Top 10 Best Arborist Helmets in 2022

If you are a passionate tree climber, it is irrefutable that many risks come with it. You might encounter some falling objects, or you might find yourself falling from high distances, which can be hazardous if your head is not well covered.

As a result, you will need to buy the best arborist helmet to ensure your safety while climbing the trees.

Unfortunately, the choices of tree climbing helmets in the market can be overwhelming. How will you narrow it down to a helmet that meets your needs?

Since the selection process can be a daunting task, we have put together essential insights to help you find the best arborist helmet for tree climbing.

The article also contains the key factors that you will need to consider while choosing a suitable helmet for arborists.

Top 10 Best Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing Reviews:

1. Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Black Helmet for Tree Climbing

Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Black Helmet for Tree Climbing

Pfanner Protos Integral will indeed form an integral part as it optimally fits irrespective of your working position. You can be sure your head is safe from injury and any abrasion, thus assuring you safe working.

Besides, it features a unique construction that allows for air circulation through ventilation.

That guarantees better air circulation for your head even during strenuous activities, thus preventing your head from strain.

This tree climbing helmet has a protective wire at the front that allows you to clearly see what you are working on, unlike protective glasses. It is easy to adjust, and the shield and earmuffs are detachable.

The chain strap’s guidance is built not to slip under the hearing protection and affect the wearing comfort.

The product is certified with EN 12492, which guarantees you that, indeed, it is secure and your safety is not compromised.

Besides, the helmet has features that offer you protection against both vertical and horizontal position shocks. The inner side is equipped with glove fittings that are useful in providing ultimate shock absorption.

Also, it boasts built-in crash absorber technology that guarantees you five-layer shock absorption.

The rear part is designed to offer protection to your occipital bone and the neck vertebrae against any impact.

The arborist helmet has perfect fitting abilities and optimum holding that makes it suitable for working at any height while taking care of your head.

You will be confident using Pfanner Protos Integral arborist helmet since the quality is not compromised in any way.

Thus, this helmet will offer you optimal protection, which makes it distinct from other helmets.


  • Offers neck protection
  • Big to offer maximum visibility
  • Efficient shock absorption
  • It offers a better field of view to the wearer.
  • Offers impact protection on rear and side


  • Adjusting the straps is challenging.
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2. Black Diamond Half Dome Arborist Helmet for Forestry

Black Diamond Half Dome Arborist Helmet for Forestry

The half-dome arborist helmet for tree climbing has been in use for many years, and it has now been redesigned to feature a new lower-profile suspension system to offer maximum comfort and simplicity.

Besides, the updated chin straps offer more efficiency and security as you climb on the tree.

The black diamond half dome tree climber helmet will be your best companion while climbing; since it is lightweight, streamlined, and features low-profile suspension. The chin straps are easily adjustable to suit the purpose.

It also features a large ventilation system on either side of this helmet to allow air circulation all over your head.

It fits comfortably and is also easily adjustable to suit your requirement.

The forestry helmet comes in a caution orange color equipped with mounts for accessories to replace when need be.

The tightening mechanism allows you to customize it to suit your need, thus assuring you of maximum protection.

The outer shell consists of polycarbonate material which offers tough usage. The inner side is equipped with EPA foam to offer maximum comfort and optimum shock absorption.

Weighing only one pound, the helmet is lightweight, making it friendly to the users since they can use it for long hours without getting tired.

The harness has well-made webbing, and it features fit- adjustment on the rear part to offer maximum comfort, enabling you to maneuver in difficult places, and it also reduces trauma in case you bump.

If you fancy hill-climbing, you will find this helmet useful since it is lightweight; hence it won’t weigh you down.

The additional foam padding assures protection for the upper part of the head.

The Half Dome arborist helmet’s main goal is to protect the upper part of your head from the impact of falling objects that might be dislodged by your rope or another climber ahead of you.

The top part of the helmet is intense, making it comfortable and hitting objects or climbing in tight spaces.

Thus it protects you from any danger being among tree climbing hard hats.

The clip thingies on the side hold the headlamp securely and tightly, thus allowing you to move safely through dark places.


  • Features EPA foam for shock absorption
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has large ventilation


  • It doesn’t have an eye protector
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3. Petzl Unisex Boreo Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing

Petzl Unisex Boreo Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing

If you love tree climbing, mountaineering, and canoeing, you will find Petzl Boreo Helmet durable and very versatile to suit your need.

Besides, it is designed to be sturdy to guarantee safety in a wide range of activities. Featuring a hybrid of thick ABS shell and EPS foam liner, it can absorb and distribute impacts while still maintaining its lightweight.

The outer shell is resistant to scratches and impact hence assuring you of optimum durability. The design offers protection at the rear, front, and sides.

