Top 10 Best U Joint Grease in 2022

Choosing the best grease for U joints is easy and straightforward. To extend the vehicle’s lifespan, U joint greasing is essential. Vehicles work effectively when all of their parts are perfectly maintained.

In the case of the U joint, it needs schedule greasing for optimal functioning. Otherwise, skidding or friction occur will lead to severe accidents or injuries.

To protect your cars, you need to use the right U joint grease for proper lubrication.

The advantage of regularly greasing U joints is they outlive non-greasing joints. Moreover, greasing prevents the surface from rusting and corrosion.

Quick Comparison: Best Grease for U Joints

Market’s Best Grease for U Joints Reviews:

1. Polaris Premium Moly Grease

Polaris Premium Moly Grease

In search of the U joint grease, you will encounter plenty of options. However, a few of them will satisfy your need to fix the crackly voice coming from the back wheel, like Polaris premium grease. 

After deeming the features and specifications of this Polaris grease, we are confident to say that this is the best available match for you.

This grease by Polaris delivers a new life to the U joints. The lubricant is super adhesive in action.

This grease is a heavy-duty compound formula. Its water resistance property protects the joint from rust formation.

While driving on rocky and bumpy roads, your vehicle parts are safe with this Polaris grease. The shock absorption this grease offers is something exceptional. 

Talking about the durability of this U joint grease is simply astounding. Keep your joints greased after every 500 miles, 3-months, or 50 hours.

Moreover, this Polaris grease delivers transcendent shear stability against shear forces and keeps the internal parts from tearing out.

The molybdenum disulfide composition makes this grease well-built compatible against extreme conditions such as temperature, shock, load, and water. 

Not to forget one thing, this grease is not only recommended for cars, but you can also use this for heavy bikes, trucks, jeeps, and trailers. Its broad-spectrum application makes it the best match for every kind of vehicle.



  • Shock absorption

  • Water resistance

  • A reliable and durable option

  •  Shear stability

  • Heavy-duty molybdenum formula

  • The quantity could be more

  • Package quality is pretty poor

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2. GREASECO Molybdenum U Joint Lithium Grease

GREASECO Molybdenum U Joint Lithium Grease

The more effortless the application process is, the handy be the best grease for ball joints and U joints. GREASCO molybdenum grease is composed of heavy-duty formula with a handy application perfect for long-term performance.

The composition comprises complex lithium with a 3% molybdenum disulfide mixture. Both these compounds together make this grease a reliable option for heavy-duty operation cycles.

The fifth wheel superior enactment embraces water plumps, hitch plates, pivot pins, trucks, king pings, trailers, steering leakage, Universal joints, airport support vehicles, snowplows vehicles, utility fleets, spring pins, demolition equipment, and much more.

Its applications include bulldozers, bucket pins, excavators, hydraulic shovels, skid skeet bobcat, and bushing. About load and shock absorption, rest assured. The heavy-duty composition doesn’t let any breakage touch your system.

Be it melting temperature or freezing one, with the GREASCO non-moly grease in u-joints. The universal joints are safe from all.

The stiff grease covering remains throughout the drive. Regarding stability against water, the formula is water-resistant.

The thing that will make you go wow over the GREASCO molybdenum grease is the color and consistency.

Despite being synthetically processed, the density is thick and long-lasting in performance.

Although the molybdenum is present for about 3% only, this small proportion bounds an armor covering around the vehicle’s parts and makes them stand out in every condition.



  • Ideal for heavy-duty applications

  • Thick and long-lasting consistency

  • Extreme load and shock absorption

  • Water resistance

  • Stability against temperature

  • Poor sealing

  • Pricey

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3. Polaris Pure 3oz Grease for U joints

Polaris Pure 3oz Grease for U joints

Water and thermal resistance is something that must be on the top of your priority list of the best UNI joint grease. 

However, if you opt for the Polaris Pure universal joint grease, you do not have to worry about that.

Whenever you sense crackly sound from your car, get the universal joint checked, and use the pure universal joint grease by Polaris. This pure grease will put your vehicle’s parts all together for a smooth and safe drive.

