Connecting Two Soundbars Together [Proven Method]

We all know how important good sound is when listening to a favorite song. Or when you are watching a movie or playing video games.

Sure, a quality soundbar will give you a great audio experience. But sometimes, one soundbar is not enough. The room might be huge, or the soundbars might be too far away.

Or you might have 2 soundbars, one tv and you need a good way of hooking up the 2 soundbars to the tv.

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Is it possible to connect two soundbars together? Yes, it’s possible. Soundbars are built in a way that allows you to connect two or more together and still produce quality sound.

4 Steps of Connecting Two Soundbars Together

If you are a fan of home theaters and you’re looking for a richer sound experience, then try connecting two soundbars to one sound system. Here is a simple step by step process;

Step 1: Locating the Input & Output Jacks

Before you do anything else, you need to find the output jack of the first soundbar. This is usually placed on the back of the first soundbar, and it is usually labeled “Output”

After finding the output jack of the first soundbar, proceed to locate the input jack of the other soundbar.

It is usually placed on either side of the soundbar, and is labeled “Mic” or “Input”

once you have located both input and output jacks of the soundbars, you can proceed to the next step which is fixing the audio cables into the sound jack.

Step 2: Plugging the Audio Cables

Once you have located both the input and output jacks, the next step is to plug in the audio cables. To do this, first, pick the audio cable and plug one end into the output jack of the first soundbar.

Once connected properly, go to the other end of the audio cable and connect it to the input jack of the second soundbar.

This should allow the sound to move easily from the first soundbar through to the second soundbar.

Step 3: Switch on the Soundbars

Once you have connected both sound systems using the audio cables, then switch on the power on both soundbars.

Locate the power button on both soundbars and turn them on. Next, you need the first sound system to play into the second.

This can be done by simply adjusting the Soundsystem’s Auxilliary, Audio Input, or Line in to set up the soundbars correctly.

Once done here, you can proceed to adjust the settings on the soundbars.

Step 4: Change the Settings

Now the final step is to change the settings on the sound system. Go to the first sound system and alter the volume and EQ settings.

This allows you to reach and maintain optimal sound quality.

Connecting two soundbars: Worthy or not?

You might be wondering whether connecting two soundbars together might be worth the hassle? And the answer is; it depends.

You see if you are buying two pieces of the same soundbar, then connecting the two soundbars will result in a superior audio experience.

However, if you are trying to connect two soundbars of different models, then be prepared to hear a slight echo. This is due to the difference in processing times of the different soundbars.

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Another option you can try is to connect additional speakers to your soundbars. And this will improve sound quality without jacking up your budget too much.

Can You connect your soundbars to a projector?

Sometimes, you might be using a projector instead of a regular tv.

Connecting your soundbar to a projector is a simple and straightforward process. Here are a few options that you can try.

Note that these options will depend on the capabilities of both your soundbar and your projector.

HDMI/HDMI ARC; This is the best you can do when it comes to connecting your soundbar to a projector because this gives you the best sound quality.

It’ll also provide support for several audio channels. To use this method, make sure;

  • Your Soundbar is compatible with HDMI
  • Your soundbar has an HDMI or HDMI ARC
  • Your projector has an HDMI

Bluetooth; Make sure both your soundbar and projector are Bluetooth compatible.

Analog connections; These generally involve RCA connectors and 3.5mm TRRS jacks.

Optical S/PDIF; Make sure that the soundbar and projector are compatible with either Optical or SPDIF.

Soundbars are the go-to sound equipment for your home but sometimes they lack the needed power or size.

Other times, you might need to connect two soundbars to one tv because of a video game you’re playing. Or a great movie you’re watching.

There are multiple ways to approach the problem. The most common is to connect both soundbars using audio cables inserted on one end of both soundbars.

Turn on the soundbars make sure the first soundbar plays through to the second soundbar. How’ll you adjust the sound system depends on the model you are using.

Another way of connecting two soundbars to one TV is by using Bluetooth. Just make sure that the Tv and both soundbars are Bluetooth compatible.

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