Thus, you can be sure you are safe from any impacts, irrespective of where the impact hits you. It is among the most comfortable tree climbing hard hats.

It also features small holes which allow room for maximum ventilation. The holes allow air movement in and outside the helmet, which ensures you remain cool and comfortable as you work on hot days.

The headband conforms to the shape of your head to offer you the requisite comfort.

You can also fold into the shell for storage and transportation hence adding to your convenience.

The top and side protection features ensure that no matter where the impacts hit you, they will always protect you during your activities, allowing you to tree climb confidently.

The soft headband matches the front shape of the head to offer additional comfort.

Another additional feature is the clips on which you attach a headlamp, ensuring you will never get caught in the dark.

The helmet has been designed and equipped with a Petzl top and side protection label that uses enhanced protection levels and Petzl standards to ensure it keeps you secure.

The Petzl standard will keep you secure from objects falling from above, while the enhanced protection will safeguard you against the side, rear, and front impacts.


  • Equipped with an eye protector
  • Lightweight
  • Available in many colors
  • Removable padding
  • Virtually everything is adjustable.


  • The chin strap is too short over the ears.
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4. Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing

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The arborist helmet for tree climbing has taken inspiration from the previous models, and the latest model has features that allow optimal fitting irrespective of your position.

The ear protection is blended in the helmet to offer maximum protection. Also, it has a wire mesh protection that protects your face from injuries.

If you are looking for the best arborist hard hat for tree climbing that will suit any of your working positions, then, Pfanner Protos Integral Arborists Helmet is what you need. It fits while working in sloping or overhead positions.

The hearing and face protection are integrated into the head protection shell; thus, it prevents snagging on branches.

It features a wire mesh design that allows air circulation around your head through the rear ventilation. It allows airflow from all directions as air escapes through the ventilation gateway.

It also has an added feature that allows for easy adjusting. You can easily adjust with only two fingers, and the shield and earmuffs are removable.

The arborist helmet complies and is certified with EN 397 & EN 12492, which assures you about maximum safety, and product quality is not compromised.

It will offer protection against vertical and horizontal shocks. It is also flexible from the inner shocks since it is well-fitting, thus guaranteeing maximum shock protection. It offers five-layer shock absorption.

The rear part is designed to protect the lower parts of your neck against impacts. The standard and safety are standard to meet your requirements.

If you are looking for a unique tree climber helmet, then this essential protective gear is one of the kinds. The manufacturer has a reputable history of developing high-quality products.


  • Has ventilation gateway
  • It is protected with neck balancing.
  • Features shock absorption features.


  • It doesn’t have chin protection.
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5. Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Hard Hat for Tree Climbing

Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Hard Hat for Tree Climbing

PfannerProtos integral arborist helmet will offer optimal fitting regardless of your working position.

It incorporates face and hearing protection that prevents you from abrasions and injury by the tree branches as you do the climbing.

The protective mesh on the front part allows proper air circulation onto your head, allowing you to work comfortably even during hot and humid days.

It is easy to adjust to achieve what suits you. Also, the shield and the muffs are detachable.

The arborist hard hat will offer you protection against vertical and horizontal shocks.

The flexible inner shell ensures a glove-like fitting that offers you optimum protection against shock.

It is compiled and certified with ANSI Z133 and EN 397 & EN 12492, respectively, which further guarantees you that the product meets the standards.

The development process aims to integrate ear, face, and neck protection with a chain strap and rear ventilation between the inner and outer shells. It is a fine product that is wearable.

If you are looking for a helmet whose quality and safety have not been compromised in any way, then this helmet will offer you the best shock absorption that is distinct from other helmets.

It is also a versatile arborist helmet that will suit most of your activities whenever you need to protect your head.

You can wear it for varying jobs having the assurance it will take care of you.

The helmet is equipped with vents that remove hot air to offer a favorable environment for your head.

The earmuffs are great for helping to keep the helmet in place. Even with only one earmuff, it will still stay on.


  • Offer maximum shock absorption.
  • Offers comfort
  • Versatile


  • Challenging to adjust the strap
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6. FUSION Climb Meka II Climbing Helmet for Arborists

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If you are passionate about tree climbing, zip-lining, or working on a construction site, you will find this helmet serving your purpose.

Fusion Meka climbing is a heavy-duty helmet that is designed to suit your purpose. It is lightweight but with a particular design to suit climbers, zip-liners, and workers.

The designer of the Fusion Meka climbing helmet had climbers, workers, and zip liners in mind since it is one of the tree-climbing hard hats that will offer you the safety you need.

Besides, it comes with slots that allow you to adjust ear muffs.

It is easily adjustable and allows air circulation all over your head. The additional anti-microbial pad has added benefit that absorbs sweat hence offering you additional comfort.

It also features ten ventilation areas that help keep you from overheating in the middle of the day.

