Best Tree Climbing Spikes – Arborists Suggested Spikes

The best tree climbing spikes could be necessary or just for fun, but your safety comes first. Today’s climbing spikes have advanced from the tree climbing activities that used to take place in the 1980s in the USA.

Climbing trees is a risky undertaking. To ensure you are safer, tree climbing spikes are here to salvage your situation.

They have safety straps in addition to metal spikes that bite on the tree and thus letting you climb with ease.

We have an in-depth analysis of the features and benefits you can reap while buying tree climbing spikes.

Quick Comparison: Best Tree Climbers (Arborist Suggested)

Top 8 Best Tree Climbing Spikes:

1. Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

Klein Tools CN1907ARL Tree Climber Set

The tree climbing spikes measure 203 mm by 203 mm, and they feature high-quality leather hence assuring you about their maximum comfort.

They are equipped with neoprene nylon climber straps that assure their durability. With that, the spikes can hold the weight as you ascend or descend securely.

The nylon straps allow serviceability and guarantee their long-lasting life.

They have long gaffs that allow further penetration. It is a component that can be replaced with the manufacturer’s model hence offering a firm attachment while using them.

Also, the climbers are equipped with gaffs that measure 2.75” in size. The climber’s size measures 17” to 21”, which makes them suitable for tasks.

The tree climbers have high-quality leather pads to ensure they cushion you against forces imposed during the tasks. Thus, they offer comfort and can withstand heavyweights.

Besides, the package consists of gaffs, leg irons, stirrups, pads, and straps to ensure the climbing spikes offer maximum protection for you. It is a tree climber single set that meets all your needs.


  • Durable
  • Offers steady and secure position
  • Easy to replace its components
  • Offers great comfort
  • Supports more weight


  • The ankle strap may be uncomfortable at times.
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2. Notch Gecko Aluminum Tree Climbes

Notch Gecko Aluminum Tree Climbes

The Notch Gecko Aluminum tree climbers boost as tree climbing spikes with the lightest aluminum climbers available in the market today.

The gear is lightweight as compared to other similar spikes in the marketplace. The entire set weighs 4.3 pounds, making it light enough to offer you a better tree climbing experience.

If you notice the gaffs are getting worn out, you can easily replace them by buying another pair of Gecko. You can also replace the pads and cuffs once they get some tear and wear.

The tree climbers feature some flexible fiberglass to cushion and offer maximum protection to you while doing your tasks.

The counter leg stirrup feature provides more comfort while you are doing the climbing.

If you are looking forward to enjoying lightweight yet durable tree climbing gears in the industry, Gecko Aluminum works perfectly for you.

In case you are looking for tree climbing spikes that will bear all the extra weight as you do the climbing, then, a notch gecko is what you need.


  • Offers comfort and modern tree climbing utility
  • Made of aluminum and weighs the lightest in the market.
  • Smart spur design


  • It is a bit expensive, unlike other varieties in the market.
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3. Klein Tool 221486 Hydra Cool Tree Climbers

Klein Tool 221486 Hydra Cool Tree Climbers

These tree climbers are equipped with coated leather that is resistant to weathering and cracking hence making them durable. If the gaffs are not sharp, you can replace them.

They boast a bi-layer of construction to offer comfort and support as you go about your tree climbing activities.

The spikes are a product that boasts premium quality and a professional-grade to guarantee durability, performance, and precision needed to enable you to do the job right.

Besides, hydra-cool pads have two layers. The top layer is moisture-wicking, and they offer cooling properties.

The tree climbing spikes feature high-quality material, great workmanship to ensure an excellent product that meets your needs is crafted.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Equipped with long spurs
  • The pads are huge


  • Some parts are missing from the package
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4. Notch Gecko Steel Tree Climbers Spikes

Notch Gecko Steel Tree Climbers Spikes

If you want to climb a tree with utmost comfort while enjoying a perfect balance as you move your body, then acquiring Notch Gecko Steel Climbing Spikes is the way to go.

They are equipped with padding that makes them comfortable as you climb on the trees. They have a uniform and high-density EVA, which allows them to offer services with no distortion.

Besides, they are washable and replaceable hence easy to maintain.

Also, the climbers are equipped with steel that guarantees additional safety in your task. Every part is functional to offer maximum comfort and safety.

The rustproof exterior makes them more useful as they withstand heavyweights. The gaff length tree climbers measure a standard 2.5,” and they also feature a steel leg iron that offers stronger spikes connectivity.

