Top 7 Best Drill Press for 80% Lower Reviews in 2022

Building an 80% lower receiver is effortless when you have the right drill press. With the best drill press for 80% lower, you can finish vertically drilling and cutting tasks effectively and safely.

Finishing an 80 percent lower using a drill press is a perfect DIY home project. You’ll require an ideal drill press to drill pinholes to the receiver’s lower part.

The machine will also come in handy while drilling pilot holes that will guide you into cutting the 80% lower’s inner cavity.

Without additional fabrication, 80 lower blank is useless. It cannot operate a hammer, trigger, or safety, explaining why it can’t fire a live bullet. The only solution is to finish it using an 80 lower drill press.

Quick Comparison:

Top 7 Best Drill Press for 80% Lower Reviews:

1. WEN 4208T Benchtop Drill Press

WEN 4208T Benchtop Drill Press

It is one of the best tools WEN Company has ever produced. The WEN 4208 5 – Inch Drill press comes compact and occupies a small space.

You can use it to drill holes in various materials like wood, metal, or plastics, making it an ideal drill press for 80 lower.

The drill press operates at five different speeds for convenience and efficiency. When drilling a cast iron, you can make a hole of ½ – inch on the maximum.

Most gun lovers will appreciate this drill press’s sturdy ball-bearing construction that offers balanced work. It also boosts the motor to provide you with services for many years.

If you are looking for a new drill press for an 80 lower robust frame, base, table, and head, the WEN 4208 5 – Inch is the way to go. Its drilling process is easy and convenient.

You can set its spindle to run up to 2 – inches and don’t have to struggle reading its linear depth. As a result, you achieve accurate drilling operations, which you can repeat if you want.

With its 6 ft. cord length, you can station it on a workbench far away. You can adjust the drill press’s worktable height to a comfortable level for better usability and convenience.

You can also bevel it to either side up to 45 degrees.

Despite its so many features, this drill press is affordable for most people. It is an excellent deal for your money!


  • Occupies less space on your workbench
  • It consists of sturdy construction and offers services for many years
  • You can drill a hole up to ½ – inch
  • Drills holes in various materials
  • It comes with an adjustable worktable
  • You can connect power up to 6 feet away


  • Based on some user’s reviews, you may experience a falling chuck
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2. JET J-2500 15″ Drill Press for 80% Lower

JET J-2500 15

Are you looking for an 80% lower drill press with great precision? The JET J – 2500, 15” Drill Press got designed for you. It delivers the exact depth and spacing.

This tool is ideal for you whether you are a commercial gun maker or finish 80 lower receivers for personal use. Thanks to its enhanced flexibility.

It is the drill press for 80 lower to consider when looking for enhanced flexibility and durability. Every part of this drill press features top-notch engineering.

With a ¾ HP, this machine features more incredible spindle speeds than other drill presses of this class.

The machine’s head casting contains a permanent and well-lubricated spindle assembly with a ball bearing.

You will also find an enclosed quill consisting of four sturdy ball bearings responsible for extending the drill press’s life.

If you have no clue about operating this drill press for 80 lower, you need not worry.

The tool comes with a manufacturer’s manual explaining how to operate and maintain it. When correctly assembled, this machine works safely, quickly, and more efficiently.

Thanks to the manufacturer’s 2 –year warranty, you can operate your drill press with confidence. If you live in the USA, you can visit any of JET’s 750 authorized dealers located across the country for help.

Qualified local technicians from any of the manufacturer’s service centers will help you troubleshoot, repair the drill press, or order parts for you.


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Produces precise holes and last for many years
  • You can adjust the speed
  • It is ideal to use for both personal and commercial purposes
  • It comes with a user manual for easier use
  • The manufacturer offers a 2 – year warranty, guaranteeing value for your money


  • Some users may not understand the manufacturer’s instructions manual, making it hard to assemble and use
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3. PROXXON MICRO Mill MF 70, 37110 Drill Press for 80 Lower

PROXXON MICRO Mill MF 70, 37110 Drill Press for 80 Lower

Are you tired of using your vibrating 80% lower drill press? The Proxxon 37110 MICRO Mill MF 70 may interest you. It produces no vibrations and is easy to use.

It not only looks great in its green color and design but comes with strong construction.

If you want to carry out lengthy drilling tasks effortlessly, this tool is the perfect drill press for 80 lower to use. You can use it in various projects like building, lab work, and jewelry making.

As a budding gun user, you will love using this drill press.

