Top 10 Best Soundbar for Hisense TV in 2022

Are you looking for a way to optimize the sound quality of your Hisense TV? If yes, what you need is the best soundbar for Hisense TVs.

Hisense is known for its budget-friendly prices, it still produces premium quality high-tech TVs. Hisense TVs do come with built-in speakers to deliver great sound.

However, to truly experience cinematic sounds, high bass entertainment, or lifelike gaming, you need to pair your Hisense TV with a specially designed soundbar.

Using these soundbars helps you harness the TV’s optimal sound performance.

To help you pair your Hisense TV with the right sound system, we’ve searched the market for this year’s highest-rated options.

Quick Comparison: Best Soundbars Compatible with Hisense TVs

Hisense 2.1ch 200W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
Bose 300 Alexa Built-In Smart Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV
Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Hisense Roku TV Sound Bar
Hisense HS218 2.1ch Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, 200W, Powered by Dolby Audio, Roku TV ready, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC/Optical/AUX/USB, 3 EQ Modes
Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Bluetooth Connectivity with Alexa Voice Control Built-In, Black
Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar | Works with 4K & HD TVs | Wireless Subwoofer | Includes HDMI & Optical Cables | Bluetooth Enabled, Black
Hisense 2.1ch 200W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer
Hisense HS218 2.1ch Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, 200W, Powered by Dolby Audio, Roku TV ready, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC/Optical/AUX/USB, 3 EQ Modes
Bose 300 Alexa Built-In Smart Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV
Bose Smart Soundbar 300 Bluetooth Connectivity with Alexa Voice Control Built-In, Black
Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Hisense Roku TV Sound Bar
Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar | Works with 4K & HD TVs | Wireless Subwoofer | Includes HDMI & Optical Cables | Bluetooth Enabled, Black

Top 10 Best Soundbars for Hisense TV Reviews:

1. Hisense 2.1ch 200W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Hisense 2.1ch 200W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

A product of the Hisense Brand, the HS218 2.1ch Sound Bar gives you a full audio solution for your Hisense TVs.

The soundbar for 43 inch Hisense TVs features a soundbar, an 80W dedicated wireless subwoofer, and four Hisense TV Bluetooth speakers for 200W of powerful audio delivery.

For even better energy efficiency, the soundbar integrates an auto shut-off energy-saving feature with an effective duration of 15 minutes.

Integrated Dolby Audio technology helps to further boost the sound effects, transforming your TV’s sound instantly.

The wireless subwoofer connected to the soundbar offers a robust low-end frequency to help optimize the boom from your favorite music, games, and movies.

The best part is you don’t have to worry about messy wires or cumbersome connections.

To further complement the subwoofer’s performance are the two front-facing speakers which exude bright and clear high and mid-range frequencies.

The soundbar for Hisense TVs is built with varying equalizer settings to cater to different entertainment needs.

To make the multiple preset EQ settings more convenient to access, the soundbar control panel and its remote integrate quick touch EQ modes.

The music EQ mode allows you to feel more immersive sounds, while the movie mode offers sophisticated full-range theater-like sounds with deep bass.

You will also find the news mode on the EQ settings, offering clear and focused speaker sounds. Furthermore, the soundbar features a dedicated Roku-ready design, allowing you to use them with your Roku TV.


  • Soundbar with wireless subwoofer and speakers
  • Fully compatible with Roku TV
  • Connects through a single HDMI cable
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming
  • Multiple EQ settings


  • Some issues with the sound quality
  • Non-intuitive auto shut off feature
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2. Bose 300 Alexa Built-In Smart Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

Bose 300 Alexa Built-In Smart Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

The Bose Smart 300 Soundbar packs 5 full-range drivers which deliver wide and clear acoustic sound performance.

Thanks to these specs, this soundbar compatible with Hisense TVs is great for movies, gaming, and other on-screen entertainment.

While the Hisense soundbar features a simplistic and minimalist design, it offers great connectivity options.

You can take advantage of the built-in voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So you don’t always have to be in the room to control what you want to listen to.