Let us put light on the out-ranking feature of this heavy-duty U joint grease gun- the shock absorption.

With this pure grease, wear your seatbelts & get on a drive of the jerkiest road ever.

The heavy-duty shock absorption will keep the parts at their place with no scratch at all.

Moreover, the extreme water resistance keeps the grease at its place no matter how many miles you drive.

Besides that, the high molybdenum composition boosts the lifespan of the universal joints.

How can we forget about superior adhesion? No temperature nor harsh external conditions can displace the grease from the place you applied. 

The application of this pure Polaris grease includes lubrication of bucket pins, bushing, excavators, skid skeet bobcat, hydraulic shovels & bulldozers.

Another factor that damages the universal joint is the shear forces. Is there protection against it? Of course, there is. The heavy-duty molybdenum offers transcendent stability against shear forces for durable performance. 



  • Water resistance

  • Molybdenum stabilizer cushions for shock absorption

  • Astounding adhesion

  • Boost lifespan of U-joints

  • Temperature protection

  • Pretty compact size

  • Thermal stability could be highe

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4. Quicksilver High-Performance Grease

Quicksilver High-Performance Grease

Among all the greases available in the marketplace, the recommended grease for U joints should be the one that offers water resistance, thermal protection and is top-notch in quality.

Amazingly, Quicksilver 8M0071841 is exactly what you are looking for. 

This U-joint grease is a gun bearing 14-ounce cartridges. The best use of this grease is for the wheel bearings.

Whether your bearings get rusted or need some updating, Quicksilver 8M0071841 high-performance extreme universal joint grease is the best match.

Talking about its composition, the chief components present are calcium sulfonate, NLGI 2, and Marine PTFE high-quality grease.

All these components together form the formula and make the grease stable for a lifetime performance.

The lubrication for universal driveshaft is of high standards. Be it steering wheel leakage or the shift cable roughness. The grease works best for all. The suspension system holds on the part together for a smooth drive.

The mercury marine present in the composition is a special agent that smoothens the system and refines it for long-lasting performance.

The NLGI 2 fills the broken spots of the internal parts and keeps them in tip-top condition.

Quicksilver hasn’t left a spot to win the hearts of customers with this 8M0071841 high-performance extreme UNI joint grease.

Moreover, the pricing is pretty pocket-friendly, which makes this grease widely used one.



  • Stable suspension system

  • Best wheel grease available in the marketplace

  • Decent pricing

  • Stable performance against water

  • Perfect for all parts of the vehicle

  • Damaged bottle due to low quality

  • Broken seal issues

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5. Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Synthetic Grease

Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Synthetic Grease

Only having water resistance does not make a grease for spicer U joints the best. It also has to offer thermal and shock absorption.

Choose Valvoline moly-fortified gray synthetic for this. Its top-notch quality and out-ranking features will be worth your investment.

Valvoline is a multi-purpose grease. From greasing your vehicles to greasing your industrial use, it covers up all. The thick layering consists of complex lithium, molybdenum, and synthetic oil base.

This composition not only enhances the lifespan of the internal parts but protects them from thermal, shock & load damages as well.

Valvoline moly-fortified gray synthetic grease can stay stiff in extreme temperatures up to 40-425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Valvoline moly-fortified gray synthetic grease recommendations for the driveshaft and U-joints lube include wheel bearing, steering wheel leakage, disc brake, constant velocity joints, suspension system, chassis lubrication of all purposes & universal joints greasing. 

NLGI 2 present in the formula holds the element together and forms a greasy covering. Rest assured, the composition is water-resistant. You can use Valvoline moly-fortified gray synthetic grease for all types of universal joint grease. 

These synthetic grease recommendations for drive shaft and u-joints lube to use for all Japanese, European, and US vehicles.

Amazingly, the installation process of this U joint grease gun is pretty simple. Mark the area you want to apply the grease, wear gloves, take the appropriate amount and paste on the marked spot.

Remember, always wear gloves while applying the lubricant.



