Top 5 Best Drywall T Square Reviews in 2022

When someone walks to your house, you want them to be awe-stricken by how perfect your drawings are.

Are you contemplating drawing or cutting an excellent sketch on your wall but didn’t find any ideal tool to mark?

Talk of perfect sketches or graphics on your wall; you won’t go wrong with the drywall T-square.

Everything has a touch of expertise and prowess—no crooked cut shapes. Chilling around the cut drywall and thinking, “Everything about this wall is done to perfection!”.

Drywall T squares are accurate, durable, and have a wide range of features that save you time. And, consequently, decrease your effort in handling the whole process.

Quick Comparison: Best Drywall T Squares

Best Drywall T Squares

1. Johnson Level & Tool RTS24 RockRipper 24-Inch Drywall T Square

Johnson Level & Tool RTS24 RockRipper 24-Inch Drywall T Square

Fourth on our list is the drywall scoring square. The t square features graduated slots in 1/16’’ increments to accommodate the utility knifepoint for efficient and fast drywall scoring.

Its 20’’ foam-molded head easily slides along drywall with securing fins to ensure a straight, quick score.

The DIY home improvement tool has bold, large graduations for measuring clarity. The 1/8’’ thermal-based graduations are vital in ensuring accurate and error-free readings.

Making accurate mistakes with this tool is rare. Every measurement is a possible precise estimation.

The carpentry T-square has an Ergonomic Drywall Scoring Accessory. The scoring accessory comes with a 20-inch foam molded heat that slides along the drywall. Alon with stabilizing fins, the accessory ensures a quick score.

The accessory has a board guide and a high-impact head with a hand-like grip to provide essential comfort.

The High-performance Carpentry Square has a 1/8-inch-thick strengthened anodized aluminum blade that is superb in establishing a horizontal reference on the drafting board.

The drywall scoring square features a very highly visible neon orange shade to make it visible during the working process.

The resilient construction of this cutting tool is the ultimate tool to be used by engineers, architects, and drafting technicians in technical drawing.

The carpentry square is exemplary for cutting drywall, designing cut lines on plywood, OSB, and other materials for any carpentry work.

When placed on the drafting table, this nifty tool quickly draws vertical or horizontal lines.


  • Insert-molded aluminum blade
  • Screened black thermal-bonded graduations for easy reading
  • High impact plastic head with handgrip
  • Blade perforations accept the utility knifepoint for efficient and fast drywall scoring
  • The extruded aluminum blade guarantees durability
  • Neon orange to ensure visibility when working


  • The body lay never lies flat
  • The short body may be a challenge if taking deep measurements
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2. Mayes 48 Inch Lightweight Aluminum Drywall T Square

Mayes 48 Inch Lightweight Aluminum Drywall T Square

The 48’’ Lightweight Aluminum Square by the Mayes Company is a perfect way to cut drywall panels.

Perfectly crafted with a 1/8-inch thickness of extruded aluminum, a non-glare harsh powder coat finished combating years of lasting wear and tear.

It has four rivets that secure the head to the tool’s body, always to keep it square.

For ultimate protection of the aluminum from rusting and corrosion, the drywall square is fitted with a clear powder paint finish that’s heat treated. Besides, the drywall tool has highlighted graduations.

For durability guarantee, the Mayes drywall square is enclosed in a durable powder paint finish. The paint prevents the aluminum metal from corroding and rusting.

The tool is least likely to catch scratches due to the coating. Any scratches happen on the paint coat rather than the actual material.

The highlighted thermo-bonded graduations are bold and visible. Highlighted in 1/8’’ and 1/16’’, the readings do not fade off.

Working with this tool is easy since the readings are outstanding and do not strain to transfer the measurements.

Endowed with a sturdy yet Lightweight Extruded-Aluminum Body, this type of drywall square is very efficient.

Working with the tool is effortless as it requires very little energy to transfer it from the cutting and drawing point to the other.

With a sturdy extruded aluminum body of 1/8 inches thick, the Mayes square is quite strong. Despite being strong, it ensures value for your money, giving you the best service.

The thickness of the aluminum makes the tool durable and robust. The bending of the square is rare, unlike the other light variations.

During manufacturing, heat treatment is among the key processes. Heat treatment ensures the best quality of aluminum. Also, the material has a limited amount of expansion and contraction after installation.