In fact, a noise rejecting mic system on the soundbar improves voice clarity, allowing the soundbar to pick up your voice from all directions.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the proprietary Bose voice video technology, expanding your voice control capabilities.

The Bose Voice video technology lets you control your soundbar, TV, and cable satellite box in a single command.

Furthermore, the soundbar for Hisense Roku TV features built-in Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi connectivity, Apple Airplay 2, and Spotify Connect.  Therefore, you can access your favorite entertainment from different devices.

The soundbar features a sleek and compact single-piece design which makes it easy to mount on the wall or place underneath your TV on the stand.

Additionally, it is finished with a matte black exterior with a seamless metal grille to complement any living space.


  • Voice control compatibility for hands-free control
  • Built-in Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay 2
  • Compatible with other larger Bose speakers for multi-room listening
  • Compact and sleek design for easy mounting


  • A little difficult to set up and little guidance
  • No subwoofer for true bass
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3. Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Hisense TV Sound Bar

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim Hisense TV Sound Bar

The Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra Slim TV Sound Bar for Hisense TV is an excellent option for minimalists who want a compact soundbar with subwoofer functions.

The soundbar’s 2-inch tall height and sleek compact build allow for easy wall mounting or placement in front of your TV.

This soundbar is paired with a wireless subwoofer to deliver improved deep bass, filling the room with immersive home theater and music sound quality.

For even better sound quality, the wireless soundbar integrates Dolby Digital decoding for performance-tuned surround sound, letting you instantly upgrade from your TV’s smaller built-in speakers.

The soundbar with surround sound for Hisense TVs also features universal compatibility, letting you use it with 4K and HD TVs. Imagine pairing incredible visual contrast and clarity with the best high-resolution sound!

In fact, the soundbar for Hisense smart TV is designed to optimize your on-screen entertainment viewing. It features a proprietary Leverage Polk Adjust Technology, allowing you to customize the voice levels on the TV to reproduce a crisp and clearer dialogue.

Additionally, the Polk Adjust technology prevents voice delays, whether it’s live or recorded broadcast.

This technology is especially handy when watching your favorite movies, TV shows, or sports programs. However, the soundbar’s design doesn’t limit it to televisions alone.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream your favorite music and podcasts from other devices, like smartphones, laptops, and tablets.


  • Comes with a compact wireless subwoofer
  • Built-in Dolby Digital performance-tuned surround sound
  • Compatible with 4K and HD TVs
  • Voice adjusting feature for clearer and crispier dialogue
  • Free HDMI and optical cables for convenient setup


  • Auto shut off feature cannot be reprogrammed
  • Goes to sleep mode when TV is muted for a few minutes
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4. Samsung 2.1ch Dolby Audio Suport Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

Samsung 2.1ch Dolby Audio Suport Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV

The Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar is a great option for those who want to enjoy high sound quality on a strict budget. While the Hisense Roku TV soundbar comes with a budget-friendly price tag, it offers Dolby Sound Quality.

Additionally, the soundbar kit comprises a wireless subwoofer so you can enjoy deep bass with your onscreen entertainment, whether you are indulged in an action movie or top 40 music.

In fact, you can even take advantage of the Bass boost button with just a single push for explosively deep bass.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to depend on the subwoofer alone to optimize the sound quality of your soundbar.

An Adaptive Sound Lite technology is integrated into the design of the Hisense TV Bluetooth speakers for enhanced audio tracking.

The Adaptive Lite technology equalizes background music, whilst maintaining volume control consistently. On the other hand, the soundbar is specially designed to boost your gaming experience.

Activating the gaming mode lets the soundbar deliver synced directional audio that moves synergistically with the on-screen action and crosstalk cancellation for minimized distractions.

For an even better sound and viewing experience, you can transform the soundbar into a system with surround sound for Hisense TVs by pairing it with separately bought compatible Samsung rear kit speakers.

Additionally, you can streamline your viewing experience by pairing the speaker with a single remote. Keep in mind that the remote will work for the soundbar and speaker kits, but not non-Samsung TVs.