  • Easy to use

  • Multi-purpose use

  • Thermal and shock protection

  • Recommended grease for u joints for all types of vehicles

  • Extreme pressure fortified

  • Dropping performance at 500 degrees

  • Separates oil drops

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6. Valvoline SynPower Synthetic U Joint Grease

Valvoline SynPower Synthetic U joint Grease

Not all the greases available in the market seal a lifetime performance. But the heavy-duty formula and multi-purpose use of Valvoline SynPower is surely for lifetime lubrication for the universal driveshaft.

Metal parts of the vehicle moving without any lubricant produces unbearable noise and damages the chunks as well.

The molybdenum component present in the composition will grease the parts for smooth and unstoppable performance.

Talking about the protection it offers to the automotive parts is simply amazing. Be it the steering wheel or the bushing: All chunks are protected with the thick lithium complex composition.

If you are worried about oxidation and rust damage, you have the oily wax layer for this. The oil layer is water-resistant and prevents oxidation and rust formation.

The most out-ranking feature is the thrilling pressure stimulation. No matter how heavy the load may be, the Valvoline SynPower automotive grease for U joints will keep the performance rate high.

From protecting the bucket pins to shielding the hydraulic shovels, this grease shields up all.

The NLGI 2 layer in the composition forms the outermost covering. The chief purpose of this layer is to defend the auto parts from thermal damages up to 60-425 degrees Fahrenheit. 

About which vehicle this Valvoline grease is recommended? From European to Japanese to the US, all autos can use this grease for U joints.

Grab this SynPower grease today and enjoy a safe and comfy drive throughout the town. The price is also pocket-friendly.



  • Increase vehicle’s strength

  • Prevent oxidation and rust formation

  • Transcendent pressure protection

  • Thermal protection

  • Multi-purpose use

  • Not a reliable option

  • Broken seal

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7. Valvoline High-Temperature Red Grease

Valvoline High-Temperature Red Grease

Opting for grease for universal-joint lubrication that ensures thermal and shock absorption in minutes can save you much time and investment. If you are in search of such lubricant, then try red lubricant by Valvoline.

Molybdenum, along with the complex lithium, forms the core components of this grease. Molybdenum protects the vehicle from thermal and shock damages.

On the flip side of the coin, complex lithium delivers extreme load absorption. Both these components together boost the lifetime of the vehicle. Amazingly, the formula is water-resistant to stay stiff in all weather and conditions.

The temperature bearing capacity of the UNI joint grease ranges between 0-375 degrees Fahrenheit. The waxy covering of the formula protects the brakes, bushings, hydraulic shovels, and bucket pins.

The NLGI-2 present in the composition also deserves appreciation for the shock absorption it offers.

No matter how bumpy a road you are riding on, the UNI joint grease keeps its performance high and protects your vehicle from external and internal damages.

The overall weight of the tube is 0.96 pounds with a dimension of 2.2 x 2.2 x 9.31 inches. The 0.96 pounds tube bears 14.1 ounces of the cartridge.

Remember, this grease is not only recommended for vehicles, but you can also use it for whatever purpose you want.



  • Premium quality UNI joint grease

  • Automotive engineering for high-quality performance

  • Most demanding due to extreme pressure absorption

  • Water resistance

  • Heavy-duty formula

  • Poor packaging

  • Not a reliable option

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8. GREASECO High Temp Lithium Grease for U Joint

GREASECO High Temp Lithium Grease for U Joint

We are wrapping up the list of driveshaft grease reviews with GREASECO general grease gun. If high-quality performance is what you always look for, then this grease gun is a perfect match for you.

Most of all, this grease is multi-purpose in use. From automotive to industrial to household use, you can use the thick lithium complex layer of this GREASECO general grease gun for all-purpose. 

The oil base protects the vehicle from oxidation and rust formation. The anti-wear property of this U joint grease prevents auto parts from rubbing against each other.

Its applications include universal joint lubrication, slides, winches, doorknobs, rails, latches, locks, lawnmowers, ball joints, sway bars, cables, bushings, hinges, industrial chains, driveshafts, rod ends, and bearings.

