How To Clean Mopar Cold Air Intake Filter

A Mopar car air filter supplies direct clean air to your engine. The cold air passes through several divisions to maintain the finest performance and MPG of your vehicle.

Sometimes the air filter is blocked with dust, dirt, and smudge particles due to extensive use.

This may partially or completely restrict the airflow, and thus it becomes essential to clean Mopar CAI filters regularly.

Keeping your air intake filters debris-free will increase the airflow to the engine.

Increased airflow leads to improved combustion and horsepower for your vehicle. It will also help boost your gas mileage and efficiency, ensuring all of the fuel is well ignited.

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Luckily, Mopar cold air intake filters are easily washable and reusable. You’re probably wondering how to clean Mopar cold air intake filter properly.

This article includes a step-by-step easy guide for cleaning and maintaining your Mopar CAI filters.

How to Clean Mopar Cold Air Intake Filter

Cold air intakes are intended for enhanced horsepower and mileage. A dirty filter is unable to prevent particles from entering your engine and this may cause your engine to malfunction.

Cleaning air intake filters is much easier than most people think.

With just a few simple steps, you can revert the filter in shape and get it to work properly:

Step 1: Remove the Filter

The first thing you have to do is to open the hood of your car. Thoroughly clean the sealing region containing the filter with a microfiber rag.

Carefully remove the clamps and isolate the filter from your car. These clamps hold the filter in its position.

It may be difficult to remove the filter if you don’t go for the right method.

Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the mounting bands on the Mopar cold-air filter. This is a much easier (in comparison) approach and saves time.

Gently, pull the filter out and shake it to remove most of the dirt. The size and shape of the air filter may vary for different models.

Step 2: Clean the Filter

While cleaning a filter, you will have to deal with a lot of dust and dirt. So it is better to get proper protection for your body, eyes, and nose to prevent irritation while working.

After removing the filter, lightly tap it on a firm surface to remove all of the loose dirt.

This will help you get rid of large dirt and smudge particles. You can also use a soft brush to loosen some residue dirt pieces.

Perform this step carefully or you may end up damaging the cold air filter.

Step 3: Apply Cleaning Solution

Dust particles stuck in the filter can’t be removed by using only water.

Using an air filter cleaning solution is the best way for a thorough clean. You can find effective air filter solutions of various brands on the market.

You can also make your own cleaning solution, by mixing a few drops of detergent with a gallon of water.

Freely spray the solution all over the air filter, make sure to reach all cracks and gaps. Let the filter soak for almost 12-15 minutes or as indicated on the cleaner bottle.

Most companies use color tint in the cleansing solution.

Thus, it is wiser to buy a Mopar air intake filter cleaner, matching your filter color to better clean and maintain your cold air intake filter.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly

After soaking the filter with an intake filter cleaner, the next step is to rinse it properly. You must spray cool, low-pressure water from the clean side.

Low pressure of water will appropriately clean the filter inside out. It will also remove all the dirt particles without leaving any residues.

Handle the filter gently, avoid stretching, or it may cause damage. Wash the filter until the cleaner foam is removed.

If the filter is still dirty, you can repeat the cleansing process.

Step 5: Dry the Filter

Now you are done through the cleansing steps, all that’s left is to dry the filter. Lightly shake the filter to remove the excess water.

For a quicker dry keep shaking the filter for a few minutes and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour.

For even better results, you can leave the filter for a whole night so that it is completely dry.

Step 6: Oil Your Filter

Check the filter if it is completely dry or not. Now your focus should be on oiling your Mopar cold air intake filter.

The oil will help prevent weathering and corrosion. You can also delay further dirt buildup by properly oiling the filter.

The air filter oils come in two different forms.

You can get either a squeeze bottle or aerosolized spray oil for your Mopar CAI filters.

While using a squeeze bottle make certain you are reaching all the gaps and cervices.

As for spray oil, keep the spray bottle a few inches away from the filter for better application.

The application process is somewhat similar for both oils.

Start at the middle of the filter and make two or maybe three passes around the filter. Repeat the same movement from top to bottom for even coverage.

Spread the oil consistently all over your cold air intake filter. Then, allow it to leach in the filter for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 7: Check & Reinstall

Allow the oil to dry completely, and then examine the filter. Look for spots you missed while applying the oil.

Use a small amount of oil to coat these spots and let them dry. Once the oil dries, again use your handy screwdriver to remount the filter.

Fix the filter back and adjust the clamps back to their position. Clean the surrounding zone of the seal using a microfiber rag after installation.

Repeat these steps if any dirt particles persist. Wash thoroughly but carefully to remove as much grime as possible.

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How to Maintain Mopar CAI Filter

A well-maintained filter will increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. It will also help your engine perform better for a longer duration.

Here are some tips for proper maintenance of your CAI filter:

Inspect your filter to expose any obvious holes. Hold the filter up to any light source, if you notice any air gaps try changing your filter.

Try to handle your filters more gently, as even a little pressure can cause heavy damage.

Learn the proper cleaning techniques i.e. oiling, drying, carefully using compressed air from inside-out. The steps may have to be repeated in case of excessive contamination.

Use a suitable soft nylon bristle brush to dust off loosens dirt particles without damaging the filter.

Be careful with the clamps and tubing to prevent rubbing and damage. Finally, use pre-filters for best results.


It is impossible to understand the importance of proper maintenance of a cold air intake filter.

It is compulsory to perform regular cleaning to prevent engine malfunctions. A dirty filter reduces the airflow towards the engine.

A well-maintained and good-conditioned cold air filter, on the other hand, provides additional horsepower.

It can also increase the overall durability of your engine. A filter is useless if you don’t properly maintain and clean it frequently.

You should be aware of an accurate method of how to clean Mopar cold air intake filter? Hopefully, this article has provided enough information regarding the cleaning and maintenance of a filter.

Carefully follow the step-by-step guide to remove dirt particles that may restrict air passage, plus our maintenance tips will help you sustain a healthy state for your filter.

Be sure to take safety precautions as well, since you will encounter severe dust when you clean the Mopar CAI filter.