Best Amplifiers for Bose 301 Speakers in 2022

Looking for a way to bump up sound quality on Bose 301 speakers? Pair a high-quality amplifier with Bose 301. Simple Logic!

Bose 301 speakers serve as excellent bookshelf audio systems, facilitating ample background music playing and casual listening. However, you can get more from these speakers by pairing amplifiers.

Pairing the best amplifiers compatible with Bose 301 speakers offers a great way to bump up your sound.

An amplifier works by bumping and relaying audio signals to the speaker from the sound source.

So, whether entertaining guests, doing karaoke, or hosting a meeting, suitable amplifiers can improve sound quality and speakers’ power.

Quick Comparison: Best Amplifiers to Pair with Bose 301

Best Amplifiers for Bose 301 Speakers

1. Fosi Audio BL20C Stereo Amplifier

Fosi Audio BL20C Stereo Amplifier

The Fosi Audio Receiver Amplifier for Bose 301 Speakers is a perfect all-around option. The speaker amplifiers feature a classic TDA7498E chip to improve sound clarity while canceling unwanted noises even at high output.

Its advanced circuit design maintains Hi-Fi sound. Furthermore, the audio receiver amplifier is compatible with multiple devices.

You can use it with an iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, PC, laptop, TV, or DVD. The Bose speaker’s 2.1 CH Bluetooth 5.0 stereo amplifier allows you to adjust your speaker sounds and functions via an easily accessible button.

On the speakers, you will find previous/next song buttons along with bass and treble buttons to fine-tune your settings.

The amplifier also comes with a U-disk input which allows for convenient and portable use.

The U-disk input supports a range of formats, including Mp3, WMA, APE, FLAC, and WAV, with a capacity of up to 32GB.

It comes with dual 160-watt units enough to power up passive speakers or powered subwoofers.



  • Ideal for passive speakers and powered subwoofers

  • Maintains Hi-Fi sound

  • Multiple bass and treble buttons for fine adjustment

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Compatible with multiple devices

  • Some issues with the quality

  • May produces a low tone hum when not in use

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2. Pyle 500W Karaoke Wireless Amplifier for Bose Speakers

Pyle 500W Karaoke Wireless Amplifier for Bose Speakers

The Pyle 500W Karaoke Wireless Amplifier is the perfect companion if you own a home theatre stereo audio system. With a peak power of 500 watts, the amp for Bose 301 Speakers can be used for multiple speakers with 4 to 8 ohms impedance.

Its Bluetooth connectivity means that you can jam to your music from any device, whether a laptop, phone, or tablet, without needing multiple wire connections.

Alternatively, you can use the amplifier’s versatile seven input options. These include USB, micro USB, AUX, built-in FM radio with digital radio, audio input, REC, or RCA. Additionally, the amp is compatible with most iPods and mp3 players.

This amplifier to pair with Bose 301 speakers also works great for events thanks to its talk over button feature.

This button halts music or audio for paging, voice-over, or announcements.  The amplifier is also fitted with multiple EQ control buttons to fine-tune your sounds.

You can use the controls for audio sources and selectors, equalization, mic, and volume adjustments. If you want more convenience, the amplifier comes with remote control.



  • Powerful enough for a home theater stereo system

  • Built-in FM radio with digital LCD display

  • Up to 7 different input options

  • Reliable talk over button

  • Convenient remote control

  • No true stereo – only mono

  • Somewhat tricky to connect some devices wirelessly

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3. Moukey Bluetooth 5.0 Bose 301 Speakers Home Audio Amplifier

Moukey Bluetooth 5.0 Bose 301 Speakers Home Audio Amplifier

The Moukey Home Audio Amplifier for bose 301 speaker offers excellent value thanks to its affordability and functionality.

The amp for Bose 301 Speakers features a dual-channel sound audio stereo receiver design to cater to home theater speakers.

Its design even allows you to use it for studio purposes. Its peak 220W performance allows you to support up to speakers at the same time.

So, you can even integrate it with your karaoke, acoustic sound systems, or monitor headphones. The amplifier features a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection with a range of up to 40 feet.

This means that you can pair the receiver for Bose 301 speakers with your favorite Bluetooth-enabled devices. Additionally, the amplifier integrates multiple input and output modes.

It features two RCA inputs for a tuner, CD player, tape drive, two 2.5-inch mic inputs, and headphone output.

Furthermore, the amp integrates a traditional 3.5mm AUX-IN and FM radio antenna.

