Top 10 Best Pencil Grinders for 2022

There are various crafty projects you want to complete that require you to use a slim, compact tool that gives you fine control and access to tight spaces.

The best pencil grinder performs intricate and precise work allowing you to complete tasks and create works of art easily in minutes.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 pencil grinder reviews to help you choose the air pencil die grinder that is best for your needs.

When it comes to pencil grinders, there are many choices on the market. Choosing the right tool can get confusing.

Pencil grinders will come in a lightweight design, with collets that can connect to attachments that reach tight spaces.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will have received a complete guide that shows you how to buy a pencil grinder to work on those tasks that need a precise tool that reaches tiny spaces.

Let’s dive right in and explore the most popular pencil grinders currently on the market!

Quick Comparison: Best Pencil Grinders

Top 10 Best Pencil Grinder Reviews:

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1/8″ Pencil Grinder

Astro Pneumatic Tool 1/8

This handy aluminum pencil grinder by Astro Pneumatic is designed to engrave, clean, shape, carve, and perform other functions on almost all types of materials.

You will be able to reach tiny spaces that require a tool that is slim enough to reach every tiny corner.

Because it is a pneumatic tool, it is less expensive than an electric pencil grinder but does require an air compressor to function.

One of the advantages of being a pneumatic pencil DIY grinder is that it is much lighter than an electric pencil die grinder.

However, it does not have a rechargeable battery pack that allows it to be a cordless pencil grinder. For people with an air compressor, this pencil-type die grinder makes a great addition to your toolset.

The Astro Pneumatic pencil DIY grinder features a twist throttle for variable speeds.

The tool comes with attachments that work with various materials including wood, harden steel, welds, and plastic.

A high torque capacity allows you to safely apply pressure to remove excess material and cut at a faster rate.

It includes full rotating switches with a twisting mechanism to regulate the speed and airflow as in most air-powered pencil grinders.



  • Designed for cleaning rotors, dies, brake pads, backing plates, and many other applications

  • Approved by industrial manufacturers for remote exhaust and accuracy

  • Does not chip the carbide cutters

  • Powerful motor

  • Reaches tiny spots with high precision

  • One-year warranty on workmanship and materials

  • Adjustable speed control button is easy to over-rev

  • Requires an air compressor for power

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2. Neiko 10649A Micro 54,000 RPM Pencil Grinder

Neiko 10649A Micro 54,000 RPM Pencil Grinder

Neiko is a trusted brand that offers premium value to its customers. They designed this powerful pencil-type die grinder made from durable nylon material.

It features a five-foot flexible nylon hose with a protective slip-on shield for safer use and longer-lasting life.

This micro pencil dies grinder features variable speeds controlled at your fingertips. It is ideal for porting and finishing even the smallest parts.

Enjoy steady speed control and precision with a textured throttle that features a self-closing lever that adjusts the speed.

The tool will maintain a constant speed throughout your session until you are ready to switch it.

It is a pneumatic pencil die grinder which makes it lightweight and easy to use. The pencil-style shaft is lightweight and measures 5-1/4″.

You can easily maneuver and have complete precision when grinding, cutting, and polishing various types of surfaces.

Capable of versatile applications such as cleaning rotors, dies, backing plates, brake pads, mounts, cylinder heads, and jewelry.

With an air pressure requirement of 90-120 PSI, it provides efficient use. It is a perfect tool for tasks around your workshop or automotive garage.

Free speed of 54,000 RPM power easily glides through most surfaces, and with an 8″ wheel diameter, it is sufficiently ample for most projects.

The unit comes complete with one Milton style 1/4 female plug and two wrenches.



  • Tight grip handle with speed controls

  • Works with various materials

  • Versatility at home or workshop

  • Trusted brand and accessible price

  • Amazon rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars

  • One-year warranty covers materials and workmanship

  • Cannot handle different size collets, only an 1/8" attachment

  • Replacement air line hose is hard to find

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3. Chicago Pneumatic 60,000 RPM Compact Pencil Grinder

Chicago Pneumatic 60,000 RPM Compact Pencil Grinder

Undertake any type of job that requires a tool that fits into any space. You will feel confident in your workshop with this efficient high-speed pencil grinder that is specially designed for precision multi-use applications.

With a brand such as Chicago Pneumatic, you can feel certain that your tool is the best in its class.

