Top 10 Best Drywall Mud Mixer Reviews in 2022

You must be familiar with a drywall compound if you have ever renovated or constructed a wall. This drywall mud is used to smoothen the wall surface. It is used to fill any holes and gaps, cover seams, crevices, and cracks.

Drywall mud comes in the form of a powder that is mixed with water to make an even paste for covering the walls; even the ready-to-use drywall compounds are quite thick and need some dilution with water.

A routine drill can be used to make the mixture, but that will need patience and caution; otherwise, the motor will burn out as it cannot handle this sturdy task.

That is where the specific drywall mud mixer comes in handy. It is a heavy-duty mixing drill with drywall mixing paddle or spade attachments that makes mixing easier and ensures a homogenous mixture to work with.

Quick Comparison: Best Drywall Mud Mixers

Top 10 Best Drywall Mud Mixer Reviews:

1. DEWALT DW130V Electric Drill Drywall Mud Mixer

DEWALT DW130V Electric Drill Drywall Mud Mixer

Easy working and functioning should be a priority when looking for a drywall mud mixer. But don’t fret.

The DEWALT (DW130V) is the perfect drill for mixing mud out there. Made in Mexico by the experts in this industry with plastic material, it is yellow and black in color.

It has a 9 amperes motor which makes it a powerful tool for drilling and mixing. The power source used is in the form of corded electric and provides a 120V motor, 600 watts, and 300 watts of maximum power.

Such a high voltage makes it suitable for any job like any other level5 drywall mud mixer.

It has a varying RPM motor from 0-550 RPM, which gives it the necessary torque and speed during the drilling and mud mixing processes.

It has a super soft grip handle that makes the work quite easy. Working for a longer span of time can be a headache and a pain in the neck too.

But this professional mud mixer weighs only 3.8 pounds which increases productivity and reduces fatigue. Work hassle gets easier with this fantastic level5 drywall mud mixer.

The best part is the variable speed and a reversing switch. This means that it can adjust to any kind of work and in any environment.

It is a power-up to the drilling/ mud mixing experience as no air bubbles are formed during the process.



  • High durability

  • Perfect weight distribution

  • Decreases tiredness

  • Powerful motor

  • Manufactured by experts in this industry

  • May not be shock absorbent

  • Overheating issue when used over long periods of time

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2. MAKITA DS4012 ½ Inch Mud Mixer Tool Drywall

MAKITA DS4012 ½ Inch Mud Mixer Tool Drywall

The MAKITA DS4012 is in the form of a half-inch spade handle drill for mixing mud. It is powered by an 8.5 AMP motor for improved mud mixing and drilling actions with a weight of 7.7 pounds.

This drywall mud mixer offers much more features than any other product in the market. The 110 V and 600 RPM speeds help in smooth working and operations.

The maximum speed comes in handy when making holes in strong, sturdy materials.

It offers a variable speed with both a forward and reverse lever or switch for convenience. This speed control gives the best experiences while drilling and mixing in different materials.

It covers a wide range of materials such as drywall mud, stucco, tiles, plasters, and more. It is also a suitable drill for mixing thinner material.

Although it is heavier as compared to other mixing drills, it has a very stable and comfortable grip.

The rubber grip makes it super easy to handle and reduces tiredness in the arms.

The handle is in the shape of a D that can rotate 360 degrees all around. For multi-position operation, it can be paused at any of the 24 positions within the clockwise motion.

The well-balanced design offers additional advantages. It comes in pretty handy for plumbing and adjusting wire problems.

This professional drill for mixing mud has a corded electric power source.



  • Varying speed

  • Comfortable grip

  • Long-lasting

  • Can be used for plumbing as well

  • 360-degree rotation

  • Heavier than others

  • Overpriced shipping

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3. MILWAUKEE’s 18V Cordless Drywall Mud Mixer

MILWAUKEE’s 18V Cordless Drywall Mud Mixer

MILWAUKEE is a well-known brand in the market. Its drywall mud mixers are an industry-leading hardware tool and are quite exceptional.

The MILWAUKEE’s drill for mixing mud has been manufactured by world-class experts in China.

It is an 18V power drill that has variable speed, battery capacity 5.0 AH and RPM, and 6 pounds weight.

You can adjust the RPM according to the work you’re doing.

The variable speed allows you to avoid any foam or air bubbles that may form during the mixing process.

It also offers multi-functionality and can be convenient for drilling holes in hard materials such as steel.