The anti-microbial pad is an additional benefit that absorbs water and hence assures you more comfort.

The helmet’s outer shell is made up of polycarbonate, including EVA soft liner, which is designed to offer the best protection against impact and adding to its durability and also makes it one of the arborist hard hats.

It also features two slots that are available for mounting the hearing protectors.

It stands out from the test since it is light in weight, making it suitable for optimal fitting during your operation. It also features extra EVA foam to offer maximum comfort and shock absorption.

It is admirable since it is light in weight, and it also offers optimal fitting, lightweight, and one-handed operation.


  • Great fit
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Great ventilation
  • Good strap length adjustability


  • It’s expensive
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7. PETZL Women’s Borea Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing

PETZL Women's Borea Arborist Helmet

If you are looking for a versatile women’s arborist helmet for tree climbing that will guarantee you protection, then PETZL is designed for you. It is suitable for mountaineering and tree climbing.

If you are looking for a helmet that features great construction, then Petzl Borea Women is the best option for you.

It will offer you maximum protection for your head; it is made to last. It will keep your head safe from injuries and shock.

You can easily make adjustments that you want in your helmet to suit your needs. It is also light which makes it easy to handle when traveling with it.

It features great construction that meets the necessary standards. Thus, it is a helmet that you can entrust for your safety.

It is a great helmet that is lightweight. It is also equipped with cool tabs that are useful in holding the headlamp without going through a struggle.

The design and the size allow it to be worn with a ponytail which makes the helmet suitable for women.

Due to its hybrid construction, the helmet can offer a low profile and head covering protection against any impacts.

It will protect you against frontal, lateral, and rear impacts.

The helmet is super light, and the vents on the side will let air circulation hence making it comfortable for you during hot and humid days. It also has these cool tabs on it that hold the headlamp intact.

Thus, you can be sure of optimum protection designed for women during outdoor activities that you need to protect against the frontal, rear, and lateral parts.

The ventilation holes make it a more user-friendly helmet that will suit most of your activities.


  • Comfortable helmet
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Enhanced protection


  • Challenging to use on ahead with thick hair
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8. Fusion Climb Meka II Climbing Bungee Arborist Helmet

Fusion Climb Meka II Climbing Bungee Zipline Mountain Safety Protection Arborist Helmet

If you are looking for a tree climber helmet, then Fusion Climb Meka II climbing is what you need. It is suitable for most outdoor activities where you need to protect your head.

The adjustable and ventilation features make it comfortable when using it.

The exterior is made of a polycarbonate shell that makes one of the tree-climbing hard hats to ensure maximum protection. It is also lightweight to give you comfort all day.

If you are enthusiastic about tree climbing and zip lining, you will find the fusion Meka Helmet useful in protecting you from injuries during your adventure.

It is the lightest heavy-duty helmet available in the market, which makes the zip liners, climbers, and workers prefer it.

It comes with slots to allow you to adjust their earmuffs as you like them to add your convenience.

The design also features a built-in polycarbonate, including EVA soft liner; hence it absorbs shock and impact to keep your head safe. Extra EVA foam is wrapped around the ratchet for comfort and shock absorption.

The helmet is admirable due to its lightweight. This arborist hard hat is suitable for anyone looking for a fitting, durable, and lightweight helmet.


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Offers excellent protection


  • It is pricey.
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9. Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

Husqvarna 592752601 Forest Head Protection Helmet

This arborist forestry helmet is orange in color to improve visibility, and the Egyptian cotton core sweatband is a porous coating to allow maximum sweat absorption.

It is an exceptional product that is suitable for a wide range of activities. You use it while working on your lawns, trimming heads, or working with chainsaws.

Hence, it is a tree-climbing helmet that secures you to do your outdoor activities comfortably.

It is among tree climbing hard hats with adjustable suspension, hearing protection and faces the screen, and a neck protector that keeps you secure.

It is better to wear it since, unlike glass safety, the wire mesh doesn’t fog up; hence you can maintain excellent visibility. It is safer when you can see clearly, and nothing is drifted from your attention.

The earmuffs work in excellent condition since they are equipped with a metal strip that holds them in position; once you push the muffs down, they grab your head.

It is an excellent fit that is comfortable, and it allows you easily see through the mesh on the face shield.

If you are looking for a tree-climbing helmet that is comfortable and keeps off most of the noise Husqvarna is the one.

If you are looking for a good quality tree climbing helmet for your commercial and home use, then you will find this heavy-duty protection unit useful for you.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Maintains excellent visibility


  • The mesh visor is difficult to set
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10. Nocry 6-In-1 Industrial Forestry Safety Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing

NoCry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry Safety Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing

If you are looking for a professional forestry tree climbing helmet equipped with metal mesh to offer you protection from any debris, then the NoCry arborist helmet is for you.

