Best Limestone Sealers in 2022

So, what’s the best limestone sealer? Limestone is an excellent architectural design element with a waterproof and porous nature compared to other stones.

This porous nature isn’t a good one because this nature allows the easy entry of water, oil, or any liquid into the tiny pores of the stone.

A sealer is needed to make it non-porous. Hence, it implies that a limestone cleaner and sealer is required to avoid the entry of oil, water, or any liquid type into the limestone slab to allow it to keep its high quality and durability.

Porous Limestone tiles and slabs can quickly lose their good qualities because of prolonged usage and staining, which is inevitable.

Therefore, a limestone sealer is needed. These sealers act as a protective barrier that keeps contaminants away from the limestone surfaces, making them look new and more lustrous.

Quick Comparison: Best Limestone Sealers

Top 10 Best Limestone Sealer Reviews:

1. StoneTech BulletProof Limestone Sealer

StoneTech BulletProof Limestone Sealer

Highlighted Features:

  • Weighs 8.5pounds
  • Cover up to 900 Square feet
  • Stain-resistant and moisture repellant

The Individual raw ingredients of this StoneTech bulletproof limestone patio sealer are advanced and water-based fluoropolymers.

StoneTech bulletproof stone sealer helps preserve the natural look of any surface it is applied on for three years in an exterior location as an outdoor limestone sealer.

Also, it maintains the natural shine on any material applied for five years in an interior area as an indoor limestone sealer.

The StoneTech bulletproof product is a limestone hearth sealer that offers maximum protection for the most porous surface of any stone type, with limestone inclusive.

These top-notch sealers for limestone pavers have an excellent way of sealing surfaces while providing top-notch resistance to dirt, oil, and water.

As an interior limestone sealer, black limestone sealer, and exterior limestone sealer, it does this without tampering with the original color of the surface.

This product is an excellent limestone tile sealer that gives top-notch protection against humidity and moisture while shielding it against any water, oil, and food stains.


  • Serves as both outdoor limestone sealer and indoor limestone sealer.
  • A suitable limestone tile sealer for other porous natural stone, masonry, granite, marble, slate, travertine, tile, and grout.
  • Water resistance and longevity are excellent
  • straightforward to use.
  • It doesn’t affect the stone’s original color or surface


  • might not be compatible with voltage and outlets in your location
  •  You may need a converter and adapter before using it in your location.
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2. Miracle Sealants 32 oz Limestone Sealer

Miracle Sealants 32 oz Limestone Sealer

Highlighted Features:

  • Clear color that weighs 1.75pounds
  • Dimensions 5.2 by 5.2 by 2.3inches.
  • Covers up to one thousand square feet per quart

The Miracle is suitable for use as an interior and exterior limestone cleaner. Miracle sealant plus works best on surfaces ranging from sandstone, sanded grout, limestone, flagstone, terracotta to other various types of surfaces.

It works to form a protective barrier against slippage, water, and stains.

To form a barrier, the miracle sealant develops a transparent later, enabling it to deal with stains and moisture while having a vapor release.

This oil and moisture-resistant limestone fireplace sealer are very safe for areas set aside for food preparation.

It doesn’t yellow and resists weather elements without changing the color of the original surface. Its UV transparency feature and ability to withstand weather element also goes a long way in securing its durability.

It allows for maximum coverage during use as well.

This sealer for limestone is suitable for sealing limestone tiles and slabs found in the home residence or commercial residences. Also, they are eligible to be used on floor tiles, walls, and other limestone surfaces.

The materials that this limestone fireplace sealer can be comfortably used on with no repercussion include granite, slate, travertine, stucco, quartz, terrazzo, polished marble, agglomerate, polished granite, glazed tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, quarry tile, and sanded grout.


  • Easy application
  • Cost-effective
  • Weather and slip-resistant
  • Exceptional coverage
  • UV transparent


  • Products might not be suitable for your location. Check for compatibility before purchase
  • It might require an adapter or converter before adequately working.
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3. DOMINATOR Acrylic Limestone Fast Dry Sealer

DOMINATOR Acrylic Limestone Fast Dry Sealer

Highlighted Features:

  • No battery included or required
  • Comes as a white milky liquid that can dry clear
  • Dimensions of 10.83 by 7.48 by 4.53inches
  • Weighs 8.56pounds

Domination stone sealer is a water-based product that is stain resistant and does not increase surface traction. It is color-enhancing and also functions as a sealer for limestone countertops.