The company delivers quality global customer service along with dedicated local support to guide you through each step of your project.

The company only works with authorized distributors to deliver dedicated customer support to household and industrial customers.

Their decades of experience provide added value with the best solutions for the needs of any workshop.

When choosing this CP9104Q model, you will receive a quality product. It is one of the most lightweight and quiet grinders on the market.

Its 71 dB(A) noise control and silencer hose features minimize noise while you work for the best grinding experience.

Its handle provides a comfortable grip for the most precision and control. Feel the power of a 60,000 RPM motor with a convenient twist throttle to change speeds quickly.



  • Lightweight and quiet

  • Reaches the tiniest spaces

  • A great price and quality

  • Low air consumption from an air compressor, making it last longer while in use

  • It is made with durable metal components for a long-lasting life

  • Manufacturer offers global service and local support providing you the best solutions for as long as you have the tool

  • Customer reviews don't support heavy-duty use, it may be suitable for lightweight projects

  • Requires consistent maintenance for components to continue to work optimally, making it not suitable for everyday tasks

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4. Eoocvt 56,000 RPM 1/8” Air Micro Pencil Grinder

Eoocvt 56,000 RPM 1/8'' Air Micro Pencil Grinder

This amazing compact 1/8” grinder has the ability to complete a lot more tasks than popular 1/4” grinders rented from a hardware store.

You will be able to easily and quickly reach the smallest spaces to grind burrs and imperfections on most materials.

Its flexible 50″ hose is perfect for comfortably reaching hard-to-reach work surfaces. Featuring durable metal components that extend the life of this micro pencil die grinder.

 For the price, it is a great tool, however, for high-volume workshops that require top-performing tools, this grinder may fall short.

Enjoy complete control with its ergonomically designed handle that allows you to maneuver the smallest spaces on your workpiece. The kit includes a variety of attachments for a variety of applications.



  • Comfortable to hold and use with premium design that is slim, lightweight, durable, and comfortable

  • Efficiently polishes and cleans jewelry, dies, and other small components

  • Comes complete with a 17 piece pencil grinder set that includes everything you need for most projects

  • Grip design provides safety and comfort even for the smallest hands

  • Very powerful tool even at half speed

  • Manufacturer provides warranty and customer support

  • Bits are made from low-quality stone and may need frequent replacement

  • Design makes it difficult to swap out bits as they are hard to remove

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5. Shiningeyes 1/8″ Air Micro Pneumatic Pencil Grinder

Shiningeyes 1/8

Designed for tiny workpieces that require a light touch while still providing maximum power.

Made from lightweight and durable die-cast aluminum that makes this pencil grinder is comfortable to hold, especially if the project requires you to dedicate a long amount of time.

The tool was designed for minimal vibration, allowing you to work longer periods of time without affecting your grip.

You will be able to comfortably use it for extended periods without feeling the effects on your hands. Its self-closing lever provides you with top safety and convenient use.

It is an ideal tool for cleaning various types of metals, carving, grinding, and delicate internal processing. Air-powered makes the tool lightweight compared to an electric pencil grinder.

It features a variable speed throttle control that allows you total precision for various types of projects. Ideal for use in a home workshop or industrial setting.

Its 5.1″ pen provides complete control and far-reaching capabilities for even the tiniest jobs.

Most customers seem to be happy with the quality, design, and price of this handy grinder.

It completes all tasks with ease and compares to more expensive brands making it a great model to consider.



  • Powered with air compressor for a long-lasting performance without electricity

  • Powerful enough to cut through plastic, stone, wood, and other materials

  • Comes with a complete kit that includes everything you need to get started

  • Easy-to-control with 1/8" collets and 3 mm bits

  • Convenient 50" air hose for easy handling

  • Outstanding 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon

  • Limited attachments, missing a 3/32" collet

  • May need a regulator for the air as most shop air systems are 120 PSI

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6. Astro Pneumatic 1/8″ Pencil-Style Die Grinder

Astro Pneumatic 1/8

This high-quality Astro Pneumatic pencil-style die grinder is specially designed for high-speed porting and finishing small parts.

With its high speed using 56,000 RPM, it quickly and efficiently performs on almost all types of materials.

A convenient twist throttle provides variable speed control to tackle a variety of tasks. You even have the ability for feathering designs with its lever throttle.