On the other hand, the amp features an RCA audio output, two banana plug speaker outputs, and a special monitor headphone output.



  • Special monitor headphone output

  • Responsive buttons for mode control

  • Built-in LED display with front panel audio control center

  • It comes with remote control

  • Easy to use design

  • No instructions included

  • Sound not as good as high-end amps

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4. Fosi Audio BT20A Amplifier

Fosi Audio BT20A Amplifier

The Fosi Audio BT20A Amplifier stands out for its simple and compact design, making it practical and comfortable to use anywhere. The amplifier’s exquisite finish allows it to complement any setting.

It features curved edges and sleek controls to give a modern look. While the speaker amplifiers feature a sleek design, they are built with safety in mind.

The wireless Bluetooth compatible amplifier for Bose speakers is specially designed for those who want Hi-Fi sounds.

It’s also perfectly fitted with vaulted ceiling rooms. To know more, check this complete guide on soundbars for high ceilings.

The amplifier offers a maximum power output of 2 x 100 watts to power passive speakers and subwoofers. 

On the other hand, its Bluetooth 5.0 core connectivity extends its reach by 50 feet.

The 5.0 Bluetooth chip allows instant connection with most Bluetooth-enabled devices like phones and tablets.

Furthermore, the amplifier integrates an advanced audio TPA3116D2 chip which delivers sounds with rousing highs and deep lows.

Thanks to this chip design, you will experience less than 0.04% harmonic distortion when at high volumes. In turn, the amplifier delivers exceptional sound clarity.



  • No audible noise when Bluetooth connects

  • Minimal harmonic distortion

  • Powerful output of 100W x 2

  • Bluetooth and RCA input connectivity

  • Advanced audio chip for rousing highs and deep lows

  • The red light indicator never goes off

  • Unfriendly power supply design

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5. Pyle Home Audio Amplifier System

Pyle Home Audio Amplifier System

The Pyle Home Audio Power Amplifier System for Bose 301 Speaker comes with the versatility to use for your home theater stereo system or even for hosting meetings or events.

Its dual stereo sound receiver design comes with a peak power performance of up to 2x 120W to make it perfect for a PA and home theater acoustic sound system.

In fact, this power rating allows you to pair the amp with multiple speakers with a 4-ohm impedance.

On the other hand, the audio Amplifier for Bose 301 speakers comes with multiple pagers and mixer features for hosting meetings and other events.

The stereo amplifier for Bose speakers features a pager and mixing switch.

Using the pager mode, you can override the auto talk over using signals from the microphone.

The mixing switching mode can be used for the ultimate karaoke experience.

Furthermore, the audio Amplifier for Bose 301 speakers incorporates four input options. These include three pairs of RCA audio input for tuner, CD player, tape deck, camcorder, or VCR.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the ¼-inch mic IN or 1.4-inch headphone input jack. You can also use the REC output for recording.



  • Multiple crisp and responsive buttons

  • Pager mode for meetings

  • Mixing switch mode for karaoke

  • The peak power performance of up to 2 x 120W

  • Simple push type speaker terminal

  • Lacks Bluetooth connectivity

  • Not too powerful

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6. Fosi Audio BT10A Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier

Fosi Audio BT10A Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier

The Fosi Audio Amplifier caters to people who want a mini Hi-Fi integrated amp for small passive speakers. 

The amplifier features a simple and compact design to suit your desktop needs at home or the office.

Its high tensile aluminum shelf allows it to withstand any conditions.

The amplifier to pair with Bose 301 speakers also integrates an advanced circuitry design with built-in speaker protection to keep your device safe.

On the other hand, the Bluetooth amplifier adopts a TI TPA3116D2 chip for improved sound clarity and zero audible noises.

The chip design is especially perfect for people who enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality.

In fact, when the amp is not connected to any audio sounds, you will not hear a speck of noise. 

At the front of the amp’s casing, you will find large, ergonomically designed knob controls to help you fine-tune the volume, treble, and bass.

Furthermore, the small amplifier for bookshelf speakers offers a wireless connection, extending to a range of 50 feet.



  • Ideal for small 50W x 2 speakers

  • 50 feet Bluetooth range

  • Ergonomically design adjustment knobs

  • Affordably priced

  • Built-in protection circuit

  • Not the best option for high volumes

  • Low power output

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7. Moukey Bluetooth 5.0 Home Audio Power Stereo Amplifier for Bose Speakers

Moukey Bluetooth 5.0 Home Audio Power Stereo Amplifier for Bose Speakers

The Moukey Bluetooth 5.0 Home Audio Power Stereo Amplifier features a dual channel design perfect for karaoke, home theaters, and acoustic sound system.