Users commonly complain about the quality of the tube that it broke before arriving at the door.

To clear this issue, the packaging quality of this recommended grease for U joints is reliable and durable. 

Even if you are a beginner, you will find the application process hustle-free. Wear gloves, mark the area you want to grease, and apply a thin layer.

Let it sit for some minutes, and your object is all set to rock and roll.

The smooth consistency is efficient in action. Even if you apply a thin layer, you will see effective results in a few minutes. The 0.87 pounds tube contains 14 ounces of cartridges.



  •  Anti-wear property

  • Light-duty application

  • High-quality lithium layering with oil base

  • Easy to use

  • Durable option

  • The oil layer is thick

  • Thermal stability could be higher

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Things to Consider Before Buying U Joint Grease

As there are lots of factors that should be considered when purchasing U joint grease.

Figure out Your Need

Lubricants have a wide range of purposes. For U joint greasing, you need a solution that can reduce friction while dissipating heat effectively.

If the U joint is not greased, it will cause wear and tears while driving then the best grease for U joints will be the one that protects them from corrosion and mechanical wear.

You need to figure out your requirement first. You are supposed to drive a car in hot temperatures or muddy or salty water.

In that circumstances, choose the lubricant that is specially formulated to work in that conditions.


Typically, grease is another form of oil with a bit of thickener added to it.

The fibrous particles used in the composition of grease are responsible for holding oil in place and, in other words, making it more viscous.

Each ingredient added in the grease to lube a new U joint or old one has a different function. Some of them are making U joint lubricant water-resistant.

Greases are either water-resistant or absorbent. Water absorbent grease on U joints, when exposed to contaminated water, degrades their performance and quality.

It would be best if you got water-resistant lubrication for the universal driveshaft. It is always written in the grease specifications.


The measurement of fluid’s resistance to flow is referred to as viscosity. Grease for the ball and U joints with high thickness renders more excellent resistance to flow.

And grease for spicer U joints with low viscosity allows the fluid to flow easily. To lubricate the U joint, we need to lubricate with a moderate level of viscosity. That is neither too high nor too low.

Commonly viscosity level is labeled as 0 to 6 on the lubricants. The ideal viscosity level is two, indicating that it is neither too hard nor too thin.

Life Expectancy

Each lubricant comes with a specific life span. After that, U joint grease is needed to be replaced or rejuvenated. Otherwise, premature failure occurs, which causes further expenses.

Lifespan will become shorter if you are supposed to use your equipment at a high temperature.

Metals in machinery produce heat that requires to be dissipated while functioning. If it is not dispersed, then even greases with a higher lifespan will be broken unexpectedly.

The gradual or severe rise in the will reduce the lubricant’s shelter life to half. A substance that is supposed to last for a month at 150 F will last for two weeks only when the temperature rises to 168 F.

Due to this fall: You have to re-grease the u-joint more often.

Apparent Packaging

Packaging is also another critical factor to consider when trying to purchase grease for U joints. In most cases, inappropriate cheap packaging damage the product while shipping.

Before ordering U joint grease, check it appropriately. Is it worth buying or not?


Your budget will decide which product you will get. When your budget is low, try to get a lubricant that offers the required benefits effectively.

But purchasing low-quality cheap grease can provide damage instead of an advantage. So, make a decision appropriately

What is U Joint

A universal joint is a mechanical object that needs to build a connection between rigid shafts and ensures rotatory motion at some angle. It looks pretty simple: But the mechanism behind it is fascinating.

U-joint consists of three parts: Two yoks and one cross.

So, how is the power transmitted? Let us consider different scenarios.

If the input and output shafts are connected straight, two shafts will spin in the same direction. Thus the motion will be straightforward.

But for optimal functioning in vehicles, mechanics and automobile industries put the u-joints at an angle of 90 degrees.

In this case, when the input shaft rotates rightward, the output shaft will turn in the opposite direction. Power and energy are transmitted easily in this way.

Why is Greasing U Joint Important

What happens if you do not grease it as directed?


Uni joints are made from high-quality hardened steel. As we know, steel rust occurs due to oxidation. In which metal or steel particles are exposed to water, oxygen, or moisture.

