Top 10 Best Drywall Adhesive in 2022

Drywall is a panel made of gypsum plaster constrained between two thick sheets of paper. There are several different adhesives used to hang drywall, such as screws, muds, and nails.

But the most convenient and straightforward method is to apply the best drywall adhesive between the wall and the boards to offer swift installation without any hassle.

There are various advantages of using a drywall adhesive that compel you to use drywall panel sealants as the first option for handling drywall.

Good drywall glue lowers any risks of drywall damages or any mounting errors. The water crystallization of gypsum with the help of adhesives creates a fire-resistant feature.

It also helps minimize nail pops and reduce fastener use by up to 50%.

In this article, we have included a complete guide to choose the premier drywall adhesive, a buyer’s guide to consider some features before buying, and the importance of using adhesive for drywall instead of tons of other methods.

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Top 10 Best Drywall Adhesive Reviews:

1. Great Stuff 343087 PRO 26.5-Ounce Drywall Construction Adhesive

Great Stuff 343087 PRO 26.5-Ounce Drywall Construction Adhesive

GREAT STUFF PRO Drywall Construction Adhesive is capable of providing heavy-duty performance.

With its incredible strength, it can keep your drywall intact for a lifetime, by enduring all the wear and tear.

Being manufactured with premium-quality, most exceptional polyurethane foam the great stuff pro adhesive can be used for extraordinary, durable interior as well as exterior applications.

Such adhesives are used for various construction purposes: subfloors, drywall, paneling, foam panels, and most construction materials.

With a relatively lower curing duration, the adhesive is preferred over several competitive varieties.

The enhanced coverage allows you a rather larger space to work with and offers a better, long-lasting attachment.

The easy-to-apply cartridge contains almost 26.7 oz. of fluid, while the cartridge is intended to provide better coverage to enhance the bonding strength and durability of the bonds formed. It can also prevent sealant run from the side of the drywall boards.

But this drywall adhesive offers are more precise attachment with dry, damp, or frozen bonds.

The adhesive has some extent of compatibility with a wide range of different materials that make it a more practical and preferred option for various types of operations.


  • Has bonding compatibility with a variety of materials
  • Used for both interior and exterior uses
  • Attaches to dry, damp, or frozen boards
  • 16 square foot effective coverage


  • The adhesive gun has to be bought separately
  • Takes more time to be cured
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2. Green Glue Company Damping Compound

Green Glue Company Damping Compound

Sound damping effects of a drywall adhesive should be considered before buying making any choices.

Only some exceptional adhesives can offer sound deadening features, that’s why they are quite eminent for a large group of people.

Green Glue Company Adhesive is intended for exceptional performance and a longer lifespan.

Fixing your drywall and sticking it down tightly to prevent any kind of wall damaging the green glue for drywall to plaster adhesive can proficiently prevent any errors affecting the durability or quality of your drywall.

The tube contains approximately 29 oz. of the product inside. It can offer exceptional 16 square feet workspace coverage for efficient drywall attachment, without sacrificing any of your time and investments.

As the name suggests the adhesive has a greenish shade for an appealing appearance apart from its incredible, durable, and consistent performance.

A 29 oz. the tube is available with an additional nozzle so that the adhesive is easier to use. The nozzle is used for simple and swift applications.

As we discussed, Green Glue tight bond drywall adhesive is capable of offering a high-quality soundproofing damping compound to avoid any unnecessary noises from entering your room.

Green Glue is an incredible and cost-effective soundproofing adhesive. It can’t only create soundproofing effects but can also disperse all the vibrations caused by the traveling sound waves in the walls and floors.

You can also apply the adhesive between two layers of drywall or any plywood boards for extra 9 STC points.


  • Exceptional quality sound damping material
  • Can offer 16 square foot space coverage
  • Tube nozzle for better application making it easy to use and apply
  • Cost-effective and environmental-friendly


  • Can only be used for interior applications
  • Can’t withstand temperature fluctuation
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3. Loctite IDH# 2474240 Construction Adhesive

Loctite IDH# 2474240 Construction Adhesive

The compatibility of an adhesive with various materials makes it a more ideal and cost-effective option as compared to others. The fact that it can work with different materials, makes it a more preferable sealant.