The stereo receivers for Bose 301 speakers are designed with 100W peak performance to support sets of speakers.

Its Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to different Bluetooth-enabled devices, whether a phone or tablet.

Plus, it offers an adequate range of up to 40 feet to make wireless music streaming at home and the office easy.

The digital amplifier for Bose 301 speakers also has various external signal sources.

These include dual RCA audio inputs for tuner, CD player, tape drive, and dual 2.5-inch mic inputs.

Additionally, the compatible amplifier for Bose 301 speakers features a USB port, SD card reader, and FM radio antenna. It comes with an RCA audio output and two pair speaker output.

The small amplifier for bookshelf speakers comes with clear and responsive control buttons. However, you can also use the remote control for more convenience.



  • Remote control included

  • Dual mic interface for karaoke

  • Built-in USB and SD card reader

  • Single key FM search

  • AC6922AA chip for optimal sound quality

  • No AM pick up antenna

  • The remote control doesn't offer the best quality

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8. Pyle Bluetooth Mini Stereo Power Amplifier for Bose 301

Pyle Bluetooth Mini Stereo Power Amplifier for Bose 301

The Pyle Bluetooth Mini Stereo Power Amplifier for Bose 301 caters to people who want a compact amp to fit anywhere.

Nonetheless, it offers an impressive power rating to cater to speakers, CD, and DVD players, and home theater systems.

The powerful amplifier for Bose speakers integrates a 2x 120W power rating with multi speakers with 4 ohms.

To enjoy the best sound quality, you take advantage of the streamlined EQ controls. The responsive, crisp buttons offer a power switch, mp3 control button, volume, bass, and treble adjustments.

Using the mp3 controls, you can opt for the mode, previous, next, and play/pause options.

On the other hand, a digital LCD display allows for easier control.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth-enabled device offers a variety of input options. The compatible amplifier for Bose 301 speakers connects to tuners, DVD players, tape deck, camcorder, and VCR.

You can also use the 3.5mm AUX input or the USB/SD card slot, readers.



  • USB charging port

  • USB/SD card readers

  • Five different input options

  • Easy to navigate digital LCD display

  • MP3 control knobs

  • No remote control

  • Some issues with the casing quality

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9. Sunbuck Wireless Bluetooth Audio Amplifier

Sunbuck Wireless Bluetooth Audio Amplifier

The Sunbuck Wireless Bluetooth Audio Amplifier is the perfect option for a strict budget.

Even with its ultra-low price tag, the amplifier stands out amongst the best quality and performing amplifiers.

The affordable amplifier for Bose 301 speakers still packs incredible power and delivers the highest sound quality.

With up to 2 x 100W peak power performance, the amplifier is perfect for karaoke and home theater acoustic sound systems.

You can even use the amplifier for events and hosting meetings. Its built-in Bluetooth connectivity makes the compatible amplifier for Bose 301 speakers readily usable.

You can pair the 40-foot range Bluetooth amp with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Furthermore, the amplifier offers a choice of 5 input options. The amp for Bose 301 Speakers supports USB, SD cards, FM radio, and several external sources.

You will also find an RCA audio input, CD player, and tape deck inputs. On the other hand, the LCD display pairs well with the amp’s multiple rotary knobs control for easy use.



  • Illuminated LCD display

  • Affordably priced

  • It comes with a remote control

  • Overheat protection design

  • Big sink design for quick heat dissipation

  • It may be weak for some speakers

  • Somewhat unclear manual

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10. Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier for Bose 301 Speakers

Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier for Bose 301 Speakers

The Pyle Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio Amplifier features a sleek, premium-looking exterior that matches its incredible performance.

The 5-channel amplifier offers enough power to cater to subwoofers and home theater systems.

Its 100W peak power rate delivers crisp and accurate sound quality while lowering distortion.

The amplifier’s robust rating allows you to enjoy a high stable volume. Additionally, the amp is capacitated to deliver an incredible surround sound quality.

Its compatibility with multiple inputs lets you enjoy your music via different methods.

The stereo receiver for Bose 301 speakers works with AUX subwoofer output and AUX RCA /R audio inputs.

It also comes with an FM antenna, while its dual HDMI inputs cater to modern devices. 

The Bluetooth-enabled amplifier is fitted with a modern-looking front control panel with subtly designed knobs for convenient control.

