Bushcraft Saw Vs Hatchet – A Quick Comparison

As do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and outdoor activities gain more popularity each day, people have found themselves in need of uncommon yet necessary equipment like bushcraft saws and hatchets, in order to carry out their activities successfully.

However, some instruments can accomplish the same work, and hence an individual can choose to own only one. Take for example Bushcraft Saw vs Hatchet: are they different in terms of use?

Differences between Bushcraft Saw and Hatchet

Bushcraft saw

The best bushcraft saws would be very efficient in cutting wood from any direction. It can cut large logs smoothly and still fit in your pocket perfectly.

The bushcraft saw is suitable for people who are survivalists or those who like to travel into the woods often.

Bushcraft Saw Features:


As stated earlier, the bushcraft saw is very portable, because it can fit well in a pocket.

If you were planning to go camping into the woods with a bunch of friends, the bushcraft saw would be more convenient to carry compared to the hatchet.

It is very light and it will help clear out the way as you move through the woods.

Multiple uses

Unlike most saws, the bushcraft saw can be of use to you in so many ways. You can use the saw to create notches because of its straight cuts.

The saw can also come in handy in other DIY projects like building of shelters and making survival traps.

Easy cut in narrow spaces

Are you looking for a saw that can cut easily and quickly in restricted areas? The bushcraft saw has a narrow long design that enables it to cut wood in confined spaces.

Fast cutting

The bushcraft saw will require only a third of the energy that a hatched would need during use.

The saw requires less effort and cuts through wood easier and faster than a hatchet.

Easy to use

Unlike the hatchet, the bushcraft saw is much easier to use especially in areas beyond your normal reach. Do you need a tool that will help you cut down those tree limbs that are too high?

All you need to do is strap the bushcraft saw to a pole then use it to cut down the limbs. You cannot strap a hatchet to a pole and use it.

The Downside of the bushcraft saw:

Although the bushcraft saw has so many uses outdoors, you cannot use it to split firewood. The hatchet would be a much better option to cut the wood into pieces.


The hatchet is a striking tool with a sharp blade on one of its sides and a hammerhead on the other one of its sides. A hatchet is single-handed and designed for use with only one hand.

As the bushcraft saw, a hatchet has several uses as well.

Hatchet Features:

Playing games like hatchet throwing

Hatchet throwing is slowly gaining popularity in the western world. The game involves throwing a hatchet onto a wooden target like on a dartboard.

A hatchet is a unique tool because it can be used for leisure activities unlike the bushcraft saw and other tools.

Chopping wood

Whether you need wood to build a fire or work on a DIY project, you can rely on a hatchet to chop wood for you.

Breaking ice

When snow accumulates for days, it turns into hard ice, which may be an inconvenience especially if it hardens over something important.

In such a case, you can use a hatchet to break through the hard ice.

If you intend to make a hole through the ice to get access to water, you can use a hatchet because it is a hard and strong tool, unlike the bushcraft saw.

Building shelter

For camping enthusiasts who like to build temporary shelters in the woods, the hatchet would be very useful.

Instead of gathering dead wood and other fallen materials, a process that may take too long, campers can use a hatchet to chop branches and limbs required to build a temporary shelter.

The Downside of the hatchet

Although hatchets are quite useful when working with wood, they are too messy and require too much energy compared to the saw.

A hatchet is effective when it is struck against the wood by force, a procedure that may cause many spatters of wood to spread all over the place.

If you are looking for a tool that will make clean cuts of wood, a hatchet will not be effective.

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Both the bushcraft saw and the hatchet are very effective when dealing with wood. However, the bushcraft saw is more portable than the hatchet and can cut wood in narrow spaces.

On the other hand, the hatchet is used in more leisure activities like hatchet-throwing compared to the bushcraft saw.

The hatchet is also more suitable for hardwood tasks like chopping and splitting wood compared to the bushcraft saw.

People who want to carry out indoor DIY projects can buy the bushcraft saw because it is more portable and provides clean cuts, unlike the hatchet.

The bushcraft saw is also safer to keep around the house because it is foldable, unlike the hatchet.

People who like outdoor activities like camping can opt for the hatchet because it will be very useful in chopping wood, splitting wood, building temporary shelters, and engaging in fun outdoor games like hatchet throwing.

Based on our guide, Bushcraft saw Vs Hatchet – Which tool do you prefer?

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