Best Circle Cutters for Paper in 2022

Cutting perfect circles by hand can be nearly impossible. Though tracing a circle on your piece of paper or cutting from a stencil can help, the best strategy is using a paper circle cutter.

The best circle cutter will help you work faster and create a better outcome for paper crafting. With a wide variety on the market, it can be difficult to know which round paper cutter is best.

Some of the circle cutters offer specialized functions of extra tools that only help with certain kinds of projects.

The below buying guide is designed to identify the right circle cutter for paper crafting that matches your project needs.

Whether you scrapbooking, designing handmade cards, or doing crafts with kids, this guide is here to help.

Quick Comparison: Best Circle Cutters for Paper Crafting

Top 8 Best Circle Cutter for Paper Reviews:

1. NT Cutter Coupe-Circles Cutter

NT Cutter Coupe-Circles Cutter

The NT Cutter is a classic choice when it comes to the paper circular cutter market. This tool combines metal and plastic to make this cutter both durable and lightweight.

This is one of the most user-friendly circle cutters available on the market.

As with many other circle cutters, this cutter includes a sharp blade on the end of an adjustable bar. This bar is attached to the center point to hold the tool in place.

With the NT Cutter Coupe-Cercles, this bar is surrounded by a circular plastic base to keep the bar in place while the circle is being cut.

This base is made of clear plastic so you can still easily view your workspace.

This plastic base also replaces the need for a center pin found on similar products.

On this NT Cutter, the length of the bar is adjusted using sturdy metal knobs. The most unique aspect of this circle cutter is the option to attach an extension bar for larger circles.

Without the extension bar, the circle cutter tool can cut circles up to 6 inches. With the extension bar attached, circles can be cut up to 15 inches. This is a key advantage to the NT Cutter.

Once the bar has been adjusted to your desired circumference, the blade is easily pushed around the circumference using a small knob.

There’s also a small handle in the center to help hold the cutter in place while you work. These small handles are not as comfortable as others available.

Because the bars and knobs are manufactured from metal, they are long-lasting. Users of the NT Cutter report that this tool outlasts many in the competition.

However, the large plastic base and extendable bar make this tool take up more space when stored.

In addition to an extendable bar, the NT Cutter Coupe-Cercles also offers adjustable blade depth.

This allows the tool to work for a wide variety of materials including paper, plastic, and fabric.

Users of this tool also report that this tool works as well for small circles as it does for large circles.


  • Adjustable blade depth
  • Extension bar for circles up to 15 inches
  • Durable metal bar
  • Clear plastic base
  • No center pin to cause holes


  • Larger than some alternatives
  • Small handles
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2. NT Cutter Aluminum Die-Cast Body Heavy-Duty Circle Cutter

NT Cutter Aluminum Die-Cast Body Heavy-Duty Circle Cutter

The NT Heavy Duty Circle Cutter is one of the most durable, long-lasting tools available for cutting circles.

This tool works well on a variety of materials and is able to withstand lots of use for both simple paper projects as well as small-scale construction projects.

The NT Cutter uses a single edge BC-400 blade. This blade is made of durable carbon steel and is uniquely designed to maintain optimum sharpness over time.

There’s a convenient compartment built in to store spare blades though they do not need to be replaced often.

This sturdy cutter is also adjustable. It’s able to cut circles ranging from 1-3/16″ to 10-1/4″ in diameter.

Once adjusted to the desired length, the NT Circle Cutter works by holding the center grip down while slowly turning the main grip in a circular motion.

The heavy aluminum material makes this circle cutter one of the easiest to keep in place while using.

The main grip is made of non-slip rubber that is gentle on your hands. This makes it easy to maintain your grip throughout a long project.

Though the blade is strong enough to cut through many materials, it’s designed to be rotated multiple times to achieve the best results.

Again, the heavy material ensures the cutter stays in place through multiple rotations.

This blade has been used successfully to cut through paper, plastic, drywall, and flooring. The possibilities are endless.

If you anticipate a need to cut through heavy materials or a project that will require cutting dozens of circles, this is a great choice.

The design of this tool makes it one of the most user-friendly and least tiring tools available. You will be able to make great progress without suffering wrist or arm strain.


