Best Soundbars for Panasonic Viera TV in 2022

When it comes to functionality, the Panasonic Viera TV packs excellent features. These include great 2D and 3D images, powerful audio, and innovative internet features. 

This explains why the TV doesn’t come cheap. However, even with its great quality audio, you can’t go wrong with the soundbar for Panasonic Viera TVs, if you want to elevate your audio experience.

Whether you want to enjoy a surround sound movie experience or jam to your favorite summer tunes, a good quality soundbar is guaranteed to enhance the overall audio quality, while matching the visuals on your TV.

For one, the right soundbar offers a more fine-tuned and centered audio performance, ensuring you hear every word and sound effect.

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Moreover, a good quality soundbar for your Panasonic TV will cater to the type of space you have, maintaining excellent audio, whether it’s a high ceiling loft or small dorm room.

I’ve conducted a pretty detailed search of the best soundbars designed for Panasonic Viera TVs. Ultimately, I’ve managed to narrow down the list to the best of the best options.

Quick Comparison: Best Soundbars for Panasonic Viera TV

Top 10 Best Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV Reviews:

1. Sony Z9F 3.1ch Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

Sony Z9F 3.1ch Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

The Sony Z9F 3-1Ch Wireless Soundbar transforms your home’s audio experience and entertainment, thanks to its all-around features.

The Panasonic TV soundbar features a high-resolution audio capability, offering an improved overall audio experience. 

Integrating the Dolby Atmos DTS: X technology, the soundbar complements even the most modern TV sets, delivering balanced and audible sounds in any setting.

On the other hand, its 3.1ch configuration offers a well-rounded audio delivery with three built-in drivers.

A wireless subwoofer comes with a soundbar to complement its 3.1ch configuration.

To cater to different audio and visual needs, the vertical sound engine is equipped with up to 7 different specialized audio modes. These include modes for movies, music, gaming, news, and sports.

The modes ensure you enjoy clear dialogue with every word spoken during news, sports, and movies while synergizing the smallest details with your TV screen during gaming actions and movie scenes.

Furthermore, the soundbar for Panasonic Viera TVs is equipped with a sophisticated voice enhancement feature that eliminates distractions and noises to boost overall audio clarity.

For an even better function, the voice enhancement feature comes with 2-level adjustability.

To make it easier to connect to your devices, whether TV or smartphone, the Panasonic TV soundbar has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

You can even choose to stream music or podcasts from Amazon-connected devices via Amazon Alexa voice control. Alternatively, you can opt to connect your TV with a more secure HDMI cable.


  • Alexa enabled voice control
  • Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Up to 7 sound modes curated for different viewing and audio content
  • 2-level voice enhancement feature improves audio clarity
  • Comes with a free wall hanging bracket


  • Not compatible with other voice-enabled technologies
  • Not the best choice for large and extensive spaces
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2. Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

The Bose Solo 5 TV soundbar is an excellent option for those who want to elevate their TV sound without taking up too much space.

Measuring about 2.6 inches long by 2.16 inches wide by 3.4 inches high, the bar speaker for Panasonic Viera TVs is pretty compact. In turn, this small design gives you an endless choice of setup, even in limited space.

For the best results, you can choose to mount it on the wall or place it below your TV on its shelf. However, don’t confuse its small, single-piece size with lower volume.

While rocking a compact design, the soundbar still delivers unmatched sound quality and clarity. In fact, it even features a special dialogue mode to ensure you hear every single word and detail, whether in a movie or local news.

The Bluetooth-compatible TV also works with other devices, including smartphones and laptops, letting you stream your favorite podcast and music.

But, it is not voice control enabled. You can also opt for a wired connection, using HDMI, coaxial cable, or a 3.5mm aux input jack.

To elevate your sound experience, the Panasonic Viera TV soundbar features a built-in bass, offering your deeper and rich bass. 

You can even control the levels with the increase and decrease buttons on your remote. Its universal remote control allows you to use it with multiple devices, including your TV, reducing clutter around your living space.


