Top 10 Best Car Windshield Squeegees in 2022

The best car windshield squeegee will definitely help you to remove any watermark or scrub off the spots and hazy dirt from your glass surface leaving it with a streak-free appearance.

Anything that collects dust and dirt which causes a hazy mess should be cleaned thoroughly for safety and functionality.

Car enthusiasts agree that professional squeegees for cars are indeed very important equipment as part of your car cleaner tools.

The squeegee’s blade functions as a car wiper, wiping down any dust and dirt off of the surface.

Although a car windshield squeegee may be simple and basic equipment to use, choosing the right car windshield squeegee can also be tricky.

This tool comes in various designs, shapes, sizes, and features.

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Top 10 Best Car Windshield Squeegee Reviews:

1. ITTAR 58 Inch Extension Pole Squeegee

ITTAR 58 Inch Extension Pole Squeegee

Cleaning your car’s windshield and windows daily can be easily done with the help of ITTAR All Purpose Window Squeegee. Having a good car window cleaner tool will make things doable!

This two-in-one-piece all-purpose squeegee is very ideal for removing any dirt and debris from your car’s windshield and windows.

No need to buy a separate sponge because it comes along in this product.

It has a netted nylon-covered foam that will surely wipe off any stubborn grit on any glass surface. Its 10-inch rubber blade has a plastic frame to keep it in place.

When you need to reach high windows, there is no need for ladders because its pole has a threaded connection that’s very easy to assemble for your pole extension that could be as long as 58 inches.

This is a good long handle windshield squeegee.

This squeegee has a non-slip strong plastic handle to give you a good grip. At the same time, it’s designed with a hanging hook for easy storage.



  • Has an extendable pole of up to 58 inches

  • Sponge washer and squeegee all in one unit

  • Blade is secured in place by a plastic frame

  • Nylon netted covered sponge

  • Lightweight

  • The parts unscrew easily

  • The sponge is not very absorbent

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2. Buyplus 2-in-1 Car Windshield Cleaning Squeegee

Buyplus 2-in-1 Car Windshield Cleaning Squeegee

This squeegee for car washing is built with a window squeegee plus a window washer combination that is a very beneficial tool for efficient glass cleaning.

The 11-inch squeegee blade is firm enough to give you an optimum cleaning service and a squeaky clean surface.

Back-to-back with the blade is the washable microfiber scrubber sleeve that can be reused many times which helps you save money.

Due to its microfiber feature, it can surely scrub off any grit and grime on your glass surface.

If you need to reach deep-seated dirt or hard-to-reach angles, this is a good choice for you. It has an agile rotate lock feature that can be maneuvered to secure dirt removal along with its rubber handle that gives you a good grip.

Though the pole is not included, you can easily attach it to any threaded extension pole. It features an American standard threaded tip that is compatible with any standard pole. Storage-wise, it is admirable due to its small size.



  • Silicone scrubber for longevity

  • 180° pivoting for any position

  • Microfiber for strong absorption

  • Has anti-slip handle

  • Threaded end that's compatible for standard extension poles

  • Pole is not included

  • Not lightweight

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3. Mallory 8-Inch Sponge Car Windshield Squeegee

Mallory 8-Inch Sponge Car Windshield Squeegee

Mallory never fails to give us a good unit when it comes to car drying squeegees.

Our car’s windshield and windows are the most vulnerable victims of bird droppings but worry no more because this squeegee for cars is here to help you clean that mess up.

This item has a wide and soft 18-inch rubber blade that is securely safe to use. It is firm and straight to make sure that the cleaning performance is maximum.

No need to worry about chemical reactions because the material is chemical resistant.

It also comes with a high-quality method nylon bug sponge that is very absorbent to give you that good scrubbing.

To add to that, the handle is just long enough to give you that good grip. With its design, it can definitely suit different uses.

Due to its small size, you can always store it easily, not requiring you too much storage space.