This product has a low VOC and high gloss, hence, giving it finished looks a high shine, matte, and satin finish.

Domination stone sealer has a slow slip potential and UV protection features. Because of its low VOC and solvent-free formulations, there is no unfriendly odor, and you achieve significant coverage.

This implies that this outdoor and indoor limestone sealer gives you the best value for your money. The coverage rate differs with surfaces. Some examples include dense stone surfaces and other porous surfaces.

Porous surfaces like bluestone, clay pavers, Mexican tile, and flagstone give a coverage rate of about 400square feet per gallon, while dense stone surfaces like travertine have an average coverage rate of 700 Square feet per gallon.

The manufacturers of this limestone patio sealer advise that a porosity test should be carried out on each surface to determine the coverage rate accurately.


  • Long-lasting and durable finish that can stay up for as long as 2-4 year’s
  • Outstanding and top-notch curbs appeal
  • Fast-drying, straightforward to apply and self-priming
  • Maximum protection and oil-based and various other types of stain
  • UV protection is top-notch


  • Not suitable for use if the temperature is below 50°c two days after application
  • It cannot be used during cold weather and climatic conditions.
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4. Serveon All Purpose Limestone Sealer

Serveon All Purpose Limestone Sealer

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions of 6.5 by 3.5 by 11.5inches
  • High water-resistant level
  • Stain repellant
  • Weighs 8.68pounds

Serveon seal is a professional grade limestone cleaner and sealer that works by deeply penetrating the surface it is applied on. This deep penetration forms a “state-of-the-art nano-based cross-linking network.

Hence, giving rise to a sealer for limestone floors that is virtually impervious against water and water-dissolved materials.

This modified silicate advanced technology was formulated with new techniques for protecting various stones, grout, concrete, masonry, and tile.

Unlike other common limestone paved sealers made of delicate water repellants and siloxane, this product contains siloxane, silane emulsions, petroleum distillates, silates, and different water repellants that function together in protecting these surfaces.

Serveon Sealants works to beautify and give life to all your surfaces. This product works like a film-forming seal to protect against soils and oil stains. It is breathable, and the finished look is always incredible with a long stretch of durability.

This premium interior and exterior limestone sealer for stone, tile, and grout seals all stone types.


  • Fast drying time with no harsh odor
  • Straight forward to apply
  • Little quantity of seal showcases a higher level of sealing potential
  • Lengthen and Guarantee of three to five years of sealing protection while retaining natural looks
  • Since a tiny amount is needed for a high sealing potential, time, money, and resources are saved.


  • Extra purchase of pump-up sprayer for application
  • According to a verified purchase, it might not be suitable for application on tiles
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5. Masonry Defender 1g. Limestone & Granite Siloxane Sealer

Masonry Defender 1g. Limestone & Granite Siloxane Sealer

Highlighted Features:

  • Made up of a penetrating siloxane/silane blended water repellent.
  • Product weight 7.81 pounds
  • Waterproof and water-based
  • Dimension of 12.13 by 8.03 by 4.33 inches.

This Masonry Defender sealer for limestone pavers was formulated with a salt guard that protects against chemicals and de-icing salts.

This sealer for limestone has a seating capacity of 5years and more if properly taken care of. It comes with a 5-year warranty on masonry surfaces and vertical concrete.

This product helps not only you protect your concrete and masonry surfaces, but it also helps to brighten and enhance the appearance of the surface it is applied on.

Before using this all-purpose concrete, brick, and limestone cleaner, you must first ensure that the surface does not have any dirt or debris.

With a low-pressure sprayer, apply a thin, even layer on the surface. Using a sprayer will help you achieve an even product application on the surface.

With its superior stain and water resistance, its most common applications include waterfalls, swimming pools, spas, showers, indoor stone floors, patios, decks, landscaping stones, showers, and other indoor stone floors.