Offset stirrups allow you to position your legs safely. The calf strap on the upper side is interconnected with the strap on the lower side to offer maximum support.

The set is also equipped with a supportive molded cuff of quality plastic; hence it keeps you safe from any injuries resulting from impacts.

The EVA padding ensures your contact points enjoy maximum comfort.

The upper calf strap offers excellent security while climbing. Importantly, the parts are replaceable when you need to carry out maintenance. The high-density padding is flexible to suit the required height.


  • Offers optimum security
  • Has a strong construction
  • Easy to replace the components
  • It is rustproof


  • Not easy to make adjustments at lower increments.
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5. Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

Steel Spur Kit with Big Buck Pads

If you are looking for big buck pads with lots of padding to keep your legs comfortable and secure, the steel spur kit is the right tree climbers option for you.

They are made with lots of padding and steel that makes them durable and sturdy, thus keeping you secure in any task you want to undertake.

The set consists of powerful and sharp straps that can withstand heavyweights. That allows you to climb all kinds of trees with support from the climber.

They are equipped with pads that evenly distribute the weight, thus reducing the chances of wear and tear.

The pads are unique since they have metal skincare within the pads to provide maximum security for the areas in contact with your body.

Besides, the pads are equipped with thick cushioning on the trunk. The layer of the mat keeps your skin away from experiencing any soreness.

The steel service in the rear parts of the mat will comfortably keep you while preventing wear and tear. They also prevent any feeble leather from bending when you put them in constant use.

Also, you can adjust the number of leg pliers depending on what you prefer.


  • It is top-quality gear made from leather and steel.
  • Comfortable to use
  • Value for money
  • It has large pads and quality spurs.


  • The assembly instructions are no clear.
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6. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spike Set

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Irrespective of where you want to climb, evoke gear is ready to offer you a secure experience in every move you make.

It is a package that is ready to help you do the job. It is custom-made to provide you with a secure yet comfortable ride.

Every component is right for the task, and you can be certain the performance will guarantee you satisfaction.

It is a full spike set that will serve your purpose. You will get quality services at an affordable price. It is one of the reliable spikes you will come across.

Equipped with commercial metal, it offers higher durability. The robustness assures you of better supportive action. It will withstand all your tasks.

Besides, you can adjust the straps to fit your body size and hold you comfortably. The built-in strap is made of a sturdy material that secures you in your climbing position.

The integrated padding allows additional comfort for a prolonged time. You can also make a height adjustment to a position that suits you. The adjustment range is suitable for all body sizes for adults.

You will require doing replacements for some parts from time to time. But that is easy since the spare parts are available and you can buy them separately.

Even though it faces a few drawbacks, including lack of instructions manual, making it difficult to assemble, it remains a suitable option for your work.

If you are looking for cheap tree climbing spurs, Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spikes are what you need.


  • Adjustable strap
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Features great padding


  • Not suitable for thick barks
No products found.

7. Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spikes Set

Evoke Gear Tree Climbing Spikes Set

Another tree climbing gear consists of metal climbing spikes to offer you protection during your tree climbing activities.

Evoke gear tree climbing spike set is available at a fair price. If you are planning to get low-budget tree climbing gear, then this set is for you.

Besides, you will not have to worry about your size since the connections are adjustable, allowing you to fit comfortably. You can adjust the height to suit your physique perfectly.

The gear also includes a fall protection security evaluation that will assure you about your safety. The straps are suitable for positioning and restraining you in the position as you climb a tree.

Since you will require replacing some parts due to wear and tear to ensure the gear remains useful, we also have the replacement parts, and you can make a purchase anytime you need them.

Noting that evoke gear tree climbing spike has no instructions to assist you in assembling it, you might have to spend some time assembling it.

Besides, if you want to work on trees with huge trunks, you could find instances where there is not much available slack.

Also, the spikes are no longer enough to work perfectly for trees with thick barks. It seems it was intended for trees with thinner barks.


  • Adjustable connections
  • Budget-friendly
  • Efficient shock absorption
  • It offers a better field of view to the wearer.
  • Offers impact protection on rear and side


  • No assembly manual
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8. Gecko Tree Climbing Spikes

Gecko Tree Climbing Spikes

Many varieties of climbing spikes in the market are made of steel which contributes to their heavyweight.