Constructed with high-quality steel components for maximum durability. It is a lightweight tool weighing less than one pound.

The total length of the grinder is under 8-inches, making it very convenient to transport in your tool case.

Different from heavy electric angle grinders, this pneumatic-powered tool requires 90 to 120 PSI from an average air compressor. It provides a long-lasting lifespan even for daily users.

With a brand name like Astro Pneumatic, you can be certain you will receive a quality grinder made with durable components.

The company has been around for over 40 years creating innovative tools that outperform those of competitors.

The capacity for variable speeds and 1/8″ shank attachments and bits. It is so powerful, that you don’t have to rev it up to maximum speed.



  • Top durability providing excellent performance even for daily use

  • Very lightweight and easy to transport

  • Performs well for high-speed porting and finishing of tiny parts

  • Perfect tool for cleaning rotors, dies, brake pads, backing plates, mounts, jewelry, and other smalls workpieces

  • Accessible price under $50 from reliable distributors

  • Backed by excellent ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon

  • Hose can become crimped, which may be an issue for daily users that require frequent use

  • Requires a high-volume air compressor at 4 CFM consumption

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7. Power Aero Novia Industrial Air Pencil Micro Grinder

Power Aero Novia Industrial Air Pencil Micro Grinder

The Power Aero Novia 1/8″ high-speed micro grinder pencil design packs a huge punch for such a compact tool.

It is a heavy-duty industrial-grade machine that provides excellent performance for jobs that require powerful micro-precision.

Because it is constructed with high-durability alloy and plastic materials, it is tough while still maintaining a lightweight structure featuring a corner angle that allows comfortable handling.

Feel the precision you get from this 90-degree pencil grinder as you swiftly and precisely cut through corners of the smallest workpieces imagined.

Set the ideal speed for each project with its twist-controlled variable throttle for positive speed control.

It is designed with a heavy-duty steel cylinder and a professional-grade grinder that features special ball-bearing construction to ensure a long life span.

Includes a complete set of 1/8″ bits and collets making it versatile for various projects.

This tool requires very little maintenance, just regular oiling is enough to keep it running well for years.

At a comfortable price point, this model serves its purpose well considering the quality construction and features.

It is a must-have in any workshop and comes in handy around the home for cleaning jewelry, crafts, and more.

The possibilities for applications are endless as this tool can handle jobs with both a large and tiny surface.



  • Very easy to maintain even with everyday use

  • Slim design weighing only 5 ounces allows you to avoid handling bulky hand tools

  • Powered with air compressor making it lightweight and convenient for most workshops

  • Ergonomic grip provides excellent comfort and stability

  • Manufactured by reputable brand with an excellent track record on Amazon since 2017

  • Backed by excellent customer ratings on Amazon with 4.5 out of 5 stars

  • Only spins clockwise, not able to perform reverse rotation

  • Does not have rechargeable battery or electrical capability, only works with an air compressor

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8. Valianto 58,000 RPM Pneumatic Pencil Die Grinder

Valianto 58,000 RPM Pneumatic Pencil Die Grinder

Valianto is a manufacturer that makes a variety of powerful heavy-duty tools. Their pencil-style 1/8″ air micro pencil die grinder stands up to the performance of any of the large-scale machinery they are known for.

This grinder is built strong and made for durability under tough conditions. Constructed with high-quality metal, it can stand up to firm materials while maintaining its delicate handling.

Its speed of 58,000 RPM adapts to industrial-grade speed precision machining.

As you glide through the material with the tool in your hand, it will feel like you’re holding a pen that allows swift motions.

You can work on the material with complete precision and a fine finish.

This tool requires an air compressor at 90 PSI air pressure. It has an adjustable throttle for variable speed control for a variety of applications.

Designed with a rear exhaust to prevent chips from flying and scattering while reducing noise.



  • Sophisticated interior design for ease of use and durability

  • Top versatility in various applications making it compatible for hobbies or industrial projects

  • Cuts through all types of metals, plastic, stone, wood, and other materials

  • Can clean rotors, brake pads, cylinder heads, mounts, backing plates, jewelry, and other items

  • Manufactured by trusted brand

  • Customers give good ratings at 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon

  • Rotates clockwise only, no reverse rotation

  • Poor instruction manual

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9. Dynamic Power D313321B 1/8″ Micro Pencil Grinder

Dynamic Power D313321B 1/8

Dynamic Power is dedicated to manufacturing power supply products in addition to high voltage transducers.