  • Includes a wireless subwoofer
  • Instant bass sound with Bass Boost button
  • The background sound and volume balancing Adaptive Lite technology
  • Game mode synergizes onscreen action and audio
  • Pairs with rear speaker kit for surround sound experience


  • Setup is a little complicated for the non-tech savvy
  • Not the best option for large rooms
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5. Pheanoo Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV With Bluetooth 5.0

Pheanoo Soundbar for Hisense Roku TV With Bluetooth 5.0

Whether you want to enjoy the evening news or relax with a movie, the Pheanoo Sound Bar is a great companion to any Hisense TV. 

Plus, the soundbar caters to any TV model or size, whether you have a smaller 44 inch or larger 65-inch UG8 TV. However, its most prized feature is its travel-friendly design.

The soundbar compatible with Hisense TVs comes with a dedicated 5.25-inch wireless subwoofer to boost its bass performance and enhance your audio experience, doing a better job than that of your TV’s built-in speakers and other regular speakers.

But, this is not what makes the soundbar uniquely designed to cater to your on-screen audio needs.

The speaker for Hisense TVs is specially tuned with a dialogue mode which complements the subwoofer for crisp and clearer sound delivery. You can also take advantage of additional sound enhancement features.

Browsing through the soundbar’s remote, you will notice EQ preset options like Movie, Music, and 3D.

Each of these settings is integrated to transform your audio experience, matching with that of your on-screen entertainment, bit by bit.

The soundbar for Hisense U8G lets you upgrade your gaming experience as well.  The soundbar’s revolutionary technology means that you no longer need heavy and large bulky speakers to produce the gaming sound you want.

The innovatively slim profile still manages to produce spatial and 3D audio experiences. Since we are on the topic of innovation, the soundbar for Hisense smart TV is travel-friendly, thanks to its detachable design.

Simply split the two main units and pack them away in your carry-on for convenient entertainment even when you are out of town.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Great bass performance
  • Attractive design whether mounted or not
  • Comes with mounting cables
  • Multiple connection options


  • The sound is slightly distorted at higher volumes
  • Doesn’t produce high volume compared to high-end speakers
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6. BYL 100Watt 40 Inch Bestisan Sound Bar

BYL 100Watt 40 Inch Bestisan Sound Bar

The BYL Bestisan Sound Bar features all the right elements for Hisense TV owners with limited space and a strictly capped budget.

With a maximum power rating of 100W, the compact soundbar for Hisense TV delivers a noise-free, sound boosted bass audio experience.

Yet, its single-bar design, measuring only 40 inches long,  makes placement convenient and easy near your TV.

For even better sound delivery, the Hisense TV soundbar integrates noise-free technology to flawlessly deliver on-screen entertainment audio.

Much attention is put into the soundbar’s speakers design to truly harness real life, fine-tuned, and optimized sound.

The soundbar for Hisense TV features a quad built-in 3-inch advanced full-range driver with innovatively curated sensitive spherical silk film tweeters and twin bass reflex tubes.

This design allows the soundbar for Hisense TVs to deliver serious stereo sound with incredible clarity and nonexistent distortion.

In fact, it is this design that makes the Hisense TV soundbar stand out amongst other regular 3-inch speakers on the market.

As if this is not enough, the soundbar features a built-in Digital Signal Processor, giving you a selection of uniquely personalized EQ settings based on the content you are watching or listening to.

You can choose the music, movie, or dialogue modes. In fact, you can swiftly switch between the three settings with a single press of the button.

You can also use the buttons on the remote to conveniently fine-tune the soundbar’s bass and treble settings.


  • Affordably priced
  • Travel friendly
  • Sleek and compact single piece bar design
  • Clear and noise-canceling 3-inch built-in speaker
  • Compatible with Echo enabled devices


  • Lack of a separate subwoofer minimizes bass
  • Not ideal for a large room
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7. Wohome 38-Inch 120W Hisense TV Soundbar

Wohome 38-Inch 120W Hisense TV Soundbar

If you want to reduce clutter and go for a minimalist external sound system for your Hisense TV, you can’t go wrong with the Wohome TV Soundbar.