The quicker the electrons flow from iron to oxygen, the faster the metal rust. U joint grease can save your mechanic’s delicate parts from rusting.

Wear and Tears

Irregular lubrication causes many problems. For instance, you can feel the vibration in your car or truck when moving forward. It is a simple indication that the u-joint is worn out due to improper greasing.

Now, this worn-out u-joint can cause damage to other components. So, it is better to replace it.

Clunk Sound When Turning

It is another disadvantage of lubricating a u-joint insufficiently. When turning, you can hear clanking, popping, or creaking sounds. It would be best if you greased your driveshaft too. 

Functional Failure of The Vehicle

U-joint is a small particle, but its failure can make your vehicle unusable. To make your wheels turn back & forth: The driveshaft has to spin.

And even temporary suspension of u-joint; means wheels can’t be turned anymore. To save your equipment from these damages, you need the best universal joint lubrication.

Moly vs. Non-Moly: Which Grease Is Better

Lithium grease is considered to be the best overall grease for ball bearings and U joints.

The primary purpose of using a lubricant is to save the joint from corrosion, friction, and metal-to-metal conditions. But machines originate a lot of heat which is sometimes troublesome to be dissipated.

Fortunately, lithium grease is formulated to work at high temperatures. Even it can withstand the high pressure when you apply sudden break.

Moly grease, on the other hand, is not nasty overall. Molybdenum disulfide is an additive. Specifically used is extreme pressure conditions. Its proper optimization is confused with different applications.

According to some people, moly provides prevention to the bearing from wearing out and ensures optimal functioning.

Bearings that are not lubricated often. While others say; it contaminates the joint that causes further tears.

Both greases are helpful in different environments.

While purchasing a grease for uni joint, make a selection wisely. Listed greases are the best-recommended greases for u-joints.

Ways to Lube a U Joint

There are many effective ways of greasing a joint, but the most common are:

  • With Grease Gun
  • With needle

U Joint Greasing With Grease gun

A grease gun is a simple mechanic tool widely used in almost all garages or workshops for maintenance purposes. Its application is not much complicated.

Commonly it is used to inject a lubricant through the grease cartridge into the grease fitting point, typically called the nipple.

We have several grease guns ranging from manual to battery-operated grease guns and air-powered grease guns to AC electric guns. Let us explore how to use it effectively.

No matter which type of gun you are using, proper training is required. An inappropriate u-joint greasing gun can provide more harm than benefits.

To use a grease gun, first, you need to load it. Always use high-quality grease for universal joints. And do not forget to clean the remaining residue when the task is accomplished.

U Joint Greasing With Needle

People are usually misguided that they require a whole kit for uni joint greasing. You do not need a grease gun needle kit. A grease injector is enough.

If you have an old needle, first clean it from the rag before optimization because any debris or dust particles inside it can address further maintenance issues.

The grease gun is necessary at that point. Attach the needle with it tightly. If it is old, then cleaning is required before mounting a needle on it. 

You are supposed to attempt this part of lubrication for universal driveshaft carefully. Inject the grease in the grease fitting point slowly.

Step by Step Guide to Lubricating U joint

Step 1: Locate the Rear Axle

Lift your car with the floor jack and allow it to rest on the jack to slide under the vehicle. For sliding, use cardboard or wood for this purpose. Now, find where the rear axle is situated.

Step 2: Access the Point Which Is Needed to be Greased

Beneath the car, where the driveshaft connects with the rear axle. U joint is situated. In the center of the universal joint, you can see the grease fitting point.

However, if you can’t locate it, rotate the driveshaft gradually until you reach that point.

Step 3: U joint Greasing

Use the grease gun or nozzle to fill the grease in U joint. You have to fill the lubricant as long as you see the clean grease oozing out from the filling.

We have mentioned the top 8 lubricants that are recommended grease for U joints. But molybdenum grease for universal joints is certified for this purpose.

Step 4: Lubricate Universal Driveshaft

In vehicles, after the lubrication of the spinner joint, you need to lubricate a front driveshaft U joint too. It is located where the driveshaft and transmission meet.