This pencil grinder features a bonus part, a 1/6″ collet, for a wider range of applications.

This tool was designed to work in the most energy-efficient manner. Because it is powered by an air compressor, you will be able to increase the regulator’s pressure (PSI) output up to the highest air pressure rating if the airflow (CFM) becomes obstructed.

It is ideal for people who have an air compressor in their workshop, however, for those that prefer electric-powered tools, this grinder may be inconvenient.

At a free speed of 70,000 RPM, it easily handles tough tasks that require maximum speed and power.

An adjustable twist throttle lets you change speeds according to the task. Reach tiny spaces that are hard to reach while still maintaining precise control.

Its composite handle reduces vibration and has a texture that provides a firm grip for total safety and precision.

Constructed with high-grade plastic materials make this tool is durable and lightweight. It is ideal for polishing, sanding, and grinding most types of surfaces including wood, stone, plastic, metal, and more.



  • Stands up to various materials

  • Fair price for value and quality

  • Made with industrial grade components

  • Maximum performance while providing safety and comfort

  • Dynamic Power is a reputable international manufacturer

  • Backed by 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon

  • Kit is very basic and requires you to find additional attachments for more functions

  • Needs an air compressor for power and is not able to connect to electrical power, have cordless capabilities, or work with a rechargeable battery

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10. Si Fang 1/8” Micro Pencil Die Grinder

Si Fang 1/8'' Micro Pencil Die Grinder

This handy air-powered micro pencil die grinder is made from quality materials for its price.

It is air-powered requiring an air compressor with a 1/4″ air inlet for an average air consumption of 1.4 CFM. It is much lighter than electric grinders and transports easily.

Its flexible nylon hose has a protective slip-on shield to prevent abrasion.

However, some customers report a need for better crimping on the hose. Its hose’s flexibility allows you to handle the tool with ease for any type of detailing work.

Overall, it is an effective machine for most sanding and carving projects that require a slim tool for tight spaces.

At a free speed of 52,000 to 70,000 RPM, it is capable of handling a variety of applications.

Attain top precision with an easy-to-grip pencil style shaft for maximum control and accuracy when polishing, grinding, and cutting.

The machine comes with two collet wrenches and everything you need to get started including 30 additional mounted stones ideal for easy replacement.

Some customers report a defect with the collets measuring .115 instead of .125 not allowing other 1/4 ” shank bits to fit.

This pencil grinder is constructed with high-quality metal for durability. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport.

Plus, you can use it with ease for extended periods of time without tiring your hands.



  • Good value for price and quality

  • Versatility with various materials

  • Comprehensive instructions manual

  • Compatible with a standard air compressor

  • Easy maintenance

  • Amazon ratings of 4.2 out of 5 stars

  • History of defective collets

  • Hose design could be improved to feature more durable crimping

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Things to Consider before Buying a Pencil Grinder

Pen-style grinders are small and compact tools that utilize a variety of bits for different types of grinding applications.

Because these tools come in both electric as well as pneumatic, you will find many models on the market.

Thus, you should consider these factors when purchasing one:


Purchase a micro grinder that comes with various types of collets to use in different applications. You will want a model that is known for tackling a variety of projects.

Ideally, find a 90-degree pencil grinder that comes with a comprehensive kit that includes all sorts of attachments that expand its applications.

The hose should be long enough to allow you to reach tight spaces. The tool should be lightweight enough for you to handle it with ease, not bulky and cumbersome.


These types of grinders should last you for years with everyday use. They are built with durability in mind while facilitating safe operation.

Choose a micro grinder that has reliable power for uninterrupted work.

A reliable pencil grinder will provide sufficient power with a standard air compressor. Most require air pressure ranging between 90 to 190 PSI.


Some pencil grinders are constructed from alloy and metal, others from plastic, aluminum, steel, and other materials.

No matter what type of material it is constructed from, what is important is the quality of the design, the features it offers, and the power of the motor.

There are durable quality micro grinders that are made from plastic and still outperform some made from steel.

A pencil-style grinder is the type of tool that can easily be used every day. It has so many applications that it is easy to make it your “go-to” tool.