The studs are marked 16’’ on the center for a prompt layout. From the study, it is easy for a user to determine the measurement of a given surface.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Easy to read graduation
  • 16-Inch stud mark at the center
  • Strong aluminum body
  • The scale does not wear off
  • Thick for efficiency and convenience


  • It cannot be adjusted
  • The body is not perfectly square with the head, which means imperfect, honest sketches
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3. Empire Level 419-48 Heavy Duty Adjustable Drywall T-Square

Empire Level 419-48 Heavy Duty Adjustable Drywall T-Square

Our next option adopts a heavy design. Therefore, it is a tool that comes with general carpentry people in mind. The Empire Level is a perfect choice for cutting lines on plywood sheets, drywall, OSB, and other board materials.

It measures 1.46 x 2.03 x 50 inches with a weight of 3.06 pounds. The thicker structure of the t square makes it very solid and one of the top-rated drywall T squares in the market.

The head of the tool adjusts to any angle. For ease of use, the 75 Degrees, 60 Degrees, 45 Degrees, and, 30 Degrees are marked. With the wide range of degree options, working with this tool is trouble-free.

Deciding on the perfect angle lies within your ability. You can comfortably draw anything without worrying if the approximation is proper. After all, everything is engraved. Your eyes will do the work.

The piece is made using a super-heavy 1/4’’ thick blade. The expansive structure is an assurance of durability.

It is unlikely to get bend when other tools are placed on it with its super-heavy nature. It can be stored anywhere.

Falls from whichever point do not call for alarm since they will remain intact. Also, transportation is easy as it is more built than the other t squares.

Like our first option, this piece utilizes an anodized aluminum finish. The flawless finish promises a rust-free service life. Corrosion of the tool will also be a thing of the past.

The finish is easy to clean and maintain. The thick aluminum masks scratch better than the other lighter forms. Here, unless you want a change, the tool remains in the possible sleek condition.

The blade has 1/8 and 1/6 -inch black easy-to-read graduations. The visibility of the gradations eases your work. Just some minimal effort and your job is made.

Approximation and laying accurate points of interest on drywall or plywood becomes effortless. Also, the cut is made with precision because of the two pairs of gradations.

The machine head and blade freely adjust the angles without disassembly. The head and the blade firmly lock, leaving minimal droop in the long arm. After a simple rotation, you will have your preferred angle.

You do not have to disassemble the whole tool to get the angles you want. Moreover, the most used angles, 30, 45, 60, and 75 degrees, are already marked o the square. Your work is to mark and cut.

For easy transport, the square fold flat. Alongside being heavyweight, transportation does not require any special attention.

As long as the square fold flattens, you easily pack it and head to your destination.


  • Head adjusts to any angle without disassembly
  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • Easy to read graduations and numbers
  • Super heavy-duty 1/4’’ thick blade
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Perfect for cutting lines on drywall, plywood, and other board materials


  • The numbers are painted
  • The body is heavy and might make the desired angle tilt
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4. OX Tools 48’’ Adjustable Best Drywall Aluminum T Square

OX Tools 48’’ Adjustable Drywall Aluminum T Square

Next on the list is among the best drywall t-squares. The design and expertise of this t square focused on tradespeople. The tool is priceless in carpentry, drywall, and framing job sites.

The trendsetting design of this t square makes it nifty when working.

The t square hallmarks a sliding head that freely adjusts to any angle. The feature makes it easy to fold the item for storage. Whether you decide to store it in the backyard store with plenty of things or the in a storage box, it will remain intact.

You do not have to worry about breakage that results from wrong positioning. The ability to slide to any angle not only makes it sturdy but also steps up its overall beauty.

Another unique feature is the ABS end caps with a ledge that provides a hands-free hold and prevents the t square from constant flips during work.

Unlike the other models that might flip when working, this t square firmly holds on the working surface. The ledge also keeps the working surface in position.

Just like previous types of t squares, this specific type has a rugged anodized aluminum profile. The solid anodized aluminum profile prevents the piece from rusting and corrosion.

Also, in cases that expose the t square to scratches, it will have very minimal.

With a solid screw lock, this t square securely locks the head and the body. Unlike other variations that are likely to loosen with time, this is an exception.

The screw lock maintains the desired working angle in place for smooth operation. Intersection with the CNC grove keeps a precise and accurate 90-degree setting.

The piece has a durable printed scale inscribed with angle markings. The printed scale makes it easy to mark the required measurements.

Also, the scale is not prone to wearing out, making it efficient. Even from a distance, you can identify the dimensions. The angle markings feature makes your work hassle-free.

They have inscriptions that make them easier to use. Inch markings make cutting and marking from the board edge hassle-free.

It is effortless to mark and cut from the board edge. The engraved angle marks make it easy for the user to draw angle marks, then transfer and easy-breezily match them. As a user, your workload is reduced.