  • Blade and sponge back-to-back

  • Chemical resistant

  • Connection type is threaded

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to store due to small size

  • Threaded tip for connection comes loose easily

  • Extension pole is not included

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4. OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Car Washing Windshield Squeegee

OXO Good Grips Wiper Blade Car Washing Windshield Squeegee

This car windshield squeegee from OXO is indeed small but terrible. Its 10-inch windshield wiper blade design is great for any glass surface.

The blade will surely provide a smooth resistance-free swipe. The blade is made of silicon that will secure durability and longevity.

No worries about storing it because it is small enough to fit any tight storage.

It also has a rotating hook design that allows you to hook the product to any showerhead, towel bar, caddies & more.

It also provides you a good grip that you can surely still hold with comfort even when wet. Its non-slip handle will give you ease of handling this product.

This can be used both for cars and even home windows and glass doors. It’s also cheap in price that anyone can easily purchase it



  • silicon blade for durability and quality

  • Streak-free drying by the precision edge

  • Rotating hook for storage

  • Soft non-slip handle

  • Multi-use

  • The hook easily breaks and falls off

  • Not for heavy duty use

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5. Better Boat Marine Windshield Cleaner and Car Washer

Better Boat Marine Windshield Cleaner and Car Washer

If you’re looking for a car washing windshield squeegee that you can bring almost anywhere, this has got to be your choice!

One big advantage of this car drying squeegee if you’re always on the run is its collapsible feature.

The head which is 9.8 inches wide and its rod which is 15 inches long can be disassembled anytime when you need to store it in your trunk or any small storage area.

This is not just a squeegee for car windows but you can pretty much use it anywhere, whether it’s for your home or boat. This is also a good RV windshield squeegee.

Whenever you need to use it for hard-to-reach areas, no need to worry because this windshield washer squeegee’s head can be detached from its rod and be connected to any standard threaded pole.

You can easily attach it to any broom or mop rod and even to any extendable telescoping pole.

Its double-sided squeegee and sponge head are also beneficial to its users. This will not require you to buy a separate sponge because this is a two-in-one auto window squeegee.

It features a top-quality netted sponge that will give you ease in scrubbing off any dried dirt and mud, salt, or even bird droppings.

The rubber squeegee blade easily wicks away your water solution to leave your glass surface sparkling clean.



  • 2 in 1 tool

  • Collapsible for easy storage

  • Compatible for an extension pole

  • Double netted wash sponge for quick cleaning

  • Lightweight

  • the rubber is too rigid

  • not for heavy duty use

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6. DSV Standard Professional Car Windshield Squeegee

DSV Standard Professional Car Windshield Squeegee

Cleaning our car’s windshield and windows can be time-consuming especially when you keep circling around your car’s body just to reach the other side. Good thing, this squeegee has an extendable pole of up to 50 inches or 127 cm.

This allows you to reach the other end of the windshield and do the cleaning much faster.

You can simply connect the pole whenever you need to reach high areas and easily disassemble it so that it won’t eat up too much space as you store it.

This can also be used for cleaning your windows and doors, especially those that are hard to reach.

This swivel squeegee can rotate up to seven different angles. Tough angles are truly not a problem.

This comes in a 10-inch rubber blade that is firm enough to give you professional cleaning power and a streak-free appearance.

Alongside that, it’s also built with a netted high-quality sponge to give you a maximum cleaning performance. Blade and sponge all in one tool!

Whenever confusion or queries may arise as you use it, no need to worry. DSV offers 24/7 customer service with 18 months full warranty.

They also guarantee you 30 days 100% money-back in case problems with the product may come up.



  • Lightweight

  • Comes with an extendable pole of up to 50"

  • High-quality netted sponge

  • Has 18 months warranty

  • Firm blade for professional cleaning power

  • Angle changing does not fully lock into place

  • The sponge is too soft for extreme dirt

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7. Desired Tools Foam Handle Squeegee for Car Windshield & Glass

Desired Tools Foam Handle Squeegee for Car Windshield Glass

Many users would attest that this is a good automotive window squeegee. If you’re one that’s looking for a portable, unit this one is for you.