It works best on surfaces like flagstone, unpolished marble, honed granite, travertine, limestone, artificial stones, sandstones, slate, non-glazed bricks, mortar, grout, stucco, center, river rock, and quartzite.


  • Easy to use and spread
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Top-notch Adhesion
  • High level of breathability
  • Non-film forming
  • No harsh odor


  • The product might not be compatible with the voltage and outlets in your region
  • Not suitable for use with temperatures lesser than 40°F and higher than 100°F, especially three hours after its application.
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6. Black Diamond Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer

Black Diamond Natural Stone Penetrating Sealer

Highlighted Features:

  • Produced by black diamond stonework brand
  • Weighs 32 ounces
  • Dimensions 4.5 by 2.5 by 9 inches
  • Compatible with concrete marble and stone

The Black Diamond limestone paver sealer has a surface recommendation of floor and tiles. It is an easy-to-apply granite sealer with maximum long-lasting protection on any surface it is sprayed on. You only need to spray and wipe: Super easy!

Black diamond stone works sealer serves as a protectant for your granite by protecting it from stains of oil, germs, coffee, ink, food, grease, and wine.

The impregnate design is non-corrosive and does not contain toxic or harmful ingredients.

It is the best fit as both interior and exterior limestone cleaner, with food areas inclusive.

Stone care professionals have tested it, so you can be hundred percent sure that you are in safe hands.

Black Diamond stone sealer works by bonding to the stone and repelling all the visible water-based and oil-based impurities from absorbing it while still giving the stone enough room to breathe.

Asides from its easy usage, this product is also easy to remove and easy to clean.

Black Diamond Nex-Gen speaker is water-based and also has a fine quality oil. It is water repellant and does not give off a harsh odor, which implies that you can use it without the house or the whole neighborhood filled up with any horror smell.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Low odor
  • Safe for food contact
  • None corrosive impregnation designed


  • Based on a verified purchase, granite countertops might become grainy and dusty after usage
  • Requires more product
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7. Black Diamond Color Enhancer Sealer for Limestone

Black Diamond Color Enhancer Sealer for Limestone

Highlighted Features:

  • Clear liquid
  • Dimension of 4.5 x 2.5 x 9 inches
  • Weight of 2.2 pounds
  • Manufactured by Black Diamond Stoneworks

This limestone hearth sealer Prevents molds and mosses formation on the surface.

Color enhancer sealer is a limestone paver sealer compatible with ceramic, marble (honed or textured), granite, travertine, bluestone, Saltillo, sandstone (other stones), and concrete materials/surfaces.

To perform its functions, the stone tech bulletproof stone dealer will first penetrate the surface’s pores and build a barrier. This barrier guides the surface against stains and water absorption.

The black diamond color enhancer sealer can serve as a limestone fireplace sealer and a sealer for limestone countertops.  Color enhancer sealer is weather-resistant, and it is suitable for use on showers, countertops, patios, and driveways.

It is compatible with stone and concrete materials and surfaces and Protects against moisture, including saltwater and other constant growth of moisture.

If you are in search of a limestone hearth sealer Suitable for both internal and external use, this product will be your best bet

These Limestone pavers sealing will help your surfaces look new and prevent stains. Before sealing natural stones like limestone, it is highly recommended that a thorough cleaning is done on the Limestone paver.

Be careful not to do it in the wrong way.


  • No harsh odor/fresh scent
  • Hassle-free application
  • Very durable
  • Compatible with Concrete, Marble, and Stone
  • Product flexibility: can act as a limestone sealer and cleaner.


  • Stone color is not retained
  • Brightly colored but slick
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8. Granite Gold Water-Based Sealing to Preserve Limestone

Granite Gold Water-Based Sealing to Preserve Limestone

Highlighted Features:

  • Item weight of 0.49 Kilograms
  • Gold in color

The application of this granite gold limestone paver sealer must be as directed by the product manufacturer. Focus on one section at a time; apply a second layer.

Wipe off the excess with a clean rag and repeat the same procedure for the next section. Continue this until the entire countertop has been sealed.