It is one of the easiest to use 80% lower drill presses you can find on the market. Because of its lightweight, you carry it to wherever you want with ease.

No gun enthusiast will ignore the high speeds and stable performance of this drill press.

If you would love to use a drill press as a mill, the Proxxon 37110 MICRO Mill MF 70 is the best tool to use. Its stable operating high speeds will make the task easy.

Though most users may struggle to own one due to its high price, this drill press for 80 lower is worth every penny spent on it.


  • Operates fast, efficiently, and quietly
  • It has a slim design and weighs little, making it portable
  • Looks attractive and contains a robust body
  • Ideal to use by beginners
  • You can use it as a mill
  • Its stable base makes it secure firmly on a work stand
  • It runs at different speed levels
  • You can adjust its ax slides
  • It comes with an adjustable ruler responsible for positioning the piece you are working on
  • It comes along with functional added parts for better usability


  • The price may be on the higher side for such a small machine
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4. BILT HARD Drill Press for 80 Lower

BILT HARD Drill Press

It is one of the smallest drill presses for 80 lower. Despite the BILT HARD 8 – Inch Drill Press size, it’s mighty.

You can swing it up to 8 – inches and travel its spindle to 2 – inches. You use the drill press’s ½ – inch key to tighten its chuck.

You will love this machine’s 1/3 HP induction motor. It may be a mini but drills powerfully on different materials like plastics, metal, and wood.

The speed varies in five levels to suit various materials and projects. You cannot compare this tool with a handheld drill. Its job is more precise and more convenient than the handheld drills.

The entire frame’s construction is compact, thanks to the cast iron used in its making. It is the reason this drill press for 80 lower last long and produces accurate drilling.

You can do your angled drilling with ease as this drill press’s worktable can tilt 45 degrees on either the right or left side.

Because of the predrilled holes on the equipment’s base, it is easy to mount it on a bench or other working surface.

You can also mount this drill press on vises and clamps using its slotted table that allows effective work-holding.

For a better user experience, this drill press’s packaging consists of useful accessories such as a set of 13 pieces drill bits that range from 1/16 – inches to ¼ – inches and 2 – ½ – inch jaws that open approximately 2 – 1/10 – inches.

Investing in this machine guarantees value for your money, thanks to the company’s 90 – day warranty. You also don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets to own this drill press.


  • Small in size but very powerful
  • Operates in five different speed levels
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • It comes with useful accessories
  • Affordable
  • 90 – day warranty
  • Secures firmly on a work stand


  • It May make noise and wobble while in operation due to its lightweight
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5. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press for 80% Lower

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press for 80% Lower

This corded 80% lower drill press comes with a bunch of valuable features. You can operate it using any speed from 580 RPMS to 3200 RPMs.

What’s interesting about this machine is that all variable speeds offer equal torque. Also, it’s easy to see the speed in operation as the LED display reads out clearly.

It is a perfect drill press for 80 percent lower to use if you want to drill deep holes. The spindle travels between 3 – inches to 3 1/8 – inches.

With its easy-to-identify locking linear depth stop, you achieve the correct drilling operations which are repeatable.

You need not worry if your workplace is limited in space. This drill press will occupy a small area, thanks to its small size. Its motor size is 22 – inches and comes with a quill of 2.17 – inches in diameter.

With the 2/3 HP induction motor, this drill press for 80 lower produces ample power and torque. The motor uses 120 V.

The worktable bevels either left or right at a maximum of 45 degrees for easier usability. You can also adjust the worktable height to the ideal size.

The package includes other necessary accessories like a table roller extension, a key and keyed chuck, assembly tools, laser, and mechanical variable speed.

You may need to have a budget to own this machine, but it’s a product worth spending your hard-earned money on.


  • It comes with robust construction and holds firmly on the work stand
  • Produces accurate results in a short time
  • Easy to operate
  • It comes with a LED display for easier speed reading
  • Drills up to 3 1/8 – inches
  • It has a powerful motor that produces ample torque


  • It may be expensive for some users
  • List Element
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6. Grizzly Industrial G0925 8″ Baby Benchtop Drill Press for 80 Percent Lower

Grizzly Industrial G0925 8

With a weight of 36 pounds only, this drill press for 80 lower is lightweight, making it easy to carry it from one point to another.

Because of its portability feature, the Grizzly Industrial G0925 – 8” received its ‘baby benchtop’ name.