This item from Desired Tools is indeed a professional squeegee for cars due to its maximum cleaning performance.

It’s built with a soft and very flexible silicone squeegee blade that allows you to clean very efficiently with its adaptive feature and optimal surface contact which gives you the ability to clean much while requiring you less force.

No need to worry when using it wet because its non-slip soft foam handle will surely facilitate your grip as you do the cleaning.

This is also fit for those who are very allergic to clutter and eyesore. This is portable enough that it will neatly fit in your small bathroom cabinet and cleaning storage. You can also detach the handle when you want it even smaller.

This comes with two replacement blades plus one that’s attached to the squeegee. Each blade can be flipped horizontally so that you can use the other edge and extend its lifespan.



  • Blade is silicone for top quality

  • Soft foam handle for comfort

  • Portable due to its small size

  • Comes with replacement blades

  • Blade can be flipped for longer use

  • pricey

  • sponge not included

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8. MULING Rubber Made Car Windshield Squeegee

MULING Rubber Made Car Windshield Squeegee

This car windshield squeegee is made from good quality material. With its strong body that’s made from hardy durable plastic and a wide soft rubber blade along with its netted bug sponge, this will surely go a long way.

Performance-wise, it’s one of the top car washing windshield squeegees.

The blade is made with silicone that’s light enough for easy cleaning. At the back of it is a sponge that has a mesh cover for efficient scrubbing.

The handle secures you a good grip with its non-slip design that is constructed from good quality plastic.

It also has a hanging hook so you can easily hang it on your storage hooks.

If you need to bring it somewhere, you can easily disassemble the unit and store it in a much smaller box for portable use.

This is not a squeegee for cars only but you can also use this for your bathroom tiled walls, glass doors, and windows.

With its long-lasting stain removal performance, this will be beneficial whenever and wherever.



  • Wide soft silicone blade

  • Non-slip handle

  • Nylon-netted bug sponge

  • Collapsible handle for easy storage

  • The body is made from hard durable plastic

  • Handle is too short

  • Handle easily unscrews

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9. Polyte Extendable Aluminum Handle Car Window Squeegee

Polyte Extendable Aluminum Handle Car Window Squeegee

If you’re looking for an extendable two-in-one squeegee but at the same time not so bulky in size, this one is perfect for you!

This car window squeegee is indeed a good buy. This item from Polyte is an all-in-one windshield washer squeegee featuring its super absorbent mesh sponge and its rubber blade that will effectively remove stubborn grit and grime on any of your glass surfaces.

If you’re worried about having a stressed arm during washing, this auto window squeegee is lightweight yet durable because it’s made from high-quality aluminum.

The aluminum handle is also expendable from 14 inches up to 20 inches. You can securely lock it in place for easy use and long reach.

This product can be used for heavy work such as professional janitorial services for businesses, establishments, gas stations, and office buildings.

if you have queries and confusions about the product, you can always reach them through their 24/7 customer service hotline.



  • Absorbent mesh sponge

  • Telescoping aluminum handle

  • Hang hook for storage

  • Body is made with aluminum

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Comes in one color only

  • Rusting is possible

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10. Ettore Lightweight Car Windshield Squeegee

Ettore Lightweight Car Windshield Squeegee

The last but not the least automotive window squeegee is one from Ettore.

This is also a two-in-one squeegee for cars and even home use. It’s made with an 8-inch lightweight metal head for easy cleaning.

The squeegee rubber blade performs great for your car, boat, and even RV’s windshield and windows.

The sponge is covered with tough nylon to effectively scrub off gunks, dried dirt, bugs, and stains. With this combo, you will surely have a streak-free glass surface.

Amongst the other items that are discussed, this one is unique in the way that the handle is made of wood.

If you want a rust-free item, this is a great option for you.