The Loctite Construction Adhesive has an incredible compatibility feature for a wide range of materials including wood, plywood, OSB, MDF, hardwood floors, concrete, stone, granite, marble, tile, slate, masonry, brick, foam, XPS, porcelain, metal, stainless steel, cement, ceramic, fiberglass, drywall, vinyl, and PVC.

The adhesive for drywall to concrete forms the strongest bonds between materials and keeps them together for a longer time limit.

Loctite is a high-end sealant with incredible durability and longevity; it can stick your drywall with higher perfection and accuracy.

This grey-colored sealant is made from ‎Silane Modified Polymer, to create a rather tough and strong link between materials.

It certifies that no air pockets are formed in the middle of adhesive and drywall so that it can resist the movement of the building materials.

The tube includes 9 oz. of finest quality sealant that is easy to use and apply. The variety of material used for its construction is capable of being gun down even in the coldest of weather without any hassle.

The fast grab feature of the adhesive allows you a better grip, to improve the application.


  • Easy application even in extremely cold weather
  • Compatible with a wide variety of materials
  • Offers a swift grip and is re-positional
  • Strongest bonds, enduring the test of time


  • Curing time may be a little longer as compared to competitive products
  • Lesser sound damping abilities
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4. 3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Drywall Adhesive

3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Drywall Adhesive

3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray is an extremely versatile and most premium drywall adhesive with fast-drying features. It is capable of providing the most exceptional performance and durability.

You can use it to create strong and tough permanent bonds with swift results for any of your operations.

The sealant compatibility with an extensive range of materials including wood, concrete, metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, insulation, fabric, melamine, polyethylene, polypropylene, and SBR rubber makes it a preferable option, as it can be used for various purposes apart from hanging drywall.

With the incredible strength of this sealant, you can create extremely perfect and sturdy bonds.

This glue for drywall repair allows you to enjoy exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

The repositionable spray adhesive stays in position for a longer duration without any wear and tears.

It helps you from small projects to large-scale crafting to construction operations.

As this adhesive for drywall to wood comes in form of a spray, it is incredibly easy and convenient to use and apply.

With an easy dispense formula the sealant spray, offers a spray pattern with a distinctive pattern, so it can be readily applied to any material or surface you want.

To further enhance your convenience the lace-patterned spray is available with an adjustable nozzle so that you can select the desired width.

The materials used for its protection are capable of creating excellent resistance against moisture and temperature fluctuations.

An increase in moisture or temperature can cause issues regarding the performance and longevity of an adhesive.

It is an extremely versatile, fast-drying repositionable spray adhesive that bonds strongly to a wide range of materials. The permanent bond provides fast results to keep projects moving ahead.

The spray formula is easy to dispense, offers a variable-width spray pattern, and applies directly onto surfaces and materials where needed.


  • Extraordinary strength and durability
  • Multi-purpose and fast-drying nature
  • Resistance against moisture and temperature fluctuations
  • Adjustable nozzle with different lace-patterns


  • Can only spray in a downward direction, offering lesser coverage
  • Not enough sound damping
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5. LIQUID NAILS DWP-24 Drywall Adhesive

LIQUID NAILS DWP-24 Drywall Adhesive

Liquid Nails Company is known for its durable and most premium strength formulas. They claim to offer excellent results, with their Liquid nail drywall adhesive formula.

It can help correct minor results irregularities, galvanized steel, aluminum, foam boards, and drywalls.

The company is certified by UL Environment for meeting the GREENGUARD Gold Standard as a low emitting material.

Being eco-friendly the liquid nail adhesive can be an incredible option for your projects.

The durable and heavy-duty performance of the Liquid nail adhesive is specially created for interior drywall installation, devoid of any framing defects. The swift functionality and stronger bonds allow long-lasting attachment.

With an exclusive buffer sound proficiency, the adhesive can prevent sound waves from vibrating in the walls.

Liquid nail adhesive is quite straightforward to use. Plus, the fast grab feature of the adhesive offers exceptional grip and handling.

This 28-ounce cartridge sealant offers excellent performance while working with metal, wood, and drywall.