Several features are important to consider when shopping for a pencil grinder. Ensure the pen needles are made from rust-resistant alloy steel.

The motor should be powerful, but also gentle enough not to damage delicate pieces such as jewelry.

The shaft design is important as you want a micro grinder that you can easily hold in your hand maneuvering around tiny spaces.


Pencil-style grinders come in numerous models with a wide price range. Typically, the price is an indicator of the quality of the product.

The price can range from approximately $25 to hundreds of dollars.


Depending on the distributor you choose, you will find warranties offered by the micro grinders manufacturers.

You may receive one, two, or even five-year warranties that cover the materials and workmanship.

Choose a brand that is known for making quality tools. Some companies even provide customer support for the life of the micro grinder.

Additional Features

The more features your micro grinder has the greater versatility you will enjoy with any project.

There are several additional features that you should look for in a micro grinder. You should consider some of these extras:

  • Quiet operation with noise levels of 71Dba.
  • Long flexible hose with abrasion guard.
  • Additional collets and diamond grinding needles.
  • Settings for various grinding styles.
  • The anti-cutting feature prevents scattering.
  • Low vibration when operating.
  • Self-closing lever.

As there are many products on the market, you may have to pick and choose what is most important to you. Some micro grinder models truly have the whole work at a very reasonable price.

Overall, a micro pencil dies grinder is built well and has great features that satisfy the needs of most customers and projects.

What is a Pencil Grinder?

Pencil-style micro grinders rotate mounted points and carbide burs to cut, clean, grind, sculpt, and polish several different types of materials including wood, plastic, stone, metal, and others.

The key feature of this type of grinder is the slim design that allows you to hold it like a pen. It provides access to small and hard-to-reach spaces making it ideal for performing intricate and precise work.

Most brands are compatible in various settings such as industrial, mechanics, hobbies, home improvement, and jewelry applications.

They are frequently used for contour blending, die and mold polishing, final cleaning, and hole finishing.

These grinders are mostly air-powered and require an air compressor with 90 to 120 PSI.

They contain few moving parts, which means they can have a long lifespan and are not prone to overheating.

Mounting points and burs need to have a 1/8″ shank diameter to be able to fit most pencil-style micro air grinders.

Attachments that are compatible with a 1/8″ shank are used for lighter-duty work compared to those with a thicker shank.

There are various models available through online distributors. Most come with warranties and are reasonably priced for most budgets.

Pencil Grinder Uses

A pencil-style micro grinder provides powerful rotation. When set with the appropriate attachment, these grinders are able to perform a wide range of diverse tasks.

Here are some common uses of a pencil grinder:

1. Reworking Dies

Ideal to grind the dies used in tooling including plastic molds, metal stamping dies, die-casting dies, forging dies, and others.

Toolmakers use micro air grinders for polishing, deburring, chamfering, grinding and matching the welded surface along with other applications.

2. Polishing Metal

With a pencil grinder polishing, even vast surfaces can be very easy. Its slim design is perfect for polishing curved surfaces and holes. It is not made for polishing flat surfaces.

3. Smoothing Out Surfaces

Some projects such as woodworking require you to smooth out the final product. You can use a pencil grinder for smoothing out metal, hardened steel, wood, and other materials.

Metalwork is ideal for removing the excess welds for a smoother finish.

4. Sharpening Blades

With a blade sharpening attachment on your pencil grinder, you can sharpen knives, axes, hatchets, axes, and other blades without the need for a grindstone.

5. Rust Removal

A pencil grinder works well removing stubborn rust that just seems to be permanently stuck on.

This tool removes rust very quickly and easily, especially if you catch it early before it gets a chance to calcify. Metal can be difficult material for rust removal, but not for pencil grinders.

Final Thoughts

The top 10 best pencil grinders we have reviewed here are the most popular for their quality, design, and functionality.

A pencil grinder is a tool that is worth making part of any workshop. Only its slim design and free speed allow you to get into the tiniest spaces to grind, polish, and do other functions with precision.

With an ample variety of models and features, you will most likely find the perfect one for you.

After reviewing the top 10 pencil grinders, we easily prefer the Astro Pneumatic Tool 218 1/8″ Pencil Type Die Grinder as our best choice.

This pencil grinder features variable speeds controlled by a twist throttle along with a powerful speed of 56,000 RPM.