You can also purchase this model in a larger version if you need to clean a bigger and wider glass surface such as glass doors, windows, and bathroom tiled walls.

This is also very cheap. If you’re on a tight budget and you badly need a good product to help you with your clean-up, this is a good pick.



  • Made with lightweight metal head

  • Durable rubber blade

  • Tough nylon netted sponge

  • Larger version is available

  • Cheap in price

  • Tip is not threaded

  • wood handle easily breaks

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Windshield Squeegee

If you’re still on the fence on how to choose the best car windshield squeegee, here are the seven factors that you should consider:

Type of Blade

Squeegees are offered in different types of blades. Each of the blades has its fair share of benefits and downsides.

Soft rubber blades- this is easy to use and does not need to exert too much pressure. This is good for most climates but may not be as effective in hot temperatures.

Hard rubber blades- this type may not be very common but they are very flexible and can withstand hot temperatures.

However, one disadvantage is that it requires hard pressure for it to work efficiently.

Silicone blade- this type of blade is the least common but durability-wise, it ranks top. One disadvantage is that it is quite expensive.

Length of the Blade

It is really advisable to purchase a squeegee that has a blade length that is slightly longer than the squeegee channel.

However, a blade that’s too long is also not desirable. Why? Because the pressure that is put by the handle will hinder the blade to reach the deep and tight spaces.

Size of the Channel

A car window squeegee is basically made up of two parts: the channel and the handle.

The handle is where you hold and grip to control the squeegee. The handle holds the channel while the channel is the metal that holds your squeegee blade which wipes the water and dust off of the glass surface.

If you need to clean small windows or any glass surface that is small in size, then get a smaller size of the channel. It’s the same logic for wider panes.

Material of the Channel

We have stated earlier that the squeegee’s channel can be made of different metals. It can be made of brass, stainless steel, or aluminum.

Brass is rigorous and can deal with constant pressure. Stainless steel is not as rigid as brass but is beneficial due to its lightweight. Aluminum is extremely light and considered the weakest among the three.

Design of the Handle

Automobile squeegees are offered in different handle designs for you to choose from.

Those that have swivel handles allow you to maneuver the squeegee so that it can reach the glass surface through different angles.

There are also squeegees that have threaded handles. This allows you to connect it to any threaded rod or pole.

They can be quite versatile. However, it is not guaranteed that all of them would fit all types of extension poles.

Material of the Handle

If price is a concern, go for the plastic ones. They are the most affordable option.

There are also squeegees that are metal. The most expensive but advantageous are the metal ones with rubber coating. They are tough but not slippery.

The grip of the Handle

Choosing an option for this solely depends on your wrist, hands, and fingers’ tolerance for pressure.

Some have rubber covers but if you want extra comfort, choose the foam-covered ones.

What is A Windshield Squeegee?

A windshield squeegee is one of the car window cleaner tools that any car enthusiast, car wash center, or even a simple car owner uses to thoroughly clean the glass parts of a car.

This with the help of water with a soapy solution removes the dirt and dust that has attracted your car.

The blade of the squeegee removes and dries up the cleaning fluid off of the glass surface, leaving it clean and streak-free.

It is basically a rigid rubber blade that’s mounted on a plastic or metal handle that is offered in different sizes, materials, and forms, depending on the user’s preference.

Cleaning a Car with Windshield Squeegee

It is very common for all of us that sometimes, we don’t have ample time to wash our cars but what we can easily do is clean up our car’s windshield.

If you are unsure of how to exactly do it, here are the simple steps that you can follow:

Position your car in the shade

Make sure that when you clean your windshield, the sun is not directly shining on your car. This is to prevent the liquid from evaporating as this will cause water spots on your glass and make it hazy even more.

Clean the wipers

Every car has a built-in wiper to do the wiping when driving on a rainy day. However, when you need to clean your windshield, these wipers should be cleaned and pulled up so that they won’t get in your way once you are cleaning.

Make sure to do this first step and get rid of any debris, leaves, or insects that are stuck in it using a wet paper towel or cloth.