Its chuck size is 1/2 in, its maximum basket diameter is 8 ½ in and its maximum power is 15 gal.

Moreover, another feature is the increased torque it has. Low torque means low driving force and that is quite useless in this area of work.

However, this drill for mixing drywall mud has the perfect torque required for both mixing and drilling.

Although there is no ergonomic handle, the single horizontal handle works perfectly well.

The only disadvantage is that it works in only one direction and you have to adjust it accordingly.

It has a long life service and is very durable. This professional mud mixer assists in difficult tasks and manages them like a pro in no time at all.

The best part is that a professional mud mixer makes mixing drywall mud with a cordless drill for mixing mud easier.

This means that you don’t need any electrical connection or sockets for it to work. It simply runs on batteries.



  • Cordless

  • Built-in China

  • Highly efficient

  • Lifetime service

  • Works like a pro

  • No ergonomic handle

  • Hand pressure required

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4. BOSCH GBM9-16 Mud Mixer for Drywall

BOSCH GBM9-16 Mud Mixer for Drywall

The BOSCH GBM9-16 weight is 6.6 pounds and it is a drill for mixing mud which is a heavy-duty tool that doubles as a drill and a compound mud mixer. Further, its size is 5” and 8” and its material is rubber.

Moreover, it delivers great power and durability thanks to the 9-ampere motor and maximum power of 850 watts.

It generates outstanding torque at all speeds and for different materials. Compound mud mixer works well with cement plaster, paint, epoxy resin, and much more.

It works with a 120 V without the danger of overheating. The heavy-duty mixing drill has variable speed and you can adjust it depending on the material you are working on.

This variable speed setting reduces the number of air bubbles and foam from entering the mix. It has both forward and reverse drilling at all speeds.

It has a rotatable 360 degrees D-shaped handle that allows you to hold it in any position you want.

It has a strong, comfortable grip and reduces vibrations during use. The D shape of the handle lessens all chances of injury and pain.

The drill for mixing drywall mud has a heavy-duty chuck sized ⅝ inch. It allows the tool to support a wide range of mixing and drilling accessories.

The extra length of the electric cord is the best feature of this drill. It is almost 8 to 9 feet in length and offers a lot of ease on the worksite.



  • Heavy-duty tool

  • Energy efficient

  • Three pong ground plug

  • D shape handle

  • Extra-long cord

  • Trigger lock hard to enable

  • No instruction guide

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5. MAKITA XTU02Z Brushless Cordless Drywall Mud Mixer tool

MAKITA XTU02Z Brushless Cordless Drywall Mud Mixer tool

The MAKITA XTU02Z is one of the best mixing drills out there. Moreover, its weight is 9.48 pounds; its thickness is 11 inches.

This drywall mud mixer is an 18V machine that is made of a lithium-ion battery and plastic material.

It has a brushless motor and is comfortable for mixing drywall mud with a cordless drill. The brushless motor provides it with up to 50% longer motor life.

Since it is cordless, it runs on batteries which makes the power management quite efficient.

The lithium-ion battery, also known as LXT, has more run time than the average battery. There is a sealed battery compartment that allows rapid charging and prevents contamination.

It has a variable 2-speed design; 0-350 RPM and 0-1,300 RPM for speed control and versatility in operation. A variable speed trigger assists in adjusting the speed to the material or function.

It has a trigger lock button that is enabled only by using two fingers. The lock-on button aids in easier mixing or drilling. It also provides a lot of convenience in the functioning of mixing drills.

Although it is made of plastic, it has a protective rubber trigger cover.

The XPT is also known as Extreme Protection Technology, basically provides a protective seal inside the tool. It has been engineered to keep the water, dust, and debris away from the internal parts of the mud mixer drill attachment.

It features a tough, lightweight magnesium front housing for durability. It has a two-finger trigger design with a lock-on button for easier mixing.

The all-ball bearing motor and precision-cut steel gears deliver a maximum no-load rpm of 0-700 and provide durability.

The all-ball-bearing motor and precision-cut steel gears deliver plenty of power for high-torque mixing jobs.



  • 3-year warranty

  • LXT advantage

  • Variable Speed Control

  • Mixing drywall mud with cordless drill

  • Cost-effective

  • No batteries included

  • Bare tool only

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6. DEWALT DW130 Mixing Drill with Spade Handle for Drywall Mud

DEWALT DW130 Mixing Drill with Spade Handle for Drywall Mud

The DEWALT DW130 Spade Handle drill for mixing drywall mud is among the finest drywall compound mixers. Like most DEWALT products, it is yellow and black in color.