Gecko tree climbers are made of aluminum instead of steel, making them a better choice for you since aluminum-made spikes are lighter in weight, unlike steel ones.

Besides they are stronger and it is thus able to withstand your weight while climbing.

The shin cuffs are made of fiberglass, which explains the superior quality of gecko tree climber spikes. Also, it has integrated padding that adds to its comfort.

Also, you will get cushioning using the entire cuff. Importantly, the parts are replaceable in the event they go through the tear and wear.

They have a weight capacity of 350 lbs for the burden along with the climber. Thus you will need to check it out while climbing to ensure you operate within the limit.

Thus, if you are looking for a superior quality aluminum construction that features fiberglass, then gecko tree climbers are for you.

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Best Tree Climbing Spike Set Buying Guide

You will not be able to buy quality tree climbers unless you have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to get them.

Several brands are labeled top-notch but don’t have even a proportion of quality.

Unfortunately, if you are not informed, you might fall for the trap. That’s why we have compiled this useful guide to help you to get the best spikes and walk home with a smile.

The weight

Do you go for a light-weighted or heavier one? It is advisable to go for lightweight spikes. The lightweight spikes will offer you maximum comfort even if you use them continuously.

The heavy ones might make you suffer minor fractures that might hinder your productivity.

Thus, it is important to go for lightweight spikes for tree climbing activities since it will help you to work successfully in your next steps.


Which is the most suitable material for long-lasting spikes? Since everyone wants durable spikes, which material works best for you?

Since you will want value for the money you invest in buying spikes set, it is important to consider the material it is made of. Most manufacturers use aluminum, while others use steel.

From several reviews, the best material for high-quality spikes is aluminum since it is lightweight to offer you the highest tree climbing experience.

The Gaffs Size

It is yet another crucial feature to explore in endeavors to find the top tree climbing spikes. The gaffs are essential as they determine the roadmap for climbers.

Research indicates that most accidents during tree climbing occur due to improper gaffs; they are a vital factor to consider.

Even though you might not be aware of the size, the more sharp the gaffs are, the better they can dig, which matters to you.

Thus, you will need to look at the available options and decide what works for you. Little gaffs will not work well in most instances.

Therefore, you should buy large gaffs. It would also be best if you only used gaffs when spiking to reduce the risk of getting an accident.

The Comfort of the Shin Pad

If you are working on a huge tree, it might mean more time and energy than working on small ones. In such instances, you might work the entire day worn in the tree climbing gears.

At that point, you will notice the essence of a comfortable shin pad. Even though it might not hit your mind at the start, it matters a lot.

Besides, using straps helps you hang on the tree while making it easy for you to ascend the tree.

To have an easy time while climbing, you will need a comfortable pad with great features.

It is advisable to buy breathable pads since they offer comfort and are long-lasting.

How to Spike the Tree While Climbing

First, you will do a pre-climb inspection. You have to carry out a thorough inspection of the site.

Assess whether there is something that poses a risk to you. Assess for dead branches and stinging insects. Since tree climbing is a risky undertaking, it is essential to plan from the start.

Figure out how to ascend. Once through with the pre-climbing inspection, you can strap the spikes in readiness to start climbing.

You should start by throwing one end of the flip line around the tree and catching it from the other side.

Use the spikes to gain access to the trunk and the flip line to keep falling backward away from the tree. Tag the gaff of the spur into the tree and step up onto it.

Ensures the guff goes in at the appropriate angle since if not done properly, the guff will tear out the trees.

For every two or three steps you make, you should adjust the flip line up the tree to keep your pace as you climb. You do it by releasing the tension and flipping it up.

As you get higher, you might come across branches on the tree. The branch can either be cut to allow you to pass or bypassed with an alternative flip line.

Small twigs can be bypassed using a good flip. As you get to higher levels, the trunk becomes small, and you should shorten the flip line to the appropriate distance from the trunk.

Also, read our related guide about:


1. Do Climbing Spikes Hurt Trees?

Climbing spikes are common tools for arborists. The tools are not intended for use when pruning live trees.

Climbing spikes create holes in trees. The spikes cause damage to some of the important issues in trees.

The wounds can lead to the growth of unwanted shots, entry of wood decay organisms, and transfer diseases if infected.

Besides, the holes left can reduce the value of the trees. That is why spikes are discouraged when pruning trees.