  • Built-in dialogue mode improves audio clarity
  • Universal remote control for most devices
  • Compact design for versatile placement
  • Bluetooth enabled music and podcast streaming support
  • Built-in bass for rich and deeper sounds


  • It can be a little costly
  • Not the best option for those who want bass sounds
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3. Denon DHT-S517 Panasonic Viera TV Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound

Denon DHT-S517 Panasonic Viera TV Soundbar with 3D Surround Sound

The Denon DHT-S516H Soundbar should be the go-to option for people with their Panasonic Viera TVs set up in large and extensive spaces.

However, the TV soundbar features a slim and low-profile design to prevent the blockage of your TV’s IR sensors. The soundbar for Panasonic Viera TVs is designed with features that optimize sound quality and overall audio performance.

The powerful home theater sound system features a wireless subwoofer and a horizontal soundbar.

The soundbar features dual bi-amplified 5-inch mid-woofers with 1-inch detailed crisp tweeters for a full immersive multi-dimensional audio and HiFi surround sound delivery.

Furthermore, the Panasonic Viera TV Bluetooth soundbar is designed to support technologies, including Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby DTS for true virtual surround sound.

On the other end, the subwoofer guarantees a deep and powerful rich bass, while its wireless design means you don’t have to fumble around with its wires.

A dialogue enhancer comes in handy for content, such as movies, news, and sports broadcasting, allowing you to pick up every word and detail without adjusting the volume.

The bar speaker for Panasonic Viera TVs also features a built-in HEOS multi-room technology, which lets you extend its audio reach into any room in your home.

Using this technology, you can stream your music through AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, or HEOS from apps, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon music. Plus, the soundbar for Panasonic TVs offers full voice compatibility with Amazon Alexa.


  • Low profile design for uninterrupted viewing and remote controlling
  • Reliable single cable HDMI ARC and HDCP 2.2 HDMI support
  • Easy-to-setup design
  • Multiroom extendable music streaming
  • Supports popular surround sound formats


  • No remote control
  • Not compatible with other voice control technologies
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4. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV with Wireless Subwoofer and HDMI

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV with Wireless Subwoofer and HDMI

The Sony HT-S350 Soundbar is built with a dual-driver unit that delivers mid and high frequencies while the wireless subwoofer offers deep and rich bass for an all-around audio experience.

Its powerful 320W motor guarantees undisputed power, incredible volume, and sound clarity.

The ultimate home theater Panasonic TV external speakers integrate a 2.1ch configuration for sound delivery on both sides but lack a center channel.

Nonetheless, they deliver a multi-dimensional audio experience that matches the highest-end sound systems.

Furthermore, the Panasonic Viera TV Bluetooth soundbar is complemented by the Vocal enhancement technology built onto it.

The vocal enhancement system delivers clearer voices and easy-to-pick-up dialogue from whatever content you view.

To truly unleash the capacity of your Viera TV, the Panasonic Viera soundbar integrates an S-Force Pro technology with virtual surround sound to mimic theatre-style surround sound.

Once your soundbar and subwoofer are properly set up, you will enjoy the sound from all directions, letting you really get into the content.

The best part is that you will enjoy the experience without having to break the bank.

You don’t really have to pair the Panasonic TV soundbars and subwoofer configuration with rear speakers to achieve the surround sound experience.

Coupled with the surround sound experience is a choice of 7 different sound modes for an exceptional TV visual and audio experience.

The sound modes allow you to enjoy different content on your TV, smartphone, or tablet. The modes include cinema, music, game, news, and sports.

You can also opt for settings tuned to different contents by opting for auto sound or standard audio mode.


  • Built-in surround sound experience without needing rear speakers
  • Up to 7 sound modes geared towards the specific content type
  • Includes an automated sound and standard audio mode
  • Voice isolating technology amplifies the content sound for better clarity
  • Single cable HDMI Arc cable connection


  • Doesn’t support 4K HDR
  • No multi-room wireless music streaming
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5. Polk AudioUltra-Slim Viera TV Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Polk AudioUltra-Slim Viera TV Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

If your number one priority is sound clarity, you can’t go wrong with the Polk Audio Signa S2 Soundbar.