The multi-purpose uses and incredible coverage of this drywall ceiling adhesive make it more popular.

The strength and toughness of the adhesive reduce errors to the least and also minimize nail pops.

Apart from its exceptional sturdiness the sealant also creates resistance against moisture and temperature fluctuations that can be damaging for your drywall attachment.


  • Eco-friendly construction, without any low emitting materials
  • Swift adherence between the boards
  • Strong and long-lasting performance
  • Exceptional resistance against temperature and moisture
  • Easy to use with buffer sounds


  • Can be messy to work with
  • Require a caulk gun for proper application
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6. Gorilla Heavy Duty Drywall Construction Adhesive

Gorilla Heavy Duty Drywall Construction Adhesive

Gorilla Heavy Duty construction adhesives are multi-purpose, tough, and all-weather sealants that can offer exceptionally long-lasting performance.

It follows a 100% adhesive formula is intended for heavy-duty bonding that can last incredibly longer as compared to other competing projects.

Plus, the waterproof formula can hold indoor as well as outdoor operations with greater convenience. It will create an excellent resistance against moisture, humidity, and water, i.e. rain, hail, or windy weather conditions.

This drywall construction adhesive has incredible compatibility with several distinctive materials, offering exceptional performance and bonding for every one of them.

This imported adhesive creates stronger and tougher bonds with virtually everything and keeps it connected for a prolonged duration.

They use zero-waste construction methods along with VOC-compliant material. The material used creates no odor or poses any harmful effects on your operation.

The cartridge contains 9 oz. of fluid, intended for better application purposes. You can easily apply and evenly spread the sealant to create an excellently strong and durable attachment.

The white color of the sealant can easily blend with the surrounding. Plus, it comes with a paintable feature; you can paint it afterward with any desired colors.

The swift grab option of the drywall construction adhesive allows rapid applications.


  • Strong, versatile, and durable construction
  • Environmental-friendly materials with VOC complaints, with the least odor
  • Used for both indoor and outdoor operations
  • All-weather features allow it to be used in any kind of weather conditions


  • Longer curing duration
  • Can be messy and a little hard to use
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7. Liquid Nails LN-903 12 Pack Heavy Duty Drywall Construction Adhesive

Liquid Nails LN-903 12 Pack Heavy Duty Drywall Construction Adhesive

Liquid nails use exceptional highly sturdy, and strong formulas for their construction adhesive to offer durable performance.

This heavy-duty and versatile adhesive can form strong bonds with the drywall boards for excellent attachment that allows them to stay together by enduring the test of time.

The silicone-based low-solvent consistency of the sealant offers better application.

You can easily apply the drywall panel adhesive evenly and more accurately for exceptional long-lasting performance.

The swift applications save your time so that you can complete each operation swiftly without any worries.

The Liquid Nails Heavy-duty drywall construction adhesives are certified by UL Environment to meet the GREENGUARD standards as low emitting materials.

They use zero-waste, non-toxic material for all of their products to ensure exceedingly precise, environmental-friendly operations quite swiftly.

With this adhesive, you can achieve professional adhesion and extend the working time of all applications.

The tan color fluid is filled in a 10 oz. the cartridge can be used with great convenience to attain long-lasting performance and bonding strength. You can contrast and blend the sealant colors by painting them afterward.

Liquid nails adhesive for drywall to wood create an incredible resistance against moisture, humidity, and temperature changes.

These changes can affect the binding efficiency of the adhesives declining their strength and durability.


  • Remarkably strong bonds
  • Durable and long-lasting performance
  • Resistance against humidity and temperature
  • Low-solvent consistency for better application


  • Longer curing time
  • Doesn’t dampen sound vibrations
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8. Loctite 1498717 F#38 28OZ Drywall Adhesive

Loctite 1498717 F#38 28OZ Drywall Adhesive

Loctite is another exceptional part of Henkel OSI green series products. It is known for creating exceptional products using environmental-friendly construction and remodeling projects.

The adhesive is compatible with a large number of materials including latex, tan, metal framing, drywall, panel adhesive, bonds gypsum boards, or metal studs.

OSI green-series drywall and panel construction adhesive are multi-purpose and can be used for several other operations as well.