It has a polycarbonate face shield that offers additional protection to your eyes. It also has a pair of adjustable earmuffs that help to reduce noise.

It is lightweight, allowing you to use it anywhere. It is designed to suit forestry work and guards against injuries when using a chainsaw, shrub trimmers, hedge trimmers, as well as other tools that require you to protect your face while doing your work.

This tree climber helmet is adjustable to suit anyone. You can also adjust it in different angles and positions.

The protection features are also adjustable to suit irrespective of your working position.

It is a tree climber helmet that has been approved as it meets the standard requirements for a safe helmet.

Thus, you can be certain it will offer you protection to your head during your outdoor activities.

The package comes with everything you need to enjoy the most benefits from this helmet. It is a hard hat, suspension webbing and additional earmuffs, a clear face shield, and one mesh visor.

It is easy to assemble with the clear assembly instructions included in the package.

The versatile construction offers a full wrap solution against impacts and corrosive liquid splashes. It is suitable for protecting your face against threats while maintaining a warm and dry condition.

If you want sound protection, you will need to turn the earmuffs backward and then pop them up and back. They will stay out of your way until you need them next. You can also remove them before starting to work.

NoCry is made to offer protection to professionals and homeowners who find the need to keep their heads safe a priority.


  • Fits perfectly
  • It comes with a headband in place.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Difficulty in installing the suspension
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Things to Consider Before Buying an Arborist Helmet for Tree Climbing

Working around trees subjects you to the danger of heavy falling objects that could hit you on the head, which is why it is necessary to have an arborist helmet with you.

Since there are numerous helmets in the market, you will need to identify the best tree climbing helmet that suits your needs. Unfortunately, you will find many varieties each claiming its prowess.

Thus, this useful guide will help you narrow down to the best climbing helmet that will meet your needs since it equips you with some important insights to look at including factors such as weight, compatibility, adjustability, and safety levels that are vital considerations.


It is an important factor to consider when purchasing a climbing helmet. A light climbing helmet is very comfortable since it brings only less pressure to your neck.

Besides, it is easy to move around with, unlike heavy ones when you decide to hike. Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet weighs only one pound. It is lightweight to allow you to comfortably work with it.


It is also an essential factor to consider—the ability to adjust the headband’s circumference and the chin strap length to get a perfect fit. Check for the availability of the adjustable systems.

You will also need to check how easy it is to adjust the helmet’s circumference while buying one.

Assess the Safety Levels

You will need to know how safe the helmet is depending on the heights you will be climbing while buying your helmet. That enables you to know if you are at risk of hitting some objects that could be falling on your head.

It is advisable to buy a helmet that can withstand to guarantee you safety and comfort.


It is another vital factor when deciding which one to buy. A comfortable arborist helmet is equipped soft cushion that will offer you maximum comfort since it can absorb sweat.

It is also important to consider a helmet with anti-microbial pads since it hinders bacterial accumulation and odor from the helmet.

It should also allow room for air circulation on either side. If it has rear ventilation, that is an additional benefit.

Compatibility with Headlamp

Compatibility is another important factor to consider when buying a climbing helmet, particularly for use in dark places. Some helmets come with clips that make it easy to hold your headlamp and prevent you from sliding.

Thus, it is vital to ensure the helmet is compatible with your headlamp.

How to Wear Arborist Helmet before Climbing

Arborist helmets are available in different shapes and sizes. You will start by choosing what you like. Using the head measurement, you can choose one that suits you.

Since everyone’s head is shaped differently, you will need to narrow it down to your taste.

Open the fitting system. Some helmets are equipped with pads that make them tighter or looser to suit your need. If the helmet fits well, you can add the pads to tighten the netting to your preference.

Next, you should put the helmet on your head. It should fit you down, covering your entire skull. It should fit snugly and comfortably.

Check for excess pressure on your ears. Since the helmet will rarely loosen if it is very tight, be aware it will always remain tight.

Ensure the helmet is level. It should sit straight on your head, leaving about two fingers above your eyebrows. If the helmet has a suitable mechanism, you should adjust it to suit you. Try different styles until you get what suits you best.

Check the fit. You should grab the brim and try to pull it up and down. In case the helmet slides around, it is too big.

Buckle the chin strap. You should adjust the chin strap to ensure it fits snugly yet comfortably under your chin and against your throat. But it should allow room for you to chew and yawn comfortably.


The protection that your head needs most while climbing trees is the best arborist helmet.

You should not assume you will be safe without the helmet. You should ensure you have a helmet during all climbing activities.

Weight, compatibility, and safety are essential factors you will need to consider while choosing a climbing helmet that will meet your safety needs.

We have already identified the best arborist helmet for tree climbing in the market today as Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet since the product is certified with EN 12492, which guarantees you that indeed it is secure and your safety is not compromised.