With a 24V system and no-load 450 RPM speed, it is built for tough applications where high torque is necessary.

The maximum wattage supported by this tool is 600 watts and 7 amperes.

It is an efficient drill for mixing drywall mud and other substances with a power source of corded electricity.

With the average ½ inch size, it has the ability to make clean holes in all surfaces, be it wood or steel.

It has a variable speed switch that offers reverse functioning. You can set it according to the nature of the task being done. The intense torque is able to overpower any kind of dense fluid.

This, in turn, makes the mud bubble-free and offers great control of the drilling machine.

The drilling of very hard and stable materials is not a problem due to the handle adjustments.

It is a combination of rear and side spade handles at their specified positions.

This positioning is perfect for drilling functions that require external downward pressure. The handles also improve stability, reduce vibration and lessen arm fatigue due to the equal weight distribution.



  • Fine weight arrangement

  • Adjustable spades

  • Bubble-free mixing

  • Great control of the drill machine

  • Reduced vibration

  • Mostly not available in the market due to high demand

  • 0.5 Smaller size

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7. GENESIS GSHD 1290 Professional Mud Mixer Drill

ESIS GSHD 1290 Professional Mud Mixer Drill

The Genesis GSHD 1290 Spade Handle is a level5 drywall mud mixer. As compared to others, it has a very powerful motor of 9 amperes with a weight of 8.8 pounds.

It can mix even the thickest fluids like thick drywall, epoxy resin, cement, and paint. With its ampere range, it can drill into the strongest materials like composite materials, metal, steel, and more.

The drill for mixing drywall mud has a variable speed switch and the maximum power it works at is 1080 watts and with a voltage of 120 Volts.

The variable speed switch has a dual dial which allows switching between high and low speeds.

A lock-on button fixes the trigger in place for more extensive use. It also means that it can mix paint, thinnest, drywall mud, and mortar very easily.

The high intensity of torque suggests 850 RPM. The powerful torque has the ability to overpower any fluid material.

This removes all the trapped air bubbles from within the semi-liquid material and ensures even mixing.

By adjusting the settings, you can make this a professional mud mixer.

The two handles, the spade and auxiliary slide handle of the drywall mud mixer work together. It has a three-position auxiliary handle right at the front of the drill.

This helps maintain control over the drill while working. It not only helps in speed control but also enables smoother performance.



  • Backed by 2-year manufacturer warranty

  • AC Power Source

  • Level5 drywall mud mixer

  • Intense torque

  • Variable speed switch

  • Heavier than others

  • Cord length is not long enough

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8. VIVOHOME Electric Handheld Dual Drywall Mixing Paddle

VIVOHOME Electric Handheld Dual Drywall Mixing Paddle

The VIVOHOME Electric Handheld Drywall Mud Mixer is made of premium quality material. The body is made of durable stainless steel, whereas the handles are made of nylon with 13.47 pounds.

The red and silver compound mud mixer machine is appropriate for mixing cement, epoxy resin, mortar, oil paint, and many other materials.

It has an adjustable speed with 7 as the maximum. There is a 2-speed gearbox consisting of a high and low setting between 1 and 7.

You can adjust the different speeds according to the thickness and stickiness of the materials under work.

The RPM varies from 38–850 for the high gear and 240-500 for the low speed.

It has a dual drywall mixing paddle design that has a powerful 1600 W motor installed. It works with a power source of 110 V and by an electric cord.

The dual paddle is in the shape of a screw and evenly mixes everything. If the materials are too thick to handle, then the machine automatically powers off before overheating.

The best feature is the dual ergonomic handles on both sides. This reduces the neck and arm pain and decreases the fatigue of the laborers too.

Such a design requires minimum effort and produces maximum efficiency and results in the task.

The grip of the handles is very comfortable and stable. Another pro is that the vibrations are also very limited when operating manually.



  • Durable stainless steel body

  • 2-speed gearbox

  • Included instruction manual

  • Dual paddle design

  • Efficient performance

  • May overheat

  • Slightly expensive

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9. MAXXT Drywall Mud Mixing Drill

MAXXT Drywall Mud Mixing Drill

The MAX XT Drywall Mud Mixer delivers excellent performance and operation with a 9A and 1050 watts motor with a voltage of 120 Volts.