To grease it, you have to repeat the same lubrication process as you did with the rear U joint.

With the clean rug, clean the excessive grease. The whole process is done in no time if you are habitual of greasing u joint regularly.

How to Grease U joint without Fitting

U joints are sometimes referred to as grease for ball joints and u joints because two of them are not precisely comparable. Their job is also identical in the vehicle. Guide to grease a ball and U joint without fitting-

Step 1: Examination of Boot

Check the boot. It will be almost dusty or worn out if your vehicle is old. If it’s worn out, then you need to replace it.

Else, clean it with a clean rag. By doing so, lubrication can be easily entered without making any mess.

Step 2: Make the Grease Ready To Use

Take the grease gun and attach the grease injector needle adopter with the gun.

The needle is pointed, so you have to be cautious while placing it. Some of the grease guns have adjustable couplers. Try to lose it to make the job easier.

Step 3: Grease Your U Joint

Inject the needle where the boot and housing connect. So, the lubricant can get through it effectively.

Step 4: Pumping Slowly

You have to lube a new U joint until the boot gets swell. Making more pumps at this point can be harmful to your seal. So, stop pumping.

Step 5: Remove the Needle

Eject the needle. And wipe out the excess grease with the rag or cloth. Take the needle back into the packaging to prevent it from rusting or corrosion.

Step 6: Testing

Take your car around the block. If you do not find any leakage, then congrats, the job is done successfully.

U Joints Over Greasing Disadvantages

  • Universal joint lubrication is necessary and should be done in a calculated way—too much-greasing results in shortening the shelter life of the vehicle.
  • When you over-grease a joint, the left-out substance in the bearing cavity compels the elements to churn the grease, which results in energy loss and a sudden rise in the temperature.
  • The heat begins to generate in that condition. And if it does not find any way for dissipation, then along with the oil bleed, it will make grease thickener hard so that it will block the new injected heat reaching out to the joints.
  • Seals on the joints or bearing can be ruptured in case of over greasing. When you see that lubricant is about to come out from the other end, it is clear that you are over greased mechanic.
  • Due to over greasing, optimal functioning of the U joint is get affected. And continuous heat generation makes it difficult to work efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do U joints Need to be Greased?

Lubricated U joints keep the driveshaft smooth in motion for tear-free performance. Not lubricating them will result in a noisy and cracky drive.

If not treated on time, your brakes and bucket pins can even break. To avoid this all, lube a new U joint whenever needed.

2. How Often Should you Grease your U joints?

Users often ask this question about how often they should lubricate their U joints. 2000-miles, 3000 miles, or 5000 miles?

According to the general rule of thumb, 5000 miles is the desired range after which you should lubricate your universal joints. Over lubrication should be avoided as it will over-rotate the joints.

3. Can you Drive with Bad U joints?

Suppose the car you are driving has rough and non-lubricated bearings. What will be the results? The auto will produce noises, or even possible:

The brakes break out after a few miles of the drive. Instead of facing accidents, it is better to lubricate your bearing.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on the utmost UNI joint grease can be the most perplexing task. Since we are here, let us take you through the process.

After deeming the features, specifications, and prices, Polaris Premium Molybdenum Grease-U-Joint is the best match for me. From its shock absorption to its thermal protection, everything is simply astounding.

Why did I choose this grease as the best for U joints?

  • Its shock absorption feature increases the lifespan of the vehicle;
  • The price of the U joint grease is pocket-friendly, making it affordable for everyone;
  • The shear stability makes the auto stands against the wavering shear forces;
  • The heavy-duty molybdenum formula is thick in consistency for durable performance;
  • The water resistance feature not only increases its lifespan but protects the vehicle from oxidation and rust formation as well.

U joints lubrication can be done with the oil. But grease is a far better alternative. With the gun or needle, the process can be quickly done.

Greasing the universal joints is necessary for every vehicle. Driving auto without any hassle is what you always want.

Make sure to use the right U joint grease to relish smooth and less-jerky safe drive.