The knobs allow you to control functions like standby, tuner, mute, surround, and input. The surround sound amplifier also features an ultra-compact and lightweight body.

Thanks to this construction, you can place the amplifier anywhere in your home or office.



  • Compact and lightweight body

  • Dual HDMI inputs for modern devices

  • Navigable LCD display

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • It comes with a remote control

  • No USB/SD card reader

  • Lacks karaoke mic input

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Things to Consider before Buying an Amplifier for Bose 301 Speakers

When choosing the amplifier for Bose 301 speakers, you want to pay attention to the key features. Here are the common features to look out for;

Speaker Specs

Before anything, you have to ensure your amplifier for Bose 301 speakers matches the needs of the speakers.

In other words, if specs don’t match, you would’ve wasted your investment. So, before you start choosing your amplifier, make sure you have your speaker specs on hand.

Power Rating

The power rating determines whether or not the amplifier will support your speakers. A good quality amplifier for Bose speakers should have a power rating of 10 to 200W (this is a combined rating, e.g., 200W = 2 x 100W).

The power rating also depends on what the speakers are designed to do. A power rating of 10-50W x 2 is adequate for passive speaker performance.

If you want to enjoy a subwoofer, surround sound, home theater, or karaoke performance, you should aim for at least 50-100W x 2.  A good Bose 301 speaker amplifier should also offer 4 to 8 ohms nominal impedance.


You should also pay attention to the frequency response. This feature lets you gauge the output gain and magnitude response.

So, you need to have an amp designed at a certain frequency range.

Generally, a compatible amplifier for Bose 301 speakers should have a frequency range of around 20Hz to 20 kHz.


In addition to getting the frequencies and wattage right, invest in an amplifier that offers extra headroom.

Headroom simply refers to the gap between the amp’s normal operating level and maximum operation level (without distortions).

Extra headroom helps you achieve much cleaner and uninterrupted signals to the speakers.

After all, when you listen to music, you will notice it has a rather varying dynamic range instead of a constant range.

So, it is a good idea to go for an amp that offers ample headroom to prevent unwanted distortions when listening to your music.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Not all stereo receivers for Bose 301 speakers will offer Bluetooth connectivity. However, investing in one that does enhances convenience.

With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair the amplifier with Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and tablets for wireless music playing.

Input Options

Different amplifiers will have varying input options. A wider variety of input options improves the amp’s functionality.

An amp for Bose 301 speakers will have input options such as RCA, USB, SD card, AUX, and HDMI.

Amplifiers designed for karaoke will also come with mic inputs. Other amplifier options will even feature an FM antenna.


An amplifier for Bookshelf 301 speakers costs anywhere between $40 on the low end and $300 on the high end. The pricing doesn’t necessarily determine the quality.

You find a very good quality amplifier for a low price, while a $300 amplifier for Bose 301 speakers won’t deliver the best sound quality.

Instead, focus on the speaker’s features and value when looking at the pricing rather than the quality.

For the most part, a higher price tag on an amplifier is most likely caused by the features it offers.

For example, if you want a surround sound amplifier or any high-capacity speaker, you are more likely to pay more.

Additionally, high-priced amps will offer extra features like giving you total control over your music playing device through the amplifier.


A good quality audio amplifier for Bose 301 speakers should have a higher signal-to-noise ratio. SNR generally refers to the difference between the reference level and noise floor.

A higher SNR ratio means you will not hear any background noise, allowing you to experience clear sound quality.

How Important is the Quality of an Amplifier for Speakers

The quality of your amplifier is an important factor as it determines its functionality. As a general rule of thumb, a good quality amplifier lets your speakers reproduce highly accurate sound quality with zero distortion or alterations by receiving the input signals accurately.

Here are some of the common functions that are highly dependent on your speaker amplifier’s quality;

  • They need to offer enough power to drive the speakers with adequate audio signals (amplify the sound). Generally, an amplifier is what breathes life into your speakers, allowing them to boost their sound quality. An amplifier isn’t designed to increase or decrease the volume. All it doesn’t is amp up the sound and audio quality.
  • As mentioned above, a stereo amplifier for Bose 301 speakers does more than just modulate your speaker volume. It improves several features based on your speaker’s functionality. A good quality amplifier works effectively to support sound linearity, tone, and acoustics. 
  • The amplifier technology and quality will ultimately affect the end product. Generally, poor quality sound and AV amplifier for Bose speakers will not censor much of the noise disruptions. In turn, you may not experience the crisp, clear sound quality you are searching for. Other poor-quality amplifiers produce a continuous annoying sound when not connected to other devices. You have to scrutinize all these factors when picking the best audio amplifier for Bose 301 speakers.

