructed using top-notch hardened steel for optimal longevity
  • Ideal for all Jeep Dana 30 with axles of 27 splines
  • Installs easily and quickly compared to various lockers available
  • Very durable and serves for many years before replacement
  • Delivers quiet and comfortable rides, which gives you peace of mind while driving
  • Contains pins located at its center
  • Offers 100% traction to the Jeep’s wheels while stuck in a sticky surface like mud or snow
  • Ideal for both smooth and off-roads for a better driving experience


  • Ideal only to some models
  • The Jeep must be a Dana 30 with 27 spline axle

9. Aussie Locker XD-13027 for Dana 30 7.2-Inch 27 Axle Spline Locker

Aussie Locker XD-13027 for Dana 30 7.2-Inch 27 Axle Spline Locker for JK

For a long time now, Torq-Masters has been producing reliable lockers for Jeep JK, which have contributed to winning their many customers’ trust.

Among their quality products is the Aussie Locker XD-13027, which comes with fascinating features.

It has all the qualities any Jeep JK owner would want for his or her vehicle’s locker. Despite serving for many years, this locker flaunts long-serving years and outstanding performance.

No wonder professional mechanics and vehicle owners know this product.

It comes with an automatic precision that’s more advanced than most automatic lockers found today.

If your Jeep JK has a habit of getting stuck in mud, snow, or such surfaces, it would be a thing of the past if you install the Aussie Locker XD-13027.

The locker can offer your Jeep’s wheels a full traction experience. As a result, the Jeep can make it through any challenging situation.

Its versatility is impressive. You can use the locker on various models. The Aussie Locker XD-13027 comes designed to fit any open differential except the slip and post carriers.

It is also compatible with the Jeep Dana 30 of 27 axles, but not the Dana 30a.

If you’ve got the time and love doing small tasks with your hands, you can install this locker. You don’t require a pinion set or ring, and the process is easy and fast.

You only need to take out the spider gears and use the locker gears to replace them. But remember, you can reuse the spider gears if you want.

If you are wondering whether to spend your money on getting this locker, you should go ahead and buy one.

The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty, ensuring your money doesn’t go to waste. In case you have a problem within the warranty time, you only need to contact them for help.


  • Comes with super quality and sturdiness
  • Serves for many years and performs optimally
  • Ideal for installing by both professionals and home mechanics
  • Offers 100% traction performance
  • Suitable to use on various Dana 30 Jeep models with 27 axles
  • Reusable spider gears
  • Comes with a two-year warranty that guarantees value for money
  • The price is pocket-friendly


  • Not ideal for the Dana 30a differential
  • Only fits some vehicle models


10. Yukon YZLD30-4-27 Locker for Dana 30 27-Spline Jeep Wrangler JK

Yukon YZLD30-4-27 Locker for Dana 30 27-Spline Jeep JK

If you are looking for the Jeep JK air lockers, you may need to consider the Yukon YZLD30-4-27 Zip Locker for Dana 30 27-Spline. It is the current locker on demand for traction of Jeep JKs.

It comes with an air-operated design to help your Jeep JK switch to 100% lockup if on an open differential.

As a result, your driver experience gets enhanced as you drive smoothly on all kinds of roads.

Though the locker gets designed to fit the Dana 30 containing 27 spline axles, it must have a 3.73 or above gear.

It lasts for many years while in use, thanks to the added interior strength attributed to the 8620 forged case used in its making.

The locker’s top-notch quality and robust nature have won many professional mechanics and Jeep JK owners’ hearts.

The fact that it gets assembled in the United States of America increases the buyers’ trust.

With its various air delivery system, the Yukon YZLD30-4-27 Zip Locker for Dana 30 27-Spline delivers optimal functionality and performance. You can use both the smooth and rough terrains as you wish within seconds.

The manufacturer is sure of its product, and that’s why it comes with a six-year warranty.

It is an excellent investment for your money and worth buying for your Jeep. Besides, it fits various Jeep models.

You can either use a professional or yourself to fix the Yukon YZLD30-4-27 Zip Locker for Dana 30 27-Spline.

The installation process is not complicated and takes a short time. For its price, it’s a real deal for your money!