Moreover, its weight is 6.61 pounds. It is also very useful for mixing/ drilling holes in a wide range of materials. These materials may include drywall mud, cement, resin, plaster, paint, thin set, etc.

Like all others, it has a variable speed and dual switch. The maximum no-load RPM that it can bear is 0-600 RPM and an intense torque.

The forward and reverse switching option provides excellent torque for both drillings as well as mixing. It can also thoroughly flatten out the mix and push out the jammed bits to prevent any air bubbles in the mix.

The ergonomic handle design is an added benefit in this drywall mixing paddle. It has two handles; one is the 360 degree D-shaped rotating handle and the other is a 3-position auxiliary handle.

Working together, these two handles work in a multi-position operation and give the best results.

The auxiliary handle is added for convenience and versatility. The rear spade D handle allows the user to adjust to the best position without any restrictions.

Other added features include a ½ inch key chuck. It is equipped with various accessories for a wide range of applications all in one.



  • Includes a drywall mixing paddle

  • Operates at 1050 watts

  • Dual handles

  • ½ inch key chuck

  • Includes a canvas bag for easy transportation

  • Hard to handle for beginners

  • High torque may be difficult to handle

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10. VonHaus Heavy Duty Compound Mixing Drill

VonHaus Heavy Duty Compound Mixing Drill

The VonHaus Heavy Duty Mixing Drill features a 10 amps motor for dual functionality with a weight of 7.86 pounds. It doubles up as a drywall mixer and a drill at the same time.

It offers brilliant performance and works like a pro throughout its entire life with a voltage of 120 Volts.

It is highly qualified in drilling woods and mixing materials like paint, thin set, or cement.

The concrete mud mixer features a variable speed switch with both forward and reverses switches.

The variable speed rotary dial covers all the areas and aids in having full power over the entire surface working area.

This provides a lot of control over the machine, thus lessening the formation of air bubbles.

The no-load feature literally means that the highest RPM achieved without any kind of burden or load is 700 RPM.

With such a high RPM, you can easily drill holes and mix thick fluids in no time at all.

It has a ½ inch chuck which helps in attaching the bits with a large diameter easily. The chuck also provides optimum power for any kind of job at any site.

The feature that comes in use the most is the ergonomic handles on both right and left sides.

They are D-shaped and can rotate around 360 degrees.

The handles are covered by rubber for a soft and comfortable grip. This also increases stability and reduces vibrations.



  • Dual functionality

  • Brilliant performance

  • Maximum RPM

  • Rubber handles

  • Perfect performance

  • Its drill for mixing thin-set can bend

  • Mixing attachment not included

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Best Drywall Mud Mixer Buying Guide

Although a drywall mud mixer sounds like a strictly professional tool; however, there are just a few things to keep in mind if you are planning to buy yourself a joint compound mixer drill.

If you are doing a project yourself or plan to DIY a wall or a room, it certainly is not that hard.

Here is a list of a few key factors to stick to when looking for the best drywall compound mixer.

Power or RPM

Power is the first thing to look for in a machine or engine used for heavy tasks, like drilling, mixing, etc.

A mixer with a wide RPM range is better as you can adjust the power and speed as per your requirement.

In the beginning, it needs more power and as the mixture starts to come to the right consistency, you can use lower speed and lesser power.

This is very important to keep your machine from burning and obviously consumes lesser fuel or electricity.


Check if your joint compound mixer drill or concrete mud mixer has the necessary torque to complete the heavy task of mixing full buckets of drywall mixture.

For this purpose, the RPM is low with high torque to withstand the heavy buckets full of stiff material.

This keeps from foam or bubbles forming in your mixture, resulting in an even and smooth mud mixture that is easy to spread on the walls.


A concrete mud mixer has to deal with stiff mud that takes some time to loosen and then mix with water.

So make sure how long does one last for this tough task. Check the specifications of the mixer and see if its motor can handle the task well. Does the motor burn off quickly or not?

Check for the manufacturer’s warranty and see if the specifications match your particular requirements.

You can find reviews of different products online and expert opinions to see if you are getting value for your money.


The mud mixers usually come with handles for a stronger grip. It is very important to keep the bucket in place and avoid chipping off its sides into the mud mixture.

The handles allow you to exert enough pressure to keep it stay in place and give better control to the user.

They also ensure easy and comfortable operation with lesser vibration. Most of them have handles on the sides, but a few designs also have a rear handle to ensure even mixing.

