How to Wire a Light Bar to a Toggle Switch

There are several ways to wire a light bar. One of the most affordable ways involves the use of a 3-pin switch wiring.

They are inexpensive and can blend with your jeep’s interior without a problem. This is a great choice for Jeep, ATV, boat, or truck.

LED lights have some amazing features that we can all appreciate. They have customizable colors, will save energy, and have intense illumination.

They allow you to see your road perfectly even when you are off-road. Additionally, they work perfectly when the weather is harsh and the regular lights are not adequate.

Lightbar switch wiring is not hard. Even though most people will prefer to involve a mechanic, it is not necessary.

With the right guidelines, anyone can wire a light bar to a toggle switch regardless of their level of skill.

How to Wire a Light Bar to a Toggle Switch

Step 1: Vehicle Preparation

You will need to disconnect the battery first. We recommend that you remove the ground terminal wire then the positive wire to prevent shorting.

Disconnecting the positive terminal might not be enough but you can choose to remove the ground terminal and leave the positive one.

After preparing your vehicle, you can get ready to set up the light bar.

Step 2: Setting Up the Light Bar

There are several things you have to consider when setting up the light. First, you have to consider the proper location, then you should consider the sturdiness of the bar.

Additionally, avoid drilling holes in places that would act as a pathway for rainwater to get to the passenger area.

If you will be mounting the LED light on thin metal, consider using fender washers. They are specifically meant to prevent water from going through. Remember, the mounting should be strong enough to hold the bar.

After all, they are meant for off-roading and this might affect how well they hold up. Be careful not to compromise any automotive parts when installing the bar.

For mounting purposes, we recommend that you use nuts and bolts as opposed to self-tapping screws.

Only use those when you do not have any other choice. Place flat washers under the bolt head and the nut. Most of the light bar kits feature special washers and fasteners.

Most of the light bar toggle switch wiring kits have bolts, buts, brackets, and wires. There might even be a wiring harness included but you should prepare to purchase one separately.

It is possible to build your harness and in that case, you should run the chosen wires in a loom if there is no hollow channel in the bracket. Use harness straps or wire ties to secure your wire harness.

If you will be purchasing the harness, consider the wiring system of your vehicle and the type of LED light bar.

Take your time to do this for the best results and to avoid blowing the fuse and the power wires.

A 2-war toggle switch wiring harness should include a black cable, a red cable, a switch, connector wires, and a relay.

Untangle the wire harness for easier identification of the wires. At this point, you are ready to set up the switch.

Step 3: Setting Up the Switch

You will need to first detach the switch segment from the complete harness. After that, find a route through the firewall to the dashboard.

Once you find a suitable location, put the switch in place by using adhesive type then reconnect the 3-pin switch wiring to the harness.

Some switches have brackets for mounting under your dash using screws. Regardless of the position of the switch, ensure that you use discretion and that you secure them to harnesses already available.

Do not place the off-road light switch wiring close to a sharp edge or close to moving components.

Follow these rules in the engine area and prevent putting them close to a hot component.

After you set up your switch properly, you are ready to position the cables and relay.

Step 4: Cable and Relay Positioning

The relay can be bolted in any part of the firewall as long as it is close to the battery.

You should then take the positive cable (red) and connect it to the positive terminal on the batter.

Then, attach the negative cable (black) to the chassis for grounding. Remember to tuck excess wires cleanly in the bay and do not put them close to a hot zone.

Some new vehicle models will have some connection points on their fuse panels.

Make sure that your work is very neat, then get ready to connect the three-pin switch wiring to your light bar.

Step 5: Wiring the Harness to the LED light

The final step involves the remaining wires on the harness. These are LED light bar connectors.

To properly wire a light bar to a toggle switch, you will need to run the wires to the light bar’s position, then attach them as per the colors. The red should be attached to red and black to the black.

Once everything is in the right position, return the light bar brackets, adjust the angle of the light bar, then secure the bolts if you are satisfied with the position.

Turn the lights on and enjoy the new and improved lighting system!

Wiring a Light Bar to a Toggle Switch without Relay

It is easy to safely wire a light bar to a toggle switch without a relay.

  • Just like in the previous section, you will start by selecting a good location for the light and the switch and mount them properly but do not tighten the LED light just yet.
  • The next step to wire up a light bar switch is to route the wires properly but do not connect them yet. Run the positive and negative wires between all locations. After that, run the black wire from the batter to the light. The light bar you have might feature a female connector. In that case, purchasing a male connector is important. Connect the black wire to the black one on the light’s male connector.
  • The red wire (positive) should run from the positive terminal on the batter to the fuse holder, then to the switch, and finally to the LED light. Separate the wire at all these junctures.
  • After everything is secure and in place, you can start the connections. The black (negative) wire should be connected to the batter and the light bar. After that, you should connect the red wire to the battery fuse and then to the switch input. Finally, connect the light bar to the output of the switch.
  • At this point, everything is in place and you can go ahead and tighten the LED light bar. Finally, ensure that everything works perfectly and you are ready to go. 

How do you Wire a High Beam Light Bar?

It would be good if you came up with a diagram to help you understand the amount of wiring required.

  • You will start by finding a good location for the relay, possibly near the battery.
  • Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery and run a positive wire to pin 30 through a fuse from the positive terminal on the battery.
  • Next, run another positive wire from the lights around the engine bay side and connect it to pin 87. You can ground the spotlights on the vehicle with a black cable.
  • Find the high beam fuse and replace it with a fuse tap. Route one wire from this fuse to the relay pin 86. It will be powered on when the lights are on.
  • You should then wire a 3-pin light bar switch for turning the spotlights on or off. Find a good place for this switch inside the cabin, possibly close to the dashboard.
  • Once it is installed, ground the relay to the vehicle chassis from relay pin 85 and secure it well.
  • Finally, reconnect the battery’s negative terminal and test your lights.

How to Install Toggle Switch for Lights

  • Lightbar toggle switch wiring can be dangerous, which is why you should always start by disconnecting all the power before you start working. In this case, you will need to disconnect the wire from the battery’s negative terminal.
  • For the installation of the light bar switch wiring, you will need to access the internal wiring of the device, which means removal of the paneling. If possible, remove a small part of the paneling that is required for the switch installation and not the entire panel.
  • Next, measure the bushing’s diameter. With this measurement, you will be able to create a suitable hole for the housing. Remember, there are different shapes of the switch bushing. Measure appropriately.
  • You should then make a hold on the paneling for the switch. If it has a circular bushing, then you can drill a hole with a drill bit that is a bit larger than the diameter you measured. You might, however, need sandpaper or a jigsaw if it has a different shape.
  • Finally, put the switch inside the hole you have drilled and pass it from the underside. Use the accompanying mount to secure the switch in place. This might involve threading a jam nut on the bushing so that it is fastened to the panel. An adjustable wrench will help you tighten it up.


Wiring a LED light might be a bit harder than you would expect, but it is not impossible to do yourself.

With the proper instructions and tools, light bar toggle switch wiring is easy. It would be helpful if you have electrical knowledge but not completely necessary.

When you follow the procedures precisely, you will be able to wire a 3-pin light bar switch safely. No damage will be caused to the jeep when you do it right.