  • Sturdy Aluminum Material
  • Ideal for large projects
  • Comfortable, non-slip rubber handle
  • Long-lasting blades


  • Heavy material
  • Higher price point
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3. OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter

OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter

The OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter is a ratchet handle-designed paper cutter. This circle cutter includes an 18mm rotary blade and a pivot spike connected on an adjustable plastic ratchet handle.

To use, the pivot is adjusted to the radius of your desired circle and placed in the center of the desired circle area.

The circle is then cut by simply rotating the blade around the center pivot point. This natural motion, similar to stirring, is easy on your wrists and joints.

Some OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter users have noted issues with the pivot spike creating a hole in the paper.

When using this tool, be careful not to place too much pressure on the pivot point and instead focus the pressure on the rotary blade.

Additionally, the product may be rotated both clockwise and counterclockwise. This makes it a great tool for both right and left-handed crafters.

This 18mm blade design is ideal for paper crafting but can be difficult to use on thicker materials.

For some card stock and heavyweight paper, the blade may need to be rotated many times to cut all the way through. This tool is not well suited for fabric projects.

One main perk of this cutter is that the circle dimensions can be adjusted to achieve circles from 1-1/2″ to 8-3/4″. This allows you to create the precise size circle to meet your needs.

The plastic rotary design also offers built-in safety features. These include a blade cover and a plastic pivot spike guard for safety when the product is not in use.

Overall, the easy-to-use OFTA Rotary Circle Cutter would make a great choice for simple papercrafts.

Whether you’re designing a scrapbook or crafting with your children, this tool will help you cut circles in no time.

In addition to cutting perfect circles, it’s also a great choice for creating crescents, half-circles, or other curved shapes.


  • Natural motion to prevent wrist strain
  • Blade cover built-in for safety
  • Cuts circles from 1-1/2″ to 8-3/4″
  • Replacement blades available


  • Not well suited for card stock
  • Must be careful to hold the product in place while cutting the circle
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4. Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter for Paper Crafting

Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter for Paper Crafting

This lightweight and compact Fiskars Circle Cutter can cut any size circle ranging from 1 inch to 8 inches. The portable design of this cutter also makes it easy to use in almost any area of your workspace.

To cut a circle with this tool, you start by placing the Fiskars Circle Cutter in the center of your desired circle area.

The blade is at the edge of a plastic arm which can be adjusted to achieve your desired circle size.

Once adjusted, the tool is locked in place by pushing down on the orange rubber knob which applies pressure to the center of your workspace.

The arm can then be rotated in a circular motion to achieve a perfectly cut circle.

Some users of the Fiskars Circle Cutter note difficulty moving the arm all the way around while maintaining pressure on the center with one hand.

However, the more you use the tool, the more comfortable this motion will become.

Other circle cutting tools often use a plastic or metal pin as the center point of the tool.

The rubber design of the Fiskars Circle Cutter foot prevents accidental holes from occurring in your workspace.

The rubber knob does block your view of the center of your circle. However, the clear base ensures you see the edge of the circle as you move the blade around the circumference.

This unique tool works well on a variety of materials including paper, card stock, felt, and thin fabrics.

However, users must be careful when moving and transporting as no blade cover is included.

The Fiskars Circle Cutter is one of the most user-friendly circle-cutting tools available. This lightweight and compact tool is easy to move around your workspace and even take with you on the go.

Additionally, the adjustable design allows you to cut circles in the precise size you need for your project. This tool is truly designed to work for you and meet your needs.


  • Cuts circles 1″ to 8″
  • No preset cutting increments
  • Clear base to view edges of the workspace
  • Rubber base to hold the paper still
  • Replacement blades available


  • Setting circle size can be challenging
  • Cannot view the center of the circle while cutting
  • No blade cover included
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5. OLFA Compass Circle Cutter

OLFA Compass Circle Cutter

The OLFA Compass Circle Cutter works in a similar manner to the OLFA Circle Rotary Cutter. Though the Compass Circle Cutter is only able to cut circles up to 6″ in diameter.

As with the rotary cutter, this paper crafting circle cutter tool includes an adjustable center pin fixed on an adjustable handle.

Once adjusted to the desired size, the pin is placed in the center of the desired circle while the blade is rotated around the circumference.

One unique feature is that this circle cutter kit includes a protective plastic circle.