Especially used for any interior construction operations the Loctite dry adhesive can create high bonding strength required for efficient handling.

They can create incredibly strong and tenacious bonds with the drywall boards and offer long-lasting durability by enduring damages, wear and tear.

The adhesives are created by using the finest quality, non-toxic materials. The construction projects are also environmentally-friendly and create zero waste.

The non-flammable material used offers the finest performance without sacrificing any strength and toughness.

Being exclusively constructed in the United States, the adhesives can complete any product with precision and perfection.

The sealant is designed for your convenience and ease, the application process is quite straightforward and can be used to achieve proper coverage without any run down from board corners.

The cartridge includes approximately 28 oz. of fluid enough to complete your smaller or large-scale construction projects.


  • Non-flammable material
  • Exceptionally strong and sturdy bonding
  • Environmentally-friendly construction process
  • Compatible with a variety of materials


  • Takes longer drying time
  • Can be messy sometimes as it has a more diluted consistency
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9. PC Products High-Performance Drywall Construction Adhesive

PC Products High-Performance Drywall Adhesive

PC universal glue for drywall is a high-performance and heavy-duty adhesive with several uses. The versatile sealant offers exceptional performance in various operations with incredible sturdiness and strength.

The glue for drywall repair is white but turns clear as soon it dries, blending in with your drywalls giving off a natural appearance.

The adhesive for drywall has compatibility with various materials, such as wood, glass, tile, metal, fabric, and drywall.

Each of the operations is carried out with absolute perfection devoid of any kind of damages and errors.

Plus, the non-forming formulas can further boost the strength of the drywall panel adhesive to several folds.

PC products use 100% non-toxic material for their formation, making the product environmental-friendly.

The formation doesn’t use any VOCs, Isocyanides, or formaldehyde that are used in many cheap adhesives.

It doesn’t cause any strong odor or waste-producing additional materials. It can cut down the performance and reduce the longevity of this adhesive for drywall.

PC Universal glue for drywall to plaster features the easiest application method. You can use a roller, brush, or directly from the container. It offers absolutely precise and perfect applications for maximum attachment.

An incredible feature of this adhesive is that it can be painted afterward if required to blend with your interior.

Apart from being a premium sealer, it can also be used as an exceptional primer for drywall and concrete.


  • White color sealant, but get clears after drying, can be painted afterward
  • Is capable of forming tenacious bonds
  • Uses flexible and non-foaming formula for increased strength
  • Uses non-toxic materials


  • Requires a brush or roller for application
  • Dries off quickly
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10. HENKEL CORPORATION 2032666 9OZ PG HD Adhesive


Henkel Corporation adhesives are exclusively made in the United States for interior construction purposes.

They have created their sealants with premium material to be compatible with a wide range of operations, such as wood, drywall, plaster, ceramic, concrete, masonry, brick, foam board, cork, and aluminum.

You can achieve exceptionally strong and tough bonding between adhesive and the drywall boards. The sealant can hold the drywall for an incredibly long time by enduring damages, wear and tear.

The cartridge contains almost 9 ounces of fluid, with an easy application feature.

Easy application settings also allow for better and even coverage without any run down. It also prevents excessive use of drywall panel adhesives.

You can easily apply the fluid over the drywall boards for exceptional, attachment. Henkel Corporation adhesives are created by using the finest quality, low waste forming materials.

They are also certified by GREENGUARD for their excellent indoor air quality, this is an incredible option for children and schools.

They are known to produce no harmful odor and are considered environmental-friendly.

The sealant has an incredible resistance against moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Temperature changes can weaken the bonds between the boards, decreasing the overall lifespan of the adhesive for drywall.

That’s why it is necessary to resist these changes to maintain an excellent performance over time.


  • Is certified by GREENGUARD for excellent indoor air quality for children and schools
  • Easy and convenient applications
  • Higher compatibility with various materials
  • Strong and tough, long-lasting bonding


  • Longer curing time
  • Requires adhesive gun to apply properly
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Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Drywall Adhesive

While purchasing drywall adhesives, there are some different factors to consider before making the right choice.