Integrating proprietary Polka Adjust technology, the soundbar for Panasonic plasma TVs customizes the voice levels on your TV and reproduces a clearer and crisp dialogue.

Whether you are watching a sports broadcast, a movie, or listening to a podcast, the soundbar’s Adjust technology ensures you never miss a word.

For even better audio and viewing experience, the speakers are compatible with 4K and HDTVs.

However, this is not all the premium soundbar system can do. Equipped with a wireless subwoofer with 5 full-range drivers, the sound system offers rich and deep bass.

The subwoofer’s incredible power and the accurate adjust technology pair well with the patented Dolby Digital Decoding to optimize sound clarity and eliminate voice delays.

Moreover, the Panasonic Viera TV Bluetooth soundbar doesn’t limit its functionality to just connected TVs.

You can also pair the sound system with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to stream content from Spotify, Pandora, or TuneIn, thanks to its built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

Placement for the Panasonic TV soundbar is also quite easy, thanks to its ultra-slim profile, measuring just a little bit over 2 inches tall.

This means that you can pretty much fit the Panasonic television speaker anywhere, whether on the wall or in front of the TV. Its slim profile prevents it from blocking the TV’s edge or IR remote sensor.                                                                                                                                     


  • Ultra-slim profile measuring just a little bit over 2 inches tall
  • Easy set up with wireless subwoofer and HDMI or optical cable
  • Special technology customizes voice levels to produce clear and crisp dialogue
  • Works with 4K and HDTVs
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity


  • It may not be compatible with some TV brands
  • The auto-off feature comes on very fast
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6. Bose Soundbar for Panasonic TV

Bose Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

The Bose Speakers feature a single-bar design with an ultra-slim finish to fit anywhere. Yet, the Panasonic television speaker significantly boosts the overall sound quality and clarity of your TV.

The small soundbar for Panasonic TVs is fitted with dual full-range drivers which offer a spatial audio experience.

However, due to its smaller size and lack of an external subwoofer, it may not be the best option for those who seek deep rumbles and thumbs during gaming or movie watching.

Furthermore, the bar speaker for Panasonic Viera TVs doesn’t support surround sound formats like Dolby Atmos. Nevertheless, you are still guaranteed incredible clarity from the otherwise small speaker.

Moreover, its simple enhanced dialogue technology focuses on clarifying and amplifying the vocals and pronunciations from the content of your TV.

To complement the dialogue technology is a bass boost button that facilitates instant depth to audio delivery.

While these Panasonic TV external speakers don’t have built-in WiFi technology, they still let you expand their functionality.

You can use the speakers to build and expand your sound system with compatible Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 soundbars.


  • Promote natural sound
  • Reduces background noise for optimal sound clarity
  • Small and slim profile for easy placement
  • Bass boost remote control button for instant depth in sound
  • Enhanced dialogue elevate vocals and pronunciation


  • Lacks app and voice control
  • No external subwoofer – flat bass
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7. Samsung HW-A450/ZA Panasonic Viera TV Soundbar

Samsung HW-A450/ZA Panasonic Viera TV Soundbar

If you are a gamer, the Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar is a great soundbar option.

Built with a dedicated game mode, the bar speaker for Panasonic Viera elevates your gaming experience by synchronizing the audio along with the on-screen action and crosstalk cancellation for minimal distractions.

Paired with the powerful wireless subwoofer, the game mode lets you real-life gaming experience.

However, the soundbar offers a range of other useful features. For one, its dedicated bass boost gives an extra kick to your subwoofer’s performance.

All it takes is a single push of a button on the soundbar! Beyond gaming, the Panasonic TV external speakers maintain great sound quality.

The Panasonic television speaker soundbar features an Adaptive Sound Lite technology which offers increased audio tracking in your content while maintaining constant volume and equalizing background noise. 

If this sound bar’s functionality alone isn’t enough, you can always elevate your audio experience with a compatible surround sound system. Simply pair it with separately bought wireless rear speakers for a full kit.