This small piece is used to protect your project material from being punctured by the center pin. This ensures your circles come out perfect every time.

This circle cutter works using OLFA COB-1 blades. Extra blades, which are often included in the package, can be stored conveniently in the tool’s handle. Up to 6 blades are able to fit in the handle.

The strong blade makes the OLFA Compass Circle Cutter an ideal tool for a variety of projects.

The blade makes quick work of cutting through paper, plastic, cardboard, and many other materials.

If you like to work on a wide variety of projects, this may be the perfect tool for you. The thin plastic material does not hold up as well over time as some of the alternatives.

Additionally, the package includes a protective plastic cover. This works both as a safety feature to secure the blades as well as a place to store the circular plastic protector for the center pin.

The OLFA Compass Circle Cutter is a go-to choice for papercrafts. Its compact design makes it easy to store and use in a variety of work areas. The low price makes it an affordable tool to add to your kit.


  • Affordable price point
  • Extra blade storage in handle
  • Plastic protector for the center pin
  • Plastic Protective Cover


  • Multiple rotations are needed for some materials
  • Wear and tear over time
  • Circles only up to 6″
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6. Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter

Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter

The Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter is a plastic board with outlines for fixed circle size. The tool cuts half circles and is designed to be used on material folded in half to achieve full circles.

To create a circle on paper with this cutter, the material is folded in half and laid flat beneath the plastic template guide.

The blade is then placed in the correct guide to achieve the desired circle diameter. The blade is easily pushed across the guide to cut completely through the folded paper or fabric.

One of the main benefits of this design is the elimination of the center pin. This means there is no risk of creating holes in the center of your project.

The flat plastic design also holds your material in place while you work.

However, this process does require the material to be folded in half. This is an ideal tool for fabric as any creases can be ironed out after the cut is made.

The folding process is less ideal for paper as creases do not come out as easily.

For paper, this could be a great tool to create rounded edges or corners without the need to fold or crease the paper.

To do this, you would simply place the template over the material edge and use the blade to cut off the corner or side to achieve the desired angle.

Another key feature of the Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter is the push cutter handles. These convenient handles are designed to rotate smoothly as they move around the template.

This allows you to make one smooth cut without any twisting or straining. The handles are also designed with a soft grip to maximize user comfort.

Overall, Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter provides a sturdy and stable template for easily cutting circles.

Because the tool is designed to be used with fabric, this is the best material to use with this tool.

However, if you are looking for a tool for cutting paper circles, this circle cutter can be a go-to choice.


  • Cuts circles 2″-12″ in diameter
  • No center to pin to create unwanted holes
  • Ideal for fabric projects
  • Push cutter rotating handle


  • The material must be folded in half to cut
  • Limited sizes of circles available
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7. Logan FoamWerks Foamboard Paper Circle Cutter

Logan FoamWerks Foamboard Paper Circle Cutter

The Logan FoamWerks Foamboard Circle Cutter is an easy-to-use tool that is ideal for projects requiring thicker materials.

As the name suggests, this cutter was designed for use on foam boards and works very well for just that.

To begin your project, you can loosen the center beam holding knob to adjust the blade beam to your desired diameter.

The side of the beam includes a convenient scale to help you precisely achieve your desired diameter. The tool can cut circles ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches.

Once you’ve adjusted the beam to the correct diameter, you can tighten the beam holding knob and place the tool over the material you would like to cut.

Once in place, the blade is rotated simply by rotating the handle on top.

The blade only moves in a clockwise direction. In some cases, the blade may need to be rotated multiple times to cut all the way through the material.

The clear dome lid of the Logan FoamWerks Foamboard Circle Cutter is 8.2 inches in diameter. This lid helps hold your material in place while still allowing you to see your workspace.

However, if your material is smaller than the 8.2″ round dome, the dome will not be able to hold it in place.

This clear dome lid also works as a safety measure while the blade is being rotated.

Because of this large dome and the long blade, this tool is ideal for large projects on thick materials such as foam board, posters, or drywall. If you are primarily working on small paper projects, this is not the tool for you.

If you are working with a large and thick material, the Logan FoamWerks Foamboard Circle Cutter is the ideal choice.

With an easily adjustable blade and easy to rotate handle, it’s simple to cut a circle with this tool.