The inch highlights on the t square also make cutting from the board edge very easy. The indentations on the T-square also make it possible to cut from the board edge right after marking.


  • Sliding T-head freely adjusts to any angle
  • Hands-free hold
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Strong screw lock
  • Tough anodized aluminum profile
  • Quickly mark and cut from the board edge


  • It might bend and bow
  • Not accurately square
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5. Johnson Level and Tool JTS48 48-Inch Aluminum Drywall T-Square

Johnson Level and Tool JTS48 48-Inch Aluminum Drywall T-Square

When buying a T square, you need a tool that will serve you well without any freaks of it failing soon. Now, among the options that will assure you is this model by Johnson Level & Tool Store.

The tool has screened, thermal-bonded black 1/8-inch graduations. The bonding of the graduations guarantees you efficiency even if the device grows old. You can always be sure that the measurements will be precise despite the age of your tool.

The inch intervals give room for making the best measurements and drawings. Making the slightest distance counts with this tool. The final work comes out so perfect.

The tool has outstanding rivet fixing that permanently “bonds” from the head to the blade. The riveting ensures that the tool maintains its original shape and form while offering the best services.

Most cuts require a 900 drill. Permanent bonding means that all your cuts will maintain the 90-degree edge. This not only means top-notch diagrams but also saves you the hassle of frequent adjustments that are inevitable.

The head of the tool stays square for life. The design saves you the worries of your becoming loose at the joints or some bolts disappearing. Once the tool gets to your hands, you get down to work.

The head or the blade twitching will be a thing of the past. The compact nature of the head also means easy storage. After storing the item, you will always find it in its intact form.

With an extruded aluminum 1/8’’ head and blade thickness, carrying the tool around is effortless. The device is so light that you nearly forget about it when climbing to work high altitudes.

The thickness is so sleek and manageable. Being lightweight reduces the amount of energy you will need to mount it on the surface of the wall. Just like the ordinary school ruler, you require minimal effort to lift it from point to point.

By a glance at the t square, you will notice bold, large easy reading graduations. Even from the furthest angle of observation, you will make the most accurate marks from the graduations.

You do not have to carry your reading glasses to read the graduations. Everything is in black and white with your bare eyes.

The finish of this tool indicates that it is designed for long-lasting performance. It has an anodized and clear protective finish. The anodized finish makes the t square look like a high-end tool.

For protection from rust, the layer makes it rust and corrosion-proof. Also, it will resist scratches and dents. Hence, we expect the t square to maintain its pristine appearance for a pretty long time.


  • Head stays square for life
  • Easy to use
  • One year warranty
  • Protective anodized finish that prevents rusting and corrosion
  • Bold, sizeable easy reading graduations
  • Thermal-bonded screened black 1/8-inch graduations


  • The soft aluminum is likely to bend in the middle after several years of use
  • Permanent “bonds” do not give room for adjustment
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Things to Consider Before Buying Drywall T Square

When the time comes for you to purchase a drywall T square, you will be met with various options. Since there are a lot of them, choosing the right one could be a daunting process.

It is for this reason that you need a buying guide since it helps you learn what exactly you need to look out for.  The buying guide below will help you discover the top features that you need for the best drywall T square.


It is important to carefully check the material used in the construction of the drywall T-square.

It should be both light and highly durable. Make sure you pick a material that can withstand pressure without bending.

While steel is generally durable, it is, unfortunately, heavier and prone to rusting. As such, it is best to pick aluminum for building this drywall T-square.

Length of the Blade

A lot of the time, you will find blades coming at 48 inches in terms of their length. However, note that this is not the limit as you can still get a 54-inch long custard board in the market.

If you use a 48-inch blade for this, it just won’t work. As such, before you buy one, ensure you have carefully determined your needs.

Scale Marking and Angle Precision

You may come across a greatly built t-shaped ruler, however, if the scaling has been inaccurately done, it won’t help you much.

You will be unable to use it. It is very important to choose one that has been marked carefully.

This is especially because engineering and construction projects often require accurate pinpoint measurements.

When you make any kind of mistake with this, you could end up with an irreversible mistake that could subsequently ruin a wonderful design.

The same goes for the markings of the angles. The best drywall T-square should be accurately at 90 degrees.

In case you go for the adjustable one, it should have a precise focus on the markings for that much-needed extra accuracy.

How Firm it is When Locked

It is highly important to have the knob that firmly positions the blade when you buy an adjustable type of right-angle ruler.

If you do otherwise, you will notice the blade constantly moving every single time you are trying to draw lines.