The soundbar for 43 inch Hisense TVs features a built-in subwoofer, allowing you to deliver deeper bass performance without the need for a bulky external subwoofer unit.

In fact, the 2.1ch soundbar features 2 built-in subwoofers with a single bass reflex tube and 4 full-range speakers for incredible bass and clear sound, whether gaming or watching movies.

The design allows the soundbar to deliver up to 110dB of room-filling sound. For even better sound quality, the soundbar for Hisense TVs features DSP technology that packs exceptional clarity and precision.

You can even take advantage of the several sound adjusting settings. These include four equalizer modes, such as movie, news, music, and 3D sound. You can also instantly adjust the bass and treble.

Nonetheless, the soundbar maintains a slim design, measuring only 38 inches long and 3.2 inches wide for a truly compact finish.

The size paired with the soundbar’s subwoofer capabilities makes it great for 40 inches to 75 inch TVs. Furthermore, the soundbar compatible with Hisense TV comes with multiple input options.

These include the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology and wired connection via AUX, HDMI ARC, USB, and optical input.


  • Dual built-in subwoofers
  • Ideal for big spaces such as living rooms
  • Adjustable multiple EQ settings
  • Ideal for 40 inches to 75 inch TVs
  • Comes with a free mounting kit


  • Not compatible with universal remote controls
  • Short automated shut off timer
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8. Pheanoo P28 Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound

Pheanoo P28 Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound

The Pheanoo P28 Soundbar reflects the brand’s deft craftsmanship through both design and performance. It features a clean boxy design with a subtle black finish to complement any style of a home setting.

It comes with a compact built subwoofer with built-in speakers and a handy remote for convenient use.

When it comes to the performance, the soundbar’s stunning construction design harnesses its powerful sound quality transformation from the regular built-in speaker for Hisense TVs.

Instead, it combines the 4 full-range drivers with a powerful bass subwoofer for cinematic sound effects, capturing every emotion, sound, and word coming from your onscreen content.

To give your lifelike sound delivery for every content you view, the soundbar for Hisense TV comprises 4 standard sound modes.

Whether you are watching a movie or news, listening to music, or gaming, these easy press equalizer modes guarantee immersive listening and viewership experience.

Plus, thanks to the soundbar’s smart design, you won’t have to rely on your Hisense TV for home entertainment alone.

The latest wireless Bluetooth 5.0 technology lets you link the soundbar for Hisense TV with any Bluetooth-compatible device for wireless streaming of your favorite music, podcasts, or shows.

If the Bluetooth connectivity isn’t enough, you can opt for the multi-wired connection options. In addition to the HDI ARC, optical, and AUX compatibility, the soundbar supports USB flash drives and direct connections with your PC or projector.


  • Powerful full-range driver and bass subwoofer cinematic sound effects
  • Immersive sound modes
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.9 technology
  • Comes with a built-in mount bracket and screw set
  • Supports flash drives, PCs, and projectors


  • No app support for Netflix, HBO, etc.
  • May have issues with the volume
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9. BESTISAN Wall Mountable Soundbar with Bluetooth 5.0 for Hisense TVs

BESTISAN Wall Mountable Soundbar with Bluetooth 5.0 for Hisense TVs

The Bestisan soundbar compatible with Hisense TV resembles a regular portable speaker bar. Yet, it delivers incredible built-in bass sound to truly get you into the onscreen entertainment.

These soundbars with surround sound for Hisense TVs work for everything from big TVs to PCS, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In fact, the speaker’s wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows you to link any wireless device.

However, unlike standard wireless speakers, the soundbar for Hisense TVs integrates a strong anti-interference technology for zero interruptions.

Additionally, the soundbar features an audio transmission 360-degree second technology, guaranteeing high-quality sounds, no matter the content on your TV screen or wireless devices.

When it comes to the actual workings of the speakers, this Hisense TV soundbar doesn’t disappoint.

Using its upgraded high-sensitive remote control, the soundbar lets you switch between different modes using color-coded LED lights. You can even adjust the bass settings for an explosive, yet indulgent audio experience.