If you are looking for an 80% lower drill press to drill up to ½ – inches, this machine may interest you. Its spindle runs to a maximum of 2 – inches, and the drill press can swing up to 8 – inches.

That’s why the Grizzly Industrial G0925 – 8” is perfect for drilling multiple materials like mild steel, plastic, iron, and wood.

The fact that the Grizzly drill press is compatible with various drill chucks may interest you as a gun lover.

You can use it with drill chucks of 1/16 – inches to ½ – inch, making it excellent for any DIY project.

If it’s your first time using a drill press, you may need to consider using this one. Thanks to its easy-to-operate feature.

When well maintained, this drill press for 80 lower will offer you services for many years. Besides, it’s effortless to maintain it.

You only need to clean it with a soft, clean, dry cloth after using. Also, ensure you lubricate all its moving parts periodically with a reliable lubricating oil.

Without straining your pockets, you will carry out your non-intensive drilling applications effortlessly and efficiently using the Grizzly Industrial G0925 – 8” drill press.


  • Easy to move it around
  • Has sturdy construction
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Occupies less space
  • It comes with height lock handles to adjust its table’s height
  • It can drill on various materials
  • You can use it with varying drill chucks
  • Ideal for beginners
  • It comes with a plastic safety cover


  • The plastic safety cover may not last long
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7. WEN 4212 10 – Inch Variable Speed Drill Press for 80 Lower

WEN 4212 10 – Inch Variable Speed Drill Press

Some drill presses can’t drill holes on some materials, but not with this robust 80% lower drill press. You can use it on different materials like metal, plastic, or wood.

It drills holes on heavy-duty cast iron up to ½ – inches. It also operates using varying speeds that range from 530 RPM to 3100 RPM.

If you want to change speed, it’s easy. Just turn the lever until you attain the necessary speed. Check the visible LED screen to see if you’ve arrived at the intended rate.

If you are searching for the drill press for 80 lower to last for many years, You may need to check out the WEN 4212 10 – Inch.

You can see its rigid construction by a glimpse thanks to the sturdy cast iron used in its making. The drill press’s head and table get made with cast iron.

In addition to its robustness, it comes with a powerful induction motor for better usability.

You will enjoy smooth performance and longevity attributed to the motor’s strength and ball bearings.

With its adjustable worktable, you can tilt it as you want on either side up to 45 degrees for optimal results.

The laser light installed in this drill press helps specify the exact place the bit will run through, resulting in maximum precision.

You can only use bits with diameters up to ½ – inches. It is renowned as the drill press for 80 lower with the most robust depth gauge compared to the other drill presses.

The gauge consists of a bolt that you fasten when you set the desired stop.


  • Ideal for drilling different materials
  • Top-notch quality
  • It contains a sturdy structure
  • Made with strong materials
  • Uses various speeds
  • Produces smooth and accurate performance
  • It comes with an adjustable worktable
  • It contains a robust depth gauge
  • The package has added accessories


  • Not ideal for large commercial drilling projects
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Things to Consider before Buying a Drill Press for 80 Lower

With the above information and review of the top drill press for 80 lower, you may decide to buy one for your drilling projects.

To get a tool that will suit your needs and money, you need to consider some factors. The following are things to have in mind when purchasing a drill press;

The Head Size

Before you decide on the drill press for 80 lower, check its head size. It will help you determine the kind of material that tool can drill.

The swing is part of the head and determines how far you can enter your workpiece. The head size will also determine how far the spindle can travel down.

Drill Speeds

Different drill presses vary in speed. Check out the number of spinning spades the drill press for 80 lower you want to buy has.

Some come with fewer or more than others. Those with small and few spades like five operate at lower RPM speed, making them ideal for work in small capacities.

An 80% lower drill press with many spades like 12 to 16 consists of high RPM, making them suitable for commercial drilling projects. Before you buy your drill press, consider the kind of work you want it for.


The motor determines the capability of a drill press for 80 lower. The bigger the engine, the higher the torque. Powerful motors propel the drill press to drill holes in heavy-duty materials.

An ideal drill press should produce torque twice its motor capacity.


If you require a drill press for 80 lower to use on small projects or workpieces, a small one will work out perfectly. Large-sized drill presses are suitable for heavy projects and materials.

You also need to consider your work area space. Placing a big drill press in a small area may be inconvenient and uncomfortable, leading to poor results. Go for a tool to work and store comfortably.

Chuck Capacity

A standard drill press for 80 lower comes with a small chuck, which can hold small bits. Large drill presses come with larger chucks that can accommodate significant bits.

