How to Install Front License Plate Bracket on Chevy Cruze

One reason people buy brand new cars is that they want everything perfect; the interior such as the engine, battery, brakes, radiator, and exterior which includes the color, the windows, seats, roof, headlights, mirrors, and windshield.

When everything is brand new and perfect, why spoil the look of the car by improperly installing a front license plate bracket.

On a Chevy Cruze, you will need to drill holes and install the license plate bracket.

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Many people avoid doing it by themselves; instead, they have a professional put it up for them, because what if they mess it up?

Well, you do not require any special skills to attach the plate bracket on Chevy Cruze.

Moreover, just follow the set of instructions we have listed below thoroughly and there’s no chance you’ll mess it up.

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The installation of this plate should be done perfectly otherwise it will ruin the look of your car.

You will need the information given below to install your license plate bracket and then the license plate eventually.

How to Install Front License Plate Bracket on Chevy Cruze:

Step 1: Toss away the Manual

The Chevy Cruze comes with a manual that describes how to install the license plate bracket. However, it is not of much use so you can just toss it aside and follow the steps provided below.

Step 2: Gather the Equipment

To successfully install the license plate bracket to your Chevy Cruze, you will need a 1/8 drill bit, a drill machine, rivets or screws, and of course your license plate bracket.

Step 3 (optional): Lift the Car

It is advisable, but optional for you to lift the car before you start adjusting the license plates frame.

If you feel that the bumper is very low and you will have to bend too much, we suggest you use a jack and lift the car so you can adjust the frame with ease.

Step 4: Clean the Bumper

Worth ethics include cleaning up your equipment and the object that you want to work on.

In this case, it is the bumper that needs to be cleaned. Make sure that there isn’t any dust or debris on your bumper. You can begin once this is done.

Step 5: Mark the Position of the Bracket

After you have cleaned the bumper, hold the license bracket plate up and mark the position where you want to install it.

Use a pencil to mark the points where you need to drill holes. You can use a ruler to position it exactly in the middle.

Hold the plate straight and make sure your hands do not tremble or the markings could go wrong and the plate installed may appear crooked.

The bracket and the bumper of your car will fit in like a jigsaw so that the bracket doesn’t slip away.

You might need to take someone’s help since this is the most important step in installing your license plate bracket.

If you fail to mark the points with precision, the game will end right there for you.

Step 6: Drill Holes in the Bracket

If you are installing the bracket all by yourself, you need to be extremely careful while carrying out this step.

The slightest tilting of your arm can leave you with an unwanted hole in your brand new car. 

Carefully drill holes where you have marked them after positioning the bracket. Keep your hand stiff while you drill in. 

Step 7: Install the Screws

Be proud of yourself for successfully drilling holes into the bracket. Install the screws using a screwdriver to hold the bracket in place. 

However, we suggest you install the front license plate bracket with rivets that can hold the bracket in place more firmly than screws.

Step 8: Inspect the Bracket

In the end, check if the plate is firm in its place and all the screws or rivets are tight enough.

This is important or your bracket may fall off at any moment during driving or can be easily stolen.

You can apply some pressure and try to move it with your hands. If it stays still, you can pat yourself on the back for doing a good job.

Step 9: Attach the License Plate to the Bracket

The bracket is now successfully installed with just the finishing that you wanted on your Chevy Cruze front end.

Driving around without a number plate attached to the bracket sound silly, doesn’t it?

Luckily the number plate already comes with holes in it. You can just use a screwdriver to attach the number plate to the bracket.

Again, try moving it using your hand so that you know it is intact.

Your car is now ready to be driven on the streets. If you pay attention to the accuracy and precision while positioning the number plate, it would seem as if installed by a professional.

How to Install Front License Plate without Holes

Not everyone likes the idea of drilling holes into their newly purchased million-dollar car.

If you too, repel the idea of making holes into your Chevy Cruze we have a solution. Here’s a simple way through which you can install a front license plate without drilling holes.

Step 1: Clean the Front Bumper 

Before you apply the adhesive tape and stick your license plate bracket on the car, make sure that the front bumper is clean. If there are any dust particles, clean the area with alcohol wipes. 

Step 2: Apply Adhesive Tape on the License Plate

Carefully apply the double-sided adhesive tape on your clean license plate bracket. 

Step 3: Mark Area on the Bumper

Before sticking your license plate bracket on the car, hold it up and mark the area you want to stick it to.  

Step 4: Stick License Plate to your Car

Now carefully remove the protective film from the adhesive tape and press the plate gently on the bumper.

Step 5: Check if it Sticks Well in Place

Hold the bracket in its place for about 30 seconds to make sure it gets firm.

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The license plate bracket can be installed the conventional way that is by drilling holes. It can also be done in a non-conventional way that is without having to drill holes in your car. 

Both these ways have been explained most readily for your convenience. Follow each step carefully to install a license plate bracket with a smooth finishing.

We believe that you are now fully aware of how to install the front license plate bracket on Chevy Cruze.

Let us know which method you will be using for the license plate installation in your Chevy Cruze. Cheers!