How to Find Gear Ratio on Dodge Ram 2500

Most Dodge Ram truck owners think it’s hard to establish the gear ratio of their pickups but are wrong.

Do you know how to find the gear ratio on Dodge Ram 2500?

The gear ratio of a car makes you understand the maximum speed it can move and its towing power.

With the information of your Dodge Ram 2500’s gear ratio, you can adjust it to become more powerful.

A truck with a higher gear ratio accelerates more and vice versa. As discussed in this article, you don’t need a professional to check your Dodge Ram 2500’s gear ratio. It’s a straightforward DIY home project every car owner can perform.

Also, when you do it yourself, you will save money you could have used in paying a mechanic to do the job for you. The process entails the following steps;

Steps to Find Gear Ratio on Dodge Ram 2500

It’s crucial to note that identification on Dodge ram gear ratio can be done using various ways. In this tutorial, you shall know how to use all the techniques available.

Step 1: Assemble all the Necessary Tools

You may need to use some tools during the process. Before doing anything, begin by looking for everything you require for the procedure and assembling them. You will need the following items;

  • Jack
  • Tape or marker

Step 2: Pack Your Dodge Ram 2500 in an Open and Accessible Place

Before you determine the axle ratio Dodge ram 2500, place the car in an accessible place and position it for an easier checkup. Ensure there’s enough space and lighting.

Step 3: Conduct a Search for the Gear Ratio on Dodge Ram

Now that your truck is ready for the search, start looking for the gear ratio. You can do so without opening up the differential.

Looking for the gear ratio in the differential is a messy and tedious process. Before considering this method, begin with other ways that don’t require you to open the differential.

Start by checking your truck’s glovebox or paperwork. That’s why it’s essential to keep your vehicle’s documents safe when you buy it.

They come in handy most of the time. In the documents, look for the Window Sticker, also known as Monroney.

If your Dodge Ram 2500 came with a custom-built sheet from the manufacturer, you would also find the Window Sticker there.

If you don’t have the documents for various reasons, try looking for the gear ratio on the axle or differential cover.

The axle may come with a sticker, while the differential cover may have a metal sticking out. Investigate whether the sticker and the metal tag have information about the vehicle’s gear ratio.

Axel and differential covers of most vehicles come with gear ratios stamped on them.

Do not despair if you find no sticker or metal tag on your Dodge Ram 2500’s axle and differential cover. Proceed with the following;

  • Jack up the rear end of your car and mark the wheel and the driveshaft with a tape or marker
  • Then count the number of rotations on your vehicle’s driveshaft while you turn the wheel once. It will determine your gear ratio. This method works spot-on!
  • Record the number of times the driveshaft rotates when you turn the wheel one time. That is the gear ratio of your Dodge Ram 2500.

If you do the above and still don’t get anywhere, you have no choice but to open your Dodge Ram 2500’s differential.

You will need to get to your vehicle’s ring and pinion gears. After opening the differential, turn the car’s wheel and look for the stamping inside the differential. It is unusually on the ring gear’s side.

The stamp indicates the number of teeth of the ring and pinion gears. But if you can’t find the stamp with this information, don’t worry.

Start counting all the teeth on the pinion and ring gears. Do not mix the number of teeth on each gear. Record them separately.

Then divide the ring gear number of teeth by those on the pinion gear. The result is the gear ratio! For example, if you get 50 ring gear teeth and 11 pinion gear teeth, you will have to divide 50 by 11. The result is 4.54.

The gear ratio is therefore 4.54:1. It means that for every wheel turn, the driveshaft rotates 4.54 times.

When through, close the differential and remove the jack from the car.

Step 4: Note the Gear Ratio and Keep in a Safe Place

After undergoing the above axle ratio dodge ram 2500 search process, you wouldn’t dare lose it.

Note it in a safe place like on your notebook, notepad, or mobile device, and keep it secure. It will be handy for present or future referencing.

The above guide has illustrated that it’s not hard to check the gear ratio on Dodge Ram. Therefore, avoid asking your salesman, online forums, and Google for your car’s gear ratio.

Some salespeople may not know the technical details of your Dodge Ram 2500 and may give you the wrong answer.

On the online forums, people may have the exact car as yours but with different technical details. The gear ratio may be different. The only sure way is to find out your Dodge Ram 2500 gear ratio yourself, as described above.

Having talked about how you can know your Dodge Ram 2500 gear ratio, it’s essential to understand it properly. It entails the following;

What is Gear Ratio?

It is the number of times the driveshaft of a car rotates when the wheel turns once.

The gear ratio can also be defined as dividing ring gear teeth with the pinion gear teeth. When the gear ratio is low, it means that the vehicle’s top speed is higher.

The gear ratio affects the torque of a vehicle but not its horsepower. If you want a fuel-economy car, go for a car with a low gear ratio.

Cars with a high gear ratio may tow much more, but you will need to dig deeper into your pockets to buy enough fuel.

Gear ratio also consists of a chart that entails the following;

Dodge Ram Gear Ratio Chart

It is a chart that gives you approximates of your Dodge Ram 2500’s ideal RPMs on certain situations while on a highway speed. The estimates cover the following three cases;

  • Increased towing power
  • Fuel economy
  • Every day driving

The values portrayed on this chart come in a 1:1 ratio for manual transmission. It helps your Dodge Ram 2500 become more efficient.

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Gear ratios are essential for all cars. They help the transmissions of vehicles to maintain and operate on an economical and safe RPM range. It also helps your Dodge Ram 2500 accelerate at a safe speed.

As explained above, you can change the gear ratio of your car to make it more powerful. But you cannot do so without knowing its gear ratio. Having a professional to check it out for you may cost you time and money.

The best way is to search for the gear ratio yourself. Luckily, the process is straightforward and quick, as illustrated above.

Besides, if you love working with your hands, carrying out this procedure is an excellent DIY project you can do at home.