Drill Settings

Multiple speed settings are necessary to use your machine as per need. Mixers come with speed dials and triggers or knobs. The modern ones have digital monitors that are even easier to work with.

A mud mixer drill attachment drill that has both forward and backward momentum is even better than the traditional ones. It makes it easy to handle and operate in more than just one direction.

What is the Purpose of the Drywall Mud Mixer?

A drill is the most common tool used to mix drywall. However, a proper drywall mixer or a mud mixer drill attachment reduces the wear on a drill significantly.

It makes the whole process easier and quicker. It makes sure the drywall mixture is even and has appropriate consistency. It keeps it all going in the middle, making sure it’s all mixed up.

The drywall mixing paddle structure also makes sure there are no air pockets.

The mixing drills usually chip off the plastic from the bucket and it all goes in the mixture. A mud mixer keeps the bucket from chipping off.

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Mixing Drywall Mud with a Mixer

The drywall mud mixer is specially designed to do the gruesome task of mixing it with water. A normal drill has chances of burning out during the process.

  • Start off by attaching the drywall mixing paddle or sheetrock mud mixer drill bit to your mixer and get it ready at a lower speed.
  • Put your drywall compound in a bucket and add some water to it to start off digging in it and knead it.
  • Holding the bucket between your legs is a good idea to exert force from the top while securing it in place.
  • Grip the handles of your mixer and stand in a comfortable position as it is going to take some time. Also, stand in a position where you can exert your whole body weight to work through the mixture without letting the bucket slip away or tip-off.
  • Start on the surface and then stir deeper to get it all mixed up.
  • Add only a little water at a time and mix it until you do not see any water separated from the mixture.
  • A higher torque machine with low speed to begin with and then increasing the speed a bit works just fine.
  • Mixing at high speed traps air into the mixture, which is hard to get rid of. So, work on a slower speed, yet more force.
  • Keep on digging and stirring until all the water is completely incorporated. You can use a putty knife or a spatula to check the consistency of your mixture.

Mixing Drywall Mud by Hand;

The best way to mix drywall is using a mixer or drill with the right specifications as per your needs.

But you can mix it by hand, nonetheless. Even the Readymix mud needs to be mixed well with some extra water to get to the right consistency.

Get the Materials Ready

You will need

  • A bucket of drywall compound
  • a strong wooden stick, thick enough to withhold the grueling job of mixing the heavy mud

You can even use a thick broomstick or something similar

  • a bucket of water

Get Going

Make some room for adding water in your bucket by taking out some drywall compound and putting it aside.

Gradually start adding water to the bucket and start mixing.

While the mixture is thick, it’s hard to mix through. But as it starts coming together, it gets somewhat smoother.

Mix Thoroughly

Add water only a little at a time. Then incorporate it evenly throughout the bucket using the rod or masher.

Dig in deep to make sure it gets to the bottom also and you have a homogenous mixture from top to bottom.

There should be no water separating from the mixture. A few lumps here and there are ok as you can smoothen them while applying on the wall.

All it takes is some continuous digging and stirring all the way to the bottom of the bucket.

Configuring a Hammer Drill to Mix Mud;

Most people would prefer specific mixing drills for mixing drywall mud with handles for mixing jobs like that of cement or drywall compound.

It is specifically designed for this purpose and holds on to the pressure and demands of mixing heavy materials.

However, you can use a hammer drill for this purpose if operated cautiously and properly.

Otherwise, it will either burn or just not be able to mix well like any of the mixing drills.

Attachments for the Drill

Since the hammer drills are light-duty, hence you will need a lot of pressure and force to exert to make it work as a mud mixer.

Preferably get a drill with varying speeds so that you can adjust it as per the consistency of your mixture.

Either get a drywall mixing paddle attachment and if not, then attach the longest drill bit, like sheetrock mud mixer drill bit, so that you can reach deep in the mud mixture. A spade-like attachment also works well for this purpose.

Start Slowly

Start by adding a little mud compound to water as vice-versa will burn out your drill. For mixing, you need slow speed with lower RPM but more torque.

This mixes it well without trapping any air in it. Start slowly and work thoroughly through the mixture, adding only a little at a time.

You might need to shift to a bit higher speed as you incorporate more mud compounds into the mixture until you get the desired consistency.

Necessary Materials Need to Mix Using a Mud Mixer Drill

Mixing drywall mud is a hefty and time taking process. It involves heavy pressure and an eye to look for the right consistency to cover your walls properly and neatly.