The speaker also integrates the DSP technology to give a choice of meaningful sound modes, including options for movie watching, music streaming, and gaming.

To ensure you enjoy a consistently high-quality audio experience, the soundbar’s remote control features a memory function button to maintain your setting preferences.


  • LED light color-coded sound modes
  • DSP technology for movie, music, and gaming modes
  • Anti-interference technology for zero sound distortion
  • 360-degree audio transmission for superior sound quality
  • Single press reset and memory function buttons


  • Not the best bass but great sound
  • Some issues with the connections
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10. Wohome 50W Ultra Slim Mini Surround Soundbar Compatible with Hisense TVs

Wohome 50W Ultra Slim Mini Surround Soundbar Compatible with Hisense TVs

The Wohome small Soundbar features compact and ultra-slim construction, measuring only 16-inches long. The mini soundbar for Hisense TV comes with a pretty reasonable price tag too.

It fits perfectly under your TV or desktop monitor. Yet, it delivers excellent sound quality and is compatible with 4K and HD TVs.

You can also use this soundbar for PCs, projectors, tablets, and smartphones, thanks to the wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Furthermore, the soundbar features two built-in powerful full-range drivers that offer extensive surround sound and deep bass.

In fact, each driver is laced on the other end of the soundbar for guaranteed explosive sound emission. So, placing it flat on the table or TV stand doesn’t affect the sound clarity or extensive stereo effects either.

Additionally, the speaker for Hisense TVs features a built-in DSP technology with more focus on the music and movie experience.

The built-in DSP technology gives you a choice of up to 5 different equalizer modes, including rock, jazz, flat, pop, and voice for optimized dialogue clarity.

While the speakers feature a wireless connectivity option, you can also use wired connection options, including AUX, USB, and optical inputs. A mini remote control is included for easier navigation of your soundbar.


  • 16-inch mini and slim soundbar design
  • Cheaply priced
  • Compatible with 4K and HDTVs
  • A great option for limited space like dorm rooms
  • 5 EQ sound mode options


  • Not the best option for large, high powered TVs
  • Doesn’t support HDMI ARC connections
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Things to Consider before Buying a Soundbar for Hisense TVs

Even with options for the prime soundbar for Hisense TVs above, it’s not always easy to pick the right model for your needs.

Here are 6 key factors to consider, helping you choose the right soundbar for Hisense smart TV in your home;


When choosing a Hisense TV soundbar, you have to compare their available inputs to ensure they are compatible. Most modern Hisense TVs should have HDMI inputs and HDMI ARC output.

Similarly, a soundbar for Hisense TVs should be able to connect to these TVs.

However, you will also find more versatile soundbars with multiple connection options, including optical and AUX compatibility. This allows you to pair them with other devices such as PS4s and DVD players. 

Soundbar Type

Hisense TV soundbars come in different types and styles. Ultimately, the option you go for entirely depends on your preferences.

For example, if the bass sound is your priority, you want to go for a soundbar built with an external subwoofer. This is because regular soundbars feature a small and compact design.

Thus, many of them can’t really produce deep bass without an external subwoofer.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy surround sound quality for movies or gaming, you should opt for soundbars with wireless external speakers.


In addition to regular wire connections, some Hisense smart TV soundbars are built with additional wireless connections for added convenience.

While they won’t give you the same sound quality as HDMI, connectivity options like Bluetooth and Wifi enhance your soundbar’s functionality. However, most models with wireless connectivity will be a little expensive.

Additional Features

Modern Hisense TV soundbars come with additional features to optimize their functionality. These include options like smart design which allow for remote app control using your smartphone.

Some Hisense Roku TV soundbars even come with voice control capabilities, thanks to their compatibility with systems like Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google Assistant.

Sound Enhancement

If you intend on using your soundbar for Hisense smart TV for watching movies or TV shows, gaming, or listening to music, you can opt for models with specific setting options.

These include options with clear dialogue settings, movie EQ presets, or models that support Dolby sound.