  • Ideal for foam board projects
  • Circles from 1″ to 6″
  • Includes 5 extra blades
  • Simple to use and install blades
  • Easy to rotate the handle
  • A plastic dome safety cover


  • Blade too large for paper projects
  • Blades must be replaced or sharpened often
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8. TrueCut 360 Circle Cutter

TrueCut 360 Circle Cutter

The TrueCut 360 Circle Cutter offers quick precision with a smooth blade and precise measurement tools.

The lightweight, plastic design makes this a durable and easy-to-use choice for crafters of any skill level.

The TrueCut 360 Circle Cutter is from a plastic base having a center point on one end and an adjustable blade on the other.

Precise measurements ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches are printed right on the plastic making for quick work when setting the diameter.

Once the diameter is set, it’s easy to lock into place so you can start cutting.

While cutting, it’s important to hold the center pin in place to ensure your material stays put.

However, if held down too firmly, this center pin has been known to leave a small hole in the center of the circle.

This tool works great on paper, card stock, felt, and fabric. The wide plastic base helps smooth any fabric wrinkles as the blade travels around the circumference.

With a range all the way up to 12″, this is a great tool for a variety of crafts and projects.

The TrueCut 360 Circle Cutter can also help to cut curved corners and smooth curves. The blade is able to roll both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

This makes it easy to use whether you are left or right-handed. With a little practice, this is an easy tool for kids and beginners to master.

With no extra parts to attach, this tool is light and compact for storage or travel. Take it on the go or move it around your workspace with ease.

Overall, this is an easy tool to use that works for just about any paper or fabric project. However, it’s on the higher end of the price range for paper circle cutting tools.


  • Circles from 2″ – 12″
  • Precise measurement markings
  • 2 extra blades included
  • List Element


  • The Center pin may leave a hole
  • Higher price range
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Best Circle Cutter Buying Guide

Once you have identified your needs, here are a few important factors to consider before you make your purchase.


Each circular cutter is specially designed for a specific project. Whether it be paper, fabric, or foam board, the cutter is going to perform best when following its intended design.

If you are planning to cut paper circles, a circle cutter designed for fabric may not work best.

If you anticipate using your circle cutter for a wide variety of projects, look for a cutter designed with versatility in mind.


A round paper cutter can be manufactured from a variety of materials. Most often, they are made from either plastic or metal. If you’re concerned about durability, metal may be the material to look for.

If you want your circle cutter to be lightweight and compact, plastic is your best bet.

Circle cutting tools made from a combination of plastic and metal often offer the best of both worlds.

Blade Design

A variety of blades can be found on a round paper cutter including circular blades and single-edged blades of varying lengths. The larger and stronger the blade is, the thicker the material it’s able to cut through.

To truly know how well-designed the blade is, it’s important to read reviews and understand other users’ experiences.

If you plan to use your cutter frequently, you want to ensure your blade is up to the task without frequent replacements.


When it comes to any sharp, cutting tool, safety is key. Many circle cutting tools include a plastic safety cover of some kind.

Additionally, it can be safe to have a cover that offers protection while the blade is in use as well.

Especially if you have little hands around, you want to make sure the blades will be covered and secure. This both prevents accidents and ensures a longer-lasting blade.

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How to Use a Circle Cutter for Crafting

If it’s your first time using your circle cutting tool, consider working with a piece of scrap material first.

  1. Gather your materials. The necessary materials include your circle cutter, your paper or fabric, and a cutting mat.
  2. Lay your paper or other material across your cutting mat.
  3. Identify where you would like the center of your circle to be and how long your diameter needs to be.
  4. Adjust your circle cutter to the right diameter and align it with the circle’s center on paper.
  5. Hold firmly to the center point of your cutting tool and make sure your material is smooth.
  6. Rotate the blade clockwise around the circumference of your circle.
  7. Make sure you have cut all the way through the paper. If not, make another rotation.
  8. Remove your circle cutter and inspect your perfect circle.


The best circle cutter for paper depends on the unique needs of your project. Read over the reviews above and look for features that match your paper crafting needs.

Each of these brands makes high-quality circle cutter products that will hold up to the job.

Any of the products mentioned would make a great choice if they match your needs. Once you’ve chosen the best circle cutter for you, it’s time to enjoy your paper crafting project!