Stop for roughly 2 hours for the sealer to dry before applying the final layer. How often you need to seal your limestone depends on several factors.

These factors include how often people use or step on the limestone tiles and the location of the tiles, whether as an indoor or outdoor limestone sealer.

To effectively use limestone hearth sealer, the number of coats you need to seal a limestone isn’t constant; it depends on the number that is just suitable to saturate the stone and not absorb any more sealant.

Different surfaces have different properties which how much sealer is needed to saturate the surface entirely.

First, ensure tag your limestone is dirt-free and completely clean. Before application, shake the bottle and ensure to follow other instructions from the manufacturer.

This product functions well as an interior limestone sealer and black limestone sealer.

Be careful to seal this limestone paver sealer well to avoid weathering.

Weathering in limestone is caused by the degrading effect of chemicals and water, especially when the limestone tile or slap isn’t adequately sealed. It occurs more in exterior limestone cleaner than interior limestone cleaner.


  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential purposes
  • Works fine as an outdoor and indoor sealing agent
  • No harsh odor


  • might not be compatible with voltage and outlets in your location
  •  You may need a converter and adapter before using it in your location.
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9. Supreme Surface Limestone Sealer

Supreme Surface Limestone Sealer

Highlighted Features:

  • Ph neutral
  • Streak Free
  • No rinse, wax, or buildup
  • Residue-free
  • Professional grade

One unique quality of this supreme surface limestone tile sealer is that it is not only suitable for sealing it can also be used for cleaning and polishing stone surfaces. This speaker from the supreme surface brand comes in a spray.

This advanced 3 in 1 treatment helps to save your space and stone quality without you needing to make extra purchases.

Supreme sealer uses strong cleaning agents to neutralize grime, grease, and all other types of stains. It also contains bonding ioSeal protecting agents at the molecular level.

This protectant technology forms an ion bond protective barrier that makes cleaning tasks more manageable. It protects against UV fading while ensuring that you achieve lustrous, streak-free, and smoother finishes.

The ingredients of this product include granite cleaner, polish sealer, quartz cleaner, and polish sealer. To use this cleaner product, all you need to do is to spray and wipe

Supreme sealer is a water-repelling product sealer for limestone pavers with no harsh odor. It helps make your surface shine without leaving behind any wax build-up or greasy residue.

This product is not only suitable for granite, quartz, and marble; you can also use it on laminates and solid surfaces, composite granite sinks, travertine, limestone, faces, and other plumbing fixtures.


  • Comes with a bonus pack of cleaner and microfiber cloth. Acts as a limestone cleaner and sealer.
  • Easy to use
  • Evens on black granite
  • ioSeal advantage
  • All in one treatment: saves time and energy


  • Cannot remove hard water spots and mineral deposits
  • Do not eliminate stains that have embedded themselves into the surface.
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10. Stella Sealants Ultra Dry Stone Sealer for Limestone and Granite

Stella Sealants Ultra Dry Stone Sealer for Limestone and Granite

Highlighted Features:

  • Clear in color
  • Item weighs 8.7pounds
  • Compatible with limestone, marble, concrete, and terracotta
  • Covers up to 279m2/3000sf

The mechanism of supreme surface sealers for limestone pavers use is by penetrating the pores of the stone surface and afterward drying there.

Ultra-dry 70 seals out water as well, and this is responsible for the ability of this product to become a tight surface that is not prone to damage by moisture during contraction and expansion.

If the water is sealed out, it prevents the growth of fungi and molds, thereby preventing any biochemical damage that can tamper with the health of an environment or space.

One great advantage of this sealer for limestone tiles is that it is water-based, hence, making it suitable for kitchen locations and other food areas.

Ultra-dry 70 stone sealer is a water-based speaker with advanced formulae that help you achieve your sealing job while protecting the time and retaining the natural color of the surface.

It provides ultimate stain protection for natural stones like limestone, travertine, marble, and granite. It also provides maximum stain protection against water, including saltwater.

Locations for the usage of this limestone patio sealer include kitchen tiling, countertops, and bathroom tiling.

This product handles not only the sealing of your time but also the cleaning to increase the average lifespan of the stone. This makes it a perfect option for both small and large projects.