  • A single remote can be used with a TV and soundbar
  • Sound specially optimized for gaming
  • Instant bass boost button for deeper sound instantly
  • Compatible with many TVs and gaming consoles (including PS4 and Xbox One)
  • Adaptive sound technology caters to different types of content


  • Volume may peak at around 70%
  • Not supported by Samsung’s proprietary SmartThings app
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8. YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

YAMAHA SR-C20A Compact Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

The ultra-slim Yamaha SR-C20A Soundbar is a great speaker for small spaces and minimalists, thanks to its compact size. In fact, the Panasonic TV external speakers even feature a wall-mountable design with built-in keyholes to make installation simple and a breeze. 

Nonetheless, it produces impeccable sound clarity and quality. Thanks to its enhanced dialogue clarity, the soundbar offers clear voice performance.

On the other hand, its built-in subwoofer and passive radiators significantly boost its deep and rich bass. You can even take advantage of the bass extension for extra punch.

Although the Panasonic TV soundbar is designed for small spaces, it still delivers impressive virtual surround sound performance for unforgettable TV, movie, and gaming experience.

To complement the surround sound performance are the four unique sound modes, geared towards gaming, news, movies, and sports.

Furthermore, the soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV is not limited to supporting your TV audio alone. In fact, it comes with connections for TVs, computers, and gaming consoles.

You can even make use of its built-in Bluetooth connectivity and stream your favorite music or podcast from your smartphone or tablet. You can connect up to two devices straight to the soundbar.


  • A great option for minimalists and small spaces
  • Wall mountable soundbar with built-in keyholes
  • Built-in subwoofer for superior bass
  • Easy setup with connections for TV, gaming consoles, and computers
  • Impressive virtual surround sound quality


  • No memory settings
  • Not the best speaker for bass
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9. ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar for Viera TV

ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar for Viera TV

The ZVOX Dialogue Clarifying Sound Bar features a unique design than standard soundbars, focusing on sound clarity instead of loudness.

The soundbar for Panasonic plasma TVs focuses on fine-tuning and improving overall sound quality. After all, focusing on the loudness alone doesn’t guarantee noise cancellation and balance in sounds.

The soundbar for Panasonic TVs combines two innovative technologies. The patented AccuVoice hearing aid technology offers up to 12 levels of voice boost.

The SuperVoice technology reduces distracting background sounds. Combined, the two technologies use a proprietary digital algorithm to separate voices from soundtracks, manipulating them the same way a hearing aid would.

This mechanism facilitates clearer sound without the need to increase the volume.

Furthermore, the Panasonic TV soundbar features a 24W class D digital amplifier to further boost sound delivery. The Dolby digital decoding technology, on the other hand, eliminates delays for even better clarity.

To seal the deal, the Panasonic television speaker integrates a built-in PhaseCue virtual surround technology for room-filling 3D sound so you can enjoy your movies and games.


  • Combines two patented technologies for increased sound clarity
  • Advanced Dolby digital decoding for better clarity
  • Room filling 3D surround sound technology
  • Remote control with easy to read labels and large buttons
  • The small 17-inch bar for easy placement


  • The steep learning curve for settings
  • No built-in wireless connection
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10. Panasonic Viera TV Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer

Panasonic Viera TV Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer

A brainchild of Panasonic, the SCHTB70 2.1 Channel Soundbar is an excellent companion to your Panasonic Viera TV.

Although it has a low power rating, the soundbar for Panasonic plasma TV offers great sound quality and performance. The soundbar pairs well with its anti-vibration integrated subwoofer for powerful and pure bass.

Moreover, the Panasonic Viera soundbar comprises a clear mode dialog and dialog level control which offer rich sounds.

The dialog controls let you achieve more nuanced audio, producing sounds as if they originate straight from the center of the screen.

The level control lets you fine-tune the sounds for the clearest surround sound experience. 

The soundbar’s wireless connection allows wireless music streaming via Bluetooth, connecting straight to your smart TV, phone, tablet, or laptop.