Receivers Vs Amplifiers: What are the Differences?

When shopping for a sound and AV amplifier for Bose speakers, you will see options labeled as receivers and amplifiers.

You must be asking yourself, what is the difference between the two? Well, the main difference between the two devices is their design.

An amplifier simply improves sound quality by amplifying audio signals. On the other hand, a receiver has a built-in amplifier and additional features like tuners, preamp, input selections, and volume controls.

So, you can think of a receiver as an amplifier with more comprehensive features or an integrated amplifier.

As a general rule of thumb, all receivers are amplifiers, but not all amplifiers are receivers. For example, investing in a home theater amplifier with a built-in radio is considered an AV amplifier for Bose or an AV receiver.

However, an amplifier equipped with only treble, bass, and volume controls is not a receiver.

In this case, if you listen to the radio a lot or want to enjoy more comprehensive features, you are better off with a receiver.

Classes of Audio Amplifiers

Audio amplifiers can be classified into six groups, i.e., A, B, A/B, D, G, and H. Generally, these different classes offer different efficiencies. These include;

Class A

Class A audio amplifiers have an efficiency of 15 to 35%. Their most prized characteristic is that they don’t allow for cross-over distortion. Furthermore, designed correctly, class-A amplifiers offer good linearity and high gain.

However, class A amplifiers have a high inefficiency rate, and their single-ended designs tend to hum and produce high levels of distortions. But, you can also find models with very low distortion levels.

Class B

Class B amplifiers have an efficiency rate of up to 70%. While these types of amplifiers are efficient, they have a high amount of crossover distortion.

Class A/B

Class A/B amps offer relatively high efficiency and tend to be affordable. These types of amplifiers offer a high signal-to-noise ratio and low THD+N.

They have a higher efficiency than class A and lower distortion than class B.

Class G &H

These two classes offer a pretty much similar efficiency.

These amplifiers provide a higher power level in a small factor form and tend to be a little more expensive than A/B class amps.

Class D

Class D amplifiers offer the best possible efficiency (up to 90%) while remaining lightweight.

However, depending on the individual model design, they produce varying sound qualities.

How to Connect Bose Speakers to Amplifier

Here’s how to connect an amp for Bose 301 speakers to the speakers;

Step 1: Setup the Amplifier

Position your amplifier on a stand, shelf, or mount it on a wall, ensuring the room is well ventilated.

Placing the amplifier in a poorly ventilated room will compromise its performance. 

If it is wireless, it is at least 1 to 3 feet away from other wireless devices.

Step 2: Setup the Speakers

Place your speakers near the amplifier (no more than 30 to 70 feet depending on the wire length).

The speakers will come with marked wires to connect to the positive terminal.

These wires will have stripes, colors, or ribbing. For the negative terminal, the speakers come with a plain wire.

Step 3: Connect the Terminals

Remove terminal block A from the SPEAKERS OUT connector on the amplifier. Connect the speaker wires to terminal A. the left speaker’s marked wire should go into the +L terminal and plan wire into the –L terminal.

Next, insert the right speaker’s marked wire into +R and plain wire into the -R terminal.

Step 4: Secure the Wires

Use a small flathead screwdriver to tighten the screws on the terminals to hold the wires securely.

Once done, cover the SPEAKERS OUT connector with the removed terminal block connector.

You can then connect the speakers and amplifier into the power outlet and enjoy your music.

Can Bose Speakers Be Used With Any Amplifier?

Yes, you can use Bose speakers with an amplifier from any other brand. However, don’t pair it with just any amplifier.

But, you have to choose an amplifier with specs suited for the particular Bose speakers.

For example, when purchasing an amp for Bose 301 speakers, make sure they have the same specs for power rating, impedance, wiring, etc.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the best Amplifiers for Bose 301 speakers, my picks of the top 10 amplifiers are excellent options to start.

Using the right amplifier for Bose 301 speakers, you don’t really need to invest in more powerful or expensive speakers.

Your amplifier can very easily do the job for you, adapting your speaker to different audio needs. Plus, these devices don’t require you to break the bank, thanks to their affordability.

But, my personal favorite pick is the Fosi Audio BL20C Stereo Audio Receiver Amplifier. This amplifier doesn’t only stand out for its high power rating and versatile input options,

It also features a compact and lightweight build convenient for both home and office use.