  • Easy to use
  • It has been tested on all types of stones; hence, suitable for all stone types
  • Retains the color of your surface
  • User friendly: suitable as an interior and exterior limestone cleaner
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial use


  • Based on verified purchase, it does not seal the travertine paver.
  • Takes a lot of product
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Key Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Limestone Sealer

Type of Product

The type of product should be determined to a large extent before making any purchase. Solvent-based products have been tested and proven too toxic fumes that have harmful effects on your health.

Also, when this solvent is applied, such a surface needs to be vacated for up to forty-eight hours.

Solvent-based sealers also have every tendency to damage property surfaces like doors etc. Solvent-based sealers are not usually recommended except in extreme cases.


It is vital to check the breathability of any limestone cleaner you are getting because this determines the durability of the stone itself.

If the breathability of the sealer is low, the transmission of moisture vapor is distorted.

Hence, leading to the spalling of the limestone sealer and a reduction in the quality and durability of the stone.

Sealers that penetrate the stone’s pores are more breathable and are therefore recommended for any limestone sealing project.


Every limestone is subject to wear and tear. This is because these surfaces are in use for different reasons. Also, external surfaces are subject to UV rays from the sun. This is one fundamental reason a limestone speaker is needed.

But in getting one, ensure that you get a product that was manufactured in a way that contracts and expands according to the movement of the ground. Limestone cleaners that do not have this property usually have a relatively low lifespan.

Ensure that you are comfortable with the regular lifespan of your sealer for limestone tiles and the reapplication procedure.

Stain Resistance

Stained limestone surfaces not only tamper with the original color and beauty of the surface but also decreases its life span.

This is because it is very prone to wear and tear once there are constant stains. This is one of the significant reasons sealing surfaces, especially the outdoor surfaces inclined to sunlight, are essential.

It is therefore vital that before you purchase any limestone sealer, inspect for the type of stain that is common to this surface area.

This should guide you in choosing which kind of speaker you should get. It is therefore highly recommended that you purchase a sealer that will protect against the type of stains common to this product.

Freeze/Thaw Stability

It is imperative to check for freeze and thaw stability in outdoor surfaces and stones. It is highly recommended that any sealer for limestone tiles you purchase must contract and expand with the movement of the ground.

If this is not in place, the average lifespan and durability of the sealer would have been tampered with.

Note that if you are sealing any indoor or outdoor surface, highly dense limestone and surfaces require wiping off any excess sealer product to prevent developing a slippery surface when it has dried up.

Slip Resistance

The slip resistance of a sealing project is critical. To ensure this, it is advisable to get a penetrating sealer. This is because a penetrating sealer can work deep inside the stone.

This high penetrating power helps to block all capillary pathways and pores, thereby increasing their luster shine and making them the best recommendation for natural stones.

Resistance to UV

This feature might not be necessary to consider for indoor natural limestone, but with outdoor natural limestone, it is essential to put this into consideration.

The UV resistance nature of a limestone speaker enables it to be durable despite the rats of sunlight that shines on it that could give rise to wellbeing or other deteriorating qualities.

The amount of UV light, traffic, and other reasons determine the longevity span of a limestone sealer.

But to see the specific actions to take for a limestone sealer to last long, check the manual’s instruction or company’s website or other ways that can keep you in check with the manufacturer.

How to Clean Limestone Pavers Before Sealing

 To seal limestone pavers effectively, here is a step-by-step short guide that will help you achieve your cleaning aim effortlessly.

Step 1: Area Cleaning

You must start with ensuring you clean the floor and area thoroughly. To achieve a sparkling final look, use a cleaning product with a neutral pH.

This is because a pH-neutral cleaning product is safe to use on stones like marble and limestone with no repercussions.

Ensure that you eliminate all the dust and dirt from the pavers before putting the sealer on the surface.

You can also use a broom and a dustpan to clear away all the dust and dirt from that area.

Anything dirt or dust particle that is not attended to will be sealed alongside the sealer onto the surface immediately after the sealer is introduced.