The soundbar for Viera TVs also comes with a multi-positional speaker layout. It features a 4-way multi-angle position layout to fit the needs of your living space.

The soundbar can be positioned at a 90-degree angle for wall mounting, 80 degrees for rack top, 30 degrees for an inside track, and 0 degrees for rack top layouts.

Additionally, it integrates built-in sensors that automatically detect its direction and presets the ideal position.


  • Dual integrated subwoofer boasts rich and powerful bass
  • Fine-tuned and rich sound using clear mode dialog and dialog level control
  • Wireless music streaming on the TV, phone, tablet, and laptop
  • Multiple angle positioning to suit your needs
  • Built-in sensors to determine the best position


  • Cannot be controlled by TV remote
  • Doesn’t offer the best bass results
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Things to Consider before Buying a Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

Check the Space

Many people opt for soundbars for their compact size while still maintaining great sound quality and (sometimes) surround sound experience.

When choosing the perfect soundbar for Panasonic TV, you want to pay attention to the size.

Take measurements of where you plan to place it (consider the subwoofer’s space too) before choosing a model. Furthermore, you have to consider its capacity and ensure it is sufficient for your needs.

In this case, consider the TV’s functionality along with factors such as the room size and even external factors, such as noises from the neighborhood.


When shopping for a soundbar for Viera TV, you will come across a vertical (sound tower) and horizontal one (more common options).

Their structures somewhat differentiate them in their placement along with sound production due to their speaker sizes. As a general rule of thumb, opt for a vertical bar if you want to enjoy music.

A traditional horizontal bar is a better option for a more pronounced surround sound performance. 

Channel Configuration

A higher channel configuration means higher sound quality. A soundbar for Panasonic plasma TV doesn’t have a standard set configuration.

Typically, channel configurations include 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 3.1, 4.1, and 5.1.  Here’s how the configurations work – a 2.0 configuration simply means a soundbar with two built-in left and right speakers and no subwoofer.

A 2.1 configuration represents built-in left and right speakers and a subwoofer. A 3.0 and 3.1 configurations are similar to the former, but they have an extra center speaker.

If you want to experience true immersive sound performance, you want to go for at least a 3.1, although some 2.0 and 2.1 configurations are quite good.

Power Rating

A sufficient soundbar for Panasonic TV should offer a power rating of at least 120 watts. The power rating doesn’t determine the volume or loudness of the soundbar.

Instead, it determines its workload. A 120W capacity is enough to support a Panasonic Viera TV.


You want to choose a Panasonic TV soundbar that offers a convenient and flexible connection infrastructure.

Relatively newer Panasonic Viera TVs will support modern and more reliable connection options, such as HDMI and HDMI Arc.

However, you should also go for a model that offers a variety, such as coaxial cables, RCA cables, and wireless Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. These connection options will not be as reliable as the HDMI connection though.

Subwoofer or No Subwoofer

The choice of whether or not to go for a Panasonic Viera soundbar depends entirely on your preference. If you want to enjoy deeper and rich bass, a subwoofer is essential.

You can go for a traditional setup with an external wireless subwoofer for even better performance.

But, if you have limited space, you can choose a soundbar for Viera TV that features a built-in subwoofer.

Audio Format

A good soundbar for Viera TV should support advanced audio technologies for an even better immersive and surround sound format.

When choosing a model, you should look out for formats such as Dolby Atmos or Dolby DTS: X.


The best soundbar for Panasonic TVs gives you a selection of control options. You can opt for the traditional control panel or remote control.

Modern options let you control the soundbar through your smartphone app. You can even find a soundbar for Panasonic Viera TVs that is even compatible with your TV remotes, letting you use a single remote for multiple devices.

Other Features

Depending on your needs, you can choose Panasonic TV soundbars with extra features to add more value to your audio experience.

For example, you can find pretty good models with built-in voice controls so you don’t have to manually control the soundbar or adjust its parameters.

Options like Alexa even let you stream music from the extensive Amazon Music library.


