How to Jack up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer

The Dual Axle Travel trailer is a perfect pick for people who love traveling, as it is durable, sturdy, stable, and can carry heavy loads.

They stand out because they offer more stability than single axle trailers. What’s more, they are durable and can bear heavy loads.

To ensure that you have the best experience, you need to learn how to jack up a Dual axle travel trailer.

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If you are new to trailers, you may have the notion that jacking up a travel trailer is difficult, and only experts can do it. But that is far from the truth. Below is an easy way to jack up a Dual Axle trailer.

7 Steps to Jack up a Dual Axle Travel Trailer:

Without the right equipment, jacking up a trailer to change tires will be next to impossible.

Below are some essential tools you need to successfully jack a dual Axle travel trailer. 

Tools needed:

1. Car ramp

Using bottle jacks or jack stands to jack your Dual axle trailer is by no means a good idea.

Experts don’t recommend using them for travel trailers because they are difficult to use. Even more, they may not be able to handle the weight of the trailer. 

A tire ramp is the best alternative for regular ramps, as it’s designed specifically for heavy vehicles.

Tire ramps are super easy to operate and require little input to get them working.

2. Spare tire

A spare tire is a must-have, especially if you are going to a distant destination. If you don’t have a spare tire in your trailer, you shouldn’t travel with it. 

3. Socket and wrench

This is an essential tool that will help you remove and tighten nuts and bolts without any hassle. 

4. Lubricant

Besides making the mounting and demounting process easier, lubricants can help prevent corrosion on the rim. 

Step 1: Find a Safe Place to Park 

The first thing you should do after noticing that you have a flat tire is to find a good place to park.

If you are driving on the highway, you should park your Dual Axle Travel trailer on the side of the road.

If you notice the flat tire at home, you should park it on a hard and even surface. Remember that using a tire ramp will be next to impossible if your trailer isn’t parked on a smooth and solid surface. 

Step 2:Find the Deflated Tire 

All you have to do here is to inspect your tires to find the flat one. Knowing the flat tire will make it easier for you to position your tire ramp.

If you are using a jack instead of a tire ramp, it’s important that you figure out the safe jacking points in dual axles before proceeding. 

Step 3: Loosen the Nuts 

Use your socket and wrench to loosen the nuts from the deflated tire. Keep the nut in a safe place.

This could be either a box or a piece of cloth. No matter what you do, don’t keep them on the floor, as they could roll away. 

Step 4: Jack Placement in Travel Trailer

To successfully elevate your trailer, you have to place a ramp in the best position.

The ramp should be right in front of the flat tire. As mentioned above, the ramp is designed specifically to jack dual axel trailers, so using it won’t be a problem. 

Step 5: Carefully Drive your Trailer into the Car Ramp 

After positioning the ramp properly, get into your trailer and drive forward until the tire in front of the flat tire is up the ramp. The flat tire will become elevated as soon as you do this.

Pull your hand brake and turn off your vehicle as soon as the tire is elevated. If you are traveling with someone, ask him to signal you when the tire is on the ramp.  

Step 6: Change the Deflated Tire 

Remove the flat tire and replace it with a spare tire. Be sure to inspect the spare tire to ensure that it is in good condition before changing it. Lubricate the nuts and screw them in tightly. 

Step 7: Drive your Trailer off the Car Ramp 

Get back into your vehicle, turn it on and drive off the ramp. Pick up the ramp and store it in your trailer. 

Jacking up Travel Trailer with Leaf Springs

If for some reason, you don’t have a tire ramp, you may be able to jack your trailer with a standard truck jack or a bottle jack. To elevate the trailer properly, you have to place the jack right under the leaf spring.

Tools needed:

  • Standard jack
  • Jacking plate 

Step 1: Inspect your tires

Park your trailer on a flat and solid surface, find the flat tire, and loosen the nut.

Step 2: Place the Jack under the Leaf Spring

The leaf spring is the best place to place a jack, as it is solid. Make sure you place a jacking plate under the bottle jack so that the jack remains in place.

Ensure that the jack is straight before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Change the Tires

Remove the flat tire as soon as it is a few meters off the ground and replace it with a spare.

Tips and Warning

To ensure that you jack your Dual Axle Travel Trailer seamlessly, you have to keep the following tips and warnings in mind.

  • Use the right jack – The market is flooded with different models of jacks, but only a few of them are recommended for jacking a Dual Axle Travel Trailer. As mentioned above, the tire ramp is the best tool to jack a trailer.
  • Change your tire in a safe location – Never change your flat tire on a busy road or highway. Drive to a safe area with less vehicular activity before changing your tire.
  • Always have a spare tire– Since it’s difficult to tell when you are going to have a flat tire, it is wise to have a spare tire in your trailer at all times.
  • Ask for help – See, you don’t have to do everything on your own. If you are traveling with people, you can ask them to help signal you when the tire is on the ramp.
  • Use a jack for the right reason – A jack is designed to elevate a vehicle off the floor. Resist the urge to use it for other purposes.
  • Block the front wheels– If you plan on using a bottle jack, it is important that you first block the wheels before jacking the vehicle. Doing this will keep the vehicle from rolling when you start jacking it.



Jacking a Dual Axle Travel trailer may seem like a daunting task, as it is massive. But the truth is that it is not. With a tire ramp, anyone can jack a Dual Axle travel trailer without any hassle.

Bottleneck jacks are solid and durable, but they are not recommended to jack up a travel trailer. In fact, using them may increase the risk of an accident occurring.

That said, if you must use it, you should place it right under the leaf spring of the flat tire.