Step 2: Surface drying

After a thorough cleaning of the floor, with the aid of a microfiber cloth, carefully dry the surfaces. A precaution to work on is to ensure that the floor surface has dried before continuing with this second process.

Note that this surface during step requires up to twenty-four to seventy-two hours to achieve its aim fully.

Step 3: Pavers Sealing

After doing a thorough cleaning and drying out, you can then start applying the seal to the pavers of the limestone. Use the paint roller to roll the sealer onto the pavers.

Use the sealer generously to the paver surfaces and ensure that everywhere is covered.

Step 4: Seal Drying

After applying the sealer on the surface of the limestone pavers, ensure that you give it sufficient time to dry before allowing it to be walked on.

How to Seal Limestone Countertops

Limestone countertops are porous; this makes it easy for water and acid to be absorbed, thereby damaging the color and structure of the limestone.

This is the reason sealing limestone countertops is necessary. Below are practical ways to seal limestone countertops.

Step 1: Quality Purchase

The very most important step is this first step, which involves the purchase of a quality sealer.

If the seller isn’t quality enough, the other stages are not only ruined, but you also spend more because it won’t be long before you notice damages on the surface of the limestone countertops.

To do a quality purchase, go for a sealer that suits the specific requirement of your limestone countertop. This appropriate sealer will not degrade the look or cause any damage to the limestone countertop.

Follow all the seven steps we started above that are necessary before purchasing.

Step2: Thorough Countertop Cleaning

Just before you apply the sealer, carefully do the last touch-up on the surface of the countertop by cleaning away any dust, residue, dirt, or soap.

Start by wiping away the larger particles with a rag, then use any cleaning solution compatible with the countertop to clean it to make it further spotless

Step 3: Drying

After this cleaning, ensure that the countertop is thoroughly dry and spotless before applying the sealer.

Afterward, apply your seal and reapply after a few hours.  Apply the sealer and reapply after a couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Often Do You Need to Seal limestone?

 Topical speakers should be changed after three years. If you have high traffic on your limestone tile, you might need to change often.

Because exterior limestone cleaner is subject to weather, change them often. A general rule of thumb is to change them once they develop patchy areas and visible stains

2. How Many Coats of Limestone Sealers Do I Need?

Experienced professionals know the appropriate amounts because of their experience.

But if you want to work with numbers, three coats before grouting is recommended; after grouting, you can add as many other coats you feel necessary to add to it thoroughly.

3. What’s the Best Way to Apply Limestone Sealer?

 With the aid of a foam roller or brush, apply the sealer generously to the surface.

After the first application, wait for a few hours to do some more applications at intervals until the surface is completely saturated. Leave the surface to dry and eliminate any residual sealer on the surface after an hour.

4. How Can you Protect Limestone from Weathering?

 You can protect your limestone time from weathering by sheltering; an example is a porch on the limestone.

Also, ensure that you properly seal your limestone during the sealing process. If the sealing process isn’t done right, it becomes prone to weathering.

5. How do You Keep Limestone from Crumbling?

First, check the resistance level of the stone to frost by making the time go through a freeze-thaw cycle. This is because frost can damage a natural stone patio. Second, note the substrate preparation.

Ensure that the patio base is solid and stable to accommodate the weight of the traffic that will pass over the limestone.

Lastly, invest in the sealing and maintenance procedures of the limestone. This will keep the limestone in check for a more extended period.


In terms of quality, features, and functionality, the top 10 best limestone sealers that I have reviewed above will stand out in the midst of all other competitive and like-products.

However, based on reviews, design, flexibility, and ease of use, it is easy to figure out that StoneTech Bulletproof seems to stand out of its other nine counterparts mentioned above in our list of limestone sealer recommendations.

One of the main advantages of this product is it’s a water-based sealer. Water-based sealers are preferred to solvent-based sealers because they are designed with recent technologies like fluoropolymer technology and nanotechnology, making them better than solvent-based sealers.

Its stain resistance is another reason why this product is top-notch. Sealing protects the surface from stains. Unfortunately, some stone seals still accommodate staining.

This is not the case with StoneTech bulletproof sealer. Also, it can function well as an interior limestone sealer, black limestone sealer, and exterior limestone sealer.