The price for Hisense TV soundbars ranges anywhere between $80 and $1,000, although you can find models that cost over $1000.

The price is determined by several factors, including the sound quality, capacity, and added features.

However, the pricing doesn’t necessarily determine the quality. You can still find a good quality soundbar at a low price, although it won’t have advanced features.

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How to connect soundbar to Hisense TV via Bluetooth

You can always take advantage of the wireless connectivity options, including Bluetooth, on your smart TV.

While HDMI connection offers the best audio quality, you can use Bluetooth connectivity to link it to a Bluetooth soundbar. Here’s how to connect the soundbar for Hisense smart TV;

Step 1: Turn on the Soundbar’s Bluetooth

Turn on the Bluetooth on the soundbar and use the manufacturer’s manual to figure out how you can confirm the pairing process.

Step 2: Turn on the TV’s Bluetooth

Next, turn on your TV’s Bluetooth by going to the menu settings using the remote and selecting the Bluetooth option. After turning on the Bluetooth, you can proceed with pairing the two devices.

Step 3: Pair the TV and Soundbar

On the TV’s Bluetooth area, you will see a list of available devices. Select the soundbar’s name and tap pair.

After the devices are successfully paired, check the connection by starting a movie or music. If you don’t get any sound you will have to restart the connection process.

Sound Settings for Hisense TV

Different elements in your sound settings play a significant role in improving the overall audio quality.

So, after connecting your soundbar or speaker for Hisense TV, you should ensure each sound setting feature on the TV is set to these standards;

Sound Mode

The sound mode should be set to standard. Simply go to the settings menu, select Sound, then, Sound Mode, and set it to Standard.

Sound Settings

Set the sound settings to standard to maintain a balance between high and low volume for a better listening experience.

To adjust the sound settings, go to the settings menu, select Sound, choose Sound Effect, and set it to standard.

Virtual Sound

The perfect virtual sound setting allows the TV speakers to deliver audio without disturbances.  This is especially important for movies or gaming.

To adjust virtual sound, go to the settings menu, select Sound Option, choose the Sound Effect, navigate down the menu and select Virtual Sound, and turn it on.

Dialogue Clarity

The dialogue clarity settings add special effects when watching movies or TV shows. To change the settings, go to Menu, select Sound, then, Sound Effect, select Dialogue Clarity, and set it on.

Other key settings to turn on and/or set to Standard include Equalizer, true surround HD (if available), speaker settings, auto volume, and other available high-resolution audio settings.

Hisense TV No Sound-What are the possible causes and solution

Here are the most common causes and solutions for fixing a Hisense TV with no sound;

Muted Sound

The number one reason why your Hisense TV may not have sound is due to muting. The simplest answer is to unmute it using the TV’s remote or control panel.

Sometimes, the volume may be so low that you can’t hear it. All you have to do is increase the TV’s volume.

You should also check your TV’s audio output settings to ensure everything is properly set.

Connected External Audio Devices

Your TV may also be connected to external audio devices you are unaware of, most commonly Bluetooth headphones.

Check the TV’s connection settings and audio output jack to ensure the device is connected.

Problems with External Speakers

If your TV is connected to speakers or a soundbar, you can check their settings. You should also troubleshoot the speakers if they use a multi-channel receiver. Doing so confirms that the right channel audio is set.

Old Firmware

A Hisense TV with no sound may sometimes require new firmware. If there’s new firmware available for the TV, install it through the Updates option on your TV settings.

Hisense TV Volume is Too Low-solutions

There are several reasons why your Hisense TV may have a low volume problem. Here are the most common related issues and how to resolve them;

Increase the Volume

This should be your number one solution. If the volume of your TV is low, you may simply have to increase it.

If you are using a cable box, chances are that the channel you are viewing may have a low volume problem.

If increasing the volume isn’t enough, you can check with your service provider to confirm.

Change Output Settings

If your TV or cable has undergone updating, the sound settings may have changed. You can simply check the TV audio output settings to ensure there aren’t any significant changes.

Pair With Right Soundbar or Speakers

Your TV placement can also affect the sound delivery. For example, being in a large room with poor acoustics can limit sound travel.