Selecting an ideal adhesive is important, but can become somewhat difficult because of the various types of tight bond drywall adhesive brands and formulas are available in the market.

You should only pick out the adhesive with higher compatibility with the nature of your requirements.

We have devised a comprehensive guide regarding the important things to have in mind while selecting a perfect adhesive for drywall.

Water Resistance

For an adhesive to have a longer lifespan, it is important to consider a specific water-resistant one. The seal can be used for interior as well as exterior applications.

The exterior surfaces are much more subjected to several situations: humidity, rain, powerful wind, hail, and many such fluctuations in the weather conditions.

Using waterproof adhesives will allow you to prevent any damages or wear. The water-resistant adhesive can’t only resist water damage but can also act as a barrier for the drywall underneath.

It can increase the durability and lifespan of your drywall as well

Drying Time

The drying or curing time of an adhesive is considered to be the time required for the adhesive to properly set and dry.

It is also an important factor to think of before buying an adhesive for your drywall. The drying time of an adhesive can differ greatly between products.

To determine the exact duration required for an adhesive to cure you can refer to the manufacturer’s directions.

Normally, an adhesive with thicker formula takes a longer time to dry as compared to a thinner one.

Plus, the surrounding humidity or moisture and the amount of adhesive used can also affect the overall curing time.

An exterior adhesive can dry off within almost 30 minutes to 1 hour, but to be fully cured depending on caulk type and location it may take 8 hours to 6 days.

You must consider a drywall adhesive that has relatively lesser curing time so that the drywall can readily be fixed without any issue.


As discussed before, there are several different brands and a wide variety of products for drywall adhesives.

Each of the products is created with its specific set of features, thus are available in an extensive array of prices ranging from cheaper, reasonable adhesives to premium, expensive ones.

The price of an adhesive depends upon the feature and quality it can offer. It doesn’t always mean that only an expensive product provides exceptional performance.

You should consider the features you require for your drywall ceiling adhesive application operations that are within your budget.

Color of Drywall Adhesive

The tight bond drywall adhesives are available in a variety of different colors. It is important to consider the color of the adhesive for drywall before buying.

The best option is to pick out a clear adhesive as it can bend perfectly with drywall.

But there are several other colors as well like, white, brown, and cream. You can use these colors according to the material of many areas and surfaces for other operations as well.

Helpful Resources:

How to Hang Drywall Using Adhesive?

While, hanging drywall, the major goal is to attain perfect, most accurate results without creating a large number of layers.

It allows you to work with some largest drywall panels that you can hold and handle with absolute protection. That’s why it is important to learn the proper technique to hang drywall while using an adhesive.

Here are some simple steps you can follow for proper application:

Step 1: Preparing Your Room

Start by covering your electrical and plumbing lines using some protective plates. It helps you prevent any major damage.

Taking safety precautions is important for the operation and your protection.

Step 2: Preparing the Glue

Get the adhesive or caulk gun ready, to start working you have to cut the end of the adhesive tube at almost a 45-degree angle.

Be sure the cut is enough to create a ½ inch bead of caulk. You should also bear in mind that some of the adhesives contain a plastic cone that must be punctured before use.

Step 3: Measuring your Drywall

Start by measuring the pieces with a drywall T square you want to hang and cut them to the desired size.

Hold the drywall sheets horizontally through the ceiling and near to the corners then align both vertical sides with studs. Mark the joints or studs that have to be covered by the drywall piece.

Step 4: Applying Sealant

Apply a bead of adhesive on all the marked studs, leaving the ones that have to be attached to the board. Install the boards on top of the glued area, you can also use screws or nails for additional protection.

Testing Strength of Drywall Adhesive;

Strength is a crucial factor to be considered as a feature of any kind of constructive adhesive.

There are different standards set to test the effectiveness as well as many other properties of a sealant.

ASTM standards are a complete accord of standards mainly developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards.

The standards were exclusively designed and developed to carefully examine and answer the basic nature of adhesives and other bonded products.

The tests can cover a wide variety of application variables. You can perform these tests yourself or ask for the assistance of a professional testing laboratory.

Here is a comprehensive list of tests that can be deployed to test the strength and power of a drywall adhesive.