  • Suitable to use in various Jeep models of Dana 30 with a spline of 27
  • Offers optimum traction to the wheels of your Jeep JK
  • Uses different efficient air operated systems
  • You can easily switch from driving on a smooth road to a rough road
  • Installing it is quick and fast
  • Comes with extreme durability and is very robust
  • Guarantees serving your Jeep for many years
  • Made by a renowned company with its assembling done in the USA


  • Does to fit all Jeep models
  • The Jeep must be a Dana 30 with 27 spline axle


Things to Consider before Buying a Locker for Jeep JK


Jeep JK lockers come in various styles, but the primary categories are selectable and automatic. Like its name, automated lockers engage and disengage automatically.

You need not control or command them. As long as your Jeep is on, these lockers stay engaged. Installing automated lockers is also easy and fast. Though they get to do the work by themselves, they make a lot of noise.

It is the opposite with selective lockers. You need to operate them and are excellent for off-road riders.

Because these lockers come with extra mechanisms to handle the engaging and disengaging manually, their prices are higher than those of automatic lockers.

You need to be alert at all times while using these lockers because failure to unlock the locker can cause an accident or damage your car.


JK lockers come with different installation procedures and take different times to complete the process.

Before buying, consider its fixing time duration and the method. As already indicated above, automatic lockers are easy to fix.

Some models come with either complicated or straightforward installation manuals. You may need to involve an expert to do it for you for the hard-to-fix lockers.

Easy-to-install lockers shouldn’t go beyond a couple of hours, while a complicated fix can take a day or a few.


The amount of traction in every Jeep determines how well it shall thrive on the rough roads. It means how well your Jeep’s wheels can grip the road.

The higher the grip, the safer and better ride you shall experience. You also get able to get out of sticky surfaces like in the mud or snow. Consider a locker designed to add optimal traction to your Jeep.


It is the power to know when to lock and unlock the locker. An excellent locker should come with superior technology to enhance this feature.

If your locker is weak, your Jeep might be in danger due to engaging and disengaging at the wrong time. Go for a locker with excellent precision.

Materials Used

Lockers made with sturdy materials like stainless steel last longer. Strongly made lockers come with extreme durability, which guarantees your service for many years. They are also safe to use.

Sound Making

Automatic lockers produce a loud noise when it unlocks around a corner. The sound might be disturbing, causing the driver not to concentrate.

But with time, you get used to the noise such that it never bothers you again. If you are the kind that gets bothered by such sounds, consider lockers that do not produce noise.


Some lockers require maintenance like frequent oiling. If you know that you are not up to the task, go for the models that do not require any maintenance. Some come with high, low, or free maintenance. Consider the locker that suits you best.

Because lockers for Jeep JK are many on the market and come with different features, you may wonder what locker to use on your Jeep. Check out the following for insight.

What Type of Locker to Use in Jeep JK?

Automatic lockers come with incredible durability and help retain equal torque specs. When the Jeep moves straight, the locker locks, but it unlocks to allow the car to turn when starting a corner.

The off-road experts usually go for reliable air lockers because changing the traction takes only a switch’s flick. But to use them, you must have an air source.

When Should I Use Jeep Locker

The best Jeep JK’s locker doesn’t have to be engaged throughout while driving.

If it’s not an automatic locker, you switch it on only when needed. The best place to engage a locker is when climbing a lane or driving on a rocky road.

The Jeep’s all wheels’ support is crucial to ensure a firm grip on the road not to lose control.

Lockers are ideal to use when stuck in sticky surfaces like ice, snow, or mud. They add traction to the Jeep, which in turn gets out of the situation with ease.


As illustrated above, lockers are essential components for Jeep. They help in adding traction to the Jeep’s wheel, which in turn gets able to come out from any sticky or tough surface.

The lockers also offer optimal performance by increasing the Jeep’s functionality. With the right locker, you will enjoy an excellent driving experience for many years.

Lockers come in various types and sizes, as explained above. Some contain unique and more features than others.

When choosing a locker for Jeep JK, you need to consider whether you need an automatic or selected type.

Also, consider if it gets designed for your kind of Jeep model. You may need to consider the above-explained factors before buying a jeep jk locker.