When this happens, you will not get the accurate markings you desired while working on it. Therefore, check how firm the knob locks before you purchase the drywall T-square.

Blade Movement and Finishing

When you pick an adjustable board T-square, it is important to ensure that the junction of the head of the blade and the horizontal space is smooth.

If you get a rough one instead, the blade will most likely keep getting stuck at certain positions every time you try to move it.

This will affect the effectiveness of the work as well as the end result. Therefore, ensure you get one that has a very smooth movement.

Another thing is to ensure that the general finishing is smooth. This will prevent accidents. A rough finishing will cause cuts as you try to work with the machine. An anodized finishing prevents rusting and also corrosion.

The thickness of the Ruler

Even though generally aluminum is a strong material, if you end up getting a ruler that is too thin, it will not blend very seamlessly.

As such, in terms of thickness, you should consider going for 1/8 inches which is equivalent to 0.125 squares.

Related Guides:

What is a Drywall T square?

To define a T square, in layman’s language, a T-square is a tool that mimics a square that draws lines or sketches in drywall to be cut.

The critical uses are markings, technical drawing, and measuring, often in drywall or sometimes in plywood.

A T square has an extended portion known as the body, and a short arm referred to as the head. Although adjustable when you need to work with other angles, the head, and the body is always at 90 degrees.

Despite being extended, the tools are lightweight and effortless to use.

T squares are available in varieties of constructions, designs, and sizes. So, what exactly is the best one to buy?

Recognizing a Drywall T Square;

The overall performance of a product immensely depends on how worthy the product is. To give your best shot, here are some factors to keep in mind before buying the right drywall t square:

Head: The head of the t square should not be too small or too large. It should be well attached to the body to prevent constant flipping. The head should also be durable and sturdy.

Body: The body ought to be solid and durable to prevent the body from bending. An aluminum body would be a great deal. Moreover, the edges must be straight.

Accuracy: Accuracy is a crucial factor before settling for a specific T-square. Unless the body is adjustable, a square shape with the body should be maintained. The graduations on the t square should also be highly visible and easy to read.

Adjustable: Adjustable drywall t square have become common; they make discrete angles and can be simply slid to measure distance. However, a sound locking system is mandatory.

Using a Drywall T-square;

Using a drywall t square is not complex. Since the tool is long, you will require a bigger surface for efficiency.

First, place the square on a surface like drywall, plywood, or plasterboard and inaugurate the square by aligning the head and the edge of the working surface.

Next, measure the point you want to sketch or cut and mark it with a marker along the blade. If you need to draw a line, draw the line on the tool’s edge.

If you need to cut any material, hold the square and employ its line as the string layout.

Step 1: Mount the t square onto the Drawing board. Remember to lay the T square at right angles (900) along the drawing board’s edges.

Step 2: Fasten the t square in place to obstruct it from sideways sliding

Step 3: Mark the points with a marker

Step 4: Draw lines and curves

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs.)

1. Can I Use the Drywall T- square to Make Angles Rather than 90-Degrees?

YES. Some types of drywall t squares can be adjusted to measure even greater degrees. Some tools are typical squares with only 90-degrees.

However, the adjustable drywall t square can measure all angles right from 0-360 degrees. Moreover, there are T squares that have the angles inscribed to make your work even more accessible.

2. Can I use this as a Saw Guide?

YES. You can use the t square like a saw guide since it is made up of a straight edge. However, you will need to be very careful when handling the tool.

To ensure your safety, always hold the saw with care to prevent any accidents.

3. What are the Types of T- squares?

There are different types of t squares available in the market.

  • The adjustable T-square that creates straight lines at divergent angles
  • English T-square. A T-square of English origin used for drawing straight lines
  • Regular Fixed Head T-square
  • Long Fixed Head T-square for drawing straight lines
  • Temporary Adjustment T-square


Final Thoughts

A drywall T square is a tool that is used for installing and cutting drywall panels.

It is a measuring tool that ensures you get straight cut marks when you’re working on a board or a panel you’d like to fit the wall. Normally, it is made from two rulers that are light in weight.

To sum everything up, all the t squares can fulfill your expectations. However, if you would love my insight, then Johnson’s RTS 48 would be the best drywall T-square if you are interested in performance.

But, if you want a smaller tool, then Johnson’s RTS 24 would be perfect for your work.

The Empire’s tool will be a perfect match if you are looking for a piece of adjustable equipment. The OX tools have more advanced and superb features.

Lastly, if you are into complete metal construction, Great Necks products are a thumbs up.