How to Stop Wind Noise from Light Bar

Wind noise is usually caused by the airflow which passes underneath the light bar. This also causes vibration on the fins.

Fins are very thin for cooling. They allow the wind to overpower the aluminum. So, they fight back and in case of power causing a vibration like on a guitar string.

You can’t also get rid of that light bar. It is because these light bars are very useful when you are driving off-road.

So, stop being worried. Here’s a detailed guide about how to stop wind noise from the light bar.

6 Ways to Stop Wind Noise from Light Bar:

Eliminating led light bar wind noise is easy. You can stop wind noise from the light bar by following these methods.

Method 1: By Using Purchase Fly Screen Spline

You can use a Flyscreen spline to stop the wind noise from the light bar. You can get it from the hardware store.

Put it into the gap between the fins. In most cases, you may need to run the flyscreen spline along with the whole heat sink.

This fly screen spline will stop the wind from flowing through the gap and causing vibrations.

Method 2: With Rubber Light Bar Silencer

Rubber light bar silencers are very effective and cheap. They come at a very low price and work as wind noise suppressors. You need to install it between the gap of the fin.

This rubber stops the wind flowing through the gap of the light bar and stops the wind noise.

These rubbers don’t affect the cooling and are also very easily available at a low price. Moreover, they are barely noticeable. 

Method 3: Using Transparent Light Bar Noise Silencer

Transparent light bar covers are very easy to be installed. They are the light bar covers used to eliminate led light bar wind noise. They come in every size so you can choose according to the size of your light bar cover.

These transparent light bar covers are made up of polycarbonate. It means that they offer crystal clear transparency.

So, you can use these covers on the front and the back fin as well.

These transparent light bar covers are very well-performing against harsh weather. They protect the light against rain, wind, or mud.

Moreover, they suppress all the sounds coming from the light bar. These transparent light bar cover work as light bar noise silencers.

Method 4: By Using Wind Diffuser

You can also use a wind diffuser to get rid of that obnoxious led light bar sound. They are adjusted between the simple vibration softener and wrap-around silencer.

These wind diffusers are generally made up of plastic or rubber which can be attached to the bottom of the light bar.

These wind diffusers are designed in such a way that they can flow the wind easily without causing any wind noise.

It is very easy to install the wind diffuser. You need some mechanical tools to install this wind diffuser.

If this noise-canceling wind diffuser doesn’t work well for you then you should go after the full wrap-around silencer. It uses the same technology as of wind dampener.

Method 5: Using Vibration Dampener

If you are irritated and annoyed by listening to the wind noise of your truck or jeep. You can use a sound dampener light bar to save yourself from this trouble.

This vibration dampener can reduce the humming and whistling sounds caused by the Jeep LED light bar.

These vibration dampeners are very small and made up of rubber and plastic. These can attach to the back of your light bar and could reduce vibrations which are resulting in annoying noises.

They are very easy to install. All you need to do is to get one by amazon or from any nearest shop. You can adhere them easily on the back of the light bar.

Vibration dampeners are best used in the conjunction with another method to eliminate led light bar wind noise.

You can reduce the vibrations and the wind by using the vibration dampener. What you cannot do is you cannot completely stop wind noise from the lightbar by using a vibration dampener.

There are other products for this purpose that are also listed in this article.

Method 6: With Lightbar Covers

There are some lightbar covers available at online stores and hardware stores. This light bar cover work as the light bar noise reducer.

These light bar covers are basically polyester covers. They last for many years and protect the light bar against mud, wind, and UVs.

These light bar covers are designed with elasticity and could get fit on the light bar of your vehicle.

They not only protect the light bar but also eliminate the wind noise caused by the light bar.

These covers are soft from the inside. There is no need to worry about the scratches. These lightbar covers don’t rub the light bar. You can simply install it by stitching it from one side to another.


You can easily eliminate the wind noise caused by the top light bar of your vehicle.

All you need to do is to apply one of the upper solutions and get rid of the irritating vibrations. You can also easily install dampeners and silencers.

You may need some mechanical tools to install but the steps are very easy. You can find the silencers and dampeners on Amazon as well as on the nearest hardware store.

You simply have two methods to get rid of these noises.

The first is to install any dampener or silencer on the back of the light bar. These dampeners and silencers can reduce the noise but cannot completely stop them.

And you can use a full wrap-around silencer or light bar covers in this case. These could stop the vibrations and wind noise but makes the light bar look bulky.