How to Connect Vizio Soundbar to Wifi

You can connect Vizio soundbar to Wifi with the appropriate guidelines. If not done correctly, connecting your Vizio soundbar to Wifi can be challenging.

If you want to connect a Vizio soundbar to Wifi without connectivity issues, start downloading the SmartCast app. The process is easy and straightforward.

Vizio soundbar is a sound system that produces high-quality TV sound. Furthermore, the system can improve the sound quality of your television speaker while playing games or watching movies.

However, the sound system requires a periodic update to fix existing issues and boost performance.

Without periodic updates, the system could stop working unexpectedly. But that’s why you need the connection to Wifi.

Process of Connecting Vizio Soundbar to Wifi:

Though the process challenges beginners, you can easily download the app from your device store. With proper guidelines, you can connect your soundbar to Wifi without issues.

But before we dive into the methods, we will discuss the required tools to connect your device.

Required Tools

If you want to connect your soundbar to Wifi, you need a few tools. The sound system will not connect to Wifi without the required tools. Before you start the process, consider getting the below tools ready:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Wifi
  3. Soundbar
  4. Vizio SmartCast App

Step 1: Get a Smartphone with wifi Connection

In the first step, you need to get a smartphone with in-built Wifi to pair your sound system. If you want to connect the Vizio soundbar to Wifi seamlessly, consider using smartphones with an excellent connection.

With a smartphone, you will update the sound system with step-by-step methods. You can get the SmartCast app to experience the unique sound system features.

Furthermore, the smartphone ensures automatic software updates to increase the performance of the system.

You can also solve existing problems with these updates.

Without these updates, you may have firmware issues that can affect the operation of the system. Getting a smartphone is integral to the system wifi connection process, so consider getting a great device.

Step 2: Download Smartcast App

When you have a suitable smartphone with excellent Wifi, it’s time to get the app. If your smartphone is an Android device, consider downloading the app on your smartphone.

But if you have an IOS device, download Vizio Smart Cast from your App Store. With this application on your smartphone, you can control the system.

If you want to enjoy the sound system’s advanced features, the app can help you. You can live stream and access applications on your TV through the application.

Furthermore, you can link the sound system to your television for improved sound. Ensure you connect the system using the app as a remote.

But before you access advanced features and search for movies, you need to connect the app with the sound system.

Step 3: Connect Your Phone to Wifi

After getting the application, consider connecting the phone to Wifi. With Wifi connected to your smartphone, you can pair a Vizio soundbar.

The connection may be unsuccessful if you have a Vizio soundbar internet connection problem.

If you’re using a tablet, it may automatically connect to available Wifi. But if you have a cellphone, the case is different as you have to toggle a few buttons to set it up.

Navigate to your phone settings and turn on Wifi. Search for available connections and join with the correct password.

If you want a seamless connection, ensure your phone connects to Wifi. Ensure you choose Wifi over cell phone data.

Step 4: Set the Sound System to wifi Mode

Next, consider setting the sound system to wifi pairing mode. Without visibility, you cannot set the system into the required mode. You need to connect the device to a functioning TV to control it via the menu options.

After connecting the device to your television, pick up the remote and tap menu before navigating with the arrows.

Search for Vizio soundbar Wifi setup and select the play button.

The system goes into pairing mode with indicating lights. When you create a wifi setup with your television, the light turns on.

Now you can pair the sound system with the downloaded application.

Final Step: Connect the Sound System to Wifi

Now launch the app on your smartphone. Before you launch the application, ensure that you have an excellent internet network. Consider using a wifi connection for your activities.

Your first task is selecting the three dots on your display, and a settings menu will pop up. Navigate the page and select Settings, and tap Vizio devices.

Select add new devices and follow the prompt on display to complete pairing.

Update Vizio Sound Bar Firmware

Whenever there is a new version of your system’s firmware, the device automatically downloads it.

But before the updates, connect the device to a cyberspace network. Get the app, and the below steps will guide you:

Step 1: Connect your Sound Bar to Wifi via the SmartCast App

After getting the application, set the sound system into wifi pairing mode and tap the remote menu.

Locate the Wifi set up option with the arrow keys and select with the pause or play keys. Confirm selection again and wait for the light indicator.

The lights will blink a few times, and you can navigate to sound system settings on the application.

Select settings and tap add new device on display before following the set up prompt.

These steps will connect your system to the internet before you focus on the firmware. But it will fail if you have Vizio soundbar connection problems.

Step 2: Update Firmware from the SmartCast App

Navigate to Settings on the application, select the system and check for available updates. Now confirm your update selection by tapping yes on the screen.

After selecting yes, your sound system will power off and download the most recent version.

If there are no available updates, there is no need for confirmation.

However, if there is an update, it will start and can take up to 30 minutes. Ensure you have an adequate connection to avoid installation issues.

When the update completes, it restores the connection to the app with a visible LED light indicator.

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If you want to install a Vizio soundbar and connect to Wifi without connection issues, consider the discussed steps.

You have to follow the guideline to knock off the tricky edge. Whenever you want to make a Vizio soundbar internet connection, consider getting the app.

With the app, you can access unique features such as connectivity to your television and streaming.

If you have an outdated version, you can update the system with the methods in this guide.

Installing the app and connecting the system to Wifi is crucial because it improves your TV and home appliance sound quality.

You may need an excellent cyberspace network to connect the Vizio soundbar to Wifi. But this guide ensures a seamless connection without issues with superb methods.