Determine the size of the bits that the machine will use. Ask yourself if the drill press’s chuck will accommodate them.


You wouldn’t want a drill press for 80 lower that vibrates. The noise and movement can drive you nuts. But the worst result of a vibrating drill press is inaccurate drilled holes.

If you want an efficient machine, investigate whether it vibrates while drilling. If so, avoid it.


Drill presses vary in size. It depends on many factors like the motor capacity, materials used in its making, size, and brand.

Before buying any drill press for 80 lower, consider your wallet. Ask yourself whether you have the money or you’ll need to budget for it first. Is the price worth the product?

Talking of a drill press for 80 lower, do you know how to use it? If not, here is a guide on how to build your 80% lower receiver with it.

How to Complete an 80% Lower

Step 1: Set Your 80% Lower in an Appropriate Jig and Make Holes

Use the jigs’ pins to adjust the pivot with the blunt receiver’s in-line. Then make holes on the 80% lower’s back and front.

Proceed by arranging the pins and putting the 80 lower on one plate. Then place the assembly of the other plate after setting it.

Step 2: Fix the Template Holder

You shall use the holder to carry template plates used for drilling and cutting. Take the holder and put it on the receiver’s and jig’s upper side.

Then make holes on the holder’s every side using the holes drilled on the top sides of both side plates. Using a hex-head and Allen key bolts, fasten the jig to the holder.

Step 3: Fix the Pilot Hole Template

The pilot hole template consists of many holes. Use an Allen key and head screws to collect it. Then secure the ready jig assembly in the work-holding vise.

Step 4: Set the 3/8 – Inch Drill Bit and Drill Pilot Holes

You should drill the pilot holes before you cut the receiver. Use the 3/8 – inch drill bit after setting it. By plugging the holes, you will remove aluminum portions to pave the way for the entry points.

Step 5: Replace the 3/8 – Inch Drill Bit with an End Mill and Continue Cutting Deeper

You will need to cut 1.375 – inches deeper into the plate’s surface after drilling the pilot hole. Use a 3/8 – inch end mill. A stop dollar and calipers will help you manage the drill press to avoid milling.

When you finish, start drilling 2 – inches deep from the plate’s face.

Step 6: Cut the Slot for the Trigger

Replace the 3/8 – inch end mill with a 5/16 – inch end mill and put the fourth template. Then cut inside the 80% lower to create a trigger slot.

Step 7: Drill Pin Holes

When you complete the above step, replace the 5/16 – inch end mill with a 3/8 – inch. Then cut holes through the receivers on both sides.

Afterward, replace the 3/8 – inch end mill with a 5/32 – inch. Continue with the drilling to create trigger and hammer pinholes. When you finish, you will have completed your 80% lower receiver.

Sometimes you may opt to mill your 80 lower, but you’ve got only a drill press. As a result, you may wonder whether you can use a drill press as a mill. Here is the insight;

80% Lowers: Milling with a Drill Press

Drill presses do an incredible job when used to mill an 80 lower receiver. The entire process is easy when you follow the correct procedure.

It is important to note that you should cut and drill the workpiece vertically when milling an 80 lower with a drill press.

The difference between a drill press and a milling machine is not significant. You move the placement table manually to achieve a precise cut in a drill press while a milling machine is computerized.

Also, milling machines cut through metal only while you can cut various surfaces using a drill press.

If your 80% lower receiver got made with other materials that a milling machine cannot cut through, you could use a drill press as a mill.

The milling 80 lower with drill press is as simple as finishing the 80% lower blunt with a drill press. The only thing you need to do is to mill lightly to avoid the drill press from exploding or falling apart.

For safety measures when milling 80 lower with drill press conventional milling only. What happens when milling any work is that you place forces on the end mill’s sides.

The bit also receives pressure from the upper and down parts as the spinning continues. Based on the cut’s direction and work feed, the forces may push the bit down, up, or from the machine.

To achieve conventional milling, also known as up milling, ensure the cutter’s direction gets fixed on the end millrun against the fed work.

The result is a rotational force that makes the bit run into the machine. It is an important aspect, especially when using a press-tip or tapered chuck because they could be pulled and thrown out from the device.

You might think that milling aluminum out of your 80 lower receivers is faster when milled altogether, but you are wrong. Removing the aluminum bit by bit using drill bits is easier and quicker.