Do it carefully so you won’t damage the blade of your wiper.

Wipe the glass

Using a sponge and a bucket of water with soap solution, dip your sponge and apply it liberally to your windshield.

To make sure that liquid won’t evaporate before you are even able to finish, we suggest that you work in sections.

You can divide it into two vertical parts so you could take your time cleaning each section.

Wipe off the water

When you have fully wet your windshield with soapy water, it’s time to use your squeegee and let its blade wipe down the water on the windshield.

Do this from top to bottom in a horizontal direction, pulling the squeegee towards yourself.

To avoid streak, you can overlap the blade by a few inches as you swipe it.

Make sure to wipe the blade with a dry cloth after every pass. If you’re working in sections, finish one section first before proceeding to the other half.

Return the wipers back down

As soon as you’re done cleaning all the sections, make sure to gently pull back down your windshield wipers.

Clean up your mess, store your bucket and squeegee and throw away all the wet towels in the trash bin.

How to Dry a Car after Washing?

Letting natural air do the drying for your just-washed car is definitely a bad idea.

When water droplets evaporate, dirt and minerals will remain on your car’s surface. This will leave water spots and make that area dull. Worse is dust might scratch your paint.

To prevent that from happening, here are some steps that you can follow:

Proper rinsing

When you have just finished washing your car, you need to properly rinse it with water using a hose in a light to medium setting.

Make sure that the pressure of the water is just enough to pull out anything on the surface without splattering.

Wet the surface evenly and let the water continually run for about two minutes. Do not rush and make sure every area is thoroughly rinsed.

Dry it with the right towel

Using our household rags or beach towels may be a common thing but it is certainly very dangerous to do. It will ruin your car’s paint.

Instead, you should use a high-quality microfiber cloth or a chamois. This type of cloth will surely absorb moisture without causing visible damage to your car. This will also absorb more water than your house towels.

Let your car drip-dry a little before proceeding to wipe. As you wipe, start from the top of the car and work your way to the bottom.

You need to work carefully but quickly not to let the water evaporate by itself and leave watermarks.


1. When to use a Squeegee on a Windshield?

This is a very important question that all drivers should know the answer to. It is significant for drivers to have a clear view of the road while driving.

With that being said, if there’s any grease or grime that is obstructing your site, then it’s time to clean your windshield with a squeegee and make sure that you have a crystal clear vision of the road.

This should be done every time it is necessary, whether it’s twice a day or three times a week, depending on your windshield’s dirt status.

2. Will a Squeegee Scratch your Car?

Although using a squeegee for car windows and windshield is extremely important and advantageous, it can also be causing obvious damage when used with negligence.

Any dirt or dust particles that get stuck between the surface and your blade can cause a possible scratch.

That’s why it is very important to make sure that you have thoroughly washed particles off of your windshield and window with water and soap before even letting your blade wipe off your car.

3. Can you Use Silicone Squeegee on your Utv Windshield?

Your UTV windshield is sure to be stronger and lighter compared to auto glass but it is also very prone and easy to scratch. The material and the maintenance are way different than your car’s windshield.

Using an auto window squeegee is a big no for a UTV windshield. Instead, you can rinse it with warm water mixed with a gentle soap. Wipe clean damp microfiber cloth side to side.

When it’s fully wiped, rinse it with water and blot it dry with a chamois to prevent water spots.


Indeed, water squeegee for cars is just a small tool yet a very powerful one when it comes to cleaning your windshield and windows.

On the other hand, it can also cause your car big damage when used improperly.

That’s why we should always remember the factors that we have discussed to make the right decision as you pick the right automotive window squeegee.

Keep in mind that the size, material, and design are the top three things that you should always consider. Performance should always be prioritized over the look.

Even if you are a novice, you can surely be able to pick a great choice after having been able to read all the information above.

Keep in mind that cleaning your car’s glass parts can be enjoyable and easy with the help of the car windshield squeegee.