Wen vs Harbor Freight Drill Press Comparing

A drill press is a stationary machine clamped either on the table’s surface or ground. When buying a drill press, it’s essential to consider the drill press’s efficiency, accuracy, and power.

However, Wen vs Harbor Freight – which drill press performs better?

Both drill presses get made by US companies with equal quality.

Wen Company manufactures the Wen drill press, while the Central Machinery Company manufactures the Harbor Freight drill press, sold by the Harbor Freight Company.

The drill presses from both companies come in different ranges.

The drill presses’ drilling length range from 8 – inches to 20 – inches. The two tool types come with speeds from 5 to 16. The main difference between the two drill presses is their size.

Wen vs Harbor Freight Drill Press – 5 Differences

1. Difference in The Structure

Both the Wen and Harbor Freight drill press tools come with elements that work together. The entire quality construction determines the drill press’s capacity and capability.

The companies that produce these drill presses understand their customers’ needs, designing them accordingly.

The 8 – inch by 5 – inch Harbor Freight drill press comes easy to carry around.

That’s why it fits in commercial and home use. You can easily place or store it on a workbench or corner, thanks to its eight by two dimensions.

Unlike the Harbor Freight drill press, the Wen drill press comes manufactured using cast iron. As a result, it is more stable and durable than a Harbor Freight drill press.

Because of the materials used in its construction, it is heavier than the Harbor Freight drill press

It weighs approximately 35 lbs, while the Harbor Freight drill press weighs around 32 lbs. Its size stands at 22.88 – inches by 11 – inches.

The Harbor Freight drill press comes with 360 degrees adjustable table and can tilt at an angle of 45 degrees.

You lock it on the table after adjusting the required degrees. Its stability is excellent, attributed to a stamped steel base.

But a Wen drill press is different. It doesn’t come with a 360-degree table but can rotate at 45 degrees on both sides. Its base is more rigid compared to the Harbor Freight drill press.

As a result, unlike the Harbor Freight drill press, it doesn’t vibrate or produce any noise when in operation.

Wen drill press’s pulleys are made with more study steel, while those of the Harbor Freight Drill Press become constructed using aluminum.

The manufacturer of Harbor Freight also adds plastic as part of the machine’s construction materials. It is the reason Harbor Freight drill presses are light in weight.

Unlike the Wen drill press, the Harbor Freight drill press vibrates a lot because of a less sturdy base and unlocked top cover.

But generally, both machines are compact and easy to store in your garage or workspace.

As portrayed in the above construction details, the two drill presses make accurate holes on various materials like metal, plastics, and wood. They also offer flexibility on how you want to drill the holes.

2. Difference in Efficiency

The efficiency of the drill presses entails speed, motor power, and the final result. The capability of a drill press depends on its strength and not size.

The available power capacity determines the speed of the machine. But you cannot use some speed on particular materials. High speed can burn some materials.

On the other hand, when the speed is too low, it’s impossible to achieve clean cuts. It illustrates that speed is an essential aspect of the efficiency of a drill press.

Though both drill presses use the same 1/3 horsepower, their speed varies. A Harbor Freight uses approximately 760 RPM to 3070 RPM speed, while the Wen drill press uses around 740 RPM to 3140 RPM.

The speed difference may seem small, but Wen’s drill press offers the correct configurations and smoother cuts.

3. Difference in Use

The hydraulic system of the Harbor Freight drill press makes it tougher than the Wen drill press.

If you are looking for a straightforward drill press to use between the two, the Wen drill press would be the better option.

4. Difference in Additional Features

Extra capabilities improve the consumer usability of the drill press. The in-built light stand of the Harbor Freight drill press makes it easy to adjust for improved visibility.

You can only find Wen drill press with light stands if they come either in 13 – inches or 17 – inches.

Unlike the Harbor Freight drill press, Wen Company offers accompanying deals to their drill presses.

You can purchase it with a titanium-coated drill bit, vises, or bench grinder for better usability.

Also, both drill presses come with a chuck, and the Wen drill press comes with where to store it. You will need to create a storage area for the Harbor Freight drill press’s chuck. It can be an excellent DIY project.

5. Difference in Price

The cost of both drill presses depends on their form and build. Because of the sturdy cast iron used in constructing Wen drill presses, they come with a higher price.

The added cheaper materials like plastics used to make the Harbor Freight drill press attribute to its lower cost.

The manufacturer of Wen drill presses produces refined products with cleaner cuts, justifying the price. But this doesn’t mean the Harbor Freight drill press is insignificant.

Both drill presses are of high quality and produce excellent results. It also depends on the work you intend to use the machine, personal preference, and budget.

Wen Vs Harbor Freight: Which Drill Press Performs Better?

As illustrated above, a drill press is a vital machine in any garage or workplace. The above information about Wen vs Harbor Freight drill presses will help you make the right decision when choosing the drill press.

Though both drill presses contain a slight difference, as indicated above, they are both worth having. It depends on what you prefer, the work in question, and your budget.

But it would help if you were sensitive when purchasing a drill press because it’s a one-time investment product.

As advised above, go for the drill press to last long and offer precise and smooth cuts. If on a low budget, a Harbor Freight drill press will work out best.

But do not allow the cost of a drill press to make you go for a cheaper version. Every added dollar to acquire a quality drill press is worth it because the machine is a stationary tool.

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