The best soundbar for Viera TVs must come with a warranty to protect you against manufacturer’s defects. Opt for at least a warranty of 12 to 24 months.

How to Connect Panasonic Viera TV to a Soundbar?

You can choose to connect your TV to a soundbar through a selection of wired and wireless methods.

Amongst the key connection options most Panasonic Viera TVs offer, include HDMI cable, Digital coax cable, optical cable, RCA cable, and 35mm aux jack.

Some newer Panasonic Viera TVs produced after 2009 also feature a more modern HDMI Arc connection.

Additionally, most Viera TVs also offer Bluetooth WiFi connectivity. With the myriad of connection options available, using an HDMI cable is the most recommended connection option.

This is because this connection option is reliable and delivers raw data, allowing you to enjoy the best sound quality.

In this short guide, we’ll share brief steps on how to connect your Panasonic Viera TV to a soundbar using an HDMI cable and digital coax cable.

Here’s how you connect a Panasonic Viera TV to a soundbar using an HDMI cable;

Step 1: Power up the TV and soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

Plug the TV and soundbar into the power outlet and turn the on TV and soundbar

Step 2: Locate the Ports

Locate the HDMI input port on the TV and HDMI input port on the soundbar.’

Step 3: Connect the Devices

Plugin the HDMI cable into each device on the respective side and adjust TV settings to set the soundbar as the default speaker output.

How to Connect Panasonic Viera TV to Soundbar using Digital Coax Cable?

Step 1: Connect the Coaxial Audio Cable

Turn off and unplug the TV and soundbar from the outlet. Connect the coaxial cable to the TV’s coaxial audio out and the soundbar’s coaxial input.

Some soundbars will come with a free coax cable while others won’t. If yours doesn’t have one, invest in a 75-ohm coax digital audio cable to ensure proper transmission.

Step 2: Enable Soundbar Speaker Output

Go to the TV’s audio settings and set the audio output to the soundbar (external speaker) alone and disable the TV’s built-in speakers.

Without doing so the connection may not work. Alternatively, you can turn the TV’s volume to zero.

How to set up Panasonic Viera TV for surround sound?

Here’s how to set up surround sound for a Panasonic TV soundbar;

Step 1: Connect to an Audio Output

Connect the output of your TV to the input of a home theater receiver. You can choose to use an HDMI or digital coaxial cable.

Next, you want to link your TV with Panasonic television speakers of the surround sound system, taking into account the proper terminals.

Make sure you connect with the corresponding left, right, and center speakers. Connect the subwoofer either wirelessly or using an RCA wire to the receiver’s subwoofer out terminal.

Step 2: TV Connection

Turn the TV, receiver, and subwoofer on and switch the receiver to the TV’s audio input. On the TV’s audio settings, turn off the built-in speakers to focus the audio output on the surround sound system alone.

Your setup should be done and ready for use.

What are the Most Important Things for a Soundbar to Sound Good?

Choosing a soundbar for Panasonic Viera TVs alone isn’t enough to guarantee the best sounds.

You still have to incorporate other features to get the best sounds from the soundbar. Here’s what to consider to harnessing the best sound from soundbars;

Sound Settings

When watching TV, you will access different types of content. For example, an action-packed movie has a different set of audio requirements to a regular news broadcast.

Therefore, the best soundbar for Panasonic should at least allow you the flexibility to fine-tune the sound for each content.

Some of the best models feature built-in modes that are curated for special needs.

Basic modes include gaming, movie, news, sports, and music modes. To achieve explosive gaming sound that synchronizes with the on-screen action, set the soundbar to the gaming mode.

Alternatively, for basic Panasonic Viera soundbars, opt for the standard mode setting.

Volume Control

A higher volume doesn’t necessarily mean better clarity and audibility. Instead, your Panasonic TV soundbar should be set at a balanced volume to enjoy a better sound quality.

To do so, set the Sound Effects to standard on the soundbar. Doing so helps to balance out the high and low volumes coming from the TV.