In this case, you will have to invest in a soundbar for the best sound volume and delivery.

How to Hook Up Extra Speakers to a Hisense Soundbar

The easiest way to connect the soundbar for HisenseTV with extra speakers is by investing in officially supported surround sound speakers.

Since these speakers are compatible with the soundbar, the connection is simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is link up the speakers and soundbar through Bluetooth or a wired connection. However, if this doesn’t work for you, you can always go for a universal rear kit speaker for Hisense TV, ideally with two outputs.

The speaker kit will come with the speakers, transmitter, and receiver.  Here’s how you hook up the speakers to the soundbar;

Step 1: Prepare for the connections

Make sure the soundbar has the same connectors as the transmitter.

Step 2: Connect the Soundbars

If you have a modern HisenseTV, use the HDMI ARC to connect the soundbar to the TV.

Step 3: Connect the Speakers

Next, set up the speakers, connecting the receiver and transmitter. You can always refer to the manufacturer’s guide for the connections.

Step 4: Connect the Soundbar to the Speakers

Once done, use the optical output of the TV to connect to the speaker’s transmitter and you should be done.


1. Can You Use Any Soundbar with Any TV?

You can pretty much use any soundbar for any TV. Your soundbar brand doesn’t have to be similar to that of your TV. In most cases, many modern soundbars are designed to work with both old and new TVs.

But, as a general rule of thumb, you should check your soundbar and TV port specs to confirm the connection mode before purchasing them.

2. How Do I Know if My Hisense TV is Compatible with a Soundbar?

You can know if your Hisense TV is compatible with the soundbar by examining its specs. Modern TVs will have HDMI ports.

But also, different TVs and soundbars will have varying connection options. The best way to know this is to check the specs of your TV and soundbar before investing in the latter.

3. Is It Better to Connect the Soundbar with HDMI or Optical?

If audio quality is your priority, you are better off with an HDMI soundbar. While optical soundbars offer great quality in audio, they are nowhere near HDMI.

HDMI soundbars can pass higher resolution audio, such as Blu Ray and surround sound.

The latest HDMI versions are even designed with advanced technology that supports higher solution sound delivery.

4. Can I Use a Soundbar with an Older Hisense TV?

Most soundbars will allow you to connect even with an older TV as long as they have compatible connection ports.

Most soundbars for Hisense will hook up to your older Hisense TV using the red and white RCA cables.

Alternatively, you can use coaxial cables, optical cables, or audio input and output jacks.

5. Does Hisense make a Soundbar?

Hisense does carry several models of soundbars for Hisense TVs. The brand is primarily known for its premium quality budget-friendly TVs. So, it doesn’t have that many soundbar options.

The two most common Hisense soundbars include the 2-channel HS205, 2.1-channel HS218, and HS218 soundbar built with an external wireless soundbar.

6. Are Hisense soundbars good?    

Hisense soundbars have a pretty decent construction design and stylish appearance. Like their TVs, they deliver good quality sound.

However, if you are looking for something more heavy-duty and with a higher resolution, you are better off with other brand options for soundbar compatible with Hisense TV.

So, Which Soundbar is Best for Hisense TVs?

Evidently, a good quality soundbar for Hisense TVs goes a long way to improve your TV’s sound delivery and overall broadcasting experience.

Using these soundbars even gives you a myriad of feature options to take advantage of. You can enjoy everything from built-in voice control to the Dolby sound experience. 

While each soundbar for Hisense TVs on our list delivers impressive performance, our personal favorite top pick for the overall best soundbar for Hisense Roku TV is the Bose Smart 300 Soundbar

The speakers offer impressive 5 full-range drivers acoustic performance while giving you expansive voice control ability over the TV, soundbar, and cable.

Furthermore, the Bose soundbar packs exceptional clarity and rich bass to match the TV content. You can even expand the soundbar’s capability by pairing it with additional devices for multi-room listening.

So, to transform your viewing experience, check out any of the options for the outsmart soundbar for Hisense TVs.