2. How do I Climb a Palm Tree with Spikes?

The climbing palm tree is very risky, and hence spiking is allowed in some countries, and all the tree companies do it. First, you will need to wear the climbing harness and ensure you are in a good working position.

You will also need to carry out your inspection to survey the location of the palm and decide on how to go about it.

Once you establish your climbing position, you can strap the spurs and saddle and the other necessary items and start climbing.

You should start by throwing one end of the flip line around it and get hold of it from the other side.

Use the spur to get hold of the palm and flip line to keep you in position and prevent you from falling backward. Ensure the guff is always at the correct angle to avoid tearing the trunk.

3. How do I Adjust Climbing Spikes?

The spikes are the pieces that strap onto the climber’s owner’s leg so that the spike protrudes from the foot’s instep. Thus, choosing the right spur is important.

It is worth spending some time choosing your best spur since some can cause discomfort and pain while distracting you from the job.

Put on either the right or the left climber, place two fingers between your knee and the climber since that helps you know how far to adjust it. Slide it and fix the screws at the appropriate point.

4. How to Put on Tree Climbing Spikes?

To start with, you will need to slide the shank facing the forward direction. Next, the sleeve should slide into this. Assemble the parts, and then you can move on to put it.

The first step is putting your step in the e stirrup and assembling the lower foot strap. Ensure it is at a suitable height and about two fingers from the knee.

Similarly, assemble the top calf strap and fix it tightly.

Next, step you should step your other foot into the stirrup and assemble it right to suit your other leg.

The spikes should be inside the feet. It should not touch the ground unless you curve your legs.

5. How do I Strap on my Climbing Spikes?

To get certainty about your safety, you will have to strap the climbing spikes. In efforts to strap them, you will have to fasten them around your anklet and also fasten the upper part of the strap in a similar manner.

Ensuring you strap your climbing spikes very tightly is useful since they can easily cause accidents if not tight enough.

6. Should I use Climbing Spikes While Pruning Trees?

No, it is not advisable to use spikes during climbing since it injures the tissues. It is only applicable if the purpose is to remove the tree. Also, spiking can spread diseases from one tree to another.

Even though spur climbing is fast and efficient, it is discouraged because spurs damage trees forming entry points for diseases and insects.

Damaged caused by the tree affects its health and can cause the eventual death of the tree.

7. Is Tree Gaffs and Pole Gaffs the Same?

No. The tree gaffs work best for trees, while pole gaffs work best for poles. Good tree gaffs can be sinking into hardwoods but it depends on the amount of force you use to sink them.

The design is different, and pole spurs work best on softwoods or hardwoods with thick backs.

Normally one manufactures pole gaff might b similar to another’s tree spur, but it matters most the gaffs’ shape and design and not the size.

According to most users, the tree gaffs have step angles, unlike the pole gaffs, which have a flat angle.

8. Can I use a Climbing Rope or Belt While Climbing a Tree?

You will have to get one locking carabiner that is designed for climbing. It is used to harness. It is vital since it makes you comfortable and satisfying as you climb.

By assessing the tree’s height, ensure you have a rope twice as long as the height of the tree. Using a real climbing rope can hold up to 350 pounds.

You should intend to climb a strong tree that has only a few branches at the base. You should find the best location and get the rope on the tree.

Look for some weight and tie your rope around it; next, swing it until it wraps around the position you want.

You are good to get started moving up the tree. Thus a rope or belt can be used while climbing a tree.

9. How can you tell if a Tree is Safe to Climb?

To know if a tree is safe to climb, you will need to survey the site. You should look for anything that can cause danger to the climber or anyone accompanying him.

Some of the main things to check to include structural defects on the tree, cracks, and cavities on the tree, and fruiting bodies on the trunk. You should also check dead branches and stinging insects around.

It will be necessary to look at those things to ascertain the ground is safe before commencing the work.


Following a thorough review, we now narrow it down to the Klein Tools CN1907ARL, since it features high-quality leather, assuring you about its maximum comfort.

Besides, this tree climber spikes set is equipped with neoprene nylon climber straps that assure its durability.

In addition, the spikes can hold the weight as you ascend or descend securely. The nylon straps allow serviceability and guarantee their long-lasting life.

It has long gaffs that would enable further penetration. Its components can be replaced with the manufacturer’s model hence offering a firm attachment while using them.

Thus, you now have insights on the best tree climbing spikes that will enable you to make the right purchase that will suit your tree climbing activities.