Virtual Surround Sound

Virtual surround sound gives you a true and well-rounded sound delivery, coming from all directions of the room you are in. It also allows you to enjoy content with minimal distractions.

You can activate virtual surround sound on the Sound Effects settings of your soundbar.

How to Connect a Wireless Soundbar to the Television?

Not all Panasonic Viera soundbars feature a wired connection. You can also find 2-on-1 wireless and wired models on the market.

Or, you can find soundbars with an exclusively wireless design. In this case, you have to connect it to the TV and other devices through its built-in wireless connectivity, either Bluetooth or WiFi.

WiFi isn’t the most reliable option since it requires a connection to a live home network at all times.

Therefore, Bluetooth connection is a more viable option. Here’s how to connect a wireless Panasonic Viera TV soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth;

Step 1: Power up the TV and soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV

Plug the TV and soundbar into the power outlet and turn the on the TV and soundbar

Step 2: Pair the Two Devices

Turn on the Bluetooth on your soundbar and TV. Next, on the TV’s Bluetooth menu pick the name of the soundbar and pair the two devices.

Step 3: Set up the Connection

Using the TV remote, press Menu, pick Settings and head to Bluetooth Settings. Next, select audio out and Ok, then, pick the Bluetooth option. Play music or any station on the TV to confirm the connection.


1. Does the Panasonic Viera have Bluetooth?

Yes, a Panasonic Viera TV features built-in Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can easily connect it wirelessly with the right soundbar for Viera TVs (with built-in Bluetooth) via Bluetooth.

You can also take advantage of the Bluetooth connection to pair the TV with other audio devices, such as headsets.

2. Does Panasonic Viera Have Arc?

Most Panasonic Viera TVs will support HDMI Arc connections. However, this doesn’t apply to all models. Older Panasonic Viera models, produced before 2009, will not have the relatively new HDMI Arc connection.

But, you can still take advantage of reliable connection options such as HDMI.

While it is not as reliable due to connectivity distortion, you can also opt for a Bluetooth connection.

3. What is the Panasonic Audio Leveler?

A Panasonic audio lever refers to a built-in feature on many Panasonic TVs that helps improve audio quality. This feature automatically prompts the TV to level the audio when you switch channels.

It allows the TV to determine whether or not the audio level on the new channel is high or lower than the currently set one. In turn, it automatically adjusts to the right volume. 

4. What’s the Best Way to Connect a Soundbar to TV?

According to experts, the best way to connect a soundbar to a TV is via HDMI cable. This is because an HDMI cable functions by transferring audio files digitally, with zero compression. 

This allows it to be more reliable, delivering raw untouched data. HDMI cables are also designed to handle the demands of most modern soundbars, including Panasonic Viera soundbars. Plus, their setup is pretty simple.

5. Where Is Audio Out On Panasonic Viera?

The audio out of the Panasonic Viera TV is typically found on the lower right corner on the backside of the TV.

The audio out is where you connect the TV with speakers and soundbars if you opt for a wired connection.

So, What’s the Best Soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV?

Evidently, the Panasonic Viera TV is built with great integrated speaker sound. However, with the built-in speakers alone, you will not enjoy the much-needed audio clarity and immersive audio.

After all, different individuals will have varying needs that built-in TV speakers alone cannot handle.

For extended spaces or high ceilings, soundbars designed for Panasonic TVs will help improve your experience.

Similarly, if you want to enjoy your movie or gaming sessions the way the creators intended, the right soundbar will do that for you.

Therefore, our recommendation of the best Panasonic TV soundbars offers an extensive selection to suit the needs of different Panasonic Viera TV owners.

Each model comes with its unique benefits, whether affordability or the one special feature you are looking for.

My personal top pick for the best soundbar for Panasonic Viera TV is the Sony Z9F 3-1 Ch Wireless Soundbar.

The 3.1ch soundbar for Panasonic TVs offers a range of functional features to elevate your audio experience.

The 3.1ch configuration is enough to yield outstanding immersive sound, while its built-in Alexa voice control and Bluetooth connectivity extend the soundbar’s usability.