By drilling alone, you can remove the entire control cavity of your 80% lower. Its appearance will be no different from a commercially fabricated 80 lower.

As illustrated above, you need not worry in the absence of a milling machine when you want to mill your 80 lower. If you have a drill press, use it.

Miling 80 lower with drill press works out great. But don’t allow all these tools to confuse you. As technology develops, more innovations are born, resulting in having tools that can do more than one purpose.

That’s why you find a machine being able to carry out the task of another, like in the case of the drill press, mill, or router. Here is all about them;

Router Versus Drill Press or Mill

A router is a handheld carpentry tool used in grooving joints, decorating, or molding on workpieces. As explained above, a drill press and mill cut holes through surfaces.

All these machines use a jig to help cut through workpieces accurately. A jig comes indexed to indicate where to cut or drill your 80 lower.

The kind of jig to use depends on whether you use a router, a drill press, or a mill. When you use a router to finish your 80% lower, you will require pin and pilot holes onto your receiver.

It means that you will need the services of a drill press or mill.

Despite milling 80 lower with a drill press, the tool comes with many benefits, as explained above. But despite its usefulness, it has the following shortcoming.

Challenges of Miling with a Drill

When you mill your 80% lower receiver using plunge cuts, the end mill bit dulls quickly. You will need to replace them sooner.

The above information about drill presses may have enlightened you, but you may still have some questions. To help you answer some of those questions, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.


1. Can You Complete an 80% Lower with Just a Drill Press?

It is possible but will be a bit tricky to achieve accuracy. That’s why it gets recommended to use a drill press with a jig. Marking out the locations of the holes on your 80 lower with your hands is not easy.

The likelihood of messing is high. But when you follow the markings on the jig, it becomes easier. Using a drill press alone to finish your 80 lower receivers will require patience, as it will take time.

2. Can You Mill an 80 Lower Without a Jig?

Yes, you can, mainly if you use a vertical mill and read and understand dials or DROs. But as explained above, the process may be tedious and require a lot of concentration.

Besides, it’s not easy to place the cutter in the correct place, giving room to mistakes. It would be easier when using a jig.

3. What Does an 80 Lower Mean?

It is an unfinished firearm. As its name denotes, it comes only 80% complete. The blunt receiver is not serialized and cannot trigger.

It can also not fire a bullet, explaining why the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) does not consider the 80 lower a firearm.

4. How Hard Is It to Finish an 80% Lower?

As illustrated in the above step-by-step guide on how to complete an 80% lower, the process is easy. You only require some patience because each step requires substantial time.

When you want to build your 80 lower, look for a day when free. The fact that an 80% lower finishing process takes much time does not make it hard.

5. Can I Use Someone Else’s CNC Machine to Finish An 80% Lower?

According to federal law, it is illegal to finish your 80 lower using another person’s CNC machine. Before building a blunt receiver, it contains no serial number.

But after you finish building it, you must ensure the 80% lower gets a serial number on it. The best way to complete your 80 lower is to purchase your machine.

6. Can You Use an End Mill in a Drill Press?

Yes, you can. As illustrated earlier, you will need to use an end mill when milling 80 lower with a drill press.

The end mill will help cut the plate deeper. But the drill press’s head bearings come smaller compared to those in a milling machine.

Also, the spindle of a drill press can’t handle much sideload. You will therefore need to look for small x-y tables to bolt onto the table.

Plunge is the best method to use. It entails drilling a hole on the slot’s one end, then placing the end mill inside the chuck.

Ensure that the end mill aligns appropriately with the spot, then plunge it carefully down the hole.

Then raise the cutter and move the table. Continue cutting the workpiece by plunging the blade. Repeat the procedure until you achieve your intended slot length.


As illustrated above, a drill press for 80 percent lower is an essential tool to have when you want to finish your 80% lower receiver. The machine comes in different sizes and capacities, as explained above.

Most gun users may fear building their 80% lowers, thinking it’s a complex process. But as discussed above, the process is straightforward. What you require is patience as the procedure takes time to complete.

If you use the above step-by-step guide carefully, you will finish your 80% lower successfully.

If you want to buy one, don’t forget to keep in mind the factors discussed above. Otherwise, you will end up with a drill press not ideal for your receiver project.

You can use a drill press as a mill if you don’t have a milling machine. You only need to follow the steps discussed above.

If you are confused about what machine to buy to build 80% lower, pick one above from my reviewed list of the best drill presses for 80% lower. Ensure the machine you choose suits your needs and budget.