Here are the materials you will need to mix drywall mud using a mud mixer drill:

  • A drill for mixing drywall mud with speed control dials and various speeds to adjust as per need
  • The drywall mixing paddle attachment usually comes with the drill. If its length is adjustable, then adjust it according to the amount of the drywall compound and the bucket that you have.
  • A bucket of drywall compounds is usually a thick mixture packed in a box or a bucket. You can use the same bucket for mixing by taking out some of it to make room for adding water.
  • A bucket of clean water. You are going to use it a little at a time.

Top Brands of Drywall Mud Mixer

There are a few good brands out there manufacturing mixing drills known for their quality and performance.


Dewalt is a leading name in manufacturing tools for construction and other heavy-duty tasks. Their tools are sturdy and reliable. Dewalt drill for mixing drywall mud combines power with performance.

The manufacturer manual allows you to operate it without any hassle, even if you don’t have much practice using such tools.


Makita machines have great reviews from their users. They are user-friendly and quite easy for non-professional people working on DIY projects.

Makita mixers come with versatile features like variable speed and lock buttons to avoid any accidents.


Milwaukee is a pioneer in tool manufacturing. Their mixing drills have pretty much all the features similar to Dewalt’s, except that it is usually priced less than theirs.

The overall design is compatible and comfortable to hold and use.


Brutus has made a somewhat cheaper drill for mixing drywall mud as compared to the top-notched brands in the market. For its price, you get a compact drill with power and performance for all basic tasks.

The style and design are perfect for mixing mud, cement, and mortar.


Bosch handheld drill for mixing drywall mud is powerful enough to get any mixing job done.

It also has LED displays for easier use. The grip is strong enough to hold it and work comfortably.

What is Wide RPM Range and Why Need it?

RPM means “revolution per minute”, commonly referred to as ‘rounds per minute’ as well. The term is used to measure the performance of an engine and its speed.

RPM corresponds to the engine making complete rotations during a minute and seeing how many times its pistons in the cylinder move up and down.

A wide RPM range means an engine that offers varied speeds for different tasks. Starting from a basic RPM, it can be extended to a maximum limit depending on the task that needs to be performed using it.

A motor or engine with a wide range of RPM comes in handy for different applications. It allows you to employ it for various jobs, without having to have a separate engine for each one.

The biggest advantage is the lower fuel consumption.

If there is a task at hand that needs lower RPM, you can run it at a lower speed, consuming less fuel. On the other hand, you can perform a heavy job with the same machine by running it at its maximum RPM.

You won’t need a heavier engine or machinery for performing heavier tasks. It saves you money, space, fuel, and hassle, all at the same time.


1. What is the Strongest Drywall Mud?

CGC Sheetrock 90 is one of the strongest drywall mud available in the market. You can use it for embedding tape, beads, and trims. This is a lightweight product that is easy to use.

It gives you premium bonding and the best thing is it doesn’t take too long to dry. It withstands humidity and is resistant to scratches.

2. How Many Coats of Drywall Mud Do I Need?

A general rule is to coat your wall once to cover all the flaws, seams, etc., and then after taping, follow with three more coats.

However, if there are more than a few small cracks or crevices on the wall, then you might need an extra coat or two. It also depends on the drywall mud that you are using and how much coverage it gives.  

3. Do you Tape or Mud First?

You always set the tape first and ideally let it dry, at least overnight. After that, you can apply the drywall mud to it.

Smoothing the edges of the tape with the best drywall bazooka is always a good idea as it gives a very neat look after you remove it.

4. What can you use Instead of Drywall Mud?

There are a few things that you can use as an alternative to drywall mud. One option is to make your own mud following the DIY instructions.

Some people make use of spackling instead of joint compounds. Plywood is also a cheap alternative. Drywall adhesives are also used for smaller jobs.


Reviewing the best drywall mud mixer, The DEWALT Electric Drill Mud Mixer is top of the list. It’s a great tool that gives you absolute control while mixing.

It has variable speed with reversing switch feature that prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in the mixture, even at high speed.

The 9Amp motor is enough to operate for various tasks without getting burned away. Its ergonomic, soft handles make it easier to handle and work with less exertion.

We hope that you find this review of the drywall mud mixer helpful to find the right tool for your job.

We have covered as many details as possible to keep in mind when searching for a mud mixer to give you the best performance for the right price.

Keep your requirements in mind and look for the specifications of each product and choose a drill for mixing drywall mud.