1. Dyne Tests

Dyne test is a method to evaluate the types and nature of materials to certify that the surfaces are ready to support adhesion and offer exceptional strength.

The tests use the application of force to determine the surface energy of different material types.

2. Glue-up Tests

The glue-up tests are exclusive procedures that can uncover the bonding proficiency of various adhesives and help identify an optimum setting speed for various materials.

3. Heat and Humidity Tests

Various types of heat and humidity tests are also conducted to test the extent of strength and durability of a drywall ceiling adhesive.

It allows you to measure the exact amount of curls between the glue and any of its substances i.e. drywall.

Difference Between Drywall and Sheetrock

Drywall and sheetrock both are the same thing and are used for the same purpose. Sheetrock is a brand of drywall not any different type of building material.

Drywall is a panel formed of gypsum plaster that is pressed between two thick paper sheets.

Alternatively, sheetrock is a brand of drywall patented by the US Gypsum Company.

There is indeed no practical difference between drywall and sheetrock, instead of a few chemicals used in the sheetrock formula construction for it to be patented. Most of the time people also consider them interchangeably.

Drywall can easily be damaged by getting in contact with water, while sheetrock features a little resistance against water exposures. If the drywall paper gets wet from the water, it may cause you a fortune to make proper repairs.

It will not only cause 15%-17% of material to be considered waste, due to the requirements of cutting the panel in the desired size.

It is not compulsory to only use sheetrock brands of drywall, but you have to get extra conscious as some of them can release the sulfur glass.

Yes, it is possible, some low-quality cheap materials when used for the construction of drywalls can cause harmful effects.

Materials mostly imported from China or cheap, lowest quality drywall made in the United States have been tested and proved to emit sulfur gas.

It results in a rather unpleasant odor. If you keep on using the stuff it can also cause some negative side effects that affected your health.

Sheetrock certifies the use of high-end drywall preventing any kind of health issues.


Here are some frequently asked questions and their respective answers:

1. Should Drywall Be Glued to the Studs?

Gluing the drywall to the studs using drywall adhesives can be time-saving and cost-effective. It allows you to easily just place and fix drywall after applying a certain amount of glue for drywall.

But it still inhabits some drawbacks like, nails and screws are easy to be taken off during the next remodeling process but removing strong glue from your drywall is quite difficult.

Thus, using or considering other methods to seal drywall instead of glue is also possible.

2. Should Drywall Be Glued and Screwed?

The drywall can be glued using exclusive adhesives capable of offering exceptional performance with long-lasting bonding efficiency.

The high-end adhesives are designed so that they can create remarkably strong bonds without any additional aid.

Generally, adhesives diminish the need of using screws or nails. But in some situations to achieve better results you can nail or screw the board edges after gluing the center using an adhesive.

3. Is Gorilla Glue Stronger Than Liquid Nails?

Both of these adhesives have a wide range of variety of specific products. They are constructed for both interior and exterior-related projects.

It is hard to decide a better adhesive for drywall to concrete, it is best to carefully examine the features of both competitors to device a suitable answer.

Gorilla glue for drywall repair creates more chances for a wide range of personal or construction projects, while liquid nails only allow only interior home projects to be deployed.

4. Is it Better to Hang Drywall Vertical or Horizontal?

The position of drywall depends upon the nature of the process it is being used for.

For commercial purposes, the drywall should be hung vertically as fire codes often seem to fall on the entire length of framing.

Alternatively, for residential jobs, the drywalls can easily be hung horizontally.

There are many benefits for a wall being shorter than 9 ft. high and sort. Some of the benefits are as follow:

  • Fewer seams
  • Hides bumpy studs
  • Easier to execute


Till now we have discussed detailed features and reviews for the best drywall adhesives, a guide including factors to consider before buying drywall glue, a proper way to install drywall using adhesive, and the importance of using an adhesive for drywall instead of any other method for handing drywalls.

For the review section, we have discussed the most effective adhesives available on the market.

But in case of exceptional features i.e. performance, durability and strength we declare Great Stuff 343087 PRO 26.5-Ounce Drywall Construction Adhesive to be the winner.

This article includes all the information requires to work with drywall